FUNKTASTIC FUN – Elefunk coming to PSN

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Hi everyone. I’m excited to tell you that Elefunk will be available for download on PSN later today.

I wanted to share the official trailer we produced so you can get a glimpse of all the fun you can have with this addictive Elefunky adventure.

Get ready to build! If you like puzzle games, you’ll love Elefunk. In Elefunk, your task is to lead elephants across four continents and various treacherous levels of ravines, rivers, fire pits and swamps by building bridges and structures capable of supporting them. This game uses real world physics – you must carefully select the proper materials to build a solid structure that is able to hold crossing elephants over these outrageous terrains and precarious situations. Play in three game modes, including Puzzle, where you must build with a limited amount of materials;Time Attack, where you race against the clock; and Multiplayer ‘Deconstruction’ mode, where you have to carefully remove pieces without causing the structure to fall.

Check out the Elefunk demo later today on PSN, and pick up the full game for just $4.99. I’ll see you on the Leaderboards!

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  • Does this have Trophies? I’ll buy it anyhow, since it looks like Pontifex, but I’d like more Trophy games.

    • Sorry, I\’ve been super busy (as you might have guessed), I\’ll try and get details on this for you as soon as I can…


  • Nice looking I’ll try out the demo.


  • Jeff if you can do us a favor Please? I have been watching videos of Killzone 2 multiplayer all over the net. Would it be possible to get this video in HD for us? I would really like to see the one they are showing here it’s Badass!

  • If this has Trophies, it’ll be an insta-buy.

    Is there any confirmation on this? Or if any support will be added someday?

    This game looks perfect for a trophy/reward system!

  • Awesome! Will Elefunk support trophies? Either way I will be downloading it as soon as it hits the store! Woo-hoo for new games!

  • i’ll definitely be picking this up, trophy support would be the icing on the cake.

  • Good spot with the $5 price point guys, I’ll check it out.

  • Trophies support?

  • Great, my wife is waiting for this game to come out.

  • looks INCREDIBLE and really fun! :)

  • Cool – I will be buying Elefunk. I think I’m addicted to PSN games – that’s why I’m excited about these games (and their release dates according to ME):
    – Siren: Blood Curse (July 24)
    – Linger In Shadows (July 31)
    – PixelJunk Eden (July 31)
    – Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty (August 21)
    – The Last Guy (August 28)

  • BTW, full game for $4.99 – the price is right! Incredible.

  • Any Trophy support?

  • Probably trophy support is comming in a patch.

  • This looks cool and the price is nice!



  • $4.99! Cool :D

  • Im ready for the demo thanks the video was interesting its nice that you get to build your own path

  • Why all the “Trophies or Death” sentiments? I don’t care if it has trophies or not, for 4.99, this is total win.

  • @ 4.99 I’ll be buying this wether it has trophies or not. Good job with the price, guys.

    That said, I would love to see trophies in this game if not now, then patched in at some point…

  • $5? Purchase for me!

  • no trophies, no buy.

  • There’s no Trophy support. If it did I would’ve bought it today. Guess I’ll wait to see if they patch it. Hopefully it wont be one of those $4.99 add-on to get some Trophy support and then another $4.99 add-on for the remaining Trophies.

    Does anybody knows how many Trophies each title suppose to have???



    NO WAY!



    I US IT IS 5 DOLARS!!!

    FCUK IT!!!1

  • I would like to think that most of these psn titles coming out over the next two months or so, would benefit like 3 fold in initial sales if they came with trophy support at release. AT this stage, eveyyone is itching for trophies and it seems to me even if the game was a complete flop and as crappy as some of the wii games out there, it would still be a huge seller. In my case, i will wait to buy this game if no trophy support. I even bought stardust for the trophy support, i dont even really like those types of games.

    Please surprise me and tell me there are trophies in elefunk……

  • if it has trophis i will buy it :)

  • Next week…I blew all my money on the video store($20).

  • @25 marcindpol
    Remeber this is a SCEA blog , you should complain with SCEE.

  • Nice! I think I was sold assuming 10 bucks. 5 bucks is a definite buy! :D

  • hahaha so now the PSN is going to go under because you guys won’t buy games that don’t have trophies? Thats a dumb reason not to buy a good game for 5 bucks. I guess it doesn’t matter since I’m not a trophy snob!

  • Trophy support??????

  • You got me at $4.99. Unfortunately dont seem to support trophies but seems fun to play with the kids.

  • WTF. I am shocked. You know, i am used to the fact that we get prices here in Europe where $=€, but this i just over the top. 4.99 US Dollar = 3.13998 Euro which means we pay about 2.5 times the price of what people in the US will pay. This is just sick and far from being funny anymore.

    And no, it doesn’t have trophies.

  • lol
    BUT we will not have trophies in a lot of games…
    at least in new games we have to have trophies!

  • @34.. Have you seen what the dollar is worth now days???? Yea.. I wouldn’t be complaining too much..

  • well, this is life, nothing is fair especially in business. =[ still bitter about square enix

  • $5? :o

  • No Trophies currently, but still worth it at 5 dollars.

  • Nice! If I like the demo I’m buying this as soon as my PS3 is fixed. Only $4.99!

    I’m hoping that something cool for the PSP is released today. The last few weeks have been sparse. Videos are cool but I want some new games already.

  • For the price it’s a great buy. . but they would be doing themselves a favor if it supported trophies . . . I hope they notice how much people want trophies from this blog and make it happen if it doesn’t already.

  • Bridges? Elephants? 5 dollars?


    Trophies would be cool but definitely not the deciding factor. I think some people need to stop trying to prove how amazing they are at video games and just have fun.

  • A demo is something every PSN game has to have for future releases.

  • i bought this game on the euro psn €7.99 bargain price for a great game highly recommend to all !!

  • Looks cool! Too bad I can’t watch any of the videos on this site though… I remember when clicking on the little thing on the bottom right sent you to another website and I could watch. =(

  • Trophy whores.

  • well that seems like a very good price, I just wonder how long-lasting will the game be.

  • Love the demos….most times I like the game so much, I’ll purchase it.

  • When will WipeoutHD be released?

  • @36: yes, exactly. The dollar is weak and not strong. So Europeans are supposed to pay less and not more.

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