PSP (PlayStation Portable) v4.00 Update

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I wanted to give you all a heads up that a new PSP system software update, v4.00, will be released soon, adding Google Internet search directly to the XMB (XrossMediaBar) interface.

This new upgrade replicates the Google Internet search experience, delivering the same search results that you’d get at And with a search history recall of 20 items, Web searches couldn’t be easier.

After you download and install the firmware on your PSP, click on the XMB’s Network icon and then the new Internet Search icon. Enter your keywords and then let Google’s algorithms do the work. You’ll need to be connected to the Internet via a wireless access point or Wi-Fi hotspot. Googling something on the go has never been more convenient on your PSP.

Another new feature delivered through the 4.00 update is the ability to change viewing speed during playback of videos stored on your Memory Stick PRO Duo, so you can speed through or slow down what you’re watching. To do this simply press the up or down directional buttons while playing a video. Enjoy!

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  • So why is this needed? I dont install the google toolbar crap on my desktop, why would i want to be FORCED into having it on my psp?

  • Was expecting more from 4.0 than this. Should add progressive JPEG support (pretty sure it doesn’t support that at the moment), better playlist support for music (like an actual playlist editor like the PS3, and store the playlists in an M3U text file (same as used by Winamp/etc) so folks can easily organize their music how they want), playlist support for photos, DivX support for videos (including AC3 audio decoding (since a lot of Divx videos have AC3 audio too)), and an XMB PSN Store for the PSP (and start kicking developers to make games for it).

    The video speedup sounds cool and all, but it’s kind of underwhelming for something labeled 4.00.

  • will this update have FlashPlayer 9? I hope there is more in this update than just google. 4.00 is a big number update just to have that one feature as a update.

  • nice, but you would think 4.00 would have more in it….

  • Wow, there’s going to be a bunch of ticked off PSP users if that’s all that 4.00 will have. I was hoping for a screen capture mode but I guess no one finds it important that gamers just might want to show things off or use it for help when they’re stuck in some level and can’t explain it. I hope for the PSP user fanbase 4.00 has a bunch of hidden things not the (for me) useless ones mentioned.

  • where is the PSN store on the psp? why isnt that in 4.0?

  • @40 TAGImperium
    Are you kidding me? They’re having a hard enough time getting in-game xmb out for the ps3 and it has a multicore processor and a whole lot more ram. There’s no way they’d ever get it to work on the psp simply because of the amount of ram it has and the type of processor it has. It wasn’t designed for running two different things at the same time.

  • if you guys have some sort of deal with google now see if you can get google earth on the ps3 and/or psp if it can handle it.. it would be awesome to use google earth in hd 1080p on a huge screen

  • @nivalis (#49),

    Nice try, dork. haha

  • Another thing I don’t get, posts I find worthy of a low score get high ones, posts I find worthy of a high score gets a low score. Do people just vote the opposite of what it should be.

  • Does this firmware upgrade have more features that have yet to be announced? This seems like a meager change to go along with a major version number increment.

  • @terminatorvsmtrx:

    You are wrong, read this blog more often… They said the PS3 in-game XMB is popping in the few next weeks, and since they said that 1 or two weeks ago, this could, yes, be this week.

    Anyway, for the topic, I think it’s not a big update, but usefull. The PS store in the PSP’ XMB would be really great, and maybe, like 3D3 said, divx support would be cool as well. All my movies are in divx. (I play them on my PS3).

    Thanks anyway for the update.

  • Very cool. The PSP is one hell of a handheld. The more functionality, the better.

  • Ok I’ll rephrase it, I’m almost 100% sure it will come out on the 18th. If I’m wrong, no loss really.

  • @ 62.. yea i know it was “announced”.. i’ll believe it when i see it.. in my mind its the last bit of ammo we need to finally have the gaming community agreeing we have the superior next gen console

  • That’s pretty neat.

    Any chance of this making it to the PS3?

  • @ 3D3 I will jump with joy if you’re right i just try not to get my hopes up too high.. a few weeks ago i heard someone saying it was coming out on the 13th or 14th

  • Sorry what? Did you just update the PSP to 4.0 to add a bookmark to google? Really? I sure hope that there’s more to this update than you write. What about actually getting the freaking browser working first? I mean, it’s slower than most browser in mobile phones.

    Just a short list of what the PSP really needs:
    1. PSN access.
    2. XviD support and generally support for more formats. You want this to be a media device on the go? Well then let me play everyhing.
    3. Make the browser better than it is atm.
    4. Look at the homebrew scene, and check out the way instant message programs handles text input. It’s much more intuitive. Make it optional if you think it’s too hard for the normal user to figure out.
    5. If you refuse to do the above, then add in T9 please.

    The last, great update to the PSP imo. was RSS feed reader. That thing is awesome.

  • I’m really sick of having to quit MGO just to send my friend a message and then having to start up MGS4, enter MGO, sign into MGO, and log back into my character. Got firmware 2.40?

  • @53 drdre74
    There is no flashplayer 9 sdk, so the answer is no. As soon as Adobe makes one, then this might change, but until that happens nothing except for web browsers running on computers will ever be able to (officially) support flash 9.

  • @65

    you said:
    “in my mind its the last bit of ammo we need to finally have the gaming community agreeing we have the superior next gen console”

    I think what is needed is not the superior next gen console (btw PS3 is the superior)

    What is needed is the superior next gen social gaming network. Right now, the PSN is totally suck-a$$, I MEAN HORRIBLE, compared to XBOX Live, which sucks for PS3, because it will be a great day when the PSN catches up.

    Until then, I stand…..waiting….

  • @StalkingSilence
    ‘nice try’.

    That said i’m asking when scedev site will be updated with this information.

  • it would be nice to give us ps3 owners a new FW update!

  • It is everything?

    Five months of development for only that?

    If I make that for my job, me makes me send dismiss.

  • ehh.. not a bad update, but not too good either.

    What is horrible about the PSN compared to XBL other than a lack of cross-game invites/in-game messaging?

    That’s what I thought, now STFU

  • This is a really good idea! I for one know that I’ll be using this constantly, since google is all I use to search with and I use my PSP to do so very often.


  • @stalkingsilence
    ‘nice try’ indeed.

    i’m just waiting for the scedev site to be updated because currently it’s still mainly focused on 2.30 (and partly 2.35) :/ come on sony, buck your ideas up already.

  • I think a new browser like opera is the most needed feature. Probably they should pay them for a right browser. This sony browser is a piece of sh*t. Slow and crappy , uncomfortable. I think is funny to have the google search but a bad browser, that’s really useless since you can’t use the internet, they should better care to a new browser.

    + However they should avoid in a next revision of the psp to use a glare display. A better display and you can use the psp outdoor when the sun shines.

  • Nivalis. Dude, where you get that from?!!?!!?!?!

  • Okay. This is pretty cool I guess. Care to give us a screenshot, Eric?

    I was hoping for something a little better than Google though… but you’ve made so much improvement on the PSP, I guess it’s hard to do much more, lol.

    Anyways, how about some news on firmware 2.40 for the PS3? I want to know about that, it’s been speculated to release on the 18th with In-Game XMB and Trophies. Is there anyway you could confirm a release date or at least give us some of the features that will be included in the update?

  • google search….on a psp….seriously? WTF for? You realize this is one small step backword for man, one giant leap backwards for mankind.

  • Dude, check out # 76 post! Trophy collection and clock at the top!

  • Whenever the PSP gets an update like this the PS3 usually gets one as well. I will bet cold hard cash that PS3 2.40 will be out within days of PSP 4.0.

  • @76

    Make a video and put it on youtube showing in-game XMB.

  • Nice Nivalis. And you can kinda see his name under it, which means he didn’t just copy it from a different site. =)

    This is great news!

  • Sweet. I’ll be getting it as soon as it’s released. I wish knew what you knew Eric because I know you know the next firmware update for the PS3 and that makes me jelous.

  • Not bad! Not bad at all!

    Now, since we’re talking about firmware here, you KNOW what I’m going to ask now, right? Except, I’m not going to go there, as I’m sure lots of posters before and after Yours Truly have done so.

    Just know that I agree with them.

  • @ Nivalis


    I can tell thats a retail SKU and not a dev unit. For one thing its at your house next to some Xboxs. It has a bunch of downloaded games on it and you have retail games in and around it. None of which you should be on a dev unit. Nice Try. You want to prove something give me a vid.

  • O rly? Devs don’t have houses?

  • Update the browser so it is more functional. I can search things with google but if I can’t view it the search functionality is moot.

  • this really sucks
    I mean, look at the other X.00-updates:
    2.00-internet browser
    3.00-PS1-game Support

    and now

    4.00-XMB-Google support

    The Playstation Store on PSP would have been nice

    Well, i hope, Sony has a big nice surprise for us =/

  • We need PSN support.

  • Where is Firmware 2.4 for the PS3 with in game XMB??????????????????????????????

  • Even if I appreciate Sony generally…
    There I can say, without regret:

  • Why do people want in-game XMB for the psp?

    The main reason for in-game XMB is for PS3 users that want to communicate with friends easily.

  • Well, its official. Fantasy really is better than reality. Whoever made that fake 4.0 update feature list a few months back needs to learn some programming skills and apply for a job at Sony.

    Also, the comments here are so much nicer and tamer than other forums.

  • 2.40


    soon, I wont replay mgs4 until I get my trophies!!

    Come on guys, please

  • @AdeptHavoc

    He shouldn’t have a Dev unit at his house it should be at work. Look at all the REAL videos of 2.40 in action. They’re all Dev units. If you notice they don’t have games and things downloaded to them. In one vid a guy plays a demo of Ridge Racer and he had to use an SD card to do it. Playing games off an SD card is something only a dev unit will do. They’re not suppose to be able to play regular retail games on Blu-Ray as far as I know either (I’m not sure on this). If he takes a picture of Debugging in settings or something I might know its him with a Dev unit.

    Why do you believe this random guy. The photo he has just looks fake. Maybe its not but he hasn’t really proved anything to me with that picture.

  • hey I heard this update would let you veiw DVD’s and BD on your PSP via remote play and let you play any PS2+PS3 games via remote play. LOL I guess I’ll have to find out for my self?

  • Nice update but was hoping for more features in Firmwire 4.00. Still nice work with working with google, hopefully they will work with Apple to get support for Their OS X for the ps3 instead of only having linux.

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