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You all seemed to be in favor of this last week, so here goes: the official PlayStation.Blog reading list. Lot of Hot Shots Golf and Metal Gear Solid stories floating around, and the MGS4 stuff will only increase next week. Personally, I’ve been devouring every review out there, and playing through MGS3: Subsistence in anticipation.

So, did we miss any big stories? Share your links in the comments below like last week. Please keep in mind that comments with links have to be individually approved – and therefore will take a little while to show up.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 6/2)

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  • Wow..I don’t know what is worst…xbox fanboys or ps fanboys whining.

    Your precious XMB in-game is COMING. BE PATIENT. You want a buggy version or stable one?

    If you can’t wait, then sell your PS3 and get an Xbox360 and pray you will never encounter the RROD.

  • @45 consoleboi
    Well said, if you wanna see the worst that a fanboy can be, goto neogaf, there is a tread about ingame XMB, some games when you access the ingame XMB doesnt pause the game.
    So neogaf have like 30-40 postets whinning about that. come on ,just press the damn pause button !!!!!

  • postets == posters

  • Please tell the PSPS fans you have some more PSP exclusive games that will hit soon, or be announced soon for the Platform. We need more games!

    Only the last 5 games released take full advantage of the PSP systems memory and Graphics specs and bring the PSP games to PS2 level graphics. Please for the love of god announce some more hard core PSP games! I know you wan’t to appeal to a brawder market but the major reason the Nintendo DS is loseing sales is because they lack good hardcore third party, and first party games.

    IMHO the more games like God of War, and WipEout: Pulse the better, as well as the more RPGs, and online games the better. The PSP has some great graphics it’s time to get the developers at Sony working on more then R&C, and Cheap Japanese odd ball games.

    We need some great harcore games, maybe some new game lines to appear under the PSP exclusive flag. IE SWBF:RS was great, R&C rocked, GOW:CO rocked even more. How about some more great PSP only games from Sony, or third parties? The PlayStation Brand needs exclusives!

  • @ everyone saying “XMB IS COMING JUST CALM DOWN”

    Since when did XMB become a black bag op? To where Sony cant even tell the fans that bought their 600 dollar game system that its at least on their mind.

    Its completely disrespectful to just ignore the issue DAILY. People get more responses about Eye of Judgment obscure questions, than questions that come up every single blog.

    Simple as:

    “Hey guys, we know the demand for XMB is very high. Currently we are working out the final bugs and tweaks for it to provide you with the best product. No release date is available just yet!”

    And the ENTIRE internet would shut up about the issue.

    Millions of Fans would be fine with not only information, but being acknowledged as a paying customer.

    Information about

    Custom Avatars
    PSN Content (Sony Pictures/BMG cant get any videos/music on PSN?)

    Should be the easiest stuff for Sony to comment on. People don’t want to know the ins and out, people would love to not be ignored.

  • I would love to know how everyone thinks Jeff has some knowledge we don’t have already about 2.4 firmware or PSN cards.

    You guys brother him on a daily basis about these things when obivously he does know about it until almost we do, maybe he gets the info 4 hours before us, but still not any faster then us.

    All desisions probably come out SCI Japan for anything related to Sony based products, so in all likely hood he does not know anymore then us.

    I love how your comments here on blog posts always now get off topic and focus on in-game XMB, Firmware 2.4, or PSN Cards and then you bug poor old Jeff.

    Jeff wheres my PSN cars, Jeff wheres my firmware update, Jeff wheres my girlfriend???

    Leave the man alone, I don’t think Jeff has anymore powers over knowing when a firmware update is coming to when a product will arrive unless he is told. Jeff runs this blog that seems to be it, you would have more luck asking Dave Jaffe when 2.4 is coming out, why because he would straight tell you its coming when its ****ing done and not soon. Maybe blunt language is all the kids know now of days.

  • Yeah, Jeff has nothing to do, Jeff is not SCEJ where (i think) the OS is developed.
    Jeff is so cool that he is American and play soccer, the true king of sports.
    Wich by the way is the real Football.
    -Fersis member of:
    ‘Jeff,Noel and Sony ‘cool’ guys and gals Defense Force’

  • Yeah tell the Battlefield: Bad Company developers they hit a home run with that demo, and will have major support on the PS3! BTW if you could tell them to get a similer game on the PSP system as an exclusive, last but not least tell them they have to support the PS3! No more of this lets release a game on all platforms, and then only support two versions of it!

    For the love of god get them to support the PS3 version! IE like what they did with Burnout: Paradise. DLC, PS3 patches that fixed the PS3 problems, as well as problems on both consoles, Patches that make both versions better and at the same time equal!

  • Know if anything on MGS4 will be posted today as MGSMonday
    or is that over

  • @ Jeff
    thanks for the info. great job!
    how about them Phillies? possible world series appearance? PHILLY ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

    @ all
    dont you think he (jeff) knows what ppl write in blogs about in game xmb?! huh? he just doesnt want to talk about it. its coming one of these days or month when sony feels like the wait is over. its a business of numbers, which means once in game xmb comes as a download more people are going to buy ps3 and sell or trade in their xbox. lets be honest, mircosoft is only good for software… ex. windows.. is windows needed to run a pc?? NO! its an organizer of apps and files. I wonder why mircosoft has made a PC yet? because hardware isnt their forte. Sony’s hardware is too powerful, which is good.

    when in game xmb does become available SONY is going to need some shades because all they’re going to see is bright green $$$$$$$$$$$$$ $_$

  • almost forgot…

    psn: WEAPON20X
    Cod4, haze, mlb 08 da show, madden 08, gta4
    will be gettin mgs4 too.

  • Few days away from MGS4…WOW! i can’t wait…

    Also very exited for Resistance 2.

  • Haha, no firmware reads?

  • I’ll just echo what everyone else is saying.
    It’s still on for tommorrow, right? :P

  • stange we didnt get a new blog today… could it be_____ 2morrow???

  • @65 Philly_215
    I hope that today there will be a Metal Gear Monday ,i like those posts

  • This might be a stupid place to ask, but when will we get more PSOne Classics added to the NA Store. Would really love Syphon Filter 2 and 3

  • Eh, looks like ye aren’t looking around hard enough! Kidding aside, how about actually acknowledging the 2.40 FW rumors – seriously, acting like you haven’t been seeing that sh*t all over the net? Bringing up other trivial things and pretending to just ignore it? This is the main thing so many folks want and it’s like a game with you folks…In Shirt XMB – that was sad. At least acknowledge it…so many folks wouldn’t be hating at the moment if you would at least tell us….you guys are quick to show us games that are ridiculously long away yet you can’t even mention/acknowledge the 2.40 rumors? It’s borderline retarded….hate to say it.

  • What’s “borderline retarded” is asking the same questions week after week when it’s obvious that Sony isn’t going to announce anything until they’re ready.

    It’s not like Sony is going to see the 10,000th whiny little question and then say, “Oh, well, we better answer them now.”

    They’ll do it when they’re ready.

    And not a moment sooner.

    Is that so difficult to understand?

  • 68 weedme3
    -they cant comment on rumors or speculations
    -In Shirt XMB was cool ,at least for me.
    -It’s not retarded, its just that SCEJ ,SCEE and SCEA dont get along.

  • You don’t have to tell me about 2.40, just release it tomorrow and I’ll be happy :)

  • Did you see this? -Soul Calibur 4 preview

    “Having seen the game running on both the 360 and PS3, we’re a little worried that the PS3 version suffers from significant slowdown as opposed to the extremely smooth 360 build, but it’s still early. These problems could very well be addressed in the coming months. Until then, we can’t wait to get even more hands-on time with the next iteration of the Soulcalibur series.”

    Sony has to teach these guys how to program for the PS3 and not ruin this title for us gamers!

  • Thanks for responding to my question Jeff. Already have this site as my homepage.

  • Are we going to get info on Singstar updates on the blog anytime? Also is the Singstar webpage ever going to be completed for the US so we can browse the songs in the store online like every other country can?

  • I’M SORRY, BUT…WHERE ARE THE RPG’S!!!!!!!! FORGET FINALFANTASY. can we get some good rpg’s please? enough fps’s enough casual games. i’m thinking getting a 360 because they got rpg’s. they got some in japan but i can’t read japanese.

  • I know one things for sure, there will be no FW update on June 10th.

    In-Game XMB Whiners, you may commence whining.

  • Jeff, why have I not seen any Tv advertising for MGS4? Who is in charge of the marketing for this game Sony or Konami? A lot of people still don’t know that it comes out in 3 days.

  • You missed the most important of all PS3 dying on me 4 days before MGS4..MGS4, the game that convinced me getting a PS3..

  • You missed the most important of all PS3 dying on me 4 days before MGS4..MGS4, the game that convinced me getting a cannot read any discs anymore.

  • Wow…def no ingame xmb tonight…oh well jus gotta keep waiting..@ jeff, have you guys ever considered just debunking rumors in regards to release dates for firmware updates or home? I mean I really think an official announcement would just quiet the crowd..and not set users up for a details needed just a yes or no once people begin to make up dates…the secret thing with sony gets kind of old you know?

  • @ your reply at 66
    pshhh could reply to mine post 59
    lol jk
    know if sony working on something else that we dont know yet?

  • and by something else i mean something for the FW update

  • My comment seem to disappear well here it is again than

    In response To what Jeff said to me early “links? Surely you offer more than criticism”

    You ask I give, Always good for funny stuff and laughs with real news too, All things Playstation related is your source there, Another Good source of news and reviews At least they recap the news of the week, and have some funny articles from time to time and good reviews Yes UGO does have a games blog now

    I mean There is a lot of sites online for gaming news, these are some of them for you, its always a good idea to have a wide variety of reading material don’t you think.

    Note: I gave the sites not just stories, these sites always have something to read that is interesting and not just reposted crap.

    PS: Jeff great work on the blog here,

    Jeff you were the bomb in Phantoms Yo!

  • Hi Jeff,

    Any chance you can let me know if the MP4 stuttering issue when streamed through DLNA that was introduced in version 2.20 and still exists in 2.35 has been fixed in the upcoming firmware release (whenever the next one is coming).

    I (along with many others) converted all my DVDs to MP4s because at the time that is all that the PS3 supported. Now the MP4 format stutters (while the Divx doesn’t).

    Please respond if at all possible. It’s been months of waiting for this fix! :(

  • Hey all I have post two comments now with links and they are not showing anything special I should know about, should I use HTML to have the links show up along with the comment, I mean I wanted to reply to what Jeff ask me earlier and can’t seem to get the comment to show up,

  • I too would like to know if the MP4 streaming issue is fixed. There are 21 pages of complaints about this on the Sony forums:

    And before someone replies “it works for me”, this is an issue with streaming MP4 files from a DLNA server, not playing MP4 files off the PS3’s hard drive. This worked flawlessly under 2.17 and has been broken in all firmwares since 2.20. Throw us a bone, guys! Not all of us play games with our PS3 systems!

  • No booth babes at all @ E3?
    I am a bit disappointed…
    Maybe if I get to go to the Sony Press Conference @ E3 I will forget all about it ;)

    Oh and you forgot the best site of all.

    Oh and we are having a Theme Creation Contest where you can win a copy of GT5: Prologue.

  • I had the same issue a few days ago. JamesL007, hey did I smoke you in GTA IV the other day?

  • I too would like to know if the MP4 streaming issue is fixed. There are tons of complaints about this all over the web and on the Sony forums. And, before someone replies “it works for me”, this is an issue with streaming MP4 files from a DLNA server, not playing MP4 files off the PS3’s hard drive. The MP4 DLNA streaming worked flawlessly under 2.17 and has been broken in all firmwares since 2.20. Throw us a bone, guys! Not all of us play games with our PS3 systems!

  • Actually THATPSPGUY I think you did smoke me, I was on bad day in Liberty and was getting my ass handed to me a lot,

    I hope Wednesday is a better day for me on GTA:IV online damn it,

  • @83 Finally my comment has show’d up at last, if there is double post of those sites just delete the double post then by me, The system works

    Jeff you still were the bomb in Phantoms Yo!

  • Great post Jeff. Thanks for keeping me updated!

    Looks like people will keep on whining for 8 days… Hopefully!

  • wow this is sad…. apprently the xbox360 is getting tales of vesperia, star ocean4, infinite undiscovery, and the last remnant … i brought a ps3 because i thought there was gonna be a huge libary of jrpg like the ps2 era….. so far theres yet any…

  • Whats up with Sony :s now Xbox is also getting Star Ocean 4 and getting The Last Remnant before us PS3 owners…

    Get a grip Sony.

  • Come on Sony, where are the RPGs? What the hell are you guys doing?

  • SCEJ need to get it in gear. Unless they have some huge RPG announcements in the next few months, i might have to buy a 360 (after a price drop).

    i would have never in a million years thought the 360 would end up with more rpgs than the PS3.

    This is a bigger story than all the stories in here combined

  • Seriously /echo RPG sentiments. ;)

  • What is happening with the PS3’s JRPGs? There is nothing in the news and the competition just announced a stellar lineup including timed exclusives. PS3 owners seem to have little to nothing to expect in this regard until next year. There is too much waiting and not enough to show for it. Eternal Sonata was announced for PS3 and then disappeared into the ether. The Playstation was known as the home of JRPGs and now it is getting trampled.

    Infamous? LA Noire? What is happening with these games too?

    Afrika was showcased at E3 and now it has been announced to be Japan only. Is it crap? Sony is really behind the eight ball this generation.

  • I just downloaded Firmware 2.40
    The in game XMB is great, thanks Jeff you guys at Sony are doing a swell job.

  • SCEJ needs to wake the hell up and start securing some JRPGs!

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