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A week from today, I’ll be heading down to LA for E3 2008. I wanted to run some of the coverage plans by you, and see what you’d like to see on the blog during the week of July 14.

Next week we’ll ramp up to the Expo by sharing interviews with producers and developers of the games you’ll be seeing at E3. I asked you to tell me what you wanted to know, and that’s exactly what happened. One interview a day through the kickoff of the conference.

Once we get going, I’ll be live-blogging our press conference for those who won’t be able to watch streaming coverage (things kick off at 11.30am Pacific Tuesday, so I’d imagine those of you in the work world will be busy with that). Throughout the rest of the conference I’ll be doing my best to answer your questions and follow your coverage requests. I’ll ask for those suggestions next week.

Also, I’d like to know: who’s going to be in LA that week? I’d like to meet up with readers, fanboys, fellow bloggers, and any other interested party a few hours after our press conference. Interested? We’ll come up with something fun and free. Let me know in the comments.

Below you’ll find what we’ve been reading. As always, feel free to share your favorite reads in the comments below. Comments may take longer than usual to appear – the blog team is out for the weekend.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 6/30)

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  • Patriotsbball5460


  • looking forward to E3 ;)
    hope we will see some big things!!

  • can we get a 2.4 status update?

  • When are you going to fix the disc-reading issue that kills 100% of Ps3 units?

  • @4: 100% of PS3s? I can confirm that mine works nice, so we’re down to 99,99% then? Oh, you were kidding. Clever one aren’t you;)

  • I’m still using the 2.40 update and all working o.k ;)
    Can’t wait for E3! ;-P

  • now lets not argue with each other….lol

    its Sony we are frustrated with

  • @5
    Mine works good, as does my friends, and my other friends and my other friends and my other friends and my other friends and ~30000 Warhawk players….

    Houston. We have a problem…

  • crap I mean @4

  • +Jeff Rubenstein ;) you do know that some people on the internet want to bring down the PlayStation Brand??? Theres a lot of Hate towards the PS3 :-/ Don’t know why??? It’s the best Consoles i have owned ;) Just a thought for you and SONY ;)

  • Yeah, to start with, 2.40 update status would be good? Also would love to find out more info on Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Far Cry 2 and…………God of War 3? :D

  • When are we going to get a 2.40 status update?

    @ 10 (p-s-3)
    I know! I don’t know why, but there is a lot!

  • @ everyone who replied to me (number 4)

    The disc-reading issue kills your Playstation3 unit in average after a year of use. It can however occur between 8-12 months, just as if can occur much later.
    IT IS A FACT THAT SONY HAS NO SOLUTION YET TO THE DISC-READING ISSUE. My ps3, my brother’s ps3 and 12 of our friends/clans got our ps3 units killed. I just do not know what sony is waiting to fix it. Do some research on youtube for “ps3 broke”, or on google, and you’ll find hundreds of videos/stories

  • Jeff, any news on 2.40 ?

    btw, i beat your trophy score ;p

  • BTW, How does live-blogging work? How can we see E3?

  • Hi jeff
    when is 2.40 update comming out?

  • @16

    if we don’t hear something tomorrow.. then.. we’ll just have to wait longer!

    FIX IN 2.40

    – PS2 game freeze at [game]boot
    – Bluetooth headset output crash
    – Game crash when turning off bluetooth headset while in-game
    – move battery indicator left or down

    DO THIS SOME DAY (During our lifetimes):

    – remove “Manage Accounts” from PSN menu because you can do it from the triangle menu in contact list. Change PSN menu to “Playstation Store” with [subdirectories] (if you will) “Browse Store” and “View Cart”. Also, unpurchased cart item should save upon cart exit. Then on a PS3 with no user accounts (newly purchased system) in the create user “wizard” add the ability to make a PSN accnt. (if no internet connection exists then users can select the option to create PSN accnt. from the triangle menu with active user selected in “Users” menu.)
    – make “Shutdown” a button IN the menu rather than the subdirectory OF a menu (if you get what I mean :S)
    – change SHIFT+BACKSPACE shortcut to CTRL+DEL or something
    – remove chatroom completely, initiate chat inside the “friends” menu, this idea seems more logical when the cross game chat comes out, and since it’s only temporary until the release of home… (right?)
    – hide/toggle clock to prevent burn-in (excellent idea)
    – video playlists
    – XMB during BD playback (this is for versatility, messaging and movies simultaneously is useful, I do it for AVIs and I wanna do it for BD disks as well)
    – In-Game XMB for PS2/PS1 titles
    – now that system sounds are introduced, a system sounds volume control which could also control the start-up sound
    – volume control overlay for games (much like the one accessible during video playback), or a simple volume control menu located within the black/white “Hold PS Button” menu.
    – access message list via button under gamercard
    – a method for disabling in-game XMB (people prefer the B/W “hold PS Button” menu for it’s simple interface and quickness to load)
    – hard disk/usb/media card defragger
    – integrate custom avatars (what about gravatar?)/ add more preset avatars
    – PS2 game backward compatibility across all PS3 variants

    finally I’d like to say…

    I suggest suspending developement of cross game chat until the current in-game bluetooth situation is remedied. Also, meditate everyday – stay on track.

    I’ll repost this and update it as well – depending on what changes and what you all think.


  • Yeah stop dogging the questions about 2.40! We need to know that you found the issue and fixed it or whats going on! more and more people who have it are reporting that their PS3s are dieing on them! This is insane! Don’t ignore the question jeff! Though us a bone at least!

  • yeah when will the 2.40 update come? i want to have it… :(

  • @13: There might be a problem, but you are overestimating it. If we should go on a friendbasis, none of my friends has a problem with it. I’ve had mine since launch, no problem and used it a lot.

  • I wish I could be at the E3, but its a little far away for me :-( *sob*. I’m only here a few days, but I really like being around here, as at least I have the feeling that my comments are being read by the people which make the wonderful gaming experience for us possible. That may also be said, right? Which is nice.

    Maybe you can kick some butts at SCEE, as Europeans are still waiting for their “PSN tickets!”

    I hope to see a lot of games at the E3, and not only stuff we know about, but also new stuff and… my most awaiting type of genre: “(J)RPG!” So far signs of RPG’s are pretty thin. Eternal Sonata Japan Only (?), Tales of Vesperia (is or isn’t 360 exclusive?), Star Ocean IV to 360 (noooo, my baby!). I have a blast with other types of games, and especially an Oblivion is already keeping me occupied for quite some time, but still…

  • here is another link,

    10 Things That I Want Out Of my PS3

  • @ 20

    Well, pray for it to not break down on ya soon. Mine was a launch one too (europe), it broke down 5 days after MGS4 came out.

  • Oh yes I’m sure going to watch the conference, 8:30PM local time, so no problem at all :-)

  • By the way, if anyone around here, would like to add me to the PSN, my username is my ID ;-)

  • I bought Super Stardust HD and I must say it is completely worth the $9.99 price tag. I bought it to get a head start on trophies and I enjoyed the game a lot. The trophies are perhaps what made the game not only enjoyable but rewarding. I love trophies. :) I currently have all I can get before buying the two add-ons. I have 12 trophies and a level of 2 (moving towards level 3 so bring on more trophies).

    Firmware 2.40 has made my PS3 fell so much more complete and I can’t wait for games that support its custom soundtracks and trophies.

    I’m looking forward to future firmwares and E3. I can’t wait for the video store. I hope Sony really does it big at E3. I hope you guys have a lot of PSN games in the works because they’re really a shinning aspect of the PSN. I can’t wait for E3. Keep up the good work. :)

    Oh, by the way. What happened to the PSN title “Rat Race”? I was interested in seeing more about it but it fell off the map. I also hope there is L.A. Noire news and mention of the Rockstar Sony exclusive. I guess we’ll see.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Just wondering if Sony has any plans on putting the E3 conference and other goodies up on the PLAYSTATION Store like last year? Maybe some demos? Try to get us the conference in HD at least (I think last years was only in SD if I remember correctly). Cheers.

  • I hope Sony really does it big at E3. I hope you guys have a lot of PSN games in the works because they’re really a shinning aspect of the PSN. I can’t wait for E3. Keep up the good work. :)


    Couldn’t agree more! Pixeljunk Eden and Elefunk as upcoming PSN games for instance are looking amazing. PSN needs more games!

  • E3!

    I want to watch that Expo, man. I’d really like to meet up with you guys there, Jeff. But I’m from Puerto Rico. :(

    Can you buy a fly? Haha, joke. I really hope you guys have a good time there. And enjoy all that fun for me. :P

    PS: People.. Seriously, stop bringing the 2.40 topic to every single blog.. Go to the 2.40 Status topic and post about 2.40 there.

    Now, back to E3… Yeah.. I want to see more from Little Big Planet, Home, Killzone 2, inFamous, Team ICO, Red Faction, etc etc.

    PSN ID: Xulap

  • That’s great you guys are willing to meet with fans that are showing up. Very cool and I wish I could be there.

  • i want to see resistance 2 multiplayer game play, more on littlebigplanet, more info on infamous, HOME, Killzone 2, those unnannouced games or just game that we have been hearing rumors about.

  • *Sigh*… never the information we wanna hear

  • Awesome stuff, I am for some reason completely enthralled with the idea of a game like Elefunk. Sounds like my kind of flavor. Now, with that in mind, and the composite idea that no one will answer this, will Elefunk have trophies like PJEden? I really would love to see more info on which developers are choosing to support that, although I do assume we won’t hear much about it until the events of E3. So here’s to hoping!

  • So I downloaded 2.40 on my PS3 last week and made my crash a few times while attempting to download SuperstarHD update version 4.0, after the System powercycle several times I thought my PS3 was going to died but I manually powecycle the system and is been working “fine” since that scary night I decided to update to firmware version update 2.40! I hope my PS3 doesn’t die on me as I’ve only have it for 6 months…. Sony:
    1. What’s going on? How come QA didn’t catch this before releasing the update?
    2. I thought you guys had a certification process? If so, how come no one caught these issues during that process?
    Please let us know! I don’t want my ps3 to die on me for obvious reasons! I love the system! So please don’t ignore your customers pls!

  • @27 Onna76_NL

    Yeah, those PixelJunk guys really do their job and they do it well. Although we need more fresh blood to go along with them. More unique titles. We have had a little bit of a drought when comes to PSN games this year. The only ones that keep games coming are the PixelJunk guys. We need more people like PixelJunk making PSN games. If we did we would have a steady flow of PSN games. I’m sure there are games currently in the works but Sony needs to constantly be bringing in new talent. These $10 games just pack so much value. I would also like to see bigger, higher quality $20 and $30 PSN games. And a lot of $5 games also.

    Oh and I’ll add you to my friends list too. :)

  • @13
    Get out of here troll.I’ve never had a problem with my 60gb on anything since launch.If you have a problem,it doesn’t mean 100%.That’s some of the same lame fanboy crap that has caused 2.40 delay.

  • I’m definitely keen to find out about PS3 God Of War, although if there’s anything about a PS3 SSX title I’d be very happy!

    On that subject, when are we going to get some better backwards compatibility for PS2 titles please? I’ve got a release-day machine from the UK and can’t play SSX On Tour without crashes every five minutes. I’d love to hear about updates for this aspect of the machine.

    While I’m on feature requests, any chance of a new visualisation for the PS3 music player? The earth one is gorgeous, but I’ve had that on seemingly forever now. How about a new one with the moon and other planets added? Tranquil images are great for the visualisations, so please stick with that rather than the usual hectic colour patterns as seen on PC and the 360. I know it’s a minor feature and not your priority, but I love the streaming in my PS3 – I now don’t have a stereo in the living room because of it – so anything to make this even more lovely would be great.

    Finally, cheers for the great US blog, now is there any chance of a Europe/UK version of it? I see a lot of readers on here from Europe so I’m sure there would be a lot of interest. Sony generally seems to treat Europe with disdain on release schedules, for example, we’ve only just got the DualShock3 released officially to us this week, so it would be reassuring to find out that Sony were listening and thinking about their European customers.

    Thanks again. Keep up the great blog, keep making the machine better and better, and I’m looking forward to the coverage of E3.

  • Can we expect anything good from E3? I’d like some RPGs. How about some third party announcements?

    I guess I shouldn’t expect much, we are probably gonna get another set of “artsy” PSN game crap.

  • @25 I’m also playing the crap outta Stardust HD because of the new trophies (can’t wait until the rest of you get a chance)
    I’m looking forward to Little Big Planet, and anything to do with info on Home. Also Kizzone 2 looks pretty sweet, and um… Any PSN games, especially Pixeljunk Eden :D keep up the great work! Hope you’re enjoying your days off, you’re coming back to a big mess of complaints in the forums ><
    Zemus101 – Add me to compare trophies and junk ^^

  • Enjoy your time at E3 Jeff.

  • Im going to Comic Con
    at the end of the month hope to see you there and taka some pictures of me and my 9 year old son we are ps fans!

  • Jeff,
    You guys take some time,eat some hot dogs and worry about the complainers next week.

  • I feel sorry for the people not getting 2.40 yet, but I see Sonys point in taking it off the site until they’re sure what affects only some machines.

    I’ve had it since just past midnight on July 2nd and it’s great and still working fine on my PS3.

    There are no disc read errors or anything else that seems any different than before, only much better now with the upgrade.

    Onna76_NL, by the way, I’ve sent ouot a friends request to you.

  • Forgot one thing…people if you have High Velocity Bowling, Pain or Super Stardust HD already….those should work for the in game music without 2.40.

    It was there before the upgrade and many of us didn’t know…Just push the Select button on your PS3 when you want to access your HDD music.

    You’ll have to wait for trophies, but only SSHD has them right now anyways.

  • Jeff,
    Any news if E3 will be broadcast in Home also like Ubidays was?

  • The trophy system, for me anyway, turned out to better than expected. Overall I think the gaming industry is really eating up this new feature. This is a major selling point, especially for psn games because of thier low price. SSHD downloads went through the roof over the last 5 days, from what I’ve read online.

    I’m looking foward to see how 2D trophy’s are implemented into 3D rewards within Home. Hopefully we get the low down at e3. So much to cover at e3 in such a short time period, should be awesome.

    Keep up the good work Sony, somebody’s got to fly the plane.

  • Chants_Is_My_PSN

    When are more trophies coming out for games? I’m so angry that good games such as, CoD4, RFoM, R&C, GTA IV, MGS4, and other great games don’t even have trophies and probably won’t get them! CoD4, DMC4, RFoM, R&C, won’t even get trophie support, what’s the deal with that? Stop making the developers have a choice for trophies and music because majority of devs are going to be lazy and not include any of it. I have my respect to Dylan Jobe, he always gives gamers what they want in Warhawk. I still cannot believe that CoD4 hasn’t even been out for a year, and it’s not getting a patch for in-game music, trophies, and DUALSHOCK 3 support. Guess what? Warhawk came out before CoD4 and that’s getting a patch…man this is a diaster. Sony I can’t believe first party games aren’t getting patches either, that’s very unprofessional. I know it takes time, but you need to deliver to the consumers because we’re getting very angry. Eric Lempel said that games recently coming out will have trophies and games already on shelves will eventually get trophy support. By the looks of it, I guess we’re not. I don’t mean to rant on the blog, but all my messages get ignored. v2.40 was a good update, but it lacked a lot of features consumers wanted. Lack of trophy support, in-game XMB not for movies, PS2 games, PS Store, no in-game chatting, ect. I feel cheated out of my $600 right now.

  • @44 Not sure if you saw the PSXExtreme article about Home or not, but they stated in should be out for us in Sept of this year in Beta mode and full blown in 2009.

    I posted in another blog the PSXExtreme article so won’t post it here again.

    See for yourself at

    Jeff can answer about E3, but you may want to check the article out.

  • I love how Sony is so quiet about 2.40 . You’d think they didn’t realize the whole PlayStation community is waiting for any news at all. There needs to be a fix very soon.

    Also, let those of us who have 2.40 download the SSHD team expansion please!

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