Bionic Commando: Rearmed Behind the Scenes #3

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Hey PS fans, I have another BCR update for you this week. Before we go to the video, I want to address some of the questions you have about the game.

Will the game have trophy support? We’re working on having trophy support available in the near future.

Will there be a demo available at launch? Yes.

Will this game have remote play functionality? Fosho.

How much will it cost? $9.99

When will this game launch? August 14, 2008!

Are the multiplayer and co-op modes offline or online? Offline, but it’s great. (It’s what we play at the office during lunch.)

Ok, I’m sure you have more questions, and as always, I’ll do my best to answer them.

Here’s the Bionic Commando: Rearmed – Behind the Scenes Video #3. (You can find the other 2 videos on the PS Store)

We also have some cool BCR PS3 and PSP themes available around launch. They’re made by the same talented designer who created the award winning Lost Planet theme, Shawn Baxter and optimized by your very own theme expert Noel Silvia. Watch out for them.

Talk to you next week!

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  • At only $10, I cannot refuse. Especially if Trophies are added.

  • I have another question John:

    Will there be any included elements straight from the original game? I’d like to play the game with the original songs and music, whether it be unlockable or available from the beginning.

    Also, there’s no way that the original game will be nestled in there somewhere to unlock, is there? :D

  • Please make the soundtrack downloadable (for free :D) via PSN. – at least the title track!

  • Why is there no Online Co-op this should be a standard feature in all games now days that have some kind of online.

    I was thinking this game was going to have online Co-op and that was a selling point for but now I’m not sure I want the game now.

    Can we look to see an online feature in the future?

    • It\’s not in the plans. But the co-op and multiplayer modes were added value features for the fans. This game has so many features already for a $10 title. Having the online component would\’ve take a much longer development cycle and probably would\’ve been priced a lot higher.

  • Any plans for a PSN of Power Stone 2?

  • i read you said there will be a street fighter surprise on Monday will we see it on the PlayStation blog or will we have to go the capcom site?

  • Trying not to think about it… too excited! Definitely one of my favorite NES games, and one of my favorite overall Capcom games… up there with Gun Smoke, Ghosts N Goblins, Super Puzzle Fighter, Dead Rising, etc. etc. etc.

  • The game looks great and loads of fun.


    It’s also on 360?


    PS3 exclusives are only worth the 10 dollars. Not something the 360 gets also.

    Doubt I’ll be buying this now, quite disappointed.

    • Don\’t be dissappointed. We\’re supporting the PSN platform like no other. How many companies make games for just XBLA and not the PSN?

  • @John Diamonon

    Thanks for answering. I’ll be sure to pick up the game soon after it launches :D

  • @angelcurio

    make sure you vote!…those pesky MVSC2 fans are a powerfull group >:(

  • Buying day it comes out but are you guys also doing a trophy support for 1942? I love the game, but I need more!

  • @ John

    thanks for the answer! Glad to see Capcom is interested in the feature.

  • @John
    Sorry, should have done that :P
    What is the biggest, or best(take your pick) difference between BC:3 and BC:R? Also how was the programming/coding/developing different? Thanks :)

    • BCR is a remake of the original game with an HD makeover and added features. The gameplay is in the classic 2D style. BC next gen is a fully 3D emersive experience. The cool thing about BCR is that buying the game unlocks a special, Nathan \”Rad\” Spencer skin for the next gen title. Having both game will unlock secrets for each title.

  • This game is One of many reason’s i’m proud of owning a PS3

  • Ive been looking for this game for a while now and its only 1 week away! thats great

    On another note, i like the “feedback” to the blogers that you do John, its very nice to answer our questions, thanks

    • You\’re welcome. The feedback is definitely helpful to us. One way we evaluate what games we create next is by listening to what the fans want.

  • Sounds great I’m really happy to hear that you guys are implementing trophies in the near future for the game.

    Deffenantly a buy for me glad to see you guys work hard for your fans! We appreciate it.

  • Oh and Remote Play?!?! This game is friggin amazing!

    Who cares for online really. Atleast we got multiplayer but remote play is pretty big for me anyways. I love this already! =)

  • is this surprise only for the ps3 or is its for both system!!!!!!!also can we get the dmc anime on the PlayStation store.

  • one last thing alot of ps3 owner want a good mech game s ps3 owner love mechs and i think only capcom can pull off a mech game.

  • Can’t wait to buy BC:R next Thursday and dive in! Also, here’s hoping it doesn’t take [i]too[/i] long for that trophy patch to arrive.

    On another note, I hope you’ll be back at some point to shed some more light on Mega Man 9!

    Excellent stuff as always, John.

  • john ive just wanted to say thanks for giving us so much feed back and answering all our question thanks^__^

  • This game (from watching the making of series and trailers) are bringing feeling of nostalgia, but the game looks very solid as well, so capcom will definitely have my money for this game. As John stated earlier, 10 bucks for a game that looks as polished as BCR, and looks to bring both new and yet familar things to the game (Which is very enticing), as well as play as great as the original, I’d definitely see BCR being a front runner at being a 10/10 title (In the circuit of Digital Download game ratings). In any case look forward to it launching the 14th :D

  • I’m giving props also. Thanks John! :D
    Nice to hear btw! It’s cool to have cross game compatibility, I don’t see that happening very often anymore.

    • It\’s a very cool feature. You know what\’s even cooler? Buying the next gen Bionic Commando will unlock stuff for BC:Rearmed!!!!!

  • I heard news reports that this game has been delayed for the PS3. Is this True?

  • john you the best third party blogger u actually take the time and effect to answer all questions people have back.
    thanks for showing us support it means alot!!!!!

  • o and my fav character from street fighter was ryu,ken,and akuma!!!!!!!!!
    would be great to play a few round against u in a sf game john.i was pretty good when i was played it last about 10 years 19 now so u can guess how young i was when i got into street fighter.

  • I absolutely love how John Diamonon is taking the time to respond to so many posts, even ones that don’t actually need a response. It’s always nice to see this sort of communication.

    Can’t wait for BCR. Capcom has been doing a great job at supporting the PSN like no other company. Even if I don’t enjoy all the game, I do appreciate the support. We should get some more classic remakes. Maybe even a Megaman Powered up 2 :)… or some PSone Classics.

  • Online Co-Op! Online Co-Op! Online Co-Op!

  • i woulda boughten this but eden came out first. now not enough money ;(

  • Wow man thanx for answering all of these questions really appreciate all the love you’ve shown us.

  • this game looks very cool! I love the way the gameplay is arcade style but it still feeds my lust for gun violence! lol lovely little game this is, and with trophies it is simply a must have day 1 for me! I am happy to support you guys by buying your games and I thank you for allowing me the chance to be a part of it!

    the playstation network is quite honestly taking the world by storm with their huge library of awesome little $10 games…I used to be the kind of guy who only like full length blu rays but now I cant imagine my life without my collection of unique little psn games :D and this one in particular looks like it will eat up hours of my time!

  • I would just like to say, John, I thank you greatly for responding to all these questions, suggestions, and so on. When actually responding to users, it really changes how the mass could look at a team and how much they care, honestly.

    I know you’re probably not still reading these, but I will give it a shot anyways… Just want to tell you that trophies, is a HUGE deal, as you probably might already know. But seriously, when Uncharted got trophies for example, at least 3/4 of the people online on my friends list were playing it. Many people have become trophy whores now (in a good way), and I like to see that. So the sooner you get trophies into your games the better, because seriously, get trophies into your games while trophies are still of great value for each title! What I mean is when there are only several games supporting trophies, your game will be getting a lot of hits and purchases; for sure… Also, pleas please make trophies hard, the current trend in trophies (PAIN, WH etc) seem like they really require skill to get them, not just simple ‘beat this boss’ kind of stuff. Trophies matter to me personally more then online co-op. This is one of those games where it wouldn’t be ALL that great with online co-op, maybe online MP, but co-op is ok without, and dont mind the people complaining, this game is bringing so much co-op was just a bonus, honestly.

    Anyways, hope you read this, whether you respond or not thats fine, but if your still ‘lurking’ then I know you read. :P


    • Sentry, I totally agree with you. Trophies are a really cool feature. I\’m glad we\’re implementing them for BCR. Unfortunately, some of our PSN titles that will be shippping in the very near future won\’t have them right away. This is because the information to implement this feature wasn\’t available until very late in the development cycle and was too difficult to retro-fit.

  • I went to the poll from Gamespot to vote on which game I would like to see ported to XBLN and PSN and I was very dissapointed to not see one of my favorite titles.

    I have one word for you. STRIDER!!

    The music, the graphics, the gameplay was just amazing!

    It would be so awesome to see an HD remake for this game. Please make it happen!! PLEASE!! I think I’d pay $30 dollars to see that happen. :-)

    By the way, that’s some ultra dedication to your fans with almost every comment replied to by you. Good job! You put the other bloggers to shame!

    • If you\’ve read my comments in the past blogs, you\’ll know that I\’m a HUGE fan of Strider on the Genesis. I remember playing this game and thinking, \”Wow, these bosses are f@%&ing huge!\”

  • Love the co-op option
    Brings back great memories of co-op goodness in the glory days of NES/SNES.

    Should be a lotta fun playing it with my brother and friends.

    • Yeah, sometimes games are funner when you play them in the same living room, right? What ever happened to local, social gaming?

  • Think you can give us any hints on to when we can see some Capcom PS1 games on the US store?

    I want Resident evil 2 :(

  • yea i was 9.snes i believe it was.

    • I used to practice my combos by using tape to tape the second controller so that the character would always block.

  • I want this game so badly i even changed my ps3 date to the 14th and see if it would magically update but nope. :( Few more days…


    I’m guessing by the poll at this link “” that we have officially confirmed “Marvel vs. Capcom? Oh man, I can’t wait to take it to your face with Wolverine!

  • @John Diamonon

    Thanks for answering my questions. Glad to know you´re a Strider fan, in my opinion was the first true faithful arcade game port in a home console.

    So you can say now that Megaman 9 ( and Im thinking about SSFHD too) dont will have Trophies in the release, right? And later?

    And where´s the 1942 demo????

    • MM9 won\’t have trophies. Neither will Age of Booty. SFHD – maybe. Flock – hopefully.

      Some of these titles will have a trophies patch, some may not.

      And to me, the first true arcade port for the Genesis was its pack-in title, Altered Beast. To me, the first true faithful arcade port on any system was Donkey Kong for Colecovision. Yeah, they were changes to the level design on one level, but the graphics were right on.

    • Oh, and the 1942 demo will be available next week. I know I said that last week, but I mean it this week. :)

  • “Very, very, I mean, very soon!!!!”

    Now you have me excited, don’t let me down :D

  • @John Diamonon

    Colecovision? its not fair! I live in Brazil, never saw in my childhood one these, only Atari´s 2600. Altered Beast its a nice port of Sega for Mega Drive, as Golden Axe, but I think Strider was near of perfection in comparation with the Arcade version.

    I´m hoping a Marvel x Capcom and the Capcom Psone titles in US PSN ( Resident Evil anyone ?) too.. where they?

  • “Check the blog Monday, in the afternoon.”

    You guys need to put Megaman Legends on the PS Store, I haven’t played that game in like 5 years, but its one of my favorite Megamans…I cant find it at any gamestop :(

  • @ John (82)

    Yeah, I understand that some games are just too far along in development to have to delay the title just to add trophies. But that is fine, that is acceptable. What isn’t acceptable to me though, is a game that hasn’t come out yet, comes out on both PS3/360 (PSN or XBL), the PS3 version doesn’t have trophies (due to being too late in development) and the 360 has achievements, and then the developers refuse to patch the game for trophies. I am not talking about games months and months old, or years old, im talking about games that just came out/not come out yet. Those games should get patched for trophies since they could just be identical to achievements, all you really have to do is port it and set the behind the scenes points/value. So please, please, for future titles that come out, at least patch them for trophies. :)

    Thanks for responding bro.

    • Here\’s the problem Sentry. The games that are being released in the next few months are already in the final stages of development. The development cycles for most of these games are way over a year, at least. To have trophies implemented in these games, they probably needed to have this feature planned for from the start. This was difficult to plan for because the information for this feature was not available until recently. If the feature is not planned for from the beginning, usually it\’s hard to find budget to support this through a later patch. Also, integration of this feature isn\’t easy to retroactively implement and most likely will take development resources that wasn\’t accounted for. So yes, achievements have already been developed, but it doesn\’t mean that it as easy to implement a new feature like trophies.

  • I’m just throwing this out there.

    I think the announcement coming this Monday on Capcom-Unity is Street Fighter Alpha PS One classic.

    You’ll see!

  • Guys, I wouldn’t get the hopes too high up for a capcom “ps3 only” announcement. Remember the last one that was supposed to be major? The one with the huge count down and all the hype building up?

    And what was it?

    a Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible port of an old 360 game. It was an embarrassing effort, and shouldn’t have even been made in the first place.(the terrible port)

    I’d put my money on a beta for SF, which the 360 owners already had. So more sloppy seconds. And I highly doubt in the new world of devs just out seeking the most profit, that its going to be any sort of major exclusive just for the ps3 audience. The #’s just aren’t there yet for the PS3’s growing audience.

    • Love the C.Viper avatar BTW. SF4 is my favorite game right now. I promised more Street Fighter for PS fans. What\’s coming up is a first step with more to come.

  • John, I just thought about it, don’t know if it’s already been covered or not, though…

    I personally don’t WANT online co-op, but I’d pay five bucks to battle three other people online. I would love to see this, don’t care about leaderboards or anything.

    Is there any way to get Ben or anyone else on this, or am I just barking at the moon? I’m sure others would like it, as well. Keep in mind, I’m not asking for something for nothing, I’d pay for it with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. The song would be something violent…, but it’d be there…

  • Very excited about this. I also started off playing Colecovision, actually.

    And I agree with the above poster that if any game should be getting an HD remix, it’s Strider.

    I want to thank you for supporting PS3 owners like you have. I must say I am a little disappointed that there still is no “Dead Rising” port, and I don’t understand why the “Devil May Cry 4” system can’t be retrofitted for PSN trophies (I mean, it’s locked to your account already, so it seems like it’d be fairly easy to do), but otherwise, I want to thank you for your support and for coming on here and responding to people’s posts. More developers should take that time.

    • Retrofitting trophies is really not as easy as you think. It\’s definitely possible, but the team is on to other projects right now. I\’m not saying it\’s impossible, but at this point, I don\’t think it\’s in the plans. I\’d love to see it though.

  • Wow! I was going to buy this game anyway to finally put to rest my 20 year old vendetta against this game, but now I have a new reason as well.

    John, I have NEVER seen someone respond to practically every single comment on this Blog before, and your enthusiasm is infectious.

    I can’t wat to buy this game (might even cut into my Siren time)! 2p co-op is going to be awesome; my 11 year old cousin loves playing games with me (1942 is his current favorite), and I’m sure he’ll love this one.

    Closing on an unrelated subject, RIP Bernie Mac.

  • I never played the original but this is looking pretty rad!

    • It\’s a challenging old school game. Once you learn the swing mechanic, the game is very intuitive.

  • This is gonna sound silly to ask, but will the exploding head from the original be in this version?

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