FUNKTASTIC FUN – Elefunk coming to PSN

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Hi everyone. I’m excited to tell you that Elefunk will be available for download on PSN later today.

I wanted to share the official trailer we produced so you can get a glimpse of all the fun you can have with this addictive Elefunky adventure.

Get ready to build! If you like puzzle games, you’ll love Elefunk. In Elefunk, your task is to lead elephants across four continents and various treacherous levels of ravines, rivers, fire pits and swamps by building bridges and structures capable of supporting them. This game uses real world physics – you must carefully select the proper materials to build a solid structure that is able to hold crossing elephants over these outrageous terrains and precarious situations. Play in three game modes, including Puzzle, where you must build with a limited amount of materials;Time Attack, where you race against the clock; and Multiplayer ‘Deconstruction’ mode, where you have to carefully remove pieces without causing the structure to fall.

Check out the Elefunk demo later today on PSN, and pick up the full game for just $4.99. I’ll see you on the Leaderboards!

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  • This is why I love the PSN, innovate and fun games at a good price. $4.99 is a damn good price and I look forward to it tonight for sure.


  • $5? I’ll get just because it’s so cheap.. never even heard of it until just now. You European guys, create a new PSN account on your PS3 and register it in USA.. I have one registered in Europe cause you guys get some backgrounds and such that we don’t.

  • Do you guys know when you going to add part2 & 3 of the E3 show to the store? Thanks

  • I have since given up anything that causes me to pay more than the US.

    I got Patapon imported from the US because it’s 40 euros here.

    Yeah, SCEE, blame the consumer for low sales.

  • @bnz – your pay is higher already based on your economy. Come here and take on the same job and your wages would be much lower to match our economy’s current pay scale.

    The conversions only work when trading moneys accross borders, not within borders.

    In Thailand I could stay in a 5 star hotel for $50 bucks American a night, compared to $350 in the States. Yet that $50 is more than their employees make in month, compared to the $500+ bucks a month those employees would make in the States. See how this works? Goods costs are all relative to your local cost of doing business, not based on international currency fluctuations.

  • No Trophy’s. no purchase.

  • This looks like a fun game.

  • @ 101 – I already own SSHD and have unlocked all buyt 2 trophies. We need some more trophy support.

  • 4.99 dollars?? I bought it for 4.99 pounds.

    money well spent imo, but sheesh, a bit steep now that I see how much you guys are paying for it.

  • Trophies=”mine’s bigger than yours” contest, and complaining about European prices here on the US blog makes as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.

  • if it has trophies of coarse i will pick it up

  • same here in germany. have to pay 7.99€.
    what the [DELETED]? that is the doubled price of the usa.

    also i think it is time to implement trophies into every game. else i will not buy the game. it may be any game.

  • I know it has been said lots of time why Dark Mist can’t come out in the US. But I still would like the game to come out in the US. So I just want to know if people over at SCEA are still trying to bring this out in the US or if they have stoped trying.

  • “Trophies=”mine’s bigger than yours” contest”

    Come on. Stop talking like this.

    Trophies = More challenges in a game, more and another motivation to play and replay a game, an interesting system to see how others do compared to you and especially what others play

  • @Wip3ou7:

    WipeoutHD has been delayed… again.

    “I think it will come out before the end of the year but it is something that was just very difficult to get to grips with.”

    I asked about this in a previous entry this week on this blog, but no response. Sad times. :(

  • What the funk was that?

  • how long till the us store gets updated ?? it seems to get later and later every week

  • well ?? anyone know

  • that’s why europeans should not buy this game.

  • Looking forward to nabbing this later today with or without Trophies – I’m just looking forward to what appears to be a fun and funny puzzle game!

  • No demo in Europe store !?

  • PLEASE add trophy support for Elefunk, PixelJunk Mosters, & Calling All Cars!

  • @116 PasleyMF

    I wnet to today and found out there’s a Wipeout HD Playstation website that I wasn’t aware of before.

    For those others that didn’t know, it’s you select your language and then your region.

  • terminatorvsmtrx

    yeah.. im in italy right now and converting my usd for euros really opened my eyes to this crap.. if i were you guys i would boycott all the games sold in europe and import from the US.. you guys will save a ton of money

  • WhereIsWipeoutHD

    WipeoutHD has been delayed according to

  • I’ll buy if it has trophies. If not, meh.

  • Elefunk is on the EU store and comes highly recommended by me for brain twisting action.

    You have no idea what being a bridge builder is like until you take on Elefunk.

    I’m having fun anyway.

  • @103

    Of course i have another US-Acc ( who european not^^) but there i cant purchase with my credit card -.-

    furthermore its illegal to dont register with fake-adresses …… Read the term of Use ^_^

    But Who cares…. LOL instead of what the[DELETED]-you can say “what the funk!” :D

  • Thanks for putting up a demo! I’ve been wanting to try this out.

  • “Trophies=”mine’s bigger than yours” contest”

    Come on. Stop talking like this.

    Trophies = More challenges in a game, more and another motivation to play and replay a game, an interesting system to see how others do compared to you and especially what others play.

    Okay, then… Trophies=”show me yours and I’ll show you mine…HA! MINE’S BIGGER!”?

  • yeah…so about that tekken 6 demo?


    The Euro is worth more than the Dollar…so there you go. I just went over seas and you get crap for the dollar. So there…7.99 is a deal.

    $5 good job guys! SSHD and others should learn from Elefunk :)

  • Ehh.. what people don’t understand. Perhaps developers don’t either..

    I had no interest in buying Super Stardust until my buddy mentioned them.

    It may be stupid reasons to buy something. But I guarantee the developers of super star dust aren’t complaining about Trophy whores.

  • Looks fun, I enjoy lemmings, so I’ll probably enjoy this.

  • If I would change 7,99€ i would get 12$ … i could buy the funky game twice!

  • This looks like something that woudl be on XBLA. I thought PSN was about Quality over Quantity?

  • @ 137 ebm62980

    ROFLMAO… quality over quantity, please…. LOL

  • “quality over quantity” .. this is what Jack Tretton said on the press conference ;=)

  • I want qualitity!

  • If someone could honestly explain why trophy support is a driving factor for their purchasing I would appreciate it.

    If trophy support is something that makes people want to replay the game again then couldn’t they purchase the game, play, and then when patched, play it again for the trophies? I’m sure trophies are coming. I didn’t realize that playing games became all about trophies and has nothing to do with just enjoying a game for what it is. Guess I didn’t get the memo.

  • Looks like something that could run on the PSP, interesting but I’ll pass.

  • “If someone could honestly explain why trophy support is a driving factor for their purchasing I would appreciate it.”

    Personally, trophies arent totally about replayability but more about experiencing the game in its entirety before i move on, trophies give you incentives to do that. Usually i have a tendacy to fly through the single player campaign, just flying through not paying attention to alot of the extras like collecting tokens etc. Then i play the mutliplayer a little bit and unless the multiplayer really grabs me, i dont play the game very much anymore and i move on to the next one while this sits on my shelf.

    Then i feel bad about spending all this money for these games that sit on my shelf that i dont play anymore, but i dont really wanna sell them because i feel like i havent played them enough and experienced all or most the game has to offer. SO the trophies thing for me is….I play the crap out of the game and once i got all the trophies, I can finally put away the game for good or sell it. This is of course unless it has an awesome multiplayer aspect like COD4.

    Anybody else feel the same way?

  • when’s the PAIn trophies coming? can someone let me know when’s d Video store coming 2 canada. like many other canadians we were really disappointed thet they didnt include us, WE R PART OF NORTH AMERICA!!!

  • @141.

    Trophies get you to buy games that you would more than likely pass on. Levels and trophies are a part of PSN, few titles support it.

    Stardust got a ton of purchases from people who were excited about them.

    It is an absolute must for PSN titles that want to sell well. Not only is SSD a great game, its a perk that there are trophies.

    As soon as people catch wind that they can increase sales due to trophies alone, you will see what we have on xbl.

  • Forgot to add.

    Trophies add an element of multiplayer and competition with friends. Even though the game may be only single player.

  • Just downloading it now. I heard its not a very simple game.

  • no trophies=lazy devs that dont care about gamers and giving the most ps3 and psn has to offer

  • I dont know what to say about this game lmao…

  • I’m going to buy it, i like PSN games Thanks!

  • 1. When a producer posts a blog entry here they should stick around for a minimum length of time to answer questions….150+ comments and complete silence is unacceptale in my opinon.

    2. Why does this game not support Remote Play? Is there some technical challenge? PSN games NEED to support this function … I will not buy a PSN game and then shell out for a PSP version too (see SSHD)

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