PSP (PlayStation Portable) v4.00 Update

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I wanted to give you all a heads up that a new PSP system software update, v4.00, will be released soon, adding Google Internet search directly to the XMB (XrossMediaBar) interface.

This new upgrade replicates the Google Internet search experience, delivering the same search results that you’d get at And with a search history recall of 20 items, Web searches couldn’t be easier.

After you download and install the firmware on your PSP, click on the XMB’s Network icon and then the new Internet Search icon. Enter your keywords and then let Google’s algorithms do the work. You’ll need to be connected to the Internet via a wireless access point or Wi-Fi hotspot. Googling something on the go has never been more convenient on your PSP.

Another new feature delivered through the 4.00 update is the ability to change viewing speed during playback of videos stored on your Memory Stick PRO Duo, so you can speed through or slow down what you’re watching. To do this simply press the up or down directional buttons while playing a video. Enjoy!

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  • The PSP has been out for way too long for you guys to ignore all these requests with firmware updates. PS3 users asked for in game XMB and we’re getting it soon. PSP users have asked for tons of things YEARS later still not there.

    Divx support
    Better browser
    Screen Capture
    In Game XMB as well ( users have been asking for this since before the dang PS3 came out)
    Better visuals / more
    PSN on the PSP (hello who dropped the ball here?)
    Home for PSP (not out yet for the PS3 so I’ll let this one slip)
    Messenger service (skype sucks)

    There’s a bunch more that I forget at the moment. Please for the love of all things PlayStation ADD THINGS WE WILL ACTUALLY USE AND LIKE!!!

  • All I want is IN GAME XMB with 2.40 =(

    Every ps3 owner has been asking for that feature please give it to us soon.

  • Who requested google search or slow/fast forward for videos? How about some of the stuff that we ask for. More USB Mode functionality. How about the ability to play PSP games through the PS3 via USB Mode. You’re pushing people towards CFW with updates like this. Lol :) I love you guys, but come on, give us something useful!

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    The psp needs to start getting more features like the ones in other countries, and more PS1 games.

    thanks for the new firmware though.. great idea!

  • @ RoAcH2285
    Regardless of if you or anyone else thinks about the legitimacy of the picture, the result is still the same, i’ve asked my question to the developers so my goal in posting here is done.
    Choose to believe what you wan’t to believe but know that not all test units have the ‘test’ label below and right of the playstation 3 logo.

    Good day to you all.

  • Cool.
    Hopefully a PS3 update is just around the corner.

  • When the PSP is updated to a standard PS Controller IE: L2, R2 buttons Dual Analog L3, R3 buttons I will be interested in PSP again.

    I wonder how much money changed hands for Google to be on the XMB lol

    Lets face it 2.40 will add Google to the PS3’s XMB too and that’s it, and maybe just maybe you will be able to sync your search results. LOL

    I crack myself up!

  • Wow Sony’s being a Tease. Firmware 4.00 for PSP instead of Firmware 2.40 for PS3. I wouldn’t bother saying anything of the PSP update was worth even noting. Until I see my PSP keyboard the advent of Google on XMB is kind of a waste.

  • Also regarding the whole ‘it should be at work not at home’ you really have to wonder about the videos you claim are real, Given that it was recorded on an SDTV not a HDTV, why would a developer be using an SDTV when a hdtv could happily handle normal composite input?, Why that would be because that person is at home.

  • I thought about it, and I’m never updating my PSP again. I refuse to have google on my XMB. Even if I can’t play any future games so be it.

  • I always love new firmware updates.

  • @Nivalis

    Yeah, it isn’t impossible for someone to have a dev unit at home I’ll give you that. That vid with the SDTV was from someone at 2K Australia I believe. It could have been at home I guess. I’m not trying to flat out say you’re a liar. I’m just saying that photo didn’t really prove anything to me. If you were trying to prove something with the photo it didn’t work for me.

    I’ll just believe that you’re a dev. Why not? I don’t have proof that you’re not. I don’t really have to know for sure anyway I know In-game XMB and all that is real. Maybe we’ll get the firmware soon. Anyway have a good one.:)

  • Dunno how I forget these suggestions each time:

    In addition to my previous comment on page 2, here’s two more things that might make the PSP a whole lot better.

    1) Text RSS support (so you can read feeds, like this one)
    2) IM support (AIM and/or Yahoo IM)

    I would think text RSS would be really easy, with IM support being a pain (but at least it would be free communication, as opposed to Skype which requires a fee to be really useful).

  • What a bizarre update, especially for a whole number one. Was kinda hoping for PS Store on PSP or something useful like that.

  • “I refuse to have google on my XMB.”

    What? Why?

  • WHERE’S FIRMWARE 2.4!!!!!!
    WHERE’S FIRMWARE 2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
    WHERE’S FIRMWARE 2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
    WHERE’S FIRMWARE 2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
    WHERE’S FIRMWARE 2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
    WHERE’S FIRMWARE 2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
    WHERE’S FIRMWARE 2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
    WHERE’S FIRMWARE 2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
    WHERE’S FIRMWARE 2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
    WHERE’S FIRMWARE 2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
    WHERE’S FIRMWARE 2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
    WHERE’S FIRMWARE 2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
    WHERE’S FIRMWARE 2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
    WHERE’S FIRMWARE 2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
    WHERE’S FIRMWARE 2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????


  • I’d rather hear word that Sony is going to release some more PSP games soon. The system’s release calendar is almost completely empty. I bought the system to play games – not search Google.

  • @ 104

    Post a video!

    Where is firmware 2.4 for the Playstation 3 at???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • awesome, but really REALLY wanting the ps3 update with in game XMB, and maybe more friends lists…and a couple of other magically hidden things.

  • I’ve been waiting for two (should be) small features for the last 3 years:

    #1: On-The-Go Playlists for Music
    #2: Nested Folders.

    Its incredibly annoying that the PSP only supports One folder in a given section. If I have a folder for an Artist that contains a folder for each of their albums, I have to copy the albums individually. The PS3 handles it fine, the PSP fails.

    Please fix this soon, I’d like to buy a much bigger memory stick, but its not worth it with these problems.

  • When will we get a diary/calendar on the PSP?

  • @114

    I don’t want a useless advertisement on my PSP. Essentially that’s what it comes down to, if am not going to use a google search it becomes a google advertisement on MY psp.

  • Is that all it does?

    It’s a good feature, but is that all 4.00 does?

  • @121

    I agree. What will we have next, the Walmart logo on startup? A MSN news bar across the top of the XMB?

  • Yeah, This update is a bit of a let down. I’m sure being able to conduct the search through xmb is a bit snappier but I will need a browser to search through the results and right now the browser is a bit behind.

    Not because its “4.0” (really its just a number people) and there for should be more but there are options that the community has been said they would like and then we get xmb-google? The point of surveys and asking the public what we want only works if you produce.

    IGXMB for the PS3 has been asked for since LAUNCH and we *might* see it this year. 2 years is a long to at least give the community the abilit to send a text message. However we get BD-live?

    I love my PS3, don’t get me wrong seriously, seeing silly features as this get put out for really no reason when there are greater things out there to be worked on seems anti-productive and angers your install base.

  • Yeah, it’s getting pretty sad that Sony won’t even give us a scrap of info on this supposed 2.4 update. Confirmation or denial would kill the rampant speculation and rumors that people are getting their panties in a bunch over.

    In-Game XMB for the PSP maybe impossible, but Divx support shouldn’t be.

  • Don’t get me wrong I applaud them for trying but their taking the PSP in the wrong direction. If it had a stronger web browser and it was used more frequently I am sure it would have been well receieved. But that’s not the case, we need more app’s and programs not things directed towards online only.

  • Omg… when i saw it said Update! I was like YEAH!!!! ps3 firmware 2.40 has arrived to the PS BLOG… but unfortunately its not… But the PSP update sounds cool… maybe the PS3 will receive an update soon b.c the PSP is getting one… ( WE CAN ONLY HOPE)

  • I just thought: Why do we have all these other network features, but not one of the most obvious ones – email?

  • Sounds good — I’m addicted to firmware updates!

  • Jeez, will people PLEASE LAY OFF with the “where’s 2.40/in-game XMB for the PS3” questions? I know some of you want it, but I’m sick of hearing it, especially in response to topics which are nothing at all to do with PS3.

    It’ll be released when Sony think it’s ready, and not before. Asking every 5 minutes won’t make them release it any quicker.

    Even when it is finally released, I’m betting half of you will complain because you don’t like the way it’s been implemented. “Oh, it doesn’t work EXACTLY like the Xbox 360… boo! Why not? I don’t like it! You should have done it this way…”

  • Updating the flash player? but will you guys increase the caching for the internet to where it stores the data on the psp mem stick? ;o

  • nice psp update…
    but I use my PSP only for remote play with my PS3 (hint hint 2.4)

  • @ 130 – I’m with you, i’m sick of it too. However, you can’t blame people when there’s so much rumors and speculation on the net. Sony could confirm or deny this and shut 90% of the posts up.

    As long as Sony stays silent, people won’t.

  • Lol, search on google on XMB? Lol, google pages works on my PSP very well. Try make some Online Real Features (I’ll be very happy to talk with my friends who are using home from PS3). Use some music on web browser, change the background waves (at least 2 options), put text input chat option on skype.. Maybe, release a lot more games from ps1. Try Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VII too.. Guys, u need us to show u how to make money?? C’mon!! Gave us some decent updates.

  • To be honest, it’s a pretty lame update.

    I understand that there may not be many features to add on PSP anymore but I expected an improvement over the archaic web browser at least.

    Also, when are we supposed to hear about PS3’s FW 2.40? Stop burying your heads in the sand and announce a solid date at last! Leaked videos of in-game XMB are all over the internet and you have yet to comment on it, Jesus! What are you waiting for?

  • @133 – But Sony are probably staying silent because they themselves don’t know exactly when it’ll be released. They’ve said it’s coming, and that should be enough. After that, better to stay silent than give (and possibly break) a release date, don’t you think?

    As for the rumoured dates – that’s all they are, rumours. No-one but Sony are in a position to give a date, so any dates given anywhere else should be ignored like the rubbish that they are.

    I hate to think how much development is having to go into in-game XMB to ensure that it works retrospectively with all the older software. Assuming, of course, that it does… I guess there’s a chance that it may not work with, for example, launch titles like Resistance and Motorstorm.

    Either way, to retro-fit such an integral and major part of the operating system can’t be easy, and certainly won’t be quick.

  • Eventually this update will be worthwhile, when more (and considerably better) file formats for video are included in an update because then it will make it worthwhile ripping videos more often.

    For now though, I’m more curious about what hasn’t been said.

    I’m hoping for a few things, removal of the file cap for videos and music (999 isn’t that much for music, or short clips of video like the Kanji flashcards someone made not long ago, remove the silly restriction on folders and at least let us store movies, photos & music an additional folder deep.

    Here is to what is unsaid, and what could be!

  • I’m not buying this useless device until the day i hear that it will be possible to connect to the PLAYSTATION NETWORK through the PSP. Checking / responding to messages must be one of the many features.

  • I’ll sell my psp and games tomorrow…
    BYE Sony

  • Please Sony….allow me to play DIVX on my PSP.

    Now that PS3 can stream DIVX it only makes sense to make the PSP play them. Just this weekend I had to convert my kids shows from DIVX to MP4.

    Please add DIVX support to the PSP.


  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    Why do people keep saying in game xmb on the 18th??? Its just a rumor.. It will probably get announced in E3, which is lame cause thats another long wait.

    I hope MGS4 gets some sort of trophy support.

  • Instead of wasting time with useless firmware updates, why not shift those resources to making exclusive PSP games, seeing that third parties are abandoning the PSP.

  • A truly terrible update. I have been waiting for DivX forever, and still…nothing. And, as so many before and after me have asked, where is FW 2.4 for PS3!?!?!

  • I had a strange feeling that the reason why the PS3 In-game xmb is being delayed is because the PSP is ALSO going to have in-game xmb of some sort…thats my theory :-P

  • Also how come there is still a limit to webpages? I hate having to find alternate ways to see a website and only seeing a message saying “not enough memory” all the time :( Are we going to get a flash and/or memory update in the future?

  • Honestly, i wasn’t expecting much out of 4.00 anyway.

  • @137

    really? Sony said I will release this? where? anyway they said in game communication in summer sooo… summer doesn’t end in June, but I’m really waiting it too… like crazy, I guess this is the only update that I’m waiting from them. The just two things I want from them is in game communication and trophies.

    This isn’t bad from the PSP but why everyone was waiting so many changes if it’s 4.0? isn’t in 3.95 now? just a change of 0.05 will bring a PlayStation Store to PSP? it’s the same I told everybody… if Sony bring a update to the to the PS3 with in game communication and trophies it will not be a 2.4 update either… to much things and changes to be just a 0.05 too

  • In all honesty, people could care less about new official firmware updates for the PSP, as the homebrew scene has been able to improve upon them.

    IMO, Sony would almost be better off open sourcing the current PSP’s firmware and focusing all of their efforts on making a better (and secure) PSP2.

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