Metal Gear Online Beta Postponed, Extended

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Hi all! As many of you already know, the Metal Gear Online Beta, originally scheduled to launch today, April 21st 2008, has been postponed. Due to this, we’ve also put a hold on our regularly scheduled Metal Gear Mondays content on the PS Blog, to bring you the latest news.

Extraordinary levels of traffic from all over the world have caused the MGO Beta servers to destabilize, as such, the service has been unable to run. Because of this, we have made the following changes to the schedule.

The MGO team in Japan is currently working around the clock to stabilize the servers, and is aiming to launch gameplay this weekend of April 26th. We must note, given the current situation, this is subject to change.

To compensate for the delay, the MGO Beta period has been extended a week, now ending on May 11th. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that your MGO Beta UPVCs will only be valid up until May 5th 2008, so please make sure to register them by then.

Please stay tuned to, the PS Blog, the Konami ID site, and Konami Japan’s MGO teaser site for all the latest MGO Beta status updates. If you need assistance, please contact us via and you can email us at

We would like to apologize for this inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. We know that you can’t wait to get started with Metal Gear Online, and we truly appreciate your enthusiasm, as well as your participation in the MGO Beta test – which really helps make MGO the best it can be!

Thank you!

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  • @48
    I’ll totally give them slack for the delayed launch of the beta. They’re making up for it by extending the end date as well.

    However, I won’t give them slack for ignoring our existing PSN IDs and friend lists and using the broken Konami ID + Game ID instead.

  • Also, I’d like to know what’s up with this Konami ID thing. Why aren’t we able to use our PSN IDs like every other 3rd party game?

  • OK so Konami made a mistake with a BETA…at least it’s not MGS4 and now that they truly know the demand of the game it’ll be ready for the real full version of MGO, there’s so many people that are hating on Konami and talking about they lost respect for them, and yet they’re developing an exclusive game for the PS3 that the media is drooling over right now…you better hope they’re not reading the blog and decide to take their future projects elsewhere. I’m sure Konami knows they misjudged the demand, but people are being overdramatic…

  • For all those saying this was free, NO, it wasn’t. Not in NA anyway. I had to put down a down a deposit on the game and basically overpay (you can get MGS4 much cheaper online, with no tax or shipping charges) to get this Beta. It is not a free game they are supplying in NA.

    Yes it is a Beta, and I hope they get all the problems out now before the real game comes out, but the problems they had have NOTHING to do with the actual game. Signing up for ridiculous IDs, jumping through hoops to get a working Beta Code (I was one of those that got a 9 digit code that wouldn’t work until I sat on the phone with Konami to get a correct code) and now, and utter failure of their online infrastructure under the stress of having people actually use that crap site.

    They didn’t take necessary precautions for the biggest game to come out on PS3?

  • Dang I waited all week for more stuff about MGO. I want news on the Gun metal PS3. Theres been hardly anything said just lots of rumors. I want info. I want 80gb and I want to be able to preorder soon and get it out of the way.

    I don’t have a ps3 since I’ve been waiting for MGS4 and its less than two months away and ill hear about is MGO when I cant even play in the beta.

  • So I’m assuming this will be out the same time as the public home beta? never? Hahaha! I made a funny!

    Actually, just kidding. Not trying to be like everyone else on here. I could care less. Anyways, the MGO beta is gonna be awesome. Konami underestimated us. We Americans should feel proud that they had to push it back. Know what I mean? Yeah!!!

  • Meh, it’s just a Beta. It would be a real bummer if the full MGS4 package was delayed beyond 6/12!

    I’d rather have the beta start on a weekend anyways!

  • One question still begs to be asked, why doesn’t Konami ask help from Sony?

  • “For all those saying this was free, NO, it wasn’t. Not in NA anyway. I had to put down a down a deposit on the game and basically overpay (you can get MGS4 much cheaper online, with no tax or shipping charges) to get this Beta. It is not a free game they are supplying in NA.”

    Yes, it was, that 5 dollars is going to MGS4 which wasn’t supposed to have MGO in the first place.

  • Hope all goes well in Japan seting up the servers up for us.. im sure there adding in alot more servers also for this

    Thanks PSN: Skater_Ricky,

  • Shame, thanks for the notice though.

  • Konami, Brandon, or ANYONE!!!!

    Please give more information about the game or anything related. I understand you guys are working hard to fix issues and get the servers up to full speed. BUT dont let your fan base down anymore than what has already happen. GIVE US A TREAT!!! SOMETHING! ANYTHING!!! Give us INFO!!!! You guys could answer a few more questions. You know that most of us have been glued to the forums scanning for a bit more info.

    My question: How many MGS4 80gb bundles will be available on launch June 12th? Or is the date June 12th (Amazon shows the 30th)

    Thanks for making a kick but game!

  • Can you please either not include videos in the updates (they are huge!) or can you allow us to download the update from the PLAYSTATION Store? Please, I have been trying for a week but I don’t have the time to keep sitting in front of my PS3 trying. HTTP fails every time now and Peer-to-Peer fails after a while as well. I even have specific ports forwarded and I’m utilizing these ports for the P2P connection.

  • @#53

    1. Many NA users were able to get the Beta code directly from Konami with the offer relayed here on this blog last Monday.

    2. If there are retailers willing to sell below MSRP that is somehow Konami’s problem? Konami is also responsible for how taxes are calculated on internet purchases?

    Grow up.

    /my first semi angry comment ever on this blog but sheesh.

    Konami. In this day and age there really is NO excuse. Saying your servers couldn’t handle it when your company was in full control of the number of Beta codes given out is not a rational explanation. You’ve had online experience with MGSPO and PES so you know how to do this.

    It actually would have been nice to have SOME tidbit of new info for MGMonday, regardless of the online issues.

  • man, actually, im really pissed at this
    but i think again,
    and if it is for the best, then go ahead :]

  • I just told Noel last night that the beta would be delayed due to all the… delays… Noel, you owe me a steak dinner

  • can i play at midnight on friday?

  • Thanks for the update.

  • it sucks that they couldnt launch it today but its only fair since not everyone could log in. Fortunately for me I got my Konami and Game Ids even with the increased traffic so im ready to play.

  • Konami really screwed this one up. I’m still unsure of why I had to go through the painful process of creating a Konami ID when I use my PSN ID for every other game. It’s like the PS2 online days all over again. I sincerely hope that the final Metal Gear Online uses our PSN IDs, and that we won’t have any server issues.

  • I say if you have an incomplete beta key you should CALL konami support instead of Emailing. I heard you can get it a lot easier that way.

    Anywaysss I’m not mad about this delay because that just means when it starts I can play it without worrying about waking up at 5:00am in the morning for classes. And I’m really happy this happen in the beta and not the full game (this is the whole point in a beta).

    On a end note… CALM DOWN PEOPLE! Its a beta.. Can’t handle waiting? Me either lol, but it doesn’t matter. Wait a little bit longer and we’ll all be shooting up eachother on the battlefield =].

  • Better to hash out the problems now then have to deal with paying customers.

    Isn’t that what betas are for?

  • You people need to stop B****ing. Yes Konami could have done things different but not matter how much B****ing you guys do you won’t change the past.

  • For everyone criticizing those that are criticizing how Konami has handled the situation, keep in mind that it is the beta tester’s job to find faults with the game and its online network. The Konami ID system is dreadful and needs to be changed.

  • Reptar! Reptar!!!

    And also, I have faith in Konami ID. I really think that they’re planning really cool things with their own servers that they can’t do on PSN.

  • Postponed Betas happen, Konami IDs… don’t.
    I won’t be buying any of your games Konami (Unless it happens to have the Kojima Productions label on it) or any future booster packs coming out for MGO until PSNs are used for MGs online.

  • lol watch the servers go down again when we try on Friday…

  • @ChateauDif
    I really hope that you’re right. PSN is very open and there is a lot that can be done with it. I think that it is very important that every game utilizes its features, especially one as big as MGS. All I have seen of Konami ID so far was a lousy web page that took me hours to register on. I’d say that I’m unimpressed. Can’t wait to play the beta though!

  • I have participated in many betas over my years, and the initial launch is usually almost always mismanaged.

    While I understand the issues that arise with a beta, I am beginning to question Konami’s core capabilities, or lack thereof, regarding online gaming.

    Here’s some issues:

    1) Konami/Game ID are redundant and unnecessary.

    Sony offers integration of PSN IDs to external 3rd party sites. While it is a marketing issue to get as much data about your end users as you can possibly get, having 2 IDs and then having a character who has nothing to do with those 2 IDs is a hassle.

    Simplicity and ease of use are critical in online gaming. Unless you plan on pay-to-play, registration applications of this length are unnecessary.

    2) Konami has shown negative trends regarding online gaming.

    While this is a beta, another Konami title, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, had its share of server problems and lag issues. Konami should have better been prepared for this type of release.

    Japanese online gaming is getting a reputation of “mismanaged” and one of “poor quality.” Studies have shown Japanese gamers do not enjoy the online gaming experience as much as Europeans and Americans.

    Whether true or not, Konami must deliver an experience which is not full of “we strongly apologize” and “深くお詫び申し上げます” as an attempt to grow their own online brand, to show to their own market that this experience can be enjoyable, as well show the world Japanese online gaming is heading in the right direction.

    Hopefully Sony’s release of in-game XMB will help more future developers (eliminating the need for hardcoded mail system, friendlist, etc and forcing a universal system).

    3) Segregation of gaming servers by region serves no purpose in online gaming.

    As a company who specializes in online gaming, you want people playing your game 24/7. Segregating Asians to play in an Asian only server, could result in a problem where someone logs in in the early AM hours and there are low numbers of players.

    The game heavily relies on teamwork, and having someone who only speaks Chinese can be a difficult to overcome, but part of the joy online gamers get is from playing against people with different skillsets.

    An American child who logs in 3 AM on a Wednesday, might not have people to play against. If all servers were accessible, but identifiable (EU,US,etc), that player might join into an Asian server, and still be able to enjoy the experience.

    Hope these red flags assist Konami Online. I am sure the final product is great, but careful thought and consideration must be made as the entire experience depends on the next few weeks.

  • You guys don’t know how hard we tried to fight the “Ti Ti-” error in the Japanese version in the midnight of April 21.

    All I have to say is – it’s great fun! Muahaha.

    OK, I’ve worked in some other MMO company before, and this is all regular to me. NO game could go thru its beta test without a problem. We just have to be patient so Mr. Kojima can fix the servers ;-)

    But my last and only complaint is – plz do beta test at some time like afternoon, during workdays, so the team can be in a good condition and work with higher effeciency under the stress of the beta test.

    Good luck, hope you can kill “Ti Ti-” soon ;-)

  • Incomplete beta keys > download a big update even though you just downloaded the beta > create a Konami ID and Game ID (screw the PSN) > beta delayed > (add the next surprise here)

  • Honestly, just another thorn in the side of this beta.

    You guys would do **WONDERS** to make this up to us by ripping out the whole Konami ID thing and just using our PSN ID’s—it’d be one less server (for the site) for you guys to worry about!

    Thing that frustrates me is this: in many *MANY* respects Japanese development studios seem to be millenia ahead of the competition in other regions (especially in regards into artistic visuals, gameplay and story quality)—-yet this online system is so old it is sad—and all you had to do was look at Warhawk or Resistance and copy it, being MGS4 is a PS3 exclusve Sony would have been happy to let you.

    I said it before I will say it again, if all Japan sees of online console games is the Wii friend codes and this kind of too-many-ID’s-to-handle, no wonder they don’t play online.

    I will still play, but please listen to the public outcry on this, listening to some of our suggestions could streamline things for you guys and make everyone’s lives easier.

  • thanks Konami for the update…

    If the beta had been limited to those who pre-ordered MGS4, there would be no “Extraordinary levels of traffic from all over the world” on the MGO servers and the beta would had ran fine…

  • Thanks for the updated info.

  • @81: You said it perfectly.

  • For the first time ever i pre-ordered a game and was going to take part in Beta so I was ready yesterday. But i understand [DELETED] happens and hope we are up and running this weekend. To be honest the delay is perfect as im really busy this week…

  • This is cool and all but I would prefer to hear more about the “Gun Gray” Metal Gear PS3 bundle instead.

  • Guys are absoloute morons. I love this blog btw. Cause everytime you guys drop the ball I can let you know what idiots you are. Salute!

  • It’s really depressing listening to the way so many of you people act on these forums (I just pray that you’re kids and not actually adults acting like this).

    80% of the posts just sound like petulant little kids who think they’re entitled to have whatever they want whenever they want it.

    When you mature a bit, you’ll come to realize that stuff doesn’t just happen in the real world. It takes time, and effort, and yes, even a bit of luck to accomplish large scale goals. And things don’t always go according to plan, regardless of how much planning or prudence is employed.

    The difference between Konami, and say, YOU — is that THEY’RE a company filled with hard-working achievers who continue to strive even when things go wrong. And YOU’RE a bunch of couch potatoes sitting at home whining because your free beta has been delayed a few days.

  • Dear Konami:

    There is still time; implement Playstation IDs, dump both the Konami ID and the game id. Delay until you can do so.

    Do whatever you have to do for beta – but make sure there’s a patch available for download on day 1 that uses Playstation IDs instead of all of this. EA wants your account information too, and Orange Box is a perfectly good example of an acceptable solution to this problem should you decide you need to know about user information for your own purposes.

    But if you do what you’re doing, know this: I won’t touch MGO with a barge pole. I can drop in COD and have a nice, instant game… or I can waste a half hour of time creating a bunch of accounts that I *know* I’ll never end up using because most people won’t bother and there won’t be people to play against.

    Don’t make Snake commit seppuku.

  • I sort of knew that this was going to happen because of the website going down. my video on youtube attracted quite a bit of attention (just search MGO on youtube and its the video on top that has an old school tv in it with an error code.)

    I was hoping that this wouldn’t happen but oh well. I can leave it at “Konami underestimated MGO’s popularity.”

    I ran a TCSR to my friends about 2 hours after the announcement so I could get everyone “in the know” about whats going on. I am making another one with this new information so they know. And when does the PS blog become a part of the XMB? I’ve been waiting for this “update” for a while. When is it going to happen because I’d like to not have to find a computer to be able to post in here.

    I just hope Konami is ready for Saturday Morning… It might be completely canceled for all we know if this happens again.

  • Please Konami, drop the Konami ID, just do what #88 is saying please

  • I love how the rating is terrible. I give this story a 5/5. It’s not Konami’s fault the servers can’t handle us, it’s OUR fault.

    …Though I really think Sony wouldn’t have minded PSN IDs being used instead of Konami’s ID with Game ID system.

  • Dear Konami guy(s),

    Please interpret all the angry shouting as misdirected love. We all want this game so very much. We love the MGS series and can’t wait to get our hands on another piece of genius. This was a huge let down for us due to all the anticipation (and all the delays we suffer monthly being PS3 owners).

    Maybe letting Europe in for free was a mistake. All of us US preorder gamers are actually helping you predict demand, but Europe isn’t giving you accurate numbers. Although, considering the amount of Sony delays they put up with (PSN, very late games and content, etc.), I guess it’s a good idea to throw them a bone, especially since MGS4 will have same-day worldwide release.

    For the rest of you guys, I wouldn’t worry about the Konami ID. If any of you had read their site, they are giving us a whole lot more via the Game ID than Sony gives us with the PSN. They are making up for shortcomings in a seemingly antiquated system. From Konami’s own MGO site,

    “Now thanks to MGO’s easy-to-use Friend Registration system, it’s easy to send friend invites to people you’ve fought alongside with. And keep in touch with your new comrades outside of the game using our mail and SNS communication systems.”

    Those are 3 things I would love to have in any game, and rather than waiting until next Christmas for Sony to implement any of them, they’re doing it themselves. I applaud Konami for thinking outside the box.

    Now, if they could just spend a few bucks on some servers and a few good admins…

  • dont blame sony people, and lay off of konami. sony let konami do their thing out of trust. konami dropped the ball. cut them some slack. if the games came out all buggy you would be pissed. so lets be happy it happened now. u didnt pay for the beta. you were gonna buy MGS4 anyway, so what if u spent 5 or 10 bucks to pre-order. damn you all some [DELETED].

  • well it won’t be bad on a weekend can focus on hmwrk on weekdays hopefully playstation network will have some good demos come out before the beta to keep the thrill going
    PSN: bushisprez

  • Thanks very much and look forward to getting to the gaming as soon as possible.

  • I’ll wait but I’m still a bit angry. I just might turn into the Hulk

  • Well Im glad to see that they have actually made it official that the game wont take into effect until the weekend, well I guess the wait will be well worth it….I cant wait for the beta to begin!

  • I wrote 81, I meant 82. I just had to come back and give you your props, zookey. You got everything right in your post.

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