Metal Gear Online Beta Postponed, Extended

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Hi all! As many of you already know, the Metal Gear Online Beta, originally scheduled to launch today, April 21st 2008, has been postponed. Due to this, we’ve also put a hold on our regularly scheduled Metal Gear Mondays content on the PS Blog, to bring you the latest news.

Extraordinary levels of traffic from all over the world have caused the MGO Beta servers to destabilize, as such, the service has been unable to run. Because of this, we have made the following changes to the schedule.

The MGO team in Japan is currently working around the clock to stabilize the servers, and is aiming to launch gameplay this weekend of April 26th. We must note, given the current situation, this is subject to change.

To compensate for the delay, the MGO Beta period has been extended a week, now ending on May 11th. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that your MGO Beta UPVCs will only be valid up until May 5th 2008, so please make sure to register them by then.

Please stay tuned to, the PS Blog, the Konami ID site, and Konami Japan’s MGO teaser site for all the latest MGO Beta status updates. If you need assistance, please contact us via and you can email us at

We would like to apologize for this inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. We know that you can’t wait to get started with Metal Gear Online, and we truly appreciate your enthusiasm, as well as your participation in the MGO Beta test – which really helps make MGO the best it can be!

Thank you!

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  • Glad to see you’ll are on top of things. Hopefully everything goes well so we can play this weekend :)

  • i waited all day for this?!?!?! grrrrrrr

  • I already knew all of this from the MGO teaser site! I wanted to know more about Metal Gear Monday action!!!!! This morning was a big downer when I went on to play and found nothing but more of the same… I feel dejected by this lack of Konami support…

  • Well ill wait for this…
    it is good to wait for something this Great!

  • No amount of apologies can explain the lack of research done on Konami’s part.. They should of realized that this is one of the most anticipated online portions of a game this year..

    They vastly underestimated the amount of users that would be playing MGO..

    Not to mention letting all of Europe play it for nothing didn’t make matters better..

    Konami, you just lost all of my respect for you.

  • Shame on you KONAMI you should have been prepared to cope with the demand. Don’t tell me you didn’t expect this amount of people to try to play the BETA, I mean really? really?

  • I know this is a Beta Test, but come on… The lack of organization between Konami and Sony is disgusting.

  • Thanks for providing us the chance to beta test the game.
    I guess you guys vastly underestimated how many fans wanted to participate in the beta.

    Glad to see you extended it to make up for the delay.

  • Its cool, Cant wait to play this. Is the blog going to have a special beta match? I would love to play against the PS Blog. My PSN ID is mooshminky if you guys or anyone wants to add me.

    Anthony Lonas
    PSN ID: mooshminky

  • @brandon i sent 3 email to mgo support and still havent been helped please help me im one of the unlucky few who got the 9 digi code instead of the 12 please help this loyal fan out

  • This should have been foreseen before it happened and the fact going public beta? Pfft. Should have kept it Get the code from the SAGA dvd anyways. Get sony to help really.

  • Glad this happened in the Beta and not the final product it could have been a big problem later on,

    Konami should feel good, that many people from around the world love this game so much they basically destroyed the servers and you have to get more, I would feel honored if I was a game developer and heard that millions of people try logging in at the same time and cause the Servers to go offline. Means you have made something that people want by the boat load.

    Big Props to Konami and everyone there, can’t wait to sneak out on June 12

  • Come on man! I wanted to get an awesome Metal Gear Monday update, and all you do is tell us what is on the MGO Website? I don’t mind about the beta because it is beta, stuff like this happens. You guys just do what you have to do to get it up and running. But this is honestly a let down, what you should have done is put the link for this news at the top and then continued with the updates! No MGO and no MGM. Severely disappointing guys.

  • Thank you for noting on the PS Blog
    i was waiting for a Metal Gear Monday
    and at least you did your job and kept the promise

    it may be an unfortunate event for the Metal Gear Online,
    but things happen and i am sure Konami is working hard to make it happen
    so thank you guys!

    p.s. i was hoping the Gun metal grey ps3 was going to be announced today…but as you said the regular schedule of Metal Gear Monday is postponed
    [i was the one you answered the question about the gunmetal grey MGS4 PS3 hardware bundle*]

    Please release the information soon

    Thank You!

  • Thanks for the update, can’t wait to get a sample of MGO this weekend hopefully :).

  • I had a question regarding MGO will we be able to play as Old Snake or is that reserved for the Konami staff.

    Thank You.

  • I know a lot of people are disappointed, but as another person said, this is a Beta and this sort of thing happens unfortunately. Better now than after MGS4 comes out. Glad to hear the folks at Konami are working hard to rectify the situation.

    Thanks for the explanation as to what happened and keep up the hard work. I’m sure we’ll be shooting each other soon!

  • hey how many people downloaded the beta/tried to get on last night? just curious how overloaded your servers were last night.

    and thx for the opportunity to beta test mgo. heres hoping friday will go smoother

  • What was Konami thinking?

    They made the Beta available to everyone in Europe/Australia. They must have forgotten that MGS is immensely popular in said territory – far mores so then in Japan, and that nearly every owner from Europe was going to want to participate.

  • I’m just glad I got a beta code at all. BTW for anyone that doesn’t know; you can register your code on the PC store in-case you’re not close to your PS3, kinda glad and surprised I found that out. :D

  • MGO Weekend will probably be a busy one. Looking forward to it. Could we get a preview of some more gameplay from Japan to hold us over?

  • Lol at 5 for blaming EU. Americans are just to blame for the overload as EU is. When was the last time EU got any kind of Beta? Oh that’s right, never. You cannot whinge about people wanting to play the game, Americans get every thing at least 6 months before EU, stop whinging.

    Konami, hopefully you can sort this out. It was a gross mistake on your part, maybe next time you should stagger the Beta release, or do some research before letting the servers go live. The amount of overload you received on the Konami ID site should’ve been warning enough.

    I’d like to thank you for including the EU in this open Beta :) We never get anything, and to those whinging, whining americans crying because they cant wait a few days to play the game, you’re pathetic.

  • SinsToJudge,

    If the beta was held just for Japan and N. America, there would be half as many problems as there are now.

    It’s just that everybody and their brother in Europe with a PS3 will be downloading this and playing.. I cant even guess how many millions that could be…

    And trust me, I am not complaining.. I am just saying that Konami should of been just a LITTLE bit more prepared than this..

  • Good Heavens Sony please go help Konami out.
    It’s obvious japanese developers do not know how to setup online gaming.

  • Please tell us that the final game will use our PSN IDs and our established friends lsits. Please tell us that Konami isn’t intentionally hamstringing their game and intentionally divorcing itself from the existing PSN community. Please tell us that having three IDs won’t be necessary for the final game. This whole debacle couldn’t make PSN look any worse or make the other side look any better while they point and laugh. Who actually thought not using the PSN was a good idea?

    Please tell us that unlike the Metal Gear Online that was included with Subsistence, the MGO included with MGS4 won’t be shut down after a year because Konami doesn’t want to pay for the servers anymore. I know that in addition to the Starter Pack, Konami will be selling content for MGO. Give us assurances that the servers will remain active for at LEAST a specified period of time.

  • As long as these problems are sorted out by the time the game is released, then I’m fine. Get MGO stable and packed with good features by the time it is released, and use the beta to test this all out with the help of such a big audience.

    Also, for the final release, don’t make the customers make a Konami ID, that was a big PITA. Just use our PSN name for the game. If you guys need our emails just take that info from Sony when we signed up for PSN(or if you can’t get that then just ask us for our emails). You guys can still do all of your planned community features, just use our PSN names for all the stats, clans, etc.

  • As an Australian I think it’s good that we were able to download the Beta – no strings attached.

    Though, Konami should have known how many people were going to participate by doing so, and whether their servers could handle the numbers.

  • well this is good for me.. i prefer to wait a little bit and play it in the best possible way!! take ur time to make it perfect..

  • to Brandon,

    sorry to post another comment
    but i have one more question
    in the MGO Teaser site
    it says the Beta will officially start
    04/25/058 @ 24:00 (PDT)
    is that mean it’ll start the midnight of the 25th or the 26th
    – i noticed that your post says 26th, but you included the weekend…so i am confused


    p.s. any word on the Gunmetal Grey MGS4 PS3 Hardware Bundle you can add? =)

  • yep, KONAMI server is a Pentium I 486 computer, time to upgrade KONAMI!

  • Like most others Im happy this happend in the Beta and not the final version of the game.Most people are still angry but at least we got some kind of notice/apology.

  • UGH, I haven’t even gotten the rest of my UPVC. I emailed them from the page, using the email on friday, no email. so today i emailed them at the and still no response. How the hell will i get my full UPVC? I’m missing 3 effing characters! That I’d like to have to download the damn thing so i can play it when it’s servers are up.

  • I bet they are praying that most people will be playing the new COD4 maps and GTA 4 so it will take the strain off there servers.

  • Thanks for the update on the current status of the beta. I’m looking forward to playing MGO.

  • Thanks for the update.

    This is going to work out better for me. I have a career. Starting the beta on the weekend instead of a Monday makes me happy.

  • I suppose the first purpose of the Beta is something like a simulation of the real deal since the circumstances are almost identical. Furthermore setting up a global nearly simultaneous start of a Beta isn’t as easy as it seems to be and I don’t think it’s something that happens often so let’s leave them the time to work on it and look forward to a functioning Beta.
    Besides we can test it for free and nearly anybody can participate shouldn’t we be at least a little bit more grateful? I mean they could also made another “public” Beta with a closed circle and most of you wouldn’t even be able to test it, hence we wouldn’t even be complaining. Anyway this is what a Beta is, so take it as a part of the Beta test even though we’ve done nothing more than hammering the servers and complaining. I also expect some issues with the game itself since it is a Beta so be prepared for anything that could happen while playing.

    Question to Brandon Laurino:
    Btw. is it possible that the Beta period gets more extended than a week since the extension is somewhat a makeup for the delay and in the end the amount of testing time is about the same as before the incidence of the destabilized servers.
    It would be great if you could sweeten the waiting time to MGS4 with MGO Beta or change it into a MGO Demo in the process.

  • nooooooooooooo konami why would you do this to me, a loyal mgs supporter…….o well as long as i get to play the beta its all good. p.s. mgs rocks

  • As much as I appreciate an opportunity to participate in this beta, I am still disappointed in Konami’s lack of foresight. How could you not expect the number of people and the stress it’d put on your servers? Count the number of the beta codes you give out, that might help in figuring out how many people. Couldn’t you give us SOMETHING to play around with until the beta opens? Like training and character creation, those would be helpful to tool around with to get used to how the game plays. It would also cut down on the number of people that don’t know what they’re doing when the beta starts.

  • Why didn’t you just use PSN and Sony servers? Why go through the hassle of using a horrible made Konami website for registration and useless Game IDs when we all have to have PSN IDs to even play online?

    Horribly thought out and poorly planned job by Konami.

    What did you guys think, that the most important release to date for the PS3 wouldn’t generate traffic?

  • Oh knock off with the carping, carpers. It’s free. It’s even been extended. Someone above wrote this is the sort of thing that happens with a beta, unfortunately. I agree all the way up to “unfortunately”. You mean “fortunately”. This is a beta, not a demo. This is the point of a broad-scope, high-traffic online multiplayer beta: beat the servers to death, see how they hold, fix what breaks. I used to do software QA project management, a tiny bit in games, and a whole lot in less entertaining networked and standalone shrink-wrapped and vertical-market software. You hate it your code breaks, you love it that it breaks before you ship it. You can’t do an in-house beta, even a severely limited closed public beta, and get the kind of server load and the wealth of data you can with an all-out massive attack. I’d rather sit here with a mostly useless MGO beta download, have a game that works right out of the box upon release, over play more now and suffer for it later. All of you would, too, and you know it.

  • You DO know that this is a beta, right VAMP? I guess most people aren’t expecting a beta, but a demo. Beta testing is for testing everything – servers, glitches, etc. and is for working out all kinks. I’m glad this didn’t happen June 12th.

    I support you guys, thanks for addressing the problem. I hope to see you all April 26th.

  • KONAMI have excelente games.. but the on-line..
    much traffic i know.. but would be like Pro Evolution Soccer 2008… so much lag on the network..

    Dedicated high lever speed servers..

    hank’s for the beta, i will play it of course..

  • These guys haven’t been on top of things. HOW did they not SEE this coming? Never under estimate the Metal Gear Fans! Seriously. Goes to show you how slow Konami/Japan are with the internet.

    First sign of trouble was the whole Konami ID process fiasco. People had to go through a lot of hoops to get it and then there were the 9-digit code misprints. :/

    I agree with those who said that it should have been limited to those who pre-ordered and got the Saga Disc Vol. 2

    I was going to love the notion I would be testing out this baby this week before GTA 4 comes out…

  • Konami must be retarded. First of all, there is no ******* reason to have Konami IDs, WE ALL HAVE PSN IDS! Konami is acting like a bunch of morons with this online thing. They obviously have payed no attention to the popularity and status of games like COD4 and Halo. And I don’t think they know about PSN IDs. I haven’t played a game this generation yet that has required me to make a seperate ID. Konami should be the laughing stock of the online gaming industry. ******* moronic noobs.

    How in the hell can you not think that this game would have so many players attempting to get online? Seriously, for as smart and advanced as that race is, they lack a lot of common sense and simple reasoning.

    And the hastle I had to go through for the stupid incomplete beta key that I was given was enough to piss me off. You guys are 0/3 right now. I lost all respect for you Konami. You completely failed us.

  • People have been commenting in three or four threads here now and nobody from Konami will address the Konami ID/PSN ID issue. This is supposed to be a blog where the fans are heard, not where we’re ignored because what we have to say is inconvenient.

    Konami: Use our PSN IDs and existing friends lists for the shipping version of Metal Gear Online. And if you can’t figure out how to run an online game, hand it over to Sony. They’ve done a great job with Resistance and Warhawk, no need to ruin everything with MGO.

  • @36
    The extansion cant be more than that… remember MGS4 is suppose to be release on June12th packaged with MGO so if they give us more than that they will delay MGS4.. thats not a good idea

  • This is far most the worst “metal gear Monday” ever.

  • stop whining and give the guy a break. hes only doing his job.

    you’ll all get to play the beta on friday, so stfu.

    they know they made a mistake. they dont need people to keep repeating it like a broken record.

    konami, you still have my support. im not a mindless idiot like most of the cry babies on here. thanks for doing your best to get this thing running.

    and BTW, i guarantee all of you shut up when it actually starts running. please, just stop now. this isnt the place for it. go rant on a fanboy forum.



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