Bionic Commando: Rearmed Behind the Scenes #3

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Hey PS fans, I have another BCR update for you this week. Before we go to the video, I want to address some of the questions you have about the game.

Will the game have trophy support? We’re working on having trophy support available in the near future.

Will there be a demo available at launch? Yes.

Will this game have remote play functionality? Fosho.

How much will it cost? $9.99

When will this game launch? August 14, 2008!

Are the multiplayer and co-op modes offline or online? Offline, but it’s great. (It’s what we play at the office during lunch.)

Ok, I’m sure you have more questions, and as always, I’ll do my best to answer them.

Here’s the Bionic Commando: Rearmed – Behind the Scenes Video #3. (You can find the other 2 videos on the PS Store)

We also have some cool BCR PS3 and PSP themes available around launch. They’re made by the same talented designer who created the award winning Lost Planet theme, Shawn Baxter and optimized by your very own theme expert Noel Silvia. Watch out for them.

Talk to you next week!

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  • john i do hope the surprise is not something lame like you going to give access to the ssfhd beta with the purchase of bionic commando.john if its this we most people would get piss.

    i wouldn’t mind since i don’t buy games off xbox live and didn’t get in because of that!!!!i don’t like their system of points.

    • Wow, you are hard to please. The surprise isn\’t as big as having the SF beta free with BCR. You may be dissapointed. But I\’ll tell you what. It\’s something for SF fans.

  • Holy Smokes!John Officially wins best 3rd Party Blogger,I was literally scrolling down expecting 1 or 2 replies but damn!

    Btw,Trophy Support can always be patched in and even if it isn’t,it’s perfectly understandable WHY Trophies can’t make it in time for the Games release date.

    So with that said,I’ll be buying this game as soon as its on the Store!Oh and to the dude who said they won’t buy this game because it’s also coming out for XBL,umm,it’s your LOSS.

    • Jeff R. challenged my street cred for not responding to posters quick enough. No one challenges my street cred Jeff! :)
      Anyway, I think it\’s great that we have this opportunity to communicate with each other.

  • @101 RawPowah

    Yeah, John is Dee-Shiznt.

    I also agree with you, remote play versus achievements… Remote play WINS!

  • not really john im easy to please like if the surprise gave ps3 owner akuma exclusive in sf4.i would also be please a ps classic coming to the psn store!!!1im really not hard to please i dont see the point in getting a beta after it being on xbox for over a month now is all i saying.any news no matter the size as an exclusive for the ps3 is welcome news.
    i know it weird for a person who own all 3 to have favorite(mines being the playstation 3)!
    also dmc anime on psn video store!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and maybe a theme for the anime!!!!!!!!
    what do you say john am i so hard to please now?

  • Oooh, this looks awesome!!! Can’t wait to get it, the gameplay seems like it’ll be pretty addicting.

    Anyway, on an unrelated note I have to ask are you guys announcing more character for SFIV? I was really hoping for Sakura as she was my best character along with Cammy which was my third best, 2nd being Ryu.

  • Wow! Release is so close now! I can’t wait! I can’t imagine how much time I spent in my younger years playing Bionic Commando on the NES. This will be so nostalgic!

    I love classic game remakes! I hope this game is successful and paves the way for more remakes in the future. In particular, I’d like to see a Mega Man Powered Up 2. Mega Man Powered Up was the deciding factor in me buying a PSP, and it’s still my favorite PSP game. To have one made from Mega Man 2 would be pure awesomeness!

  • No doubt! I’m definitely getting Mega Man 9 when it is released as well. I’m looking forward to old school gameplay in an all new Mega Man title! Good stuff! =)

    • I forgot how fun and difficult old school Mega Man games were. When I first started playing 9, I wanted to throw the controller at the TV. Then, I found myself going back to it like a sadist. Then, I spent nights thinking of patterns on how to go about beating the game. Then, I realized, wtf, why am I addicted to this game. Damn you Inafune-san!!!! (j/k..I know you read this blog)

  • Wow! I applaud John Diamonon’s efforts every blog post shows that he is very dedicated and more or less replies to each post! More than I can say for certain SCEA folk who post here. Anyway I’ve been looking forward to bionic commando rearmed since it was announced and it’s almost here barring any more magical delays.

    I hope the Street Fighter surprise isn’t something lame like street fighter alpha on PSone classics(like all capcom 2d fighting games at the time barring the excellent alpha 3 psone port Saturn versions were the better ports) which was rated by the ESRB ages ago but never showed up on the psn store but I’m keeping my expectations ultra low for this announcement.

    On the subject of Megaman 9, I hope it’s out relatively soon and looking forward to seeing how the sprites will look on ps3/360 since all the e3 footage was shown on wii. I was hoping the original Bionic commando would have been included with blown up sprites like the first trailer of BCR.

    • In general, it\’s always good to keep expectations low, lol, just so you don\’t get too dissapointed.

      Mega Man 9 should be on the store soon. No OG Bionic Commando included, although I agree, would\’ve been cool. The new version will keep you happy.

  • Thants so cool! co-op and multiplayer!
    definatly going to get this game

  • I know you’re probably gone, by now, but I just had to ask this one question: In the original NES version, you could exit any stage at any time, is that still in the game?

    • You know what, good question. I believe that\’s still the case, but I don\’t know for sure. I\’ll play it on Monday and get back to you here, on this post.

  • BC:R is a day one purchase,I never played the NES version and I was sad that Capcom Collection on PSP had only the Arcade version.Speaking of Capcom Collection, I did vote in your poll but I hope begging you for a Black Tiger remake will help my cause. It is my fav game in the collection.

  • this game looks awsome sony keep up the good work

  • john d can u past on mega man legend 3 as a ps3 only game!!!!!also i would like to stress resident evil 5 extra for the ps3 version since there is alot of space on a blu ray disc and it should be use to the fullest!!!!
    let me know if u can past the idea of mega man legend 3 as a ps3 exclusive.

  • Wow, this has been a grim weekend in entertainment. First Bernie Mac, now Issac Hayes. Hopefully, Morgan Freeman is doing better.

    Anyways, to get on topic, I’m very happy with Commando 3 and 1942 Joint Strike, and looking forward to BC:R and SSFTHDR. PSN has a lot of good original games but is lacking in classic arcade titles. I’m glad Capcom is helping to fill that void.

    My question is, how much work does it take to port a classic title and include it in the game? Commando 3 would be even more awesome if the original Commando (or Mercs) were included. And as much as I like 1942 and 1942: Joint Strike, we must all admit that 1943: The Battle of Midway owned all. I would LOVE to see that on PSN one day.

    Oh, and congrats to Brock Lesnar.

    • I don\’t know how much work it takes to port an original title and add it to the base package, but I do know that it does take additional resources that would probably drive the price up.

      And wow, did you see that right hand from Brock? He dominated that cowboy. He was a little cocky at the end, but I say he\’s the next champion within a year and a half.

  • I’m not gonna ask question but I just wanted to say that I am really impressed with what you guys are doing and I am really looking forward to ReArmed this Thursday. Big Thumbs Up!

  • Off topic

    Im hoping Resident Evil 5 will not have an embarrassing 30 minute install on the PS3. I hope your engine dev team in Japan figured out how to stream data on the PS3!

  • John, just the fact that you’ve replied to almost every comment on this post makes you a god.

    I’ll be buying Bionic Commando on Thursday! Can’t wait!

    • Lol, thanks for the props. You know, I usually am pretty responsive, but not like this. I started answering a few, then more, then it snowballed. I didn\’t want to leave anyone out. If you\’re going to respond to 75% of the posts, why not respond to all?

  • Some of my best childhood memories revolve around sitting in front of my TV playing the original Bionic Commando (the grappling hook was SO MUCH FUN!!!). I’m so glad that CAPCOM decided to revive one of its greatest franchises–this just further proves that they’re one of the best videogames publishers ever.

    Thanks for all the hard work on this title, everyone–the 14th can’t get here soon enough!

  • F*ing sweet! I seriously can’t wait to play this game – I totally would have paid more for it too – especially love that yall are gonna put in trophies. Thursday cant come soon enough!

  • Also, I can’t freakin wait for mega man 9 – I hope you guys keep doing this kind of stuff – I dont think I’ve felt so excited about gaming since I was ten! Rock on capcom!

  • Man, i’m Happy, i’m REALLY happy with Capcom, even Dead Rising still(my fav next-gen title) only on Xbox 360, i can see you giving the PS3 they real support, and from the PSN size of the things, i must say Wow. 99% of the developers doesn’t give PSN the attention it deserves, i must applause Capcom for this, and even sven saying that there is no chance in happening, please give us a bit of hope on Dead Rising =]

    And looking foward to Resident Evil on PSN =] Keep up the excelent work John!

  • Any chance for a Rival Schools (Shiritsu Justice Gakuen) remake? pls!!!

  • John Diamonon,

    I can’t believe you answered every post on here. This must be a first, you rock dude! I almost always scroll through the posts to read the red ones, you can’t imagine my shock of seeing every post have an answer.

    I’ll check this game out and BTW, SFIV is looking fantastic, pat yourselves on the back, it’s going to sell like hot bread!

    • Thanks Ruff – I don\’t know if I can do this EVERY time, but I wanted to at least give it a try. SF4 rocks btw. I love how there are some SF3 touches to the game. I love that Ken\’s Strong-Fierce link. It\’s crazy strong.


    “You haven’t seen the last of Dead Rising.”!

    Are you saying Dead Rising may come to the PS3! Dude that be pretty awesome!

    Thanks for taking the time to answer so many ppls questions here.

    Honestly, I think I would die if Resident Evil 5 had a long install on the PS3!

  • ill be buying bother the PSN version and the PS3 version of Bionic Commando! Thanks for the continued support of our system and i hope in the future we can see an exclusive come from Capcom.

  • sure it’d be nice for dead rising but come on..screw capcom for dropping MH3 for the PS3
    end transmission

  • @john:

    what do you mean by no doubt?

  • Thanks John for your answer, you don’t know for how long I’m waiting for a remake of Rival Schools, I hope someday it will come true :)

  • “Don’t worry. We’re working on something for you US Monster Hunter fans.”

    Are you unofficially confirming that there is indeed a Monster Hunter game coming to the ps3?

    • We are working to make Monster Hunter an important franchise in the US market. What formats it will appear in has not been decided.

  • Just say that Dead Rising come to PS3. Many people waiting this announcement :)

  • omfg omfg omfg monster hunter on ps3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love that idea john !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello from Japan,John. Good work.

    Is that Monster Hunter thing only for the US? or does it have anything to do with Japanese release as well? I doubt it’s actually a new title for PS3 (it’s too good to be true), but any news about Monster Hunter is good enoughfor me, cause I really love the series. Tell me.

  • That would be so sweet if MH came to PS3 and Dead Rising! Although I have to say I was disappointed when MH was announced for Wii, but I know that I’ll still pick it up. Can’t wait to buy BC:R.

  • Why does America always get the good stuff before europe does. So can ya tell us anything about Dead Rising coming to the ps3.

  • An honest answer John, which game should i buy,Bonic Commando or Bionic Commado rearmed

  • Dead Rising for PS3 would rock. We need a good zombie game because Monster Madness isn’t cutting it. Siren: Blood Curse is good and Resident Evil 5 will certainly be awesome, but there was something different about Dead Rising that just made it fun.

    In any case, the support for PSN (and playstation blog) has been awesome. Keep it up!

    Oh, and for the record, I’d pay good money to see a 1943 remake to go along with Joint Strike. (and Power Stone, and MVC2, and Ghouls n Ghosts, and Street Fighter Alpha, and…)

  • Since you seem to be answering a lot of the posts, here’s a shot in the dark – would you be willing to do an interview with

  • Bring Dead Rising to the PS3. Just let it happen, Capcom. P… p… pleeeaseeeee!

  • I wouldn’t get my hopes up for anything excited for the ps3 on the Capcom blog. Remember the last time they told PS3 fans to get excited about one of their announcement? Yeah, so don’t get your hopes up people.

  • I voted for a Final Fight HD remix.
    The Online of that would be amazing.
    I spended a lot coins over Final fight and Cadillac & Dinasours, good times.

  • This game looks a lot better than the next gen Bionic Commando.

    As for Dead Rising… it really makes me wonder why Capcom says that they want to support all the systems but then doesn’t port a PS3 version of Dead Rising…..what they’d rather do is make a Wii version which will have fewer enemies on screen at one time and have the graphics not be as good.
    You plan on making this up through gameplay?
    Resident Evil 4 already has the, “point with the wiimote as if it’s a real gun!!” And the,
    “shake wiimote to get zombies off you!!” You plan on saying that porting to the Wii lets you create more indepth gameplay forever?

  • @141 NinjaZeroEight
    Maybe on that console sells better than on the PS3

  • please please put marvel vs capcom 1, and 2 on psn please its my favorite fighting game

    Please make it happen Capcom…please….

  • No Joke this comes out on my birthday. I’m going to pick this up :)

  • @144 sl4y4
    I currently have zero respect, and isn’t buy any game from Capcom. But as soon as a Monster Hunter game is announce for the PS3, then Capcom just again all the respect it lost in a matter of seconds.


  • @146 TheHater

    I love Capcom, but they really do test it with their fans sometimes.
    A MH game on PS3 would be amazingly awesome, imagine the graphics O_O if they do do it, I hope they don’t screw up the forumla that makes MH great, such as controls and depth.

  • This game looks gorgeous. However, is the 14 August release date’s for the US version? Is there any news on when I’ll be able to purchase the game from the Asia PSN Store?

  • I’ve been looking forward to this game for a few months now. It’s really gonna bring me back to the massive amounts of time I spent in the arcade. Great job on 1942 (especially online co-op).

    Remote play and trophies are plus for sure. I’d would’ve loved online multiplayer for this game, but complaining about that would just be sad (But if you guys feel like patching it later on, I can’t think of anyone that would complain)! Thursday can’t come fast enough.

  • Hey Guys is this mean dead rising coming only on ps3? or just multiplatform?

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