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You all seemed to be in favor of this last week, so here goes: the official PlayStation.Blog reading list. Lot of Hot Shots Golf and Metal Gear Solid stories floating around, and the MGS4 stuff will only increase next week. Personally, I’ve been devouring every review out there, and playing through MGS3: Subsistence in anticipation.

So, did we miss any big stories? Share your links in the comments below like last week. Please keep in mind that comments with links have to be individually approved – and therefore will take a little while to show up.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 6/2)

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  • Pretty busy week :)

  • Nice. PLAYSTATION RULES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Many awesome articles. A few I missed, so thanks a lot Jeff. :D

  • You only missed this 3rd YouTube video that confirms In-Game XMB for the 100th time but you guys won’t comment on it.

    What’s taking you guys so long to unveil it on here? We all know it’s coming.

    Think you could throw us a bone and tell us when were getting any news on the next firmware update? Even if you tell us were getting one next week it could be 2.36 or something.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      You know the drill – a few days before firmware updates, we give you the lowdown. That hasn\’t changed.

      What else hasn\’t changed: if you don\’t see it here, take what you read with a grain of salt.

  • PS3 TEST Firmware v2.40 Preview!

    Yeah, you guys missed this one. Not fake or a rumor. So technically you can count this as news since it’s not a rumor.

  • “PixelJunk Eden will support YouTube uploading – PS3 Fanboy”

    Best news for me. I can’t wait to play PixelJunk Eden.

  • yeah you seem to have the bargain bin haze story up, so why not an in game xmb story

  • You guys forgot the most interesting story of the week.

    In-game XMB. :P

  • official metal gear solid 4 mic.. SUCKS WOW

  • I agree jeff…why not give the users some bit of hope about the most wanted feature by ps3 users world wide!…let’s get some sort of info..keep up the good work! Play B3yond

  • In-game XMB comments are being avoided like the plague.

  • Hey Jeff,

    It’s great to have all this info summarized here every weekend!! Thanks a lot!

    I wish to encourage you to help with the public image of the PlayStation 3 over wikipedia, I know it is a public source of information but as you take care of the blog, I think you are the best person to, at least validate some of the info and update some parts. For instance, there is an article there that shows games that have sold more than 1 million copies on every video game platform to date, and the PS3 is fairly incomplete. So I think the PlayStation 3 article and this over 1 million sold games list are the main one for the PlayStation 3, the PSP article should be also looked into!!

    Hope you manage to fix that list of games!!

    Thanks a lot man, keep the blog awesome and let’s hurry with the PSN account integration in the blog!!

  • why were the other comments deleated????

  • oh no my bad its another blog post oppsie

  • In Game XMB is the only thing that matters!

  • @Jeff Rubenstein
    When European countries will receive the Dual shock 3 Wireless Controller.

  • I really really hope that i will see a post tomorrow saying “Firmware 2.4 coming June 10th” lol, that would be sweet.

    If not its probably not coming out next week.

  • i don’t understand why sony doesn’t just tell us when updates are coming or at least confront rumors and confirm or deny them, all its going to do is make your customers happier and isn’t that the whole point?

  • This is a nice feature… nice to keep everything Playstation in one place incase someone missed something during the week!

    Let’s pretend I missed all these new in-game-XMB videos from you tube, that basically confirmed it’s existance… how can I see them if they are not linked here?

    Just messing with you Jeff, although the silence does tell me two things:

    Either it’s going to be released real soon, like Tuesday for example or Sony just hasn’t started development and won’t say anything about it since fanboys (like me) would assume any word from Sony as proof of existance!

    But yeah, I hope it’s the latter, cuz I can’t wait. Those videos are killing me! 48 hours left!

  • @17 The reason is that if they confirm one of the rumours and come out with a date and then find a major bug and have to delay it it makes them look even worse than just letting the rumors run there course.

    Also my prediction is that it wont be on 2.40

  • the olny thing on the list that is missing is, that in-game XMB..its only a F.W,Ps3 is the best thing out, with so MANY THINGS MISSING.

  • A lot of good info this week thanks Jeff.

  • This is a nice feature.
    Yeah, with the Socom headset, the MGS4 headset looks cheap! I hope to see Playstation make an official headset & that it is more affordable.

    @ 16: Different sources say different dates. Some say the 10th and some say the 18th, others even say July(I hope not). It would make more sense if they released it on the 10th because there is going to be many new PS3 owners because of the MGS4B Bundle, so when they get it, they should get the full experience of it. That makes more sense. Lets hope it is in 2.40 & that it is released soon.

  • Jeff, Tell us about Firmware 2.40

  • Please give us 2.40 on Tuesday.

  • jeff tell me about the socom beta i read that qore give u access to socom beta 2 week into the beta? is that true?

  • Come on Jeff, tell us about 2.40 and if In-Game XMB is even really coming.

  • Here is a nice story you forgot to mention Jeff:

    Scrawl is an awesome site, you should put more for Scrawl next time.

  • What you missed: that Qore isn’t worth paying for, and it’s also a slap in the face to the elegantly re-designed PSN Store.

  • What AwRy108 seems to have missed: it’s all been said already, and it’s already old.

    Though it’s nice to see that they’re actually still working on Final Fantasy XIII- the deafening silence had me doubting for a bit.

    Thanks for all of this, Jeff! Once again, great addition to the blog! :D

  • On that one story. Resistance:FoM will NOT have trophy support. I think it has Home support. The guy made a mistake and later it was confirmed R:FoM won’t have trophies.

    By the way I’m really hoping we hear something from Eric Lempel soon. ;)

    Keep up the hard work Jeff. You do know its Sunday….right? :)

  • Woot, going to be doing some reading tonight!

  • Nice one, teasing us by putting a link to a story about Resistance getting Home and “TROPHY” support. I highly doubt you would link to a story if it were a rumor. So, is there anything you want to say?

  • Man, I can’t help but get excited for 2.4, but then again I’m not going to expect anything because with Sony you never really know what you’re gonna get…

  • If the in game XMB looks anything like what is being showed on Youtube Sony should at least make the screen more transparent. Also does it mean that we are going to have the same kind of talk features like the xbox360 where we do not have to use a chat room to speak. Qore should be implemented the same way the Information Board(IB) was. We could easily access it and it would update every month. Qore is not a game so its icon should be where the IB icon is.

  • go PS!!

  • Lets start a chant: “In Game XMB!”
    The demand is hitting fever pitch.

  • StalkingSilence

    no playstationlifestyle?

  • Resistance 2, trophy and Home support! Woot!

  • don’t forget people around the internet are sick of shooters and want RPGs to play on the ps3.

    please support RPGs on the ps3 here:

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      How could I forget (I love RPGs as well), and am working to bring you some info on exclusive titles Valkyria Chronicles and Disgaea 3.

  • when are we gonna get RPGs to play on the ps3? i’m sick of shooters.

  • ^crazyred47, that’s just about the smartest question I’ve ever seen on this blog.

    SONY: where in the hell are the RPG’s??? If you recall, they were a huge market on the PS2; and because the lame-ass 40GB model has no backwards compat., the PS3 audience is really feeling the lack of RPG’s!

  • If that is all you guys seriously read from the net that is sad, there was bigger news then that on some of the best sites around. You guys need to expand your internet readings beyond the sites you have RSS’d on Google Reader.

    I love how some of the stuff you read on other sites was actually on here first like Insomniac Talks New North Carolina Studio, you went to Gamasutra to read that.

    hahahaha funny,

    But seriously expand your readings, I should have seen something about Tomonobu Itagaki’s on that list even if he has not made a playstation game in a while still is a importnat figure in gaming no matter your personal feelings about him.

  • Great info in this blog post.alot of great articles.

    Am I right in assuming that in game xmb has been renamed to something else?

    I gotta say Battlefront Bad Company is probably the best FPS I’ve ever played and you can tell those Dev’s, that they have made a person who absolutely despises FPS’s to actually buy one. Yes I love that game, did I say LOVE. Why yes i did.

    Also Jeff, The PSn cards should be arriving in stores any day now, right… It’s what I heard through the grapevine( no not the bar).

    Can’t wait to buy Qore. It seems like a very interesting watch. I don’t care what anyone says about it. It’s a nice idea and I hope you folk “grow” it some more.

    Oh I had a brainstorm last night before sleep.( if you call hacking and coughing for 8 hours sleep)
    What if an update to the psp came out that when you sync your psp to ur ps3, your PS3’s Friends list would show up on your psp and you could do all the chat features as you would on the ps3. It would be like remote play without the remote part. Just a suggestion that I think would sell psp’s to people who already own a ps3. My good friend has not once thought about buying a psp. Now after sending him video’s of me on remote play chatting with him( local network), he has decided to buy one. Hows that for marketing.

    The rest of you might be asking, why is thatpspguy so concerned about the psp? Well thats my name right, so thats what I care about.

    The PSP is kinda hanging out in the PS3’s shadow for the last year so I think it’s time for it to shine again. Please pass this on Jeff. Oh and do you want beer?
    Also don’t forget on your next travel assignment to a games conference to get some pics of HOT BOOTH BABES.

    ( I haven’t gotten you in trouble yet. )

  • Battlefront Bad Company?
    You mean Battlefield ?
    It looks like a fun Multiplayer FPS.

  • @#4
    That youtube video can be debunked in three words: Linux on PS3.

    Guys, I think the fact they aren’t saying anything about FW 2.40 means one of two things. 1) It’s coming out soon and it will have In-game XMB. 2) It’s not coming out soon and it may or may not have in-game XMB.

    The reason I say this is because after the FW 2.00 debacle, I can’t conceive of them being dumb enough to do that again. At least, I hope not…..

  • Also, make sure you guys read the ars technica PS3 review. (“they say it got smart”) I’d read it before and it’s really good imo

  • @ 42thingg
    Its coming and it got ingame XMB and a couple of nice feature.
    We have waited a year for this, just wait a little longer.ITS COMING

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