Its Official! – LittleBigPlanet on shelves 10/21/08!

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For those of you who’ve pre-ordered and are anxiously waiting, we’ve received great news from Media Molecule – the game code has gone ‘GOLD’ and we’ve started manufacturing the PS3 cases, manuals and most importantly Blu-ray discs. Meaning, LittleBigPlanet will hit stores in North & Latin America on October 21 (With Europe releasing the same week). But trust us, you’ll want to be there with us during the first week. Why you ask?

During the first week only, to celebrate “Launch”, LBP fans everywhere will be able to download a FREE, Limited Edition Spacesuit costume for your SackBoy on the PLAYSTATION Store. (Get it…Launch…Spacesuit…o never mind)

LBP space man

In addition to the freebie, there will also be a rare “I was there Week One” T-Shirt available – to prove that you were… well… “there Week One.”

LBP tshirt

Now for those of you that haven’t pre-ordered, we would hate to think you went to the store and saw the dreadful “Sold Out” sign and missed out on the FREE download. So, if you want your spacesuit, you’re best bet is to guarantee your copy by heading to your nearest participating retailer and pre-ordering your copy. Besides…you’ll get additional pre-order goodies for FREE too.


In addition to the “gold” news, check out our LBP News Site for the official release for the final word on LittleBigPlanet’s features and how Media Molecule is still hard at work, to continually build the online community with new features to make your online experience an ever-evolving one.

See you there.

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  • Super sweet! Next month cannot come soon enough.

  • woo hoo Bring it on :D

  • w00t! ‘I was there’ T-shirts FTW.

  • Yes! LBP out in October great news. Will there be a halloween costume pack. Anyway all i got to do now is get my money from Wamu.

  • sweeeet,
    whats this Latin America stuff ??
    Im in Argentina ,can you elaborate more please ?
    I usually import games from US (And they cost me a lot,my importer rip me off)
    Awesomeeeee news!

  • thanks for the good news! That spacesuit looks awesome!

  • Thanks for reminding me I need to go pre-order this game.


  • Awesome spacesuit!

  • I have one question, if we don’t pre-order the game will we be able to purchase Nariko and Kratos via PSN?

    • Not in the foreseeable future. We may have to ask the people that pre-ordered, how long the people who didn\’t pre-order should wait. That would be an interesting question.

  • I want now!

    Space suit looks awesome too.

  • What and where are the pre order “goodies” up here in Canada? (and other regions)

  • How about the Europeans and the ones who’ve pre ordered online?

  • Sniff Sony and Little Big Planet you guys make me so happy. I barely woke up log on saw this and now I am suddenly awake as emotions are flowing through my veins.(Good Emotions) I have nothing else to say except THANK YOU.

  • yyayayayayayayayay!i love this game.I dont think its a system seller yet since u guys havent put out tv ads.

    • Start watching TV in the beginning of October. We\’re saving our TV budget for launch and the holidays. In the mean time, you\’ve seen our print ads and LittleBigBillboards right?

  • i will say this it can be a system seller if u yous uses the right tv ad in each region.I loved those ps3 ads from last year hoilday season.

  • @Erico, there will be a bundle with LBP in Europe:


    *put h in front of the link*

    So it sure will be a system seller in Europe especially with that kind of box :-)

  • So, what if you don’t have the game during the first week, will you still be able to download the content from the store?

  • omg cool hopefully my game retailer doesn t try to scam me muhaha

  • this is sweet! where do we have to go to get the LBP t-shirt?


  • 1) i love that spacesuit and shirt!!! the tag on the back of the shirt is great!

    2) october needs to get here already!!!!!

    i’m taking the 21st off for sure!

  • Ahoy Mark, That be some good news, but ye be forgetin’ that today is talk like a pirate day. It’d do an ol’ pirate good to see a blog in the proper lingo. Anyway, I be so excited to get me hands on this wonderful booty. Thank ye for the news, oh and, watch yer back matey. Or ye be walkin’ the plank plank faster than ye can say “Lil’ Big Pirate!” YAR HAR HAR!!!!

  • awesome! but where would one have to pre-order to get the kratos costume?

  • Arrrrggghhh!!!! Great news, but “Its Official?” Its official what? Oh, you mean “It’s official.” Please sort this out, you’re the marketing manager of SCEA! I don’t want to start seeing adverts with bad grammar!

  • Wonderful, please send us (Latin America) also those PSN cards!!!!!

  • OMG! The astronaut is AWESOME!

    Please surprise us and release it early. :P

    Good job Mm.

  • @25 kokoro
    yeah ,we need those badly.

  • Awesome, I just hope my wallet’s in healthy condition when this game comes out… :(

  • Yey!!! I Love Sackboy. I can’t wait to finally have my copy of the game! WooHoo!! October 21st can not come quick enough!!

    Now, about those Sackboy plushies. Please tell me the ones up for pre-order on are not the same as the ones we are getting it the US…The small ones are cute but I have been reading the comments on the various places that showed them and people don’t like the larger ones very much. Their heads are too big. I was hoping for something that looked more like the awesome handmade ones I saw on the Media Molecule site made by someones mother. Now those two Sackboys are adorable. Maybe you could make costumes for them as well.
    I wish I was handy enough to make one myself. Guess it doesn’t really matter because I will probably buy it anyway just so I can have my very own Sackboy to love…

    • We\’re on it, because we know you guys want it. Trust us, we\’re working hard to make sure its as good as \”mum\’s\”

  • Yeah good one gimme another reason to pre-order…..fine I did are you happy I ordered the game, my wife will kill me but at least you’re happy


  • Game of the century.

    Can’t wait for LBP!
    Preorder 2 of them one for me and one for my wife!

    Media Molecule ROCKS!

  • Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t play with stickers. I have been trying to pre-order LBP from Circuit City for the past month. Their website doesn’t advertise the LittleBigSticker book bonus, I have been to multiple Circuit City stores and nobody knows what I am talking about and they won’t let me pre-order the game until October. Finally, I called their 800 number and they were equally clueless. Again, I don’t play with stickers. Has anyone had any luck with the Circuit City pre-order?

    PS: I have played with stickers in the past.

    • That\’s weird, we\’ve designed them, approved them and received a bunch of them internally – so we know they\’re out there. We\’ll check to see (since you don\’t play with stickers)…

  • FYI for those in the US:

    BestBuy is selling the “pre-order” (they call it the Bonus Pack) for $5.
    It is a piece of paper with the code for Nariko (and maybe other downloads on launch day) inside a Blu-Ray box with the LBP cover. I thought there would be a disc or some sort inside containing goodies… but no…
    But, the $5.00 is waived if you “really” pre-order the game.
    So theorectically, if you have a way to purchase the game cheaper than the typical $59.99 price tag, and you REALLY want the Nariko costume, you can buy the “bonus pack” at BestBuy for $5.
    Whether $5 is worth it or not is for your wallet to decide. :)

    and oh…

  • YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes; oh happy day! *laughs maniacally*

  • BTW how much is the I was there week one gonna cost me?

  • Already have it preordered! Really can’t wait for it! Give it to me now! :D

  • I haven’t seen LBP pre-order available in Canada as yet.

    Is there a date when this may be happening for us ?

    I know I’ve checked the stores here, BestBuy and Futureshop…but nothing on their websites to indicate pre-ordering.

    thanks Mark.

    • Kratos SackBoy costume pre-order is available in EB / GameStop in Canada.

      Nariko SackGirl costume pre-order in Canada announcements are still on the way…

  • Game of the Year!

  • Great job Mm and Sony!!! You guys are awesome and the freebies your throwing at us through pre-orders and such are fantastic!! Im also really really excited about Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic. Im gonna have tons of fun with that one online with my friends. Have any more details on that game? Except for the couple of trailers we’ve heard almost nothing about it. Keep up the good work!

  • @33

    I have been to two different Circuit Citys in California. They had the sticker book already. It is inside a DVD case which has LBP cover art which you should get right then and there when you reserve.

  • Good news! I was planning on getting a few preorders done today anyway. Can. Not. Wait.

  • Are you guys still planning to announce Nariko details for Canada?

  • Awesomesauce!

  • Damn i clicked submit by mistake. I wanted to ask if the pre-order launch costumes will also be available in EUROPE.

    • Yup…Spacesuit and t-shirt will be available on your PSN too. I know Kratos and Nariko will be available too, just not sure how…will check.

  • Great Stuff!
    Hey Mark i have a question if you don’t mind answering about these two outfits,when its released can i go directly to the Playstation Store & download them or i must have the game & inside the game i can download them?
    Thanks in advance.

  • @41 – Thanks for the clarification. I guess the LittleBigSticker book is on the little side.

  • WOOT! Been looking forward to this game for over a year! Awesome goodies!

  • as saome one say:
    I will literally pee my pants when I first play this game. I’ve been waiting so long!

  • Great! i already paid my copy, cant wait to try it out

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