Bionic Commando: Rearmed Behind the Scenes #3

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Hey PS fans, I have another BCR update for you this week. Before we go to the video, I want to address some of the questions you have about the game.

Will the game have trophy support? We’re working on having trophy support available in the near future.

Will there be a demo available at launch? Yes.

Will this game have remote play functionality? Fosho.

How much will it cost? $9.99

When will this game launch? August 14, 2008!

Are the multiplayer and co-op modes offline or online? Offline, but it’s great. (It’s what we play at the office during lunch.)

Ok, I’m sure you have more questions, and as always, I’ll do my best to answer them.

Here’s the Bionic Commando: Rearmed – Behind the Scenes Video #3. (You can find the other 2 videos on the PS Store)

We also have some cool BCR PS3 and PSP themes available around launch. They’re made by the same talented designer who created the award winning Lost Planet theme, Shawn Baxter and optimized by your very own theme expert Noel Silvia. Watch out for them.

Talk to you next week!

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  • How long will the game take to finish?

    Are they boss battles?

    I never played bionic commando.

    • I don;t know how many hours it takes to complet the game, but trust me, it\’s pretty long. And with multiplayer and challenge modes, the gameplay hours are limitless.

      Yes, there are boss battles!

    • And yes, I need to read my posts before I press submit! :)

  • it’s great to see that you guys are supporting trophies.

    I hope other capcom titles support it too from now on.

  • Will the trophies be retroactive once they’re released? Otherwise I’ll wait to get the game…

    • We\’re working to have the trophies retroactive. Medals in the game act like trophies. So go collect them!

  • Hey John, when will you be able to drop the news about a possible ‘surprise’ with the PSN edition of BC:R? Will you catch the PS SF fans off guard? I read this a long time ago from one of your initial posts about BC:R through the PS Blog. Please let us know already (hey, it’s almost launch for BC:R)! ;)

    • I\’ll let Ben Judd answer this. I can, however, tell you that there\’s a Street Fighter surprise next Thursday. Go to this Monday to find out!

  • 9.99 – I am totally in!

  • This is certainly looking like a fun little title!

  • Remote play is a definite plus. Good job adding this to the game (and trophies!)

  • Thanks alot guys! Sony and you guys rock!, just one question! there isnt going to be any online play ?

  • Noel Silvia rocks.

  • I have never played or heard of the old games. But this looks fantastic and im properly gonna buy it.

    And if you guys make it online, then this could be a super epic fabulous fantastic amazing game :D

    And my question is: Will it also be in EU next week??

    pls say yes, if you do I will buy it :D

  • Awesome! I loved the original and considering this one is the original on steroids…SWEEEEET!!!

    • I like that, \”the original on steroids\”…this is the Barry Bonds of downloadable games. Ugh, that was wrong. (and I\’m a Giants fan) :(

  • Just wondering, is this exclusive to PSN?

  • I’ll buy this next week. :)


    A definate buy for me! I love what you guys have done with it, can’t wait for the multi-player + remote play!

  • @13 3D3
    Of course not


    Oh, I forgot I had a question. Whats Capcoms next oldschool remix? I bet I’ll buy it, I already bought Commando 3(PSN,XBLA)and 1942!

    • The next remix?? Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix! Before then, we\’ll have Mega Man 9 and Age of Booty. Coming during the holiday season is Flock!

      Good times.

  • You guys had me at Co-op and 4 Player, that got me off the fence.

  • Sweet, never had a chance to play the original, but this is one badass looking game. Consider another $10 yours!

  • OK I see that IT says sometime in the future we will have trophies but can you please go into that further?

    Reason being is that I actually plan on buying the game when it does support trophies(something about see the actual trophy pop up as I get them is awesome for me), so seeing if it’ll be 1 month after or even sooner would be cool.

  • nice that so many new games are starting to include trophies the age of trophies for the PS3 is here cant wait to try the demo to see if i like it since i never play a Bionic commando games which i am sure i would enjoy

    and does anyone know how to put my gravatar on (no im serious) O__o

    • Definitely try out the game. The demo is challenging, but once you get used to the grappling mechanics, you\’ll be addicted.


  • forgot to ask in my previous post …

    Why was the decision made to have co-op only between the person sitting next to you and not online? This game would have been amazing to play with my some people on my friends list.

    • The multiplayer modes were added later in development as an added feature and bonus for the fans. Having these modes online would\’ve taken more development time and delay the launch. We want to play this now, right?

  • I’m not even gonna waste any time downloading the demo. I’m buying the full game as soon as it lands on the store! Can’t wait!

  • Hi John,

    Just wondering…is there any hope for Online multiplayer and co-op in a future patch? That would be pretty awesome!

  • Once the Trophies are patched in. My money’s good as yours. Hopefully it wont take to long.

    • At least try out the demo. We\’re working on trophies to be retroactive. So it might be a good idea to get it when it comes out.

  • trophy support alright this game is awesome already cant wait!

  • I really appreciate that you guys are supporting PS3 (glad you haven’t abandoned us…), but what the hell why won’t BCR have multiplayer online??

    “Are the multiplayer and co-op modes offline or online? Offline, but it’s great. (It’s what we play at the office during lunch.)”

    Commando 3 and 1942: JS both had online but the best one that’s coming out doesn’t have online?? That’s just ridiculous…

    • Not really. Bionic Commando Rearmed, while it doesn\’t have online play, is so much longer in terms of gameplay hours than C3 and 1942.

  • Will the Trophies be exactly like the Xbox 360’s achievements? Or will it be something completely different? =p

  • Love hearing from you again, Jeff! I can’t wait for this, I’ve been saving my funds for months just for this one. Do you know if part three of the “behind the scenes” will get on the PS Store?

  • So… its coming out on august 14. on the XBLA, Pc (for 15 bucks instead of 10 O.o) and the US psn…. so far ive been a pretty good sport at this, ive been saying all along “hey give em time” and ill give you time, but when europe is the oooonly one that doesent get the game while everyone else enjoys it it kinda makes me wonder…. anyways, please come with a official word on the releas for europe soon

  • Any reason for the European delay?

  • John:
    Again i will ask the same Unanswered question in your latest PS Blog entry :

    This game is a faithful remake of the nintendo version original levels? its someone missing or replaced in this version? The “Leader” ( in the original japanese version btw ) is the same?

    • This is a faithful remake of the classic, with the same level designs. The \”Leader\” in the Japanese version is actually Hitler. Hitler does NOT appear in the game for reasons I do not need to explain.

  • hmm, XB Live gets it on the 13th.
    PSN (North America) gets it on the 14th.

    This so called, PSN exclusive “surprise” better be worth it to have a 1 day delay :P

    Will the “surprise” be… online play only for the PS3?! o.O

  • John “the man” D :)

    as always…thx for the capcom love!

    I would like for Capcom to use the youtube feature in their upcoming downloadable games. (imagine recording speed runs of MM9 with the push of a button!)

    Its also free publicity at the push of a button :)(the videos even get a watermark of the company logo) as someone in the marketing department of Capcom could you look more into this John?

    • I am in the Marketing Department and I love this idea. Problem is, the games in development are almost wrapping up. We\’ll definitely consider this for future titles.

  • looking forward to trying this one out!

    my question is, how will you guys handle the save function, is it by level, or can you save anywhere anytime?


  • Awsome, but when it gets trophy support I will buy it.

    • Buy it when it launches. If you only buy games with trophies at launch, you won\’t be buying many games and will missing out on quite a few gems. Don\’t let other gamers get a headstart on the BCR trophies when its finally implemented.

  • yay the best third party blogger is back on the PlayStation blog!!!!!!!!!!are the rumor true was rearmed delay for the usa store update to a tba time?so what the chances of getting youtube support for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix?

    p.s i would love to own a person in street fighter and then upload that match to youtube

    • Erico – Man, the youtube feature would be great in SFHD. I don\’t know if it will be implemented, but I\’ll pass on the request anyways. Who do you play? I\’m a Ken and Guile player.

      Oh yeah, a Street Fighter surprise is in store for next Thursday. Watch out for the announcement Monday on

  • Nice to see another remote play title. Playing High Stakes poker while getting my car smogged the other day was nice.

  • As an owner and fan of the original NES cart, i have been drooling to get this one!!!!

  • Will the BC Trophies be retroactive?
    If they are, I’ll buy the game on day one.

  • Is there a reason why European release is TBC?

    Is this Capcom’s fault or SCEE fault?

    • No ones at fault here. There can be many reasons why a certain submission passes in one territory and fails another, from localization issues to different territory specific, non-compliance bugs. I don\’t know the eact issue for the delay in Europe but I do know the delay won\’t be long.

  • Finally….i’ve been waiting for this game….

  • I am not sure if you can say this or not. But whats the diffence between the 360 version and the PS3. Like what one should I pick up if I own both systems. Seeing as I own both I want to buy one people at Capcom thinks is better.

    • Graphically, there is no difference. The XBLA version has achievements and the PSN version has remote play.

  • Hey nice of you guys to include a PSP theme as well, I am really loving all the PSN titles that have been coming out as of late. How long until we can expect a trophy patch?

  • Biggest difference between the last one you worked on and BC:R?

  • Me want custom soundtracks, I will buy most any game that includes this feature. I will also avoid any game that does not include custom soundtracks. Trophies are not really that much of a draw, but that is all anyone ever mentions. Weak

    • I\’m starting to hear more people clammering about custome soundtracks. I\’ll pass the info along.

  • This game looks pretty interesting. I’ve never played it, but I have heard good things.

  • When are we going to hear about how the PS3 version is better than the Xbox 360 version? And wasn’t there some sort of surprise news? I will definitely be picking this up. Best way to spend $10.

  • Please PLEASE get the trophies into it at launch.. I gurantee more sales for you if you do…

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