FUNKTASTIC FUN – Elefunk coming to PSN

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Hi everyone. I’m excited to tell you that Elefunk will be available for download on PSN later today.

I wanted to share the official trailer we produced so you can get a glimpse of all the fun you can have with this addictive Elefunky adventure.

Get ready to build! If you like puzzle games, you’ll love Elefunk. In Elefunk, your task is to lead elephants across four continents and various treacherous levels of ravines, rivers, fire pits and swamps by building bridges and structures capable of supporting them. This game uses real world physics – you must carefully select the proper materials to build a solid structure that is able to hold crossing elephants over these outrageous terrains and precarious situations. Play in three game modes, including Puzzle, where you must build with a limited amount of materials;Time Attack, where you race against the clock; and Multiplayer ‘Deconstruction’ mode, where you have to carefully remove pieces without causing the structure to fall.

Check out the Elefunk demo later today on PSN, and pick up the full game for just $4.99. I’ll see you on the Leaderboards!

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  • There are no Trophies in this game. I’m telling you guys. Maybe they’ll patch it later on or something.

  • They prolly would have been mentioned if it supported trophies… so it prolly doesn’t..

    Prove me wrong if you like … I won’t be mad …

    Buying either way..



  • WHOA I’ve been ripped off by SCEE and should have waited for the US version instead of downloading it already from the EU store I paid 7,99 Euro which it about 12 bucks. Ow well its worth it :-)

    Anyway am playing the game, really a beauty and fun game, no trophy support. Am figuring out how those Japanese in the top 5 used so little amount of griders

  • Oops “girders”, sorry about that ;-)

  • Cool! I’ve been looking forward to this one, and can’t wait to see the demo!

    And at 5 bucks, that’s good with or without trophies!

  • @43: Demos are time consuming, you should beable to decide if your going to like it or not, every game ive bought so far on PSN has kept me enjoyed and well worth the 10 or so dollars.

    (Pain, Calling all cars, commando 3, novastrike, flow, everyday shooter, Pixlejunk monsters, High velocity bowling, Super stardust hd and echochrome are the current ones i own. The PSN games im getting next are Elephunk, Bionic commando rearmed, 1942: joint strike, FAT princess, Linger in shadows, Crash commando, Ratchet&clank: Quest for booty, Pain add on, RagDoll KungFu and more.)

  • Only $4.99? Definitely worth a try.

    Only $4.99?


  • Only $5 now that’s a deal :)

  • @marcindpol yeah I’ve downloaded the game too soon, SCEE really tries to rip off the European gamers *angry*. I mean if the game is 4,99USD in the US it should be 4,99 Euro over here and then the difference ain’t that big to overcome, but really 7,99 Euro (12USD) comparing to 4,99USD that’s like 2,5 times more!

  • @61: please don’t accept the $=€ crap. I know the difference is not that big for small amounts, but it is becoming a habit that is just plain wrong.

  • Hope that this includes Trophy support, if so I’ll have to get it.

  • Nice i’m not too much into puzzle games but I’ll definitely be trying out the demo, it helps it’s only 5 dollars!!!

    Like others have said trophy support? We’re hungry for TROHPIES!!!!!

  • I dont care, i wont can buy it, Where are the PSN CARSD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is the multiplayer in the co-op? If so this will be a first day buy for me. Will be another game (added to Pain, PixleJunk Monsters, and Flow) that I can play with my non-gamer wife.


    That’s my form of confirmation :-)

    @TheZed yes the game contains a multi player option, but no co op as far as I can see. You play each in turns and there’s also an online multi play function available.

  • i want fat princess

  • I have actually been waiting for this for awhile besides Elephants are one of my sons favorite animals.

  • This game looks freaking awesome. While it would be nice to know if it has Trophy and Custom Soundtrack support, I guess I’ll just find out tonight/tomorrow when I purchase it.

    Seriously, though, this game looks awesome.

  • @Bnz, I’m sorry was the comment meant against mine or against the fact of how we’re basically being screwed in Europe?

  • Looks fun. I’ll be sure to check it out when it’s released.

  • i cant wait for this game.. im buying it the second it comes out.. those damn elephants wont know what hit em

  • and @71 … europeans are indeed getting absolutely f’d in the a

  • it looks kinda fun, but i will have to check out the demo 1st

  • @Onna: i was just referring to you writing that it is ok when it is $4.99 in the US and 4.99 EUR over here. It sounded like you would be willing to accept the €=$ rip-off. While 5 EUR certainly would’ve been better than 7.99 EUR, i still say that we should have been charged maybe 3.50 EUR (and even here i am accepting some loss).

  • Ya know, I would buy it today, but no, we are going to the beach again, for like the 10th week starting today, so that will have to wait until next thursday or whatever the crap it will be…….i am SOOO sick of the damn beach people call me crazy but I AM

  • Developers really are missing a trick if they aint gonna add trophy support to games like this, imagine how many more copies it would sell. Take my advice, if you want to make a profit from this game add trophy support.

    p.s im from the UK and have already downloaded it, thumbs up from me, this is a great game.

  • If it had trophies I’d buy it. If it doesn’t I’ll save by $5 and put it towards a game with Trophy Support. You don’t unveil a feature like “Trophies” and only have 1 game that supports it.

  • i would buy PLAYSTATION NETWORK games more often if PSN Cards would be released i bet Sony would see a hige spike in sales if they would just hurry up and give us PSN Cards

  • @Bnz, oh okay then I got it right for myself after all but wasn’t entirely sure about that :-) And yes you’re right, a small amount is not much of a difference, but when you’re talking about bigger amounts like even for a PS3 game, than its an entirely different story. And no, I don’t really accept it. Everything is getting more and more expensive around here. Like in the Netherlands where you get “zero” extra for all the extra costs they’ve been charging for over the past 5-6 years. At times its not funny anymore. That’s why I import a lot of games from US stores.

  • I’ve been awaiting this game since I saw the video for it on the European store. I’ll easily pay $5.

    As for the people who don’t get market economics, prices aren’t set so that they’re equal around the world, they’re set relative to the local economy. People in South-East Asia don’t pay the same dollar value for most product that we do in the west because otherwise entertainment would be completely unaffordable.

    Car prices in Canada are regularly higher than in the USA despite many auto makers’ plants being here, because our economy supports more expensive prices on cars than the USA (and has for a long time).

  • This may be my first psn game i buy.

  • we need TROPHIES!!!

  • Okay on topic, this game is sure a must buy, again it has no trophies, but for the lousy 4,99USD you won’t be disappointed!

  • Trophies arent for proving your the best, to me it is just really fun to have a challenge to work towards….it would be a reson to really try to get good at a game like elefunk..

  • I’m pretty sure this game is launching sans trophies. Not to make too much of a stink about it, but it would at least be nice to see games being published by Sony more widely supporting this feature. Tell me there’s a patch coming in a hurry and I’m cool :)

  • Downloaded from EU store, Great Game!!

    Worth the money :)

  • I’d like to know from those in the EU that have bought..Does this have Remote Play? Personally I think ALL small PSN games should come with RP.

    Heck…sell this for 4.99 and make the remote play version 5.99 if you need to cover the cost of implementation.

    SONY please leverage this advantage you have over your competition in the game space.

  • By the way Sony I have a question. When you’re in the tab “game” and you go to the icon of Elefunk you’re seeing a background. Don’t know if the US version shows the same as the European, but that background looks so beautiful! Can you guys create a wallpaper or theme from that?

  • Not too sure about this one for me. Am I the only one waiting for Bionic Commando: Rearmed? Can’t buy anything else because I want that game so much.

  • Ok

    1. The game looks nice, do you know “bridge builder” ? Thats nearly the same but less comicstyle .

    2. No trophies, thats ok, I have 13 Trophies durung SSHD , but dont care about that ^^

    3. The Price: USD 5 in US, 8€ in Europe.
    At actual status: USD 5 are 3,1562€ right now .. So why we have to pay much more than our american friends?

    In conclusion: I’ll dont buy it as result of that high price if you push it down to 3,99€ i buy it immediately!

  • You guys REALLY need to tell us a release schedule for the psn. This place is usually updated well after the actual store is… that just doesnt make sense.
    But, yeah, you’ll get another $5 from me today. always wanted to walk elephants off a cliff.
    And can anyone confirm if space invaders extreme is psn bound?

  • Oh yeah. Bionic Commando Rearmed is almost more exciting than Killzone, Infamous and all that stuff for me. I hope they don’t mess it up.

  • for thoes of you who have already bought it on one of the other stores… that doesn’t mean they havn’t already added trophies to the us version and they’re gonna patch your version.

  • FINALLY! A game I just learned about is coming later TODAY!!!!!

    That is improvement. We shouldn’t hear about games that are coming out in 3 years and get delayed 3 months! I’m tired of that!

    Good job on Elefunky ^_^

  • Did anyone else see the PSN friend log in on the top right? lol

    It said “sleepy”

  • Please have trophy support for this title and if it doesn’t, we want a patch for it.

  • Why everybody complain about trophies? If you wanne have some of it, get SSHD!

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