PSP (PlayStation Portable) v4.00 Update

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I wanted to give you all a heads up that a new PSP system software update, v4.00, will be released soon, adding Google Internet search directly to the XMB (XrossMediaBar) interface.

This new upgrade replicates the Google Internet search experience, delivering the same search results that you’d get at And with a search history recall of 20 items, Web searches couldn’t be easier.

After you download and install the firmware on your PSP, click on the XMB’s Network icon and then the new Internet Search icon. Enter your keywords and then let Google’s algorithms do the work. You’ll need to be connected to the Internet via a wireless access point or Wi-Fi hotspot. Googling something on the go has never been more convenient on your PSP.

Another new feature delivered through the 4.00 update is the ability to change viewing speed during playback of videos stored on your Memory Stick PRO Duo, so you can speed through or slow down what you’re watching. To do this simply press the up or down directional buttons while playing a video. Enjoy!

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  • Sweet, but when is firmware update 2.40 with in game XMB for the PS3 coming?

  • WOW. For a second I thought it said “PS3 v4.00 update”. Lol, almost went crazy for a second.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    Thanks for the update! Hopefully 2.4 for the PS3 is around the corner as well.

  • Google search feature directly into the XMB? That’s sick!

  • Wow.. For a minute there I thought its was the FW for the PS3.. But nice update anyways.. Jeff do you ever think that it would be possible with the PSP to have like a custom sound track feature?? Like listen to your music while playing games?? I’m from NY.. And I can tell you that 8 times out of 10 when i see people on the train playing their PSP’s.. Their also carrying and listening to another media device like an iPod or whatever.. If the PSP had this feature, I believe that that would cause customers to spend their $$$ on more games than having to purchase another media device.. Just a though..

  • Sorry about that I meant Eric.. woops..

  • Cool to see Sony and Google playing nice! Looking forward to this update since that’s all I really use the internet browser for.
    Besides these 2 improvements, will we see any (hidden) updates to the remote play functionality or any other cool features?

  • PSP firmware. check.
    ps3 firmware…?
    where is 2.4 with in game xmb
    Its my birthday on the 24th. can i have in game xmb for then it for then? please

  • Cool but I was really hoping for more for update 4.00. :( I was hoping for updated web browser or maybe in-game XMB. Or at least listen to music while browsing the web. :( Oh well PS3’s in-game XMB comes out on the 18th I can’t wait!

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    maybe next time we’ll get Google Earth! :)
    just joking, but that would be pretty sweet.

  • I hope the ps3 2.40 update is coming soon.this is cool though.

  • How (if at all) does this relate to the release of PS3 firmware v2.36?
    Does the rumored release of PS3 v2.36 affect the June/July timeframe for PS3 v2.40 release?
    [I have a strange feeling you won’t answer me…]

  • awesome update keep us posted

  • This is nice and everything, but tell us about 2.4 already.

  • We want to know more about firmware update (v2.40)

    Come on dude!!!

  • how soon we talkin?

  • That’s it? really? I had been holding out figuring 4.0 would have something neat, but it’s looking like time for CFW.
    Any chance you guys have upped proxy (http and/or socks) support so we can really use the psp anywhere? We need proxy support for all network connections (i.e. remote play), not just the browser.

  • does somebody knows who develops the firmware and internet browsers for the psp and ps3?

  • cool! although i’m confused whose idea was this? i feel like when sony has done surveys about what functionality they would like added to the psp via FW, it never mentions this, nor the request for this sort of feature was around. still cool though.

    but yes, tell us something about ps3 firmware!!! haha we’re all clamouring for it!

  • Nice update, but the PSP browser still needs some work in the page formating. A lot of pages just don’t load right on the PSP, the ideal would be like the iPhone handles it where pages can be scaled just like an image. Im not sure this is something that can be fixed in the PSP fat, but the slim should be able to with the extra memory it has.

  • Well, it looks like I will be using Google a lot more on my PSP now. Thanks

  • @jcasanova (19),
    You know him – hmmm you might want to talk to the director of PlayStation Network Operations for that one…

  • Excellent update. Wasn’t expecting in-xmb google search.

  • Good update! I would also love to see some connection improvements with remote play.

  • Is that all this firmware does? I mean I’m glad that you’re spending time/effort to update the psp firmware, but a shortcut to google seems a little disappointing. I personally would like to see a firmware that offers more interactivity between the psp and the ps3, not just for media stuff or remote play, but for expanding gameplay by giving each player their own private psp screen for multiplayer games, or allowing psp owners to play mini games when they’re on the go that somehow affects the events of the ps3 game once they get home. Just look at what has been done so far with the PSeye. The psp is an untapped resource for being used as a ps3 accessory. If you provide this kind of connectivity, I’m sure software developers would be able to come up with something amazing.

  • don’t PSP and PS3 FW updates happen around the same time?

  • Sweet, so whens 2.4 coming to the PS3?

  • I’m not one to moan, but that’s a pretty poor update. The PSP is crying out for DivX support, PSN integration and a store on the actual PSP; yet we get google search. So instead of having to go to the internet browser, select google from our bookmarks we can just press an icon – yay! How about actually updating the PSPs browser so it has an integrated Google search box, like on the iPhone?

  • Nice, I’m glad to see more features being brought to the PSP. I hope to see more remote play functionality.

  • Excellent. Hopefully you guys sneak some more codec compatibility in there too.

  • my heart skipped a beat .. still great but you scared the [DELETED] out of me Eric.

  • DIVX would be great.

  • Thanks for the heads up.

  • anything else?
    its a good update, i just expected more since there hasn’t been one in months and its a x.00 update

  • There’s more to the update than this, right? I’m hoping there is because these two features sound like a 3.97 update.

  • Nifty feature, though I’ll admit I’m surprised it jumps up the version to v4.00. I had expected onboard PS Store to be the “big” feature for 4.00. Still, it’s a good one and glad to have it. Any word on generally when the update should be available, or should I just obsessively update over the next few hours and days? :)

  • Thanks for the update! Google on the xmb will come in handy. I would love to be able to browse the internet and listen to music at the same time if the PSP could handle it and well as improved media playback.

    Also there seems to be an lot of people having trouble getting their PSP to connect to their PS3’s through the interenet. Any chance on improving connectivity or improving help on the subject?

  • yea give us the next ps3 update.. ya kno the one rumored to have in game xmb that weve been politely begging for, for about two years now

  • Where’s in game XMB for the PSP? Or Divx support? Not much of an update for 4.0. Then again, you guys are being awfully quiet on a FW update for the PS3. I wonder why? In-Game XMB on the PSP would be sweet too.

  • Just tell us when in-game XMB for PS3 comes out.

  • Will this update fix the problem i have with remote play on my PS3? I can do remote play when doing it in my house but if i try and connect using the internet at work or even at my house it wont connect.

  • @29
    Absolutely. In-PSP PSstore is what we all really want. Especially the mac people who complain to no end that there’s no osx compatibility. I could care less about video codec support since I know the psp has limited firmware space and I’d rather watch divx on a larger screen, but PSstore should be priority #1.

  • @ schitthammer.. i completely agree.. a v4.00 should be a much more serious update

  • Geez, you people…. Sony never mentioned 2.40 EVER, don’t expect what they don’t announce.

  • actually speaking of google on psp.. wouldnt it be sick if there was google earth for psp?

  • Eric, this is a great PSP update, nice work!

    On a tangent, but firmware related to the PS3.

    With the PS3 import CD functions. Can you set it up to pull in Album covers too? I hate having to go and save the album covers and import them seperately.


  • I’d appreciate word on final retail ps3 update, as a developer i’ve already received the update for the test units however there have been no mention of a release for retail.

  • @3D3 dont get these folks all hyped.. theres almost no chance in game xmb will come out that soon.. theyll probably end up giving it to us with home in the fall

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