Bionic Commando: Rearmed Behind the Scenes #3

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Hey PS fans, I have another BCR update for you this week. Before we go to the video, I want to address some of the questions you have about the game.

Will the game have trophy support? We’re working on having trophy support available in the near future.

Will there be a demo available at launch? Yes.

Will this game have remote play functionality? Fosho.

How much will it cost? $9.99

When will this game launch? August 14, 2008!

Are the multiplayer and co-op modes offline or online? Offline, but it’s great. (It’s what we play at the office during lunch.)

Ok, I’m sure you have more questions, and as always, I’ll do my best to answer them.

Here’s the Bionic Commando: Rearmed – Behind the Scenes Video #3. (You can find the other 2 videos on the PS Store)

We also have some cool BCR PS3 and PSP themes available around launch. They’re made by the same talented designer who created the award winning Lost Planet theme, Shawn Baxter and optimized by your very own theme expert Noel Silvia. Watch out for them.

Talk to you next week!

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  • @ 150 hsi0906
    Knowing Capcom, if this game is on the ps3, it will be on the other system also. But I can’t say the same for a game that is on the xbox 360 or Wii that will be on the ps3.

  • “You haven’t seen the last of Dead Rising.”

    Liek OMG!

    Seriously, this mean we’re going to have Dead Rising? Dead Rising was pretty much the only reason why I kept my 360. Everything else on the 360 is on the PS3 and PC. Dead Rising was not. If so, that’d be awesome.

  • I’d kill for DR2 on PS3, at least we could try the survivor achievmenets without risking the life of our console as well

  • And I hate that the Wii version was stripped of everything that made DR fun/awesome

  • Wow, John, you’re freaking awesome. I haven’t seen this many replies on the blog, even from Jeff or Eric. :P

    Anyway, I can’t wait for Mega Man 9, SSFHDR, RE5, BCR. First day buy for me on all.

    But why did you guys release Dead Rising on Wii but no word on a PS3 version yet? :(

  • Hey John! You’re doing an awesome job, congratulations! Thanks for reply almost every post!

    I have a couple of questions :
    · The Street Fighter surprise it’s for US-only users or also for European users?
    · The “monday” of the announcement is today or next monday?

  • So what you’re saying is we’re totally getting Monster Hunter on PS3, right? lol

  • @157 typikal82
    He is not saying that.

  • All I have to say is that I was looking forward to this game because I missed out on it back in the day and had never even heard of it.

    Someone said that trophies will be patched in later.

    All I can say is I look forward to the trophies just for the simple fact that even if the game happens to be, just ok, not great, Trophies will give me a reason to get my monies worth out of the game cause I have a lot of games on my “To Buy” list and Trophies are going to be a priority for me just to weed out which games I buy first and which games I save until later. The replay ability that trophies provide is the reason for it.

    P.S. I love the Japanese song that was in the trailers I hope it’s in the game.

  • um john d was the top 25 character of sf the surprise?now i am disappointing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John, You just made a sell. All these things sound great, and the fact that you’ve replied to almost all of the posts here leads me to believe you are devoted to the fans, and so I will be buying BC: Rearmed.



  • One question: Are there currently plans for in-game music? Please let me know. =[

  • Omg’z Dead Rising for the ps3???
    It would make me so happy:)
    Seriously had an xbox 360 rented dead rising and got the Rrod…was so pissed never got to finish…my bro sold the 360 and i got a ps3 so please make this happen.
    Also Mvc2 or Mvc3 would make me happy.

  • John Diamonon,
    You guys are great! haha I don’t know if you’re still reading, but if you are serious about granting us an interview, you can drop me an email at or the head of the site:

    We’re a relatively small site and we have some *unique* questions. Thanks for giving me some laughs with your responses here.

  • what’s the hardest thing in a game the story or the gameplay. sense i’ll be a future game designer with so many ideas, i just wanted to know from the pro’s.
    hopefully this rumor of Dead Rising is true and if it is thank u.

  • is the save file PSN ID locked? is the trophies patch going to be retroactive? If they are not then I might just finish the game once and wait until the patch comes out

  • john d ok im happy with the surpise!!!!!! capcom first classic game.can i give u a list of classic game i would like to rebuy?

  • @StalkingSilence i wouldnt say you guys are small.i read your site it better good!!!now it better with the new force you guys had taken!

  • Ok if you had to pick a game,no way of backing out you had both of them in front of ya Bionic Commando or Bionic Commando rearmed.Bionic Commando isnt looking that good its just gonna get boring after a while but Bionic Commando Rearmed looks really fun and has hours of endless gameplay.

    • There\’s no way you\’re going to get me to pick one over the other. It\’s just that they are two different types of game. One is 2D scroller while the other is a fully interactive, 3D game. So my answer remains the same. You should get both since it will give you the complete experience with the cross-game interoperability.

  • ok well there the resident games i mean all of them!them there mega man legend one and 2 and the spin off one when mega man isnt the main character but the female villain is.

  • o and bring breath of fire games onto the psn i know it not a ps1 classic but its a great game from the past!!! let me know what you think of the games i listed!!!o and i want dino crisis!!!!

  • o and john i have a question about the street fighter Alpha will it have online to it .some ps1 game had online put into the games.rampage is an exp

  • Wait wait wait wait wait wait waaaaaaait…

    So you are telling me that the PS3 STREET FIGHTER fans get to play… hold on…

    STREET FIGHTER ALPHA!!@@!3#@? The amazing PS1 classic with no online. In the year 2008? Man, thats definitely the answer to the slurry of attention the 360’s street fighter audience gets. A beta, online street fighters, I mean, wow! Look out now we’ve got a ps1 titles.

    Does Capcom have a board of bad ideas on a wall, where producers just sit around throwing dead cats covered in glue at it to see how many things they can come up with that no one wants?

    Capcom clearly doesn’t care about their ps3 user base, and maybe all of the nonsense trophy-less lower quality ports the console gets is just a thank you for the money that us PS2 owners put in their pockets. Maybe we should be happy with the scraps from the 360? Either way, this marks #2 of Capcom’s ridiculous PS3 Exclusive announcements. Maybe they can package Lost Planet with this, and sell it to less people?

    I’m sure everyone would have loved the release if it was just announced Thursday without the fanfare. But jesus christ, everyone was expecting something bigger than a ps1 game. Especially STREET FIGHTER FANS who are aware of offerings on other consoles.

    Im sure I wouldn’t have even bothered typing all of this, if it wasn’t for Capcom reps building this announcement up as “PS3 EXCLUSIVE!!! SF NEWS!!!!!!”

    • It\’s just the tip of the iceberg son. Be patient and don\’t be so quick to judge that we\’re giving the PS3 user base the shaft. To be fair, talk to me towards the end of the year and let me know how you feel. There are a whole bunch of quality fighters that are available on other systems but not on the PSN. I won\’t name names, but at least we\’re making the best effort out of any 3rd party company to support the PSN.

  • You guys are still getting my 360 money, but its clear to see where the attention is.


    Good announcement. I’m buying it as soon as I get more money to spend.

  • john d its ok sta doesnt need online its a must buy for me .i love the sf games .this is a day 1for be can u speak on the price im guessing the 4.99 price like most classic are right?

  • on a side note capcom is the only 3rdparty company supporting the psn as good.@willacuz what online sf is on xbox live if u talking about ssthd 2 that coming to both system why would capcom release the firt ssthd wouldnt make sence.

  • Please John one question can we get a 2.5D version of mega man 9 it can use the same engine as BC:R. but just keep Mega man’s rendered pixel shape but just in 2.5D.

    • I think Inafune-san wants to see how this whole 8-bit thing plays out first. But the best way to get your voice heard is to log in to and post on the Mega Man forums. We\’re watching.

  • EDIT:2 My last Post i would like to have all of the background rendered how BC:R is(2.5D), but mega man themed. and the enemies and mega man and the rest of of the main characters render in the pixeled shape but in 2.D

  • John,

    I was there last time for the “TALK TO US AFTER THE NEXT BIG PS3 SUPER MEGA EXCLUSIVE WITH A COUNTDOWN CLOCK AND FLASHING LIGHTS” announcement, and that drove us directly to Lost Planet Avenue. Gamestop won’t even let people trade that game in. I’m here again for this “WAIT TILL MONDAY” announcement too.

    I don’t think for one second anyone is ungrateful for CAPCOM’s “efforts” with the ps3. Thanks You Guys, seriously. I mean, what is there to complain about with the PS3’s version of DMC4? Oh wait..

    As far as other developers, and other fighting games go:

    We are talking about STREET FIGHTER from CAPCOM who releases multiplatform titles for consoles. Capcom who releases their same Street Fighting games w/multiplayer on the 360. Capcom who says they have great exclusive news for PS3 street fighter fans.

    Granted, yes. A PS1 classic coming to PSN is ultimately great news. Everyone has been dying for Capcoms good classic. Its what people have been begging for, More PS1/Ps2 classics, Because its when Capcom actually cared about developing good games for the Playstation.

    In the face of all of the more important recent Street Fighter developments, Betas.. SF’s with online play, it doesn’t quite hit any marks for any sort of equal or EXCLUSIVE treatment that the 360 is getting. It just doesn’t.

    I have every single right to judge based on Capcom’s track record. Strictly speaking from seeing PS3 ports, I’d easily give Capcom the benefit of the doubt if anything showed otherwise, but it just doesn’t. You telling me to wait till the end of the year just adds to that. Wait for what man? RE5 to run better on the 360? Yeah I’ll wait for that. Or will I still be waiting for my Bionic trophy patch? Time will only tell.

    Capcom makes inferior ports of games to the PS3. Capcom makes announcements for announcements that aren’t noteworthy. Does Capcom need to care? No, not at all. You guys make your money from XBL/360/Wii. When the time does come to care, I just hope Capcom can provide products and support at the same level of quality as 360 titles. Thats the quality and support that PS3 owners deserve.

    Someone has to say it, others may disagree. But its out there.

    I look forward to BCR.

    • I said wait until the end of the year because there are more things we have planned that we can\’t announce right away. I hear you though. You know, we can\’t please everyone, but at least we\’re making an effort. You have every right to judge us by our track record. The race hasn\’t ended folks, there\’s more running left.

  • You know what, this blog really isn’t for this, and i guess there were new rules that were made. Feel free to delete what I wrote, its inappropriate.

    BCR looks great, and its a day one purchase for me. Hopefully the trophy patch will come out soon so I can do something with my sunday nights.

    • No company has more passionate fans than Capcom, that\’s for sure. We appreciate it.

      Thanks for your support of BCR btw, you won\’t be disappointed.

  • if this title does as good as you guys expected, any chance for a Strider remake? Something like a Strider rearmed and a next gen strider? Please make that on the top of your list :)

  • I think we speal for all then we say you are in the top five of responding and doing things for the PS Nation now you just gotta add a patch for Lost Planet to add the stuff from colonies edition.

    • Thanks for the props MGS. I don\’t know if we can patch Lost Planet, but it\’s good to know that we have a PS fan base for the title. Seeing this stuff helps, you know.

  • CAPCOM this gen seems to have no SONY HONER or something….

    what was the MH3 PS3 excuse again? costs?…

    then whats up with not going PSN exclusive?.

    ahh im tired of bad mouthing CAPCOM haha…their just like SCEA with PSone PSN games. WACK!(i at least want xenogears)

    • Well this Thursday, you\’ll have one less reason to bad mouth Capcom and one less reason to bad mouth Sony with PSone PSN games.

      Oh btw, what is a SONY HONER?

  • ok John I’ve posted it in all thing mage man board . let’s see how things turn out :D.and add a skin for MM from the anime.and going out on a limb here.. and i would request SSFIIHDR be demoed if can’t be beta-ed.

  • John Diamonon is the man. You don’t have to reply to this but thanks for answering questions!

  • wow, this blog is super dupa tight!, dev’s and community together or whatever.. awesomeness

    sorry if i sounded stupid on post 185, its cause i was one of those U.S. Monster Hunter PS2 players who played till its online cut off. I was freaking hooked all day every day. It was a part of me haha and i wanted some PS3 action…=(

    Looking forward to this Thursday then, Ill buy BC just because your cool John haha, and because this blog is cool

    • Hey JiNN. You\’re pretty vocal and passionate about the MH series. There are some people who believe that there\’s no way this can be successful in the US. If you really want to see MH here, let me make you this challenge. Go to Register as a MH group member. Start a petition thread and get your fellow MH fans involved. The powers that be need to see that this franchise can thrive here. You may think that your posts don\’t matter but just know, we have high level execs interacting with the fans.

  • Oh, BTW John the Guys at neoGAF call you Capgod, because your PR & ports always does really good all around. hopefully those aren’t really ports & are built ground up though :P. and PLEASE PLEASE get that program that allows games to stream instead of installing for RE5. i don’t remember what it is called, but check PS3 fanboy.

  • hi so im gonna guess that XBLA version of MM9 will have achivements but why cant you patch the trophies in MM9 for the PSN?

    • Shadowrep – the problem is that the information to implement trophy support wasn\’t available until recently. Although there are achievements in the XBLA version of the game, it\’s not that simple to retroactively fit in trophies, especially if the feature was not already planned for in the design stage. Many companies (us included) are looking for ways to do this, it just requires additional resources that may or may not be there.

  • YOU ANSWERED! Thank you for making that clear!

    TO BEN JUDD(hope you read this): Please give John Diamonon a raise and please times 1 million include in-game music at least in a future patch! With sugar on top =]

  • In-Game Music please BEN JUDD!

  • I have some questions is it 2 player full screen, how many estimated hours of gameplay, when will it be released in europe and well done you for answering everyone’s questions i say you ar the only person on this forum who does it

    • The co-op is 2 person split screen. The hours of gameplay is limitless if you include the death matches and challenge room. The single player mode is pretty long and challenging.

  • Couple of things:

    First: Thank you John, Ben and Capcom for bringing out BCR and….SFA!

    Second: I’m not really bothered that SFA doesn’t have online play, I know that delivering online support for SFA is probably more work than it’s worth right now with SSF2HD and SFIV just around the corner. I’m just glad you guys are bringing it out on PSN. People wanted more PS1 classics and you’re giving them one. Is there any chance of Alpha 2 or 3 in the future?

    Third: I have to say, I would really like to see a remake of the NES version of Strider. I think it has the potential to really be improved upon. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Arcade/Genesis/PS1 versions but I’ve played ’em a hundred times and I just think that the NES version is very unique.

    Anyways, thanks again!

    • We\’ll see how Alpha does. If there\’s a market for PSone fighting games, I\’m sure we\’ll consider other titles.

  • John,

    I dont know why capcom choose SF Alpha 1 for release in PSN, when Alpha 3 is much better. I understand that some PSone old games have copyright issues, dont know if is this case, but yet its a nice option for download, i will catch this. However I can agree with some folks here feeling that XBLA have some “priority” of Capcom, this happened so many times in the past already…

    For exemple, SF2HD really looks visually downgraded after the Capcom´s complain of lack of space for the game in XLBA. I dont know why not give the PSN users a better version if is possible ( as rumored in past ),well, I dont feel sorry for Microsoft not have enough space in your network for better textures, its not my problem.

    And I have bought Lost Planet in 360 but the Ps3 version is sadly, horrible.

    • SFHD looks identical for both systems. Saying that the game looks visually downgraded because of space limitation for the XBLA is untrue. In the beginning of the devlopment cycle, the characters were using 8 levels of shading. This was causing a lot of problems with the animation. The characters are now using 4 levels of shading. This not because of any memory issues, but more because of animation consistency. Actually, the 4 levels of shading give the characters a better look when matching the background art.

  • congrats on the 1st review (that i’ve seen anyway) – a 9.4/10 on! i’ll definately be getting this on thursday, but i’ll cry if the trophies aren’t retroactive.

  • John, if you are still around, I did vote on the Gamespot poll and was shocked by the complete ownage that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is delivering.

    Now, my question is, “Is this really possible?” I thought that the loss of the Marvel license meant that there would be no more MVC for a while. Does this not include ports of existing games?

    Gamestop is selling MVC2 (PS2 version) for 80 bucks used…and I’ve actually considered buying it anyway. In any case, more Street Fighter is a good thing. I will be blowing my cash on Madden, BC:R, AND SFA this week.

  • oh right ok then so that means you are looking into a way of putting trophies then into MM9

  • yoh John, i dont think my thread is doing to good hahaha dayumm.

    thats coo though at least i know someone coo from CAPCOM now, makes me look at CAPCOM a little diffrent in a good way haha JOHN D! everybody

    PSN ID: JiNN_v1 , did u use to play SOCOM by any chance?

    • Hey JiNN I never got into SOCOM. Don\’t worry about your thread (hey, I tried to help!) :) long as you continue to support mine!

  • Hi John D. This is only my 2nd time ever putting my comments on here and its only cuz you are actually taking the time to answer. ReArmed is looking sweet and plan on getting as soon as my cash flow allows it. But the main reason for this reply is cuz of…yes you guessed it Monster Hunter. I really cant believe that Capcom would 2nd guess if it would make money on the Ps3, but would the Wii? I bought it the day it was released (think it was August 27,04)and played up untill Jan.07. I had over yes over 2000 hrs just on main character alone as well as over 700 on MHF1 and currently and about 500hrs on MHF2. I personally know 6 other ppl who have F2 and play with them all the time and im in a small rural area. The 2nd it got brought up on the blog the attention for it exploded, i know you said go to Unity and start a thred and such, But how many ppl have to reply b4 you will stand up and take notice? Its sells alot better in Japan, i understand that, but it still is popular here as well, just hard to find. No Walmart around me even sells it (they are the #1 video game retailer in the world), get the game in there and who know what could happen. Thx for your time

    • MH hasn\’t exactly been a hit here in the US. We know there\’s definitely something there but we need your feedback. Go to Unity. Tell us what about the series appeals to you. What improvements can be made? Even your opinions on how we can best introduce this to fans who aren\’t familiar with the franchise. This helps. You the fans are the experts and we want to hear from you.

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