Its Official! – LittleBigPlanet on shelves 10/21/08!

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For those of you who’ve pre-ordered and are anxiously waiting, we’ve received great news from Media Molecule – the game code has gone ‘GOLD’ and we’ve started manufacturing the PS3 cases, manuals and most importantly Blu-ray discs. Meaning, LittleBigPlanet will hit stores in North & Latin America on October 21 (With Europe releasing the same week). But trust us, you’ll want to be there with us during the first week. Why you ask?

During the first week only, to celebrate “Launch”, LBP fans everywhere will be able to download a FREE, Limited Edition Spacesuit costume for your SackBoy on the PLAYSTATION Store. (Get it…Launch…Spacesuit…o never mind)

LBP space man

In addition to the freebie, there will also be a rare “I was there Week One” T-Shirt available – to prove that you were… well… “there Week One.”

LBP tshirt

Now for those of you that haven’t pre-ordered, we would hate to think you went to the store and saw the dreadful “Sold Out” sign and missed out on the FREE download. So, if you want your spacesuit, you’re best bet is to guarantee your copy by heading to your nearest participating retailer and pre-ordering your copy. Besides…you’ll get additional pre-order goodies for FREE too.


In addition to the “gold” news, check out our LBP News Site for the official release for the final word on LittleBigPlanet’s features and how Media Molecule is still hard at work, to continually build the online community with new features to make your online experience an ever-evolving one.

See you there.

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  • Question 4 mark-

    will we be able to create our own costumes at some point?

    maybe out of already made bits and pieces of fabric/textures to create custom clothing, or maybe from pre-existing clothing parts- kinda like in tiger woods’s player customization?

    OR what would be great if we could somehow upload our own creations we make in Maya, Poser, 3d studio max etc. etc. in compatible file formats to the LBP site?

    that would be insane!

    i hope this game sells a million, it’s time for good old fashioned “fun” in video games!


    also- one more question 4 ya-

    can the costumes be DL’d week one without the game off of PSN and saved for later, because i’m set to be on another vacation during that week…

    thanks for any response!

    • Create your own costumes? Right now, you kinda can. For example you can take a shirt, plaster it with a red sticker, take your pants and plaster it with a black sticker and take a hat and sticker it with black too and there you go…FORE!!!. But who knows where we\’ll be in a few months…the team is still working and waiting to see what the fans will do with the tools provided and listening to what you guys want to see.

      Not sure what to tell you on your vacation scenario, tho.

  • @98 KazeEternal

    I’m not sure what it is exactly but I also read something on Digg ( about them as well.

    So…it’s looking like a reality eventually?

  • @94 Amante – I need to get the stickerbook pre-order bonus. I promised my daughter. I was joking about the viral marketing of LBP.

    I’m from MD as well. Columbia and Gaithersburg.

  • @103 dong29

    Heh. I gotcha.

    Wow. Small world. I grew up Poolesville (right near Gaithersburg, I’m sure you’ve heard of it) and have family in Columbia.

  • I want to apologise if my last comment sounded rude at all. I was frustrated, but I’ve calmed down a bit now & am thinking rationally, although I’d still like my questions to be answered :)

  • This game is WIN.

    Dear god…. Who the hell thought of a sackmonaut wins.



    Win is the only word.

  • @105 DrunkMiffy@

    Hey, it’s okay. You’re obviously drunk and miffed (or the polite was of saying pissed) so it’s to be expected. You’re name is a really good warning of possible drunken miffed outbursts. ;)

  • Can someone tell me if we stamp PS eye textures onto that helmet? That would be sweet :)

  • The street are going to be very empty in October. Everyone’s going to be glued to the their couches playing all the incredible games are are lined up… I can’t wait for this game

  • @107 Amante

    Haha, never thought my name would come in so handy for apologising about something :P

  • release it now

  • Im not really sure if i should pre-order
    i really want the stuff but i will feel better with a review of the game
    Should i pre-order? mmmm

  • I’ve been at the Best Buys in my area and they all don’t have the pre-order boxes nor do they seem to know anything about LBP.

    It’s on their website so I hope I get the code if I preorder from the site

  • mmmmm space suits!

    10/21 can’t get here soon enough!


  • I pre-ordered my copy like two weeks ago, and I only got my Kratos costume code, but I didn’t know there was a Nariko one!

    Ha! At least I got something, my friend didn’t got anything with his pre-order.

  • I AM SO GETTING THOSE 2 ITEMS! i hope i get accepted at the job i just applied to today so i have enough money to have a preorder on LBP too… i wasn’t able to preorder because i put 5$ down on socom bundle

  • My gosh… seems like Xmas this whole week, we got announcements about Socom fixing updates, Home Extended beta, and Official release date of Little Big Planet.

    How can I play video games all day and still manage my bills??? anyone?


    Thanks guys

  • Wow, great news after great news!

  • can you push it to 9/21/08 :D

  • I preordered from Game Crazy, but they hardly ever get any preorder goodies in. :(

  • Can we have our sackboy or sackgirl where the space helmit with the shirt

  • Now could you be so kind as to tell us if this is ONLY the US? I have a feeling the rest of us will be screwed in some manner.

  • here’s my money, sony. take it. just let me download that Spacesuit

  • awesome more free goodies i preordered my copy n paid in full on labor day got my kratos costume cant w8 2 get the spacesuit n the week 1 t-shirt october 21st cant come soon enough

  • Just pre-ordered mine about 30 minutes ago. Looking forward to it!

  • I want this game so much…
    I want Lara Croft sackgirl and water :D

    One suit for week on PS Store wourld be great.. :D



    Plz ?!

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH TOO FAR OFF, push it up! :)

  • “LittleBigPlanet will hit stores in North & LATIN AMERICA on October 21”

    Can you say anything else about the latin american launch? cause we never get official release dates or launches, and we get the games 1 or 2 weeks after the NA launch so, if that happens again, im sure i wont get that limited stuff

  • Silly question, but: what does the fine print on Sackboy’s t-shirt tag say? :)


  • cant wait ill pre order mine next month

  • I pre-ordered the game at EB Games for the Kratos Sackboy costume so its cool that since I will get it on release date that I will be able to also get these two DLC outfits for free. You guys are really promoting the game to the fans online but you should try to make this appeal to the massive casual market as well. I think this would be a game that not only the “hardcore gamer” would enjoy but also the casual gamers who have a PS3.

  • Actually I knew about this like a week ago. When I pre-ordered the guy looked it up when it was being shipped. So I guess that’s cool I knew about it before most people.. [GO LBP!]

  • 21st? Early birthday present. =D

  • wooo can’t wait

  • Has Sony bought Media Molecule as yet? I hope the have. LBP will be their bread and butter for this generation.

  • So who won the LittleBigChallenge 3?!!

  • I have mine on reserve, and I got the Kratos skin code :)

  • I preordered from Kratos and for the Sticker Book online and I have not received anything yet …

  • OH, question, possibly asked before, is the Space Suit require a Voucher Code?

  • Nice! So I get my Kratos sackboy, a spacesuit, AND a t-shirt for getting it on the first day. Preordered long ago :).

  • @130:
    it says:
    “Made in England”
    and under that is either care instructions or says its a special edition item or something

  • OK guys. Hope I answered all your questions. My to-do-list includes:

    – Find out LATAM distribution details
    – Announce Canadian Nariko pre-order details
    – Figure out where the Circuit City stickers are

    Have a great weekend guys.


  • Between these goodies, the pre-order bonuses, and the awesome trophy list, I couldn’t help myself any more… I went to Circuit City today to pre-order. Oddly they couldn’t seem to ring it up at the register so I walked out pre-orderless. It’s the thought that counts though. I’ll pay them another visit on Monday.

    And, boy it sure would be sweet if I had a t-shirt that matches that one Sackboy is sporting there… possibly as another pre-order bonus. Hint. Hint.

  • How about us poor Filipinos who can’t preorder and can only buy the American products, which only arrive in stores two weeks after launches? :(

  • I can not wait to get this game in my hands! I will pre-order it today!

    PSN: EMJ

  • First I was wondering will Canada, and the rest of America get this game October 21 for sure? I know most games release out in Canada when it says release tuesday, we don’t get it until wednesday afternoon to even thursday afternoon. is october 21 the date you start shipping to retailers or is this the date I can actually go and purchase the game the moment retailers open? and my second question is you mention that the space suit is DLC during the first week only, and then mention that the tshirt is rare. Does that mean 1, the tshirt is harder to get than the space suit? or 2 maybe the space suit will still be there after 1 week period. Because I cannot play right after purchasing it, will start playing wednesday night, will I miss out on limited time DLC?

  • Where can i pre-order it from so i can download these 1st week stuff?

    Sorry for this question but I bought BadCompany from GameStop and they didn’t give me the unlock code because they were all given.

  • Hi Mark.
    I am really happy to hear that Sony will be spending time & bucks on marketing – and I hope they do it here in the UK. LittleBigPlanet has such great potential but the mass market needs to BE TOLD about it! Brain Training on the DS was a system seller because Nintendo spend money advertising it. LBP could make PS3s fly of the shelves.

    I want an LBP plush toy – and Im a grown man! Remember Cabbage Patch Kids? Limited editions make the news!

    Oh. and just one more thing. Can you add your own music to a level that you create in LBP?

    Thanks. Good Luck!

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