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A week from today, I’ll be heading down to LA for E3 2008. I wanted to run some of the coverage plans by you, and see what you’d like to see on the blog during the week of July 14.

Next week we’ll ramp up to the Expo by sharing interviews with producers and developers of the games you’ll be seeing at E3. I asked you to tell me what you wanted to know, and that’s exactly what happened. One interview a day through the kickoff of the conference.

Once we get going, I’ll be live-blogging our press conference for those who won’t be able to watch streaming coverage (things kick off at 11.30am Pacific Tuesday, so I’d imagine those of you in the work world will be busy with that). Throughout the rest of the conference I’ll be doing my best to answer your questions and follow your coverage requests. I’ll ask for those suggestions next week.

Also, I’d like to know: who’s going to be in LA that week? I’d like to meet up with readers, fanboys, fellow bloggers, and any other interested party a few hours after our press conference. Interested? We’ll come up with something fun and free. Let me know in the comments.

Below you’ll find what we’ve been reading. As always, feel free to share your favorite reads in the comments below. Comments may take longer than usual to appear – the blog team is out for the weekend.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 6/30)

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  • some news on the official headset and release date would be good and in game voice chat in game invites oh yeah and some info on 2.40 status god dammit jeff

  • Custom soundtracks for GT5:P pls…:(

  • I’ll probably make it to E3 if I find a ride. Since I’m invited to the press conference I can and should go. Jeff how about you give me a lift?!

    Alright, again just asking what you alright know. We need the PSN API Data to make our cards. Please answer! Thanks.

    My private question will be, if MGS4 is planned to have Trophy support.

    Thanks again.

  • Will the Sony E3 Press conference be posted on the PSStore? If so, when? Thanks

  • Kaoro…I downloaded the Team expansion pack for SSHD and it’s great.

    Let’s you play Split screen now, can modify the look of your ship and a few other goodies as well.

    Think you’ll enjoy it.

  • Just like Onna76_NL mentined…if you want to add me to your friends list, my id is GGCAN.

    I’ve met a few bloggers this week and added them.

    It’s nice comparing trophies with these other bloggers !

  • yeah E3 is coming !

  • 2.40 update

  • I’m nore certain, but I think we can expect some great surprises from E3.

    Waiting patiently.

  • @RoAcH2285, Pixeljunk Monsters is a blast, too bad the game won’t receive any trophies, but nevertheless its so much fun without it already. Pain is such a laugh, when I went through the tutorial section, I’ve completely laughed my butt off like I’ve never done in a game before. I agree with you on the matter that more (small as well known) devs need to be brought to the PS3 to create PSN games, because the drought is extreme, and the PSN games which are available now, are just amazing! I hope no one hates me for bringing it up, but the WII Ware is getting at least 1 WII Ware game a week. It shouldn’t be impossible to at least pull out some more PSN games than what we’re getting now.

    Is it just me, or don’t you have a small Loco Roco deja vu when you see PixelJunk Eden? That reminds me, I also own a PSP of course, so hope to see a lot at the E3 concerning this platform as well.

    Stardust HD was already a major addiction to me ever since it was released, the addiction brought up again thanks to the trophies. Only 2 needed, but that “late boomer trophy” is so hard :-(

    Thanks for the ones who’re adding me! I’ll add you all tomorrow (CET), my PS3 is taking a break now after a long day of hard work :-D

  • Onna76_NL, you look to be a great gamer.

    Heck I just checked your trophies and you are way ahead of me !

    My fingers, thumbs and hands are sore from playing so much already.

    Keep up the great work !

  • @47
    Yeah I know when its supposed to come.I was thinking more along Nov though.Just wondering about the Media day connectivity.Doing a simultaneous broadcast in Home would be nice.:)

  • @54
    add me too
    psn id:enewtabie
    I havent gone to 2.40 yet.Just got back from vacation,but I’ll get it as soon as it’s back up.

  • @GGCAN, don’t tell me about it, yesterday night I couldn’t use my hand anymore because it was hurting that much and in bed it was still going in my mind… gold melter activated, bomb, bomb… shield down… :-D

  • Onna76_NL ok good..thought it was only me.

    I keep seeing colored points every so often when I close my eyes.

    My PS3 is fine…it’s me that needs the break !

  • Can’t wait to see what Sony has in store for E3/ I hope the blog will be covering a bunch of stuff!

  • Jeff,
    I`d like to be able to watch youtube vids on my psp. Is there a way 2 upgrade the psp`s flash player.

    Also, when home is finished and released, do you think the prices of a ps3 will go up. Because me and my dad have been trying to get one since they were released.

    finally, E3!!! :)

  • @GGCAN ha ha yeah, me I see red circles, when I close my eyes, small ones, big ones, many, many circles crossing each other… going slow, going fast, going to the left, going to the right. Nope, it can’t my eyes, I must have played too much Stardust, yep that must be it..

    Gosh, I need a nap before I start talking more nonsense, so I’m off to bed :-D

    See you guys tomorrow.

  • Typically I’d actually read some of the articles posted on the reading list, but how can I? Here I’ve got 2.40 installed, but I can’t do anything with it. Still waiting for the SSHD update to be re-posted.

    I do agree with Thetruefiziks, the clock ought to be a toggle-able option to prevent burn-in, but I am glad it’s finally been added!

    Hurry up and get this fixed so I can get my trophies ;D

  • dear sony blog ppl….



  • hey this update is great but one thing. not every game has smooth in-game xmb. like moving from icon to icon. cod4 is smooth and some others but my other games are not like cod4 in-game xmb. will this be fixed in an update so all games have smooth in-game xmb?

    thats all i wanted to know

  • Sony are you ever going to talk… leave a comment.. anything? this is how WE who make up the playstation community, communicate with sony. and right now you are making it immpossible.

  • Ok i just found out that there is no XMB access when watching blu-ray movies. Sony i think we also need that feature because it helps to promote blu-ray. If my friends see me on they know when i am playing a certain game but if i am watching a blu-ray movie the won’t know and if the text me i would have to quit the movie to text them back. I think XMB access should extend to blu-ray watching. The promotion part would be if they ask me what movie i have been watching i can reply and so a dialogue develops over movies and they might want to go get that movie as well or an other. I read that Sony would be making blu-ray a more community based entertainment, it would be a good start to allow XMB access. I try to make sense in this blog but i am in a rush to go somewhere and just had to leave this comment, so maybe my next one will explain more clearly what i am trying to say for now bear with me.

  • Knock em’ dead at E3 Sony, knock em’ dead! I also hope you work on 2.4 and get it back online for the people who didn’t get it. I still don’t understand what the problem was that this was pulled. I’m sure that you guys checked this update inside and out.

    Get your well needed rest.

  • It’s funny how Jeff Rubenstein asks for comments on E3 and a possible meet-up session, and all the posts are complaining about features the PS3 lacks.

    I understand that gamers want to have more features and for things to run perfectly, but that takes a great deal of time (years). I’m not sure if whining the 2.40 isn’t fixed will get it fixed faster. Also, I’m not sure that making this complicated machine even more complicated will suddenly make everything right in the world. Ease-of-use for non-tech buffs should be priority one, not custom soundtrack for x and BC for y.

    Oh, and I’m wondering if there is some way to watch the E3 conference live on a PS3? It’d be great if it was on PSN afterwards (and it really should be), but some kind of live affair would be nice for the hardcore audience.

    I’d also like more info on the UI of Home. For many consumers, including myself, Home’s 3D space isn’t that important; it’s the easy game invites, trophies, etc that I care about (ie community features). I’d like some information on how Home/Sony will deal with that to make it really easy and convenient.

  • Oh and I’d like more information on the media service roll out for movies, tv shows, music, etc. I understand that Sony is a multinational firm and not a global one (ie discrete divisions and little interaction between), but it is patently ridiculous that a media machine such as the PS3 does not have access to Sony’s own media content. At this point, we should have access to thousands on music videos, movies, television shows and more over the PSN Store for purchase through streaming or download.

    Enabling this feature would give the PS3 a victory not only in the high-end console space but also in the living room. More revenue could be made from this than the entire sony conglomerate, and nothing has been done to capture the market.

  • @74….ok I will post this again…got some stuff about Home and about the Videos coming but only for the US and that’s this summer ! has the article:

    “It used to dominate the news on a weekly basis, especially in the months directly after its unveiling, but since then, we haven’t heard much about PlayStation Home. We’re well aware of the delays, of course, but the last report says an open beta is scheduled for this fall. Well, that’s still the case, as Sony’s PlayStation Network director Eric Lempel says.

    In a recent interview with Next-Gen, he said very clearly- “The Home open beta is still on schedule for release later this fall.” He was asked about PSN director Susan Panico’s earlier comments when she said the initial beta rollout would be “similar to Gmail” and it will work just fine as an “open, functioning beta.” This statement was met with mixed results by gamers; some still bitter about the delay saw this as an excuse to release a half-done Home this year. But that really is not the case:

    “If you think about Gmail and Susans reference, Gmail when it launched in beta was a fully functional email service. I personally was using it and it offered everything youd expect, but was in beta just to say that theres more to come and maybe its not fully polished. The reason weve been delaying [Home] is so that we can deliver a high quality service that the users will enjoy. Even though it will be in beta, it will be a fair representation of what the service can be and its potential, so it wont be a 0.5 release, it will be a fully robust service.”

    So there you have it. Despite the fact that the official launch of Home remains in 2009, we’ll still be able to jump in and test it out this fall. Besides, one has to remember that Home will likely be a service that receives ongoing upgrades and enhancements even after its official release, so if you look at it this way, the open beta rollout isn’t much different than a regular ol’ launch. Oh, and just as a final side note, Lempel did reconfirm Sony’s plan to launch a downloadable movie service for the PS3 in the US this summer. That is a very cool option, and one that should make selling PS3s an even easier proposition.”

  • JRPGs. Disgaea 3 and Valkyria Chronicles don’t cut the mustard.

  • I would love to meet everyone in person. I don’t live to far from L.A so i will definitely make an appearance. Cant wait, Go Sony! Will it be easy to find the Sony team or can I find you guys and girls somewhere in specific?

  • First off I want to say sorry Jeff but I hope it will be ok. I have a list of games I would love Sony to bring to PSN or make a sequel for the PSP or PS3.

    I know many of these games will not get made but I thought that it might be ok to use this blog as a way to let Sony know that people want more of these great games.

    1. Alundra 2. Arc the Lad 3. Colony Wars 4. G-Police 5. Intelligent Qube 6. Jet Moto 7.
    Legend of Dragoon 8. Legend of Legaia 9. Mark of Kri 10. Primal 11. Wild Arms 12. Blasto 13. Tomba! 14. vib-ribbon 15. Sentient 16. Kingdom of Paradise 17. Doko Demo & PaRappa the Rapper

    Also games like Dark Cloud 3 and working with Level 5 to bring True Fantasy Live Online to the PS3.

  • Hey Jeff why don’t you all stop acting like this whole 2.40 cluster**** never happened and start telling us what is going on?

    This is insulting. Do your jobs.

  • @79 It didn’t happen, it’s in your head. People like you blow things out of proportion and precieve it to be some ‘end of the world’ event, fueling a non-existent fire. Be patient and show some respect. 2 weeks ago you didn’t even know 2.4 had a release date.

  • @78

    Parrapa the Rapper <– we need that.. jet moto is already available..

    I want FFVII and FFVIII

  • @25 the trophies that you can get with the expansion are the hardest. destroying 10 nukes in endless and accumulating 15 boms in bombers are downright inhumane.. just letting you know what to expect. but gudluk, tho

    @sony, so socom has been delayed,huh? is there a chance you guys will relase LBP in september instead.. coz october’s pretty crowded with game already

  • @80 I second your comment. I dont have the update yet either and surely want it fixed as much as everyone else, but that does not justify coming in here rambling in a very disrespectful way. Learn some manners people.

  • hope u guys have a few surprise for us at e3

  • So Jeff no love for or for making Trophy Gamercards available for the PS3 owners out there,


  • I have to say I’m utterly ashamed to be a PlayStation fan, considering the company I am in at the moment, and a good majority of the people posting here should be ashamed as well. All whining about how you think you could do any better at anything these fine people do.

    They owe you no explanations and owe you no apologies. There was a problem with v2.40 apparently, and they took it down as quickly as they could sparing you spoiled brats the trouble of whining your PS3s were broken. Now they are undoubtedly working to fix the problem which certainly wouldn’t take just a day to fix. They are not merely speaking to “PlayStation fans” such as many of you are masquarading as: they speak for the brand itself and they cannot speak as plainly and ignorantly as many of you can afford to under masked identities. Your ‘problems’ are nothing and your condescending tones are incredibly ironic, considering that they didn’t even have to give you all the ability to badmouth them by means of this blog.

    With what so many here are saying, and how little they’ve responded, do any of you honestly think they are under any obligation to respond to any one of your questions? I guarantee that there would be far more responses to questions if the ‘fans’ here showed more respect.

    Don’t believe me? If there is a room full of people with loaded guns looking for your head, you certainly don’t poke that head through the doorway, let alone step foot in the room.

    You won’t get your answers this time, and you have only yourselves to blame.

    PS I thought we were done with that stupid ‘first’ business.

  • Hi! I will be there for I would love to meet up some time during E3!

  • jeff or noel i got ssdhd but i cannt get the last trophy the co op one why is that.

  • Skype for PS3 please. Many of the people I talk to want skype and it would be a great way to expand communications on ps3

  • N4G The Karate Kid

    Jeff, I will be down in LA next sunday evening. How can I get inside the press event?

  • What’s going on with GT5P? Will there be any updates in the near future (near being 2 or 3 months)? Will the online be updated so that we can invite friends and private rooms?

    If the rumour of the video store is true at E3, how will it work? Is it a rental service or do we always own the movie?

  • Check out Awesome site for the best PS3 news around the web. BTW, I think it’s pretty cool that you guys check out joystiq so much. They’re one of my faves.

  • Kaoro What whole community? You think people complaining on the blog is the whole community. The issue is being addressed it it turns out it’s not as widespread as the clowns constantly spamming the wrong comment boxes claim it to be.

  • My 2.4 is fine, but I would like to know what’s up!

  • N4G The Karate Kid

    I just wish that Jeff or Eric Lempel can hear me out, all I truly want is to be heard, once Im heard I will be able to exhale.

    ERIC or JEFF if you are reading please read and understand.

    I am so happy and proud to be PS3 owner and Im so excited that 2.4 has been released which allows all users to have access to in game XMB. Can you guys please put these additions into consideration please…..

    1) Please add a sound alert for when someone sends you a friend request, logs on or message me. It can be the same sound you hear when you earn a trophy. This is critical and it just makes sense. Also if you can add an option in the setting to turn this sound off. (Just imagine if this feature wasn’t available on my cell phone, how would I know that someone sent me a text message?

    2) Please add in a Playlist for Videos. It would be so awesome if I can just let all of my game Trailers roll in the morning when Im getting ready for work. I download so many game & movies trailers in the morning, I would like to put these to good use. With the Video being such a huge icon on the XMB it just makes sense to have a Video Playlist, wouldn’t you guys agree?

    3) When I press the PS button on the controller during the XMB a small battery life icon appears on the top right of the screen, Well the problem is, it covers up the time & date for about 2 seconds. I know its something small, but if you guys can adjust the placement of that meter it would look more professional. if you can just adjust it a little further up or down so it doesn’t cover up the time & date, it would be an easy fix.

    4) on the top left of the screen, if you guys can add

    Friends online:

    Really just anything that you can do to make it more noticeable that I do have a message or a game Invite awaiting. Right now its to much of a mystery, Its like I have to really go and search to see if I have a message.

    5) Please add in automatic installation & automatic shutdown on the system. Just like on the 360, it would be nice if I can download some demos and videos before I headed for bed, and I can know that my system will automatically shut it self down after the downloads.

    6) Last but certainly not least, some nice soothing music in the Playstation store would be awesome!!!!! If digital downloads and entertainment is truly the future, then why not make the shopping experience the best that it can be? Just some nice shopping music, almost similar to the nintendo wii.

    Jeff you may not have to add in all these features but atleast please reply telling me that you read it and you ran these very small ideas to Eric? Please?

    I am a district manager for a Major Video Game retailer and I PUSH SONY extensively to my team and to the guest. This is just one small favor I ask of you. Thanks

    P.S. I will be in LA on Sunday, how can I get to the Press Conference?

  • I’ll be in LA during E3 and I’m interested in meeting up.

  • Hey if you want the new Firmware 2.40, goto and do a search for it, its there. 2.40 worked fine for me.

  • IDK
    i have 2.4 already but i woulded recomend downloading it from an other site
    i think sony has stated that in there Guid when you donwload it from there site.

    If Possible ADD- Aircards, you know sprint internet, and other mobile internet if possible

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