Metal Gear Online Beta Postponed, Extended

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Hi all! As many of you already know, the Metal Gear Online Beta, originally scheduled to launch today, April 21st 2008, has been postponed. Due to this, we’ve also put a hold on our regularly scheduled Metal Gear Mondays content on the PS Blog, to bring you the latest news.

Extraordinary levels of traffic from all over the world have caused the MGO Beta servers to destabilize, as such, the service has been unable to run. Because of this, we have made the following changes to the schedule.

The MGO team in Japan is currently working around the clock to stabilize the servers, and is aiming to launch gameplay this weekend of April 26th. We must note, given the current situation, this is subject to change.

To compensate for the delay, the MGO Beta period has been extended a week, now ending on May 11th. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that your MGO Beta UPVCs will only be valid up until May 5th 2008, so please make sure to register them by then.

Please stay tuned to, the PS Blog, the Konami ID site, and Konami Japan’s MGO teaser site for all the latest MGO Beta status updates. If you need assistance, please contact us via and you can email us at

We would like to apologize for this inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. We know that you can’t wait to get started with Metal Gear Online, and we truly appreciate your enthusiasm, as well as your participation in the MGO Beta test – which really helps make MGO the best it can be!

Thank you!

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  • i can wait i mean only good things can come from it untill then ill play mgs 1 threw 3 ya digg?

  • @94 (afrosheen, since the numbers seem to have been bumped a few times for some reason):
    ““Now thanks to MGO’s easy-to-use Friend Registration system, it’s easy to send friend invites to people you’ve fought alongside with. And keep in touch with your new comrades outside of the game using our mail and SNS communication systems.””

    PSN already tracks the people you’ve most recently played with. I can play a game of Warhawk, go the the XMB and see a list of the people I’ve played against online, sorted with the most recent players at the top. It’s easy as pie to find them and add them. It’s also easy to communicate with them, whether it’s via messaging or voice comms.

    So… what exactly does Konami ID add there, eh? Besides an extra layer of bull, that is.

  • Way to drop the ball Konami. =/

  • Way to think you can carry a ton when you can really only carry 30lbs.

    If you can’t even get servers going for A BETA, then why even bother? Go back to the drawing board and fire the guy that didn’t take this seriously living in a fantasy land. Come on Konami, I thought you knew better than that.

    Good thing is, it doesn’t affect me much anyways. My main focus is MGS4 itself.

  • Servers overflowning? Wait, no wait, who couldnt see this one comming anyway? I didnt reserve MGS4, therefore no invite to BETA and I knew this would happen. Come on Konami, you should have know this would happen, really! I just hope SONY takes this into account when releasing the Home BETA or even Home itself.

  • @102Deviation: Well there are a few problems with how Sony does it. The first is that some people have full buddy lists (the PS3 cap is too low for some). The second is that not all games track who you’ve played with online (COD4, no excuse for that). The third is that the SMS and friend invite systems Konami created for MGO appear to work outside and maybe inside the game. Try inviting someone to play Warhawk before you start the game — you can’t. You can *follow* your friends that are already playing but if they’re in a game, you can’t message them and get them to join yours (like COD4). I think Konami is shooting for a best-of-breed concept with this stuff.

  • This whole PS3 thing is getting very annoying. After I complete MGS4, I am selling my system.

    Last post: Goodbye everyone… :)

  • Here’s a theory: Konami ID is used to allow cross-platform play in MGO (PC or XBOX 360 version? You never know). This is not to say MGS4 will be released on other platforms, just the online component, MGO.

  • LOL check out the latest PS3 screw up- Home delayed till fall!

    Man nothing’s going right, huh?

  • why are people saying that the beta was extended for another week? from April 21’st till May 6 is 15 days. If it was moved from April 25 till May 11, it will be 16 days… So why the “extra time to play” hype?

  • Is it really that hard?

  • Traffic levels do not explain why they can’t print out a serial number with the correct number of digits. Or why they chose the INSANE method of registration where people were required to create two separate IDs to play. Or why said server (a relatively straightforward registration server) had such massive issues, including a timeout value of a femtosecond. Or why MGO should use P2P for updates, opening up a raft of potential issues with NAT / ports / proxies etc.

    It looks like Konami for whatever reason decided to head off the beaten path and have suffered for it. Let’s hope the game is better than the registration issues. So far no one has even played the game yet its drawn a firestorm of issues. Imagine what fun will happen when the lobbies and games start.

    Even more worrying is that the game is barely a month from commercial release. What will happen then? They’ll be in a heap of trouble then if the issues persist.

  • bigest bull $hit ive heard ea were right ps3 cant cope with open beta’s

  • The servers should have been fit to fit EVERYONE from the start……. at least 11 million….. at once…

  • To make an omelet, you have to break some eggs. To make one of the best video game of all time, you have to kill some fanbois. Go cry on your pillows you emo trash whiners. Everyone thinks they know exactly what konami and sony did and didn’t do, and everyone thinks if they were in charge they could do better. You don’t know what konami and sony are up too, and how do you think things ever change in the first place? because big decisions are changed, and big mistakes are made that breed new solutions and ideas. If you think this is just another game launch that should go as smoothly as when your mom wiped your [DELETED] for you, guess what… you fail. And who ever said that this whole situation was a surprise anyway? remember the deck of cards from iraq 2? You are the mindless journalist in a fervor over something that may not even be real, and is incredibly temporary. Grow a backbone, the day before all this happened you were beating off to a konami logo. just walk away drone.

  • the day before all this happened you were all beating off to a konami logo. Grow a spine you mindless drones.

  • i would not like to be on Brandon shoes.
    I mean: the internetz are mad at Konami Online , and Kojima Productions too, a mad Mr Kojima its a scary image.

  • Seems like the beta test is doing it’s job. Would have really sucked if the actual game launched like this.

  • Everyone, be respectful to Konami because they are actually giving PS3 an exclusive game, unlike other developers who would rather not make PS3 exclusives to maximize their profit (giving people less reason to buy a PS3), or just not bothering with the PS3 (I’m looking at you Namco and Capcom to an extent, who were huge PS2 supporters last gen with exclusive games).

    Anyway, yes it sucks MGO has online issues, but I’m glad there was a beta to test it out first, unlike Vegas 2 and other online games that had issues from the start and would not work. Or even Warhawk, which had tons of online issues at launch, finally stopped having problems after over a month.

    I do thank Konami for at least telling us the problem. Most of these people need to chill out, and at least be thankful Konami is giving us an exclusive game.

  • by the time it’s actually up and running everybody will be playing GTA4.. hope you weren’t planning stress tests

  • Japan has robots. Why don’t they get the internet.

  • Japan has robots. Why don’t they understand the internet?

  • How is it that everyone is missing the positive here? Konami has discovered that the servers they had in place will not be able to handle demand when the game goes live. They are now working to fix this.

    Discovering these things and getting a chance to fix them before the game gets to store shelves is the whole point of having a beta, people! Overall, I’d say we’ve found the first problem and Konami is already on it. Everything is proceeding according to plan.

  • Foresight?? None. An integrated online experience through the use of a single online user name? Nope. C’mon Konami and Sony, get your act together!!! Don’t make your customers to register on a blo0dy website!! That’s what the PSN is there for (isn’t it?). One online name. One login. One password. That’s it. Turn on the PS3, log in.

    Otherwise, I’m still looking forward to the game, but really, please, lets make the whole PS3 online experience SEAMLESS!!

  • Wow, some people…*shakes head*
    Most of you should be excited that this game is probably going to be the biggest online experience on the PS3. Most of you should be excited that Konami is working very hard to rectify the situation so you can play the beta faster.
    But what do I see here?
    I see a bunch of people cussing Konami out under the sun for something that probably couldn’t have been avoided.
    Sony allowed Konami to go through with this because they trusted them as a company. I don’t know where you morons get by cussing out Konami like this, but at least they’re doing something about it. You guys are sitting around bashing a company WHO GAVE YOU ONE OF THE BEST GAME SERIES IN HISTORY. Metal Gear Solid 2 was my first Metal Gear game, and while I have yet to finish it (due to school and a bunch of other games that came out after it back then), I love the storyline a LOT.
    For heaven’s sake, give Konami some credit.

  • @102

    yeah.. but it does not track people I played with/against on GT5 Prologue. And that is a SONY game…..LOL


  • This gets delayed till Friday. Home delayed until Fall. Wat gives Sony folks? Do you hate us?
    I’ll play this until Tuesday before I goto E B Games and pick up my Limited edition GTA IV. Then its that for the summer. Was looking real forward to the communityness that home would bring to this game and warhawk. Oh well one can keep dreaming or should I even bother???

  • MGO Beta will be worth the wait. So if we have been waiting for all this time why not wait for 5 days more.

  • I hope they solve their server’s issues. 4-5 days delay is ok
    What should be an embarrassment for SONY is the news about ANOTHER delay for HOME
    What a mess Sony has made of this whole “Great Online Experience” they promised on the PS3 from day one.

  • Any body knows if there will be a midnight release for MGS4?

  • so KONAMI discovered a FATAL flaw in MGSO six weeks before the game ships? kind of scary if you ask me, KONAMI should have stressed test servers long time ago and no 6 weeks before release…

  • Home also delayed
    Where is the “Great Online Experience” they promised on the PS3 from day one?

  • Am i late? Or did no one know home was delayed again?

  • Yup, HOME is delayed.

    I always hated when Loucifer used to call the PS3 the Delaystation..


    this isn’t good.

  • With Home delayed and also MGO problems, it’s clear that the PS3 is still years from offering a complete online experience.

  • And BTW, why is ma gravatar not showing up? WTF??!!!

  • If i was working at Sony i would have seen this coming a longtime ago. This is the 21st century, how could Sony and Konami be so ignorant as to believe that MGSO would not generate a whole lot of us gamers wanting to play the game online.

    Wait i think this is just a strategy to get us gamers excited and have the news spread about the beta. Good one Sony. Now more gamers will be interested in MGSO.

    Now if someone can tell me why GT5pro doesn’t have 1 on 1 online play.

  • Sony (JAPAN) has highly underestimated the importance of Online Gaming for this generation. They set there and watched Xbox Live evolve for the passed 5 years or so, and have learned NOTHING from it.

  • Now Home is Delayed again. Good job guys! Big kudos. Should have seen this coming when you guys posted jobs for Home advertising and developement on your website. I say hire 50 more people and get this out there already. Who the hell is your Project Manager???

  • is ok I can wait.,at least give Konami credit for letting us know whats happening. things like this are bound to happen when you have a game with this much anticipation.see you all in beta!!!.

    here my PSN ID ,feel free to add me,

    PSN: nandosupes

  • Yawn. EA Sports has a separate account system for both XBL and PSN, all platforms. EA Sports, you know, tiny little sports game division of some also- ran, wannabe software developer and publisher. I think. I don’t know, maybe they’ve grown some since Billy Budge’s Pinball Construction Set.

  • Extraordinary levels of traffic from all over the world have caused the MGO Beta servers to destabilize

    Translation: Some idiot went cheap on the hardware or their networking software is as f’ed up as cod4.

  • I know everyone was really excited and anticipating trying out MGO. I know I was. The facts are, it is delayed. We get another week. And ultimately, this is what we are here for. We’re beta testers. Not only are we here to test the game, but also the service. Obviously it’s really good that we were here to test it, that way it wasn’t this botched up come June 12th. You should all be grateful that Konami allowed such a large audience to participate in the beta, and that each of you will be a part of it once it gets up and running. And to be honest, I’d rather have to wait a little longer for better quality. I would think all of you would share the same principle considering this IS MGO + MGS4 after all. Of course I’m really eager to play MGO, but I’m not upset about the delays. You can’t control stuff like that, so why get worked up over it. It’s coming, and that’s final. You’ll get it soon enough.

  • @130 Yup i hate admitting it but that nickname is gonna catch on quick if sony keeps this route

  • sony was on a role for a while till they dint take charge of this situation and made sure Konami knew what they were doing and delaying HOME till Fall

  • Stop the crying. This is a beta. For those who don’t know what a beta is, it’s a pre-release of a game. A test. You don’t pay for it. Maybe Konami should have just sent out emails to a select list of gamers to test MGO. No, they’re allowing everyone to be a beta tester. Beta tests don’t always go as planned. Konami is finding out that their servers can’t handle the demand. This is a good problem though. It means their servers will be better prepared for the real game. Just go play some other game for now.

  • Help please….

    I have my Saga Vol 2 DVD with the BETA code. I’ve put in the Beta code and do have it, have downloaded and installed the update as well…

    Problem is I can’t sign up for a Konami ID…I mean I did sign up, can log in (said I haven’t confirmed) but have yet to receive the confirmation email….That was on Sunday. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Oh yeah, sorry I don’t like to double post but I forgot that:

    a) I double checked my email address and it appears correct

    b) I double checked my email settings and it’s not being blocked

    c) I emailed for help on Sunday but have yet to receive a response from your support email.

  • Geez guys give em a break. I suppose you have never made a mistake. I, for one am glad they addressed this here on the blog. They could have just been silent on the whole thing but they actually had the guts to say “hey, we made a mistake” Way to go Konami, thanks for your honesty and keeping us updated.
    I also love the comments which managed to say Sony was somehow to blame. This is not a Sony title kids. Just because it’s on a Sony PS3 does not make it a Sony issue.
    Stop pointing fingers. We all make mistakes. It takes real guts to own up to it.
    I know it’s hard to be patient when it’s something I really want but I will give it a shot.

  • It’s stunning how ignorant and uninformed many “gamers” are about game development (and the development cycle). The whole point of a beta is to work out problems. Not to ensure that a bunch of spoiled children get to play a flawless game months before the actual release date.

    If problems occur (as they ALWAYS do during the beta cycle), then those problems get addressed. If that means delaying other aspects of the cycle (like end-user testing), then tough luck. That’s how it works.

    The goal is to produce a stable end-product but whatever means necessary.

    Deal with it.

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