NOVASTRIKE Update Brings Trophies and More

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Hello folks, I’m finally back with some good news – we just submitted the updated version of NOVASTRIKE to SCEA, and you should be seeing the update go live sometime in the next few weeks.

For those of you that have been frustrated by the difficulty (and I know it’s a lot of you) – first off, I’m sorry for the wait (as well as the frustration factor you went through). But each submission requires a fair amount of work, so we wanted to add as many features as possible before submitting the update.

There are now four difficulty modes:


RECRUIT, SOLDIER, and VETERAN have all been tamed. As a general rule of thumb I’d recommend if you couldn’t beat RECRUIT in the original release then initially stick to RECRUIT in this release. If you did beat RECRUIT but were having difficulty with SOLDIER then try the new SOLDIER. If you did beat SOLDIER then I’d recommend trying VETERAN. And HARDCORE has no extra lives per stage and is the most challenging (similar to the original VETERAN difficulty).

Now for a bullet list of other items in the update:

Novastrike Trophies

  • Trophies – you’ll now be able to unlock sixteen trophies (12 bronze and 4 silver)
  • Fully Customizable Controls – you can now map weapon selection for the primary and secondary weapons to different buttons and remap other control options. We’ve also added a Type 2 control scheme that is the default for new players. For for those of you that already have the game it will stay on Type 1 until you select Type 2 (or customize the controls) – this was done so that players not reading this post don’t get the update then wonder what the heck happened to the control scheme. And as a final note you’ll also be able to swap the left stick and right stick functionality (Steering and the Omni Cannon)
  • XMB Music Playlist support – want to play your own rocking tunes instead of listening to NOVASTRIKE’s music? Now you’ll be able to do just that
  • Multiple Saved Games – you can now have as many saved games as you want
  • New Weapon Info pane – this is more for new players, but once a weapon is acquired the game pauses and displays an information pane showing the name of the weapon, how to select it, how to fire it, and a brief description of the weapon. While this feature is turned on by default you can also go to the ingame options menu and turn it off if you’re already are familiar with all the weapons and don’t want the interruption
  • Replay Stage as well as Quit and Save options have been added to Stage Summary screen – now after you finish a stage you can advance to the next Stage (as you could in the original release), or you can Quit and Save (which will have you starting at the next stage when you later continue), or you can select Replay Stage to play that stage over again (if you failed some objectives and want to try again to get a higher score
  • Restart Stage option has been added to ingame options menu – if you’re not liking how you’re playing on a stage you can now open the ingame options menu, select Restart Stage, then start the stage over (versus having to quit out and continue)
  • Megapacks and repair packs will replenish the capacitor bar for the afterburner
  • Seeking weapons will now target outer components on capital ships. For example, if you drop an electro-mine near a Heralder, it will now lash the outer hangar “wing” (versus the main body as it did in the original release). This makes stripping enemy carriers a bit easier
  • Friendly Fire damage has been disabled in RECRUIT and SOLDIER (this is just part of the overall taming of RECRUIT and SOLDIER – we also limited the maximum number of active waves, and when your Scythe explodes it won’t damage friendlies in RECRUIT or SOLDIER, either); VETERAN now gives you two extra lives per stage as well – HARDCORE is, well, hardcore
  • The Shredder’s auto-lock on enemy ground structures has been improved – in the original release it sometimes had difficulty locking onto very low ground structures (near sea-level) – this is no longer the case, and the Shredder is much more useful as a result
  • Player ship(the Scythe) is a bit larger in size – but don’t worry, we made sure that it didn’t make the game harder (as the collision model is a bit larger as well)
  • Brief invulnerability after respawning – this is only a few seconds so don’t try to use it to fight, but it will at least provide brief protection if you respawn over an enemy base
  • Leaderboards now show the last completed stage to the right of the score and also show more than 1,000 scores (and HARDCORE has been added to the Leaderboards)

Beyond this we’re working with SCEE to try and get NOVASTRIKE out in Europe as soon as possible. Last, but not least, when the update goes live I’ll go ahead and do another blog post here so I can respond to the initial reactions. I’ll be particularly interested in seeing posts from those of you that stopped playing due to the difficulty – we really hope the update allows you to enjoy and finish the game.

I’ll also be checking this blog post and trying my best to respond to any questions that are brought up. And if you made it through this long post – congrats!

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  • I must have missed something, because I’ve never heard of this game until today. Based on the trophy count and the talk of an EU launch, I’m guessing this is a PSN title.

    How the hell did that slip past me!?

    @#46: This is Tiki Games, not Q Games. How the hell should they know?

  • Any chance of this game going down in price for a sale?

  • Thanks Kevin and group of Tiki Games…

    Been waitin for this update forever…lol
    As soon as you can I would love to see that Trophy list…

    P.S Tell Sony to hurry it up or I’m goin to spam their

  • You’re a little company with few staff (I’m guessing) but you still manage to take the time to answer questions on the blog. Kudos.

    I just wish that some of your bigger brothers had the same sense of responsibility to their customers (and potential customers) as you guys do.

    Great work, and thanks for the update!

    • Hi TouchyEd. Whenever I post on the blog I set aside time to make sure I can respond to posts, so I\’m glad you appreciate it. In fact I had set aside more today but then we had something that needed addressed (work interferes yet again!).

  • Thank you for adding these features and addressing the issues. I’ll be all over this game again once the update hits.

    Thanks again!

  • Good update!

  • did the poor reviews (IGN comes to mind)make you revisit the game to add all these imporvments, or was it out of your dis-satisfaction with the game?

    • Hi NickDude.

      Poor reviews certainly didn\’t make us thrilled, but the main reason for doing the update was seeing how many players were frustrated with the difficulty of the game. Because in reality reviewers that have already reviewed the game aren\’t likely to take a look at the game again and review it again. There are so many games for them to review nowadays that I find it hard to picture them seeing the update, playing it, and deciding to adjust their original review – particularly if they didn\’t like it in the first place. But what I don\’t want is players who paid $10 for the game not being able to at least finish the game (heck, a lot couldn\’t get past the second stage). Likewise for new customers I want to make sure the game is more accessible.

      The truth is we worked really hard on this game under less than ideal circumstances – this isn\’t to elicit a \”poor Tiki Games, have a cookie!\” response from anyone (although I like chocolate chip if anyone does offer a cookie). A lot of independents go through very similar rough times, and most don\’t even get to finish a game. We literally had no idea most players would find the game so difficult when it was first released. And that blame goes directly to me – I just didn\’t have time (or resources) to organize enough focus-testing. Sure, I brought people through to play it, but they got good at the game, and RECRUIT suddenly became too easy, so we added more action, etc. And I ended up being the least useful focus-tester as I\’m just too good at the game (I can easily beat the original VETERAN, and even the new HARDCORE rarely kills me). So I wasn\’t happy with myself at all in seeing how unintentionally difficult the game was for most players. The goal was to have different difficulties so players could find one that matched their skillset and play the game through – not get stuck early on.

      I\’ve worked on a lot of games, and generally when you ship a game that\’s it. If this game had been under a larger publisher then you wouldn\’t be seeing this update. I\’m not saying that to knock larger publishers by any means (in fact, any of you reading this – fund us! ;) ), but they would have my team moving onto a new game. Not addressing complaints about the first game. Since Tiki Games is my studio I decided to address complaints – this is our first game, and we want people to enjoy it. Just like any other title we\’d develop.

      NOVASTRIKE is by no means a perfect game, but we do feel it\’s a good game, and offers a complementary experience to existing shooters without being the exact same gameplay. Some will disagree with this (even with the update) and that\’s fine – we can\’t make a game that will please everyone. But I do feel obligated to try and look at the mistakes we did make, acknowledge them, and improve the game based on the customer response.

      Anyhow, sorry for the long response, but I hope this answers your question.

  • I guess Michael Phelps won so many gold medals this game was left with none. :P

  • This is great support from a small developer. I’ll be buying it when it comes to Europe. Thanks Kevin :)

  • I just want to say this update is very much appreciated, there are many more changes than I expected. I enjoy the challenge this game provides but adding great new features and making the interface more user-friendly is always welcome!

  • Hey Kevin,

    sweet update… i was kinda turned off off playing this when i bought it.
    cuz i played it in 1080p and the little ship

    was microscopic lol good too know you made it a little more visable and the trophies
    and the custom music ahh loves it!
    tell me is there any chance of

    Remote playablity ?

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    First of all, thank you for providing such a huge update for this game, and for responding to a lot of the comments. I didn’t originally buy this game, due to the low scores and lack of a demo, but if this patch is well received, I might jump on board before the demo even comes!

  • Kevin, wow man that is quite the update. I got this game when it came out and put it down almost immediately cause it was just too hard, so I tried it on easy, not much better. I can’t wait to try this game again. Thanks for all of your hard work and especially for in-game music. The music you guys have in the game is great but when going for trophies on my second or third time through the game it makes the game seem fresh again. So praise to you and the fine folks at Tiki Games.

    • Hi gumionday. Glad you like the update list. And hopefully the tamed difficulty is a lot more to your liking.

  • How about a feature to upload to Youtube? I think that is an awesome feature that all PSN games should have and some Bluray games.

  • I don’t have the game, not really into shooters of this type..I just came to say thanks to all the support your giving to this game and I wish you and Tiki Games good luck in the future.

  • That long response was great to hear.I get tired of PR speak so its good to hear honesty.I may pick up this game after the patch as I love trophies

  • This was one of the reasons i also stopped playing after level 1. I couldn’t get past the very first objective in part 2. It said to destroy the base and with the weapons i had i was trying to but couldn’t do it. Then i failed it and had to protect the people flying over. Than that failed. Than i had to return to base. It was a crazy learning curve and just couldn’t take >_o.

    But i’m extremly happy you’ve added a difficulty setting. I’ll most likely be heading back in to check this out to the max. I really do appreciate you guys actually going through the trouble of doing this just so we can enjoy the game. Very awesome to the max =3.

    Thanks a lot guys!

  • Regardless of the quality of the game, I think Kevin has been doing a classy job keeping us informed in this thread and dealing with the “Why no demo?” requests.

    That alone has encouraged me to purchase this title this week.

  • Well I may end up getting this. It did look interesting when it launched, but I had just bought Super Stardust HD, and didn’t really need another shooter at the time.

    So, now knowing what I do about the game and you guys as developers, I feel that it’s a good time to buy, and you guys need as much support as you can get. Gaming definitely needs more small indie developed games, and as long as we get some great games, I’m all for it.

  • Great to see developers supporting their game like this. I do not own the game either, but after reading this update I intend to pick it up.

  • kev,

    what i ment was will it ever support remote play

  • I also bought it, and was initially intrigued by it’s simple, yet fun blasting action, I liked the idea of levelling up guns, and enjoyed the simplistic top down approach, to an open-direction shooter. While fun, at first I did notice how easy it was to fail… not saying it was difficult, cause’ I have my pride, just that it was easy to un-expectedly fail. I put it aside, and played something else for a while to tide me over, the #1 reason I bought it, is I knew that it was getting a trophy update one day.

    all the other things included in the update are pure icing on the cake, I didn’t actually expect the custom music thing from your small studio, it’s nice to see that, and should be an industry standard in my opinion, Remote play is fun, but overrated on some games ie. bionic commando where remote play is as useless as a kick in the ass with a razor bladed boot, so don’t worry that you don’t have it in NovaStrike, it won’t hurt it any. Some games are just more pure without it, some games aren’t complete without it.

    Anyway keep up the great work, TIKI Games, I am an amateur concept/design artist, working within a small indy company as well, and I’m feeling for you guys, and pulling for you as well.

    It’s pretty amazing for a small studio dev to answer with an update in this short of timeframe.

  • I didn’t pick up the game before, but I will when the update hits. Thanks.

  • already beat this game a few times to get ready for the trophies, please do everything you can to speed up this process and get this update out… I’m big with all the trophy guys and I promise you big sales when it drops! Thanks alot for all the work!

  • I have been interested in this game for awhile, but I would like to test the game first. I do like to attempt to do whatever I can though to support developers with my purchase (it’s all I can do…). This might be that game.

    I really like how Kevin McCann has been replying to a lot of posts and even had an incredibly large, meaningful, and insightful post.

    I’ll look into this game.

  • sounds cool :D but i don’t have this game :(

  • yeah, i was one of those who gave up on level 2. :(

    So this is a very very welcomed update for me.

    • Hi Fersis. Unfortunately this update won\’t help you – I\’ve heard you pretty much suck at all the games you play. Just kidding. :) Hope you enjoy the update.

  • I will definitely pick this up when the update goes live. Gotta support the small devs for sure, cause I know how hard it is!


  • I was always curious about this game but never bought because of the reviews. I do have to say that I appreciate the honesty of this post and also the nice update the game will have. I will definitely be buying this game now. Thanks for the update and honesty. :)

  • Guys I dont judge psn games by review, IGN always has extreemly low scores for them.

    Look at go sports ski, for its price its a perfect game. No IGN gives it a 2.. I give it an 8.

    I love it, and I base my scores on the price.

  • Hey. Is their any chance we could be told any estimates for when Australia/PAL regions, will get the game?

  • its good to see more and more games getting trophies

  • Kevin,

    I just asking myself if this update can solve the many problems that I found in Novastrike gameplay. Really the ship is very small and I dont like of the controls, actually this game its stored in my HD without be played for more that 5 minutes since I downloaded. Lets forgot some bad ( and suspicious ) reviews, but the game is far away to be in the same level as another hits in PSN, hopefully this update can improve my judgement about the game.

    BTW It´s really nice see a developer trying to tweak the game after the release for gamer´s better overall experience. Your effort its the only reason that i dont feel bad about have bought this game.

    • Hi JBRuno. I\’d definitely like to see your comments after the update is released. As far as the controls – I hope that you find either Type 2 or customizing the controls to be to your liking. And again, the player ship is a bit larger now.

  • I might of missed it but price of this update?

    • Hi C-h-a-o-s. If you already have the game then the update will just automatically patch your game when it goes live – there\’s certainly not a charge for the game.

      We\’ve also submitted a new store version (which is the same as the update) so that new customers don\’t buy the game, download it, then have to get patched – so new customers will get the updated version, and existing customers will be patched. Hope that clears things up.

  • This sounds like a sad attempt to get some more sales for a mediocre game just by adding trophies and a few updates…

    • Hi lowhonor. That may be your perception, but this was a few months of work for us where we could\’ve just moved on but instead chose to improve the game based on the initial response – all while incurring further development costs. As for trophies – they don\’t guarantee a huge increase in sales for our game. Of course we want to see more sales, but we also simply wanted to make the game better based on customer feedback.

      I don\’t know if you have the game or not, but if you do have the game I hope you try it out again when the update is released.

  • Well Tiki games have set up an example to all those lame devs out there. Yeah the ones that make a crappy game, rip you off with promises of “fun gameplay”. Tiki games have shown their passion to creat fun games, and they are not just looking for your wallet, they actually care about improving their games!!. I wish The Orange Box took a page from this guys. I will be purchasing this game this week, and Im willing to support this guys as much as I can. If they were able to make this huge update even though they sacrificed resources and dev time, imagine what they will be able to provide us once they become a successful developer.
    Kevin I wish you the best of luck, and thank you for taking the time to address our complaints.

    I have more respect for Indie Devs then corporations full of PR crap. TIKKI GAMES ROCK !

  • Awesome! I’d been on the fence about Novastrike, but this update may push me over (or off of) it! Good to see more developers going back to add new features.

    Also, it’s good to see you responding to so many people! I might even buy this BEFORE the update to get some practice in.

    • Hi decimalator – thanks for the kind words. And if you do pick it up before the update hits then please refrain from throwing your controller at your TV if the difficulty frustrates you. :) The update should hopefully not be too far off. And thanks for your future support.

  • One more thing
    How in the blue hell did TikiGAmes managed to support custom soundtracks and trophies so fast, yet friken InfinityWard couldnt include trophies in COD4??? And what about PixelJunkEden, I dont see why they didnt include custom soundtracks, not everyone likes that techno stuff.

  • A little off topic but if Jeff or anyone else is reading this, have you guys put any thought into providing a PSN Leaderboard, either accesible through a website portal, in-game XMB, or through Home?? If its a secret project that is covered by your NDA at least let us know if you guys have thought about about it or at least whether its possible, even if for a 3rd part website such as what they have for Xbots.

    To me this seems like a no brainer that would cause even more competition amongst the trophy mongers (such as myself). I know right now a leaderboard isnt extremely necessary since most trophy hoarders will probably have 100% in all 3 games enabled in the US, so there would probably be at least 5000 people tied for 1st place, but in the very near future (id say by October) the market should be saturated enough with trophy compatible games to show off some true “professionals”.

    Anyway I havent really seen anyone ask this particular question any any previous blog posts and im hoping someone would be able to shed some light on the situation, as im sure im not alone on this, but I would like to see how I compare to the rest of the people in my own country (if world leaderboards are not possible), not just my own personal friends in my friends list.

  • @sublimentality

    took the words out of my mouth, I mean I want to see where I stand with my trophy collection.
    World leaderboards is a nice incentive to play for trophies.

  • This is great news that there are trophies and in game music.

    Many complained before as each game needs to have this programmed into them, but if you wait, good things really do happen.

    Thanks for the post.

  • Nice to see that you guys are updating your game.

    I wish other companies would go back to update their game as well to include Trophies and Music playback.

    • Hi gardea. It definitely made sense for us – we had already started doing the update to address the game\’s difficulty and add customizable controls, then we saw trophy support was right around the corner, and supporting XMB playback was another natural thing to add to our list.

  • rock on…in game music!!.trophies!!!….great update!

  • Now I’m positive that I’m buying this game.Thanks for the trophy support!!

  • trophies:nice
    XMB music:cool

    i really appreciate the update and i know 4 a small developer like u guys, it would be hard 2 make a nice game, but im still gonna buy it 2 support u guys :D

    one question: was it hard 2 make/develope this game?

    gotta give u guys a credit: U GUYS ROCK!!!!

    • Thanks for the future purchase.

      As to the \”was it hard to make?\” Yeah, it was – this was actually a pretty ambitious game for our small team. And as an independent developer you get a lot of obstacles that you need to deal with while working on your game. But again, this is not unique to my studio – it\’s difficult for any small developer. We\’re obviously really hoping the update makes the game a lot more accessible and enjoyed by existing owners and future customers.

      Appreciate the kind words.

  • First of all, can you mention at least one trophy in the game? :) I hope the trophies are realistic to unlock and not disappointingly impossible like PAIN’s.

    Few questions :)

    1. Is the game fully 2D or are they 3D ships and enemies etc? (Sorry, cant make out from the screenshots)

    2. Are you hiring at all? I don’t see a “Jobs” category on your website.

    3. 3ds Max or Maya? :)

    • Hello PSPsGTghOost. The trophy list will be revealed soon, but I will say that most of the trophies can be acquired in RECRUIT (easy) mode. I didn\’t want players having to spend a bunch of time to get all the trophies – so basically just beating the game will unlock a pretty good portion of the trophies.

      Oh, okay – there\’s Legendary – one of the silvers – beat it on HARDCORE and that\’s yours. :)

      Now to your few questions…

      1. It\’s mostly 3D – the ships, environments, etc.

      2. No, we\’re not hiring. I wish we were. That would mean we\’re in better financial shape than we currently really are. :)

      3. Maya.

      Have a good week.

  • Has anybody requested multiplayer co-op yet? Seems like a natural.

  • Thanks for the reply Kevin. :)

  • Could you answer this question?

    Did the game currently sell enough copies for you?

    I’m a little bit worry for Indies. If they cannot make it, they’ll be out of business the next day.


    • Hi fedor. PSN games are more about having a longer lifecycle – the first few months didn\’t cover our development costs (and we\’ve added to those costs by working on this update for the following three months post-release), but it certainly hasn\’t been bad, either.

      We don\’t get sales figures for other titles, so it\’s impossible to know if our title is doing reasonably well against other titles in the same genre, but we\’re hoping with the upcoming European release and the update making the game a lot more accessible it will give NOVASTRIKE some good legs. Plus we still need to put a demo together.

      And while our financial situation isn\’t the best (yep, we\’re independent), we\’re not in danger of going out of business tomorrow, either. So I hope that eases your concern some.

  • “Oh, okay – there’s Legendary – one of the silvers – beat it on HARDCORE”

    First people are mad that the game is too hard then u add a trophie that requires the player to beat it on the hardest dificulty? Is it just me or does that not make sense?

    • Hi JJ55666. Remember what I said in that post, though, which is most trophies can be earned in RECRUIT mode. That said, I do think it\’s kind of important to have a trophy for those that do beat the game on the hardest setting, too. :)

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