NOVASTRIKE Update Brings Trophies and More

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Hello folks, I’m finally back with some good news – we just submitted the updated version of NOVASTRIKE to SCEA, and you should be seeing the update go live sometime in the next few weeks.

For those of you that have been frustrated by the difficulty (and I know it’s a lot of you) – first off, I’m sorry for the wait (as well as the frustration factor you went through). But each submission requires a fair amount of work, so we wanted to add as many features as possible before submitting the update.

There are now four difficulty modes:


RECRUIT, SOLDIER, and VETERAN have all been tamed. As a general rule of thumb I’d recommend if you couldn’t beat RECRUIT in the original release then initially stick to RECRUIT in this release. If you did beat RECRUIT but were having difficulty with SOLDIER then try the new SOLDIER. If you did beat SOLDIER then I’d recommend trying VETERAN. And HARDCORE has no extra lives per stage and is the most challenging (similar to the original VETERAN difficulty).

Now for a bullet list of other items in the update:

Novastrike Trophies

  • Trophies – you’ll now be able to unlock sixteen trophies (12 bronze and 4 silver)
  • Fully Customizable Controls – you can now map weapon selection for the primary and secondary weapons to different buttons and remap other control options. We’ve also added a Type 2 control scheme that is the default for new players. For for those of you that already have the game it will stay on Type 1 until you select Type 2 (or customize the controls) – this was done so that players not reading this post don’t get the update then wonder what the heck happened to the control scheme. And as a final note you’ll also be able to swap the left stick and right stick functionality (Steering and the Omni Cannon)
  • XMB Music Playlist support – want to play your own rocking tunes instead of listening to NOVASTRIKE’s music? Now you’ll be able to do just that
  • Multiple Saved Games – you can now have as many saved games as you want
  • New Weapon Info pane – this is more for new players, but once a weapon is acquired the game pauses and displays an information pane showing the name of the weapon, how to select it, how to fire it, and a brief description of the weapon. While this feature is turned on by default you can also go to the ingame options menu and turn it off if you’re already are familiar with all the weapons and don’t want the interruption
  • Replay Stage as well as Quit and Save options have been added to Stage Summary screen – now after you finish a stage you can advance to the next Stage (as you could in the original release), or you can Quit and Save (which will have you starting at the next stage when you later continue), or you can select Replay Stage to play that stage over again (if you failed some objectives and want to try again to get a higher score
  • Restart Stage option has been added to ingame options menu – if you’re not liking how you’re playing on a stage you can now open the ingame options menu, select Restart Stage, then start the stage over (versus having to quit out and continue)
  • Megapacks and repair packs will replenish the capacitor bar for the afterburner
  • Seeking weapons will now target outer components on capital ships. For example, if you drop an electro-mine near a Heralder, it will now lash the outer hangar “wing” (versus the main body as it did in the original release). This makes stripping enemy carriers a bit easier
  • Friendly Fire damage has been disabled in RECRUIT and SOLDIER (this is just part of the overall taming of RECRUIT and SOLDIER – we also limited the maximum number of active waves, and when your Scythe explodes it won’t damage friendlies in RECRUIT or SOLDIER, either); VETERAN now gives you two extra lives per stage as well – HARDCORE is, well, hardcore
  • The Shredder’s auto-lock on enemy ground structures has been improved – in the original release it sometimes had difficulty locking onto very low ground structures (near sea-level) – this is no longer the case, and the Shredder is much more useful as a result
  • Player ship(the Scythe) is a bit larger in size – but don’t worry, we made sure that it didn’t make the game harder (as the collision model is a bit larger as well)
  • Brief invulnerability after respawning – this is only a few seconds so don’t try to use it to fight, but it will at least provide brief protection if you respawn over an enemy base
  • Leaderboards now show the last completed stage to the right of the score and also show more than 1,000 scores (and HARDCORE has been added to the Leaderboards)

Beyond this we’re working with SCEE to try and get NOVASTRIKE out in Europe as soon as possible. Last, but not least, when the update goes live I’ll go ahead and do another blog post here so I can respond to the initial reactions. I’ll be particularly interested in seeing posts from those of you that stopped playing due to the difficulty – we really hope the update allows you to enjoy and finish the game.

I’ll also be checking this blog post and trying my best to respond to any questions that are brought up. And if you made it through this long post – congrats!

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  • I don’t have this game, but seems like a good update! :)

  • Congratulations Kevin for your hard work.
    Of course you and all the guys/gals at Tiki.

  • THis is good update both in game music and Trophies Very Nice.

  • I don’t have this game either… but when this update come out I will consider it.

  • Custom Music From XMB & Trophies. I’m Sold. I wish all games were updating.

  • I could not beat mission 2 ,so this is very nice for me,also i never plaed a game with custom music…
    And trophies you know.. everyone like them.

  • first congratulations! Novastrike was on the top downloaded games list for quite some time(withouth a demo, thats impressive)

    glad to see you added even more features than what you originaly had set.

    hopefully you can finish that PSP game and also make it avaliable on the PSN for ps3 users :)

  • Is the game worth it?

    I won’t buy it just for the sake of the trophies but it IS added incentive…as long a the game is worth the money.

  • i’m from europe. this seems to ad a lot of value to the game and its nice to hear that you are talking to scee!

  • Thanks for the update! glad all the complaints I had are now being fixed [especially the small size of the ships and such] I support you guys! Please bring more games here! Don’t know if it was said. when can we expect the update to go live?

  • I did find it difficult. However it’s not bad when you really pay attention and play it hardcore.

    I look forward to the updated difficulty because I don’t usualy launch Novastrike to play hardcore I just want to sit back and enjoy a top down shooter which looks to be the case after this update!

    XMB Music = FTW!
    Trophies = Happy!

    Love the game, reminds me a lot of Zone 66 back on my 66 Mhz PC running off a Floppy disk.

    So Novastrike is a lot of fun to me I love the objectives and rocking HD is sweet!

    Keep up the great work and thanks for the update!

    I just wish the Sony process didn’t take so long. Sony should step it up and get this update out this week! =)

  • I’ll just buy this game because you guys are so behind it to make it better and better..

    .. when it comes in Europe that is :)

  • Nice! Been looking forward to playing this again, are the trophies retroactive btw? I suppose with the new difficulty level it would be, but doesn’t matter, its fun playing!

    • The trophies aren\’t retroactive, but we do convert your existing save so you don\’t lose it. And if you have a save on the final stage and beat the game then you would get the trophy associated with beating the game on that difficulty, but you wouldn\’t get some of the trophies that are earned while playing in earlier stages (hope that makes sense). So essentially to get all the trophies you\’ll have to play the game again.

  • I gotta say, the original reason I didn’t pick this up was from the mediochre reviews it was getting. Also, no demo = no chance in hell I’m buying a game that is being reviewed as bad.

    The addition of trophies and XMB music is interesting, but I still don’t think I’ll ever play this until I can play a demo. Any chance of that ever happening?

    • Hi Madman, we do want to get around to doing a demo. Right now we\’re focused on getting it out in Europe as soon as we can, but we do want to release a demo this year as well. Sorry we don\’t have one yet – we\’re a pretty small developer, and we just haven\’t had time to put one together yet.

  • Very cool!!! Thanks to you and your team for your work.

  • Thanks kevin. I was one of the guys who just stopped playing for a long while but with XMB Music, Trophies, and a closer Scythe I’m coming back in a heart-beat.

    One question though. If you made customizations to the controller will you have to re-do it all after the update and will there be expansions that will later on add a gold or even a platinum tropyhy? Thx

    p.s your last name is really close to McCaine =)

    • Hi ThAGriZZ45 – by \”re-do it all\” do you mean replaying the game from the start if you have an existing save? We do import your existing save, so you don\’t lose that. But if it\’s in a later stage you may need to replay again to get a trophy that may get unlocked at an earlier point. But you don\’t lose your save.

      As far as a gold trophy is concerned – there are predefined points with trophy types, and if we put a gold in then we\’d have a lot less trophies (which is why we don\’t have a gold). I won\’t say we wouldn\’t consider it at some point in an expansion or such, but again – we\’d be losing the ability to have more silvers and bronzes in the process. And we\’re not allowed to have a Platinum trophy (we\’re categorized as a smaller-scale game, so we can\’t have a platinum or would would have one).

  • I’d prefer a demo to try this game out first, but I may jump in and get it anyway now.

  • I bought this on day one when it was released but havent play’d it much lately. The music in the game wasnt any good so it was hard to stay interested. Now that I can play my own music I will be play’n more often. Thanks !!

  • Aren’t demos just a chunk of the game cut and paste into a file? I was always under the assumption that a demo would be one of the easiest things to do since you already have the full game. I guess its not just a cut and paste job?

  • It would be really nice if you released the demo so we could try it before buying it.

  • Excellent! To be honest, I did buy this for the promise of trophies, and then I played it. It’s pretty fun, but in its current state is pretty challenging. Glad to see the difficulty will be decreased yet that hardcore mode is still in there!

  • Great update Kevin these new features should be great. Trophies are the bomb.

  • XMB music, u dont see that often.

  • I bought the game on launch to support the indie devs. :D

    Thanks for putting so much work into the game. I did stop because it was hard and I didn’t like the controls. Looks like you fixed that (and then some).

    Much appreciated!

    • Hi adolson. Hopefully the tamed difficulty and customizable controls are more to your liking. Thanks for the support, too.

  • VERY great news.

    I loved Novastrike based of the screens and video alone, so I bought it on day one. Loved the game, but went back to it less and less because I was horrible at it. Glad to hear I wasnt the only one! Thats not usually the case for me! I’m just naturally BAD. :D

    But yeah, this news will definitely bring me back. Not only to play with the new difficulty levels, but the trophies and in game music are GREAT additions. To be honest, I didn’t expect an update like this one. Very impressed, and can’t thank you enough!

    Great work guys!!
    I love anything with in game music…lol

  • Great news! I’m going to buy it as soon as the updated version is uploaded.

  • hi so within the next few weeks since i dont think its out in the EU store i can wait til teh patch comes out to buy the game i like twin stick shooters by the looks of it and trophies awesome cant wait i will purchuse once the patch comes out

    • Hi shadowrep – correct, NOVASTRIKE isn\’t out in Europe yet, but we\’re doing everything we can to get it released there soon. Sorry for the wait. And of course Europe will have the updated version of NOVASTRIKE for its initial launch there.

  • Well Make it even more to get this game now.. wasnt to intreseted in the game since Super Star HD had the Trophies now this game does..

    Im sure alot of people will get this game now that it has them..

    Thanks for the update! :D

  • wow, never even heard of this game, and i follow EVERYTHING!!!

    it has to be the “NO DEMO” aspect…

    seriously, your response was “we do want to get around to doing a demo”

    “get around” to doing it?

    lol!!! you are just losing money, my man. I would never buy game with low review scores if i couldn’t play it first, and i know alot of people are like myself in that regard..

    at least every game on LIVE is required to have a demo..

  • you deleted my comment about HOME.

    talk about HOME please.

  • Im getting novatrike when this update is released.

  • Thanks for the trophies. :) Any news on Life With PlayStation?

  • Thanks, Kevin, I also bought this game to support Indep. Developers. Will play again with all updates and trophies. Keep up the good work :)

  • Never heard of this game before :(

    But it has peaked my interest.

  • Home…. Thats what I want to hear about.. No more Echochrome, or LittleBigPlanet….just home….then I can get interested in other stuff….

    • Sorry GoD_Boom4u, that\’s not my area. :) If it\’s any consolation I\’m looking forward to hearing more about it, too!

  • Great news, but… any clue as to when we might see this on the UK/Euro stores? I don’t know how long this has been available in the US, but there’s no sign of it here.

    We got Siren almost 3 weeks ago, but the demo has yet to arrive would you believe?

    Please, SCEA, give SCEE a poke and wake them up will you. PLEEEAAAAASSEEEE!

  • Kevin,
    Thanks for continuing to support this game through inclusion of new PS3 features and keeping a pulse on gamer feedback (game difficulty issues). It’s got to be tough to make a game the right difficulty when you test it all the time.

    Anyway, I will be purchasing this game when the patch hits (I’m a sucker for trophies all of a sudden). Make sure to post again here when the patch is live so that I know to go get the game!

    Lastly, we’d love to do an interview with you over at if you have any free time (doubtful). Hit me up at if you have a chance.

    Also, why the name TIKI games?

    • Hi StalkingSilence. We did an interview a bit back on, but I sent you an email.

      As for the company name Tiki Games – my art director actually came up with it, and I was born and raised in Hawaii, so I liked the Tiki aspect to it. And that it\’s not too serious of a name (by any measure).

  • This is a very good update but this game was rated very poorly by news sites. I don’t think I’m gonna spend any money on this one. Good to see more PSN titles being updated with Trophies though. It would be nice to see more bluray titles getting patched as well.
    Heavenly Sword, DMC4, MGS4, GT5 Prologue, SCIV, Resistance, Motorstorm etc…

    • Hi Ghostm – that\’s understandable. We do plan on putting a demo out at some point this year – hopefully when we do you\’ll give the game a try and make a decision then.

  • Hey Kevin, thanks for the update on the game, I as well as a few of my friends would love a demo for your game, just because that was the only thing holding us back from buying it. We are too desensitized to all the shooters out on the market now, and many of us would just like to see how original (from what I hear it’s very) your game is, and how it stands out against the crowd. Thanks again for your time, I’m sure that patching your game wasn’t too cheap or easy, but we appreciate it.

    And as an end note to every one on here talking off topic, Jeff and his bansword are watching, KEEP IT ON TOPIC! Kevin doesn’t need to be badgered by you about things that don’t involve Novastrike!

    • Hi CitizenInsane27 – we will be working on a demo soon. I\’m sorry there\’s not one currently available, but we\’ve really had to focus our efforts in first getting the game out, then the update, then Europe, then we can work on a demo. I\’m not trying to give an excuse – it\’s just the reality of being a small independent game developer – you have to really focus your efforts on one thing at a time. Thanks again for the interest.

  • I can’t wait to play the game again. I bought it on day one. I am one of many that stopped playing due to the difficulty of the game. It was very frustrating.

    Thanks for supporting your game and updating it with all the cool new features. XMB Music, Trophies, and fixing the things that frustrated people.

    A couple of questions I do have:

    1. Can you give us details on the trophies?

    2. If NOT when do you think we will get a list of the trophies?

    Thanks again!!!

    • Hi Remmulak. We\’ll be revealing the trophy requirements pretty soon – talking to SCEA about that now, actually.

  • HaHa! I knew I made the right choice picking this game up! Indeed, I did find it to be quite unforgiving at times, but there’s a really rewarding feeling to finishing a level. This update is massive! Thanks so much for continuing to support this game; as such, I’ll be sure to continue supporting you! I truly look forward to hearing from you again! :D

    (By the way, I read an interview awhile back about the troubles you guys ran into, and how you still managed to pull off self-publishing this. It was quite inspiring. I hope someday you’ll look back on this as the jump-start to your success story. Best of luck! :D )

  • Bought day one and enjoyed it but it also made me realize that I’m not as good with shoot-ups as I once was. Glad you lowered the difficulty for the old farts ;)

    Now that you have the game a little more to your liking, not being pushy or anything, but do you plan on any other updates for the game or are you working on a new game? Do you have any idea on sales numbers for NS? Are you happy with using PSN for delivery of your game?

  • Novastrike looks like balls. it’s just another one of the many games on the psn where it’s just a colorful version of asteroids. There’s already nucleus, super stardust, blast factor… Too much competition.

  • Sorry, I know…Im sure you have a fine game and I will be purchasing it. I’m just frustrated, please forfive me.

    So tell us more … :)

  • Sorry to be off topic. But when’s the patch for PJM coming with difficulty settings?

  • I love indie games ^.^ (future indie programmer here =p)

    so glad i bought this at release.

  • @Kevin,
    Hawaiian-raised? I would have expected a last name more like McCannu Mahtahfala. I was raised on Guam. Respect!

  • I second “the make another post when the patch goes live” thing!

  • Kevin McCann replied on August 19, 2008 at 11:54 am

    I guess you’re right! Glad you didn’t take what said to the heart. I’ll try out the demo myself before I make any judgments. Besides, I’m a little coocoo for Trophies.

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