MGS4/MGO Beta – Questions Answered!

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Hi all! Our Metal Gear posts are attracting so much attention that we’re popping back in ahead of schedule to answer some of your questions off the regular Metal Gear Mondays schedule.

To start, we have been getting reports that some of you are receiving partial digit UPVC’s Metal Gear Online Beta on the “Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2″ DVD inserts. We are aware of this issue and are working hard to remedy. If you’ve been affected by this issue, please contact us at Please be sure to include your partial code, and any other pertinent details (like a return email address, etc). We thank you for your patience.

Second, as some of you may have noticed, the download of the MGO Beta client is now available. Carefully following the instructions you received with your UPVC, you can go grab it. Once it’s downloaded and installed, and you hit the main menu, you’ll notice to proceed you need to sign in your PSN account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see that there is an update that must be downloaded and installed. From there, the next menu is where you can sign up for your Konami ID/Game ID, which are required to play Metal Gear Online. You can also sign up for a Konami ID/Game ID at at any time using a web browser on a PC as well. Once you have signed up for your Konami ID/Game ID, and input it into MGO on your PS3, you can select the option to save the login and password and just login directly in the future without having to input it again.

Following that, until gameplay begins on the 21st, you will just receive an error if you try to sign in to play MGO right now.

As mentioned in the previous posts about Metal Gear Online and Konami ID, the Konami ID/Game ID will be used to offer community and other features with Metal Gear Online, similar to some other popular multiplayer online game web communities, except in this case the web community is directly integrated into the game client which allows for some special functionality. As you use Metal Gear Online, you will see how the PS3 web browser is seamlessly integrated into the experience, and then of course, you can go and access the community when you are away from your PS3 as well, using a web browser on a PC. We’ll reveal more about the community features of MGO at a later date.

Now we’ll just dive directly into some of your questions previous posts:

I_Love_New_York asked: Can we play this game locally once it is downloaded or is it only played through online?

@I Love New York: You must sign in to play Metal Gear Online. There is no local play option.

darkiewonder asked: Any of the Konami folks will be playing in the BETA as well?

@darkiewonder: We sure will!!! We may try to arrange some matches with you all or something like that… Stay tuned!

Sheen asked: Upon downloading the Beta on the 17th, what can the player do? Would I be able to tool around the character creation settings and all that before I play? I’d like to do that beforehand.

@Sheen: Thanks! You can set up a Konami ID/Game ID through the MGO client/PS3, or can do so right now at, otherwise character creation and of course gameplay will not be available until the 21st.

bobamuknunbabo asked: When will you take pre-orders for the Gunmetal Grey MGS4 PS3 Bundle? Where would you be able to do so? Konami America?

@bobamuknunbabo, and everyone else who has been asking: We really appreciate your excitement about the gun-metal grey “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots” Limited Edition PLAYSTATION 3 Hardware Bundle. We will be revealing more information about this very soon, please stay tuned!

lawman3092 asked: Is there any mic support in the beta or in the starter pack coming with MGS4?

@lawman3092: Absolutely! Mics are supported by MGO!

Thanks everyone! See you Monday!

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  • @98 same thing here i been waiting 2 days after they responed to me and told me to send my code to them i havent heard anything after that

  • the6one……..

    Sony……..I hope you guys “recover” from this little “snafoo” of yours in updating the new playstation store. I would also like to note that “gamers” these days have evolved into something that I can’t even explain anymore. The task this generation will be tougher and harder than previous generations. Nintendo sales have yet to slowdown. I am hopeful that they will cease to exist at some point in the future. Meanwhile, you guys have a lot of work to do!!!! You can’t spoil our strategy for this year with stupid hiccups like a new online store being slow and not competitive or up to par with the competition’s. SONY……..things have changed and you are going to have to accept that. Just look at what tactics the company has had to resort to just sell consoles. It is not pretty Sony, not pretty at all. Mark my words, if you guys don’t stand up and stake your claim back at the top of computer entertainment, you will lose. It’s just that simple. I have commended the company for its turnaround, but that’s just it, a turnaround. We still have yet to complete that turnaround….which means you guys still have a lot of work to do. The new playstation store works, I guess……..however, you guys have to get it going and functioning the way it needs to be. It’s your choice Sony: You can either sit back and relax and lose or you can stand up and fight back to claim your place atop of the gaming industry. Remember, it’s your choice, not mine or any other consumer’s.


  • Answer this one, Konami. Why use a dumb Konami ID and Game ID to play? It’s a pretty stupid practice from one of the best developers. I sure hope you guys don’t let this go on to the final game. We have PSN to unify us and all the ID crap does is just split us apart. There’s no reason to think you’re better or to try and be different.

    And about Kojima saying he didn’t make the game how he wanted it and all that hoopla- I think no matter what he says we need worry not. Just read this article and your nerves will be settled. MGS4 is gonna kick mega @ss.

  • Konami wants to charge us for playing MGO. Thats the whole thing with the ids and not using psn id.

  • THANK YOU PS BLOG / KONAMI for answering my QUESTION!!! i’ll be waiting for the gunmetal ps3!!! i hope it’s VERY VERY SOON =)

  • The beta process sucks assss.

    WTF is with GT5P? Why the hell is there 5.3 GB MUST install when it reads only 5121KB in the back of the game cover!!!!!!

  • I apologize if these questions have been asked before.

    1.) Will we be able to invite our friends from the PSN to join us in a lobby so we can play together.This question applies for MGO beta and when it comes out on June 12th?

    2.) Will there be any type of clan support?If so will it be as simple as on COD4 where you can only put the clan tag in front of your name, or will it be more complicated like in Resistance Fall of Man for example?

    Thank you!

  • My buddy is having trouble with the site, Besides getting the error that you have been timed out basically is he completed the form, he got the email and then it says his konami id and game id aren’t registered, then he tries again and says it is. then says it isn’t…whats going on? is it the site?

  • What I want to know is why the update is not downloading. Torrent is not moving and choosing the HTTP option tells me that a Network Error Occured.

    Ugh… I’m starting to get so tired of Japanese-created online systems…

  • To all people complaining about the slow download of the upload through P2P :
    have you JUST tried to open the UDP Port 5730 on your router/modem ? ^^

  • I love the early post telling Brandon not to wave crap like his post in our faces, and Brandon replyed all merry like everything was A-ok!

  • To all that are shouting on the forum like little kids at a birthday pary, please dont waist our time, out of 100 posts here 90 of them have been repeated questions or just trash. If you can do a better job then go get a college degree and sign up for konami and work. Ask an intellegent question and move on, there is no need for you to say [DELETED] because it only makes you look bad and takes up space on the forums, just like some of you take up space on this planet.

  • Haha yeah, at least he replied at all though…

  • About my earlier post on asking if MGO will support friends list and clan options, I have found out on

    ” while there are menu options hinting at proper support for Clans, an in-game email-style messaging system, proper support for friends lists”

    My question still stands will the friends list be available during the beta?

  • @107 that the biggest lie i ever heard cause the game is only 1.9 gig

  • [IMG][/IMG]

  • I have an idea, get rid of the the damned Konami ID! Why couldn’t you have just used PSN ID’s for these community features anyway?

  • @115

    or just your ignorance.. the PSN download is just about 2 gig cause theres not gttv stuff. with the bluray you have to do a mandatory complete 5+ gig install when first starting the game

    but let’s get back on topic… it is glad they posted something addressing the short keys but to fill the rest of the FAQ with unimportant item in this time of beta madness is kinda sad.

    I am downloaded updated and id ready to go, i just feel for other people with the issues.

  • Unfortunately, we shouldn’t be surprised. Does anyone remember the abysmal online support for MGS3: Subsistence (Persistence)?

    I pre-ordered MGS4–primarily for the single player game. However, if Konami insists upon the Konami ID/Game ID idiocy for the full version of MGO, I will not be playing. I don’t feel that I need to give Konami a ton of personal information to play a game for which I’ve already paid (presumably so that they can spam the heck out of me). And, I can always play CoD4 sooo easily.

    I like the theory that Sony allowed Konami to pull this madness as part of Sony’s capitulation to Konami to keep MGS4 an exclusive title. I would love to find out if there’s any truth there. For now, I’m going to give up on the MGO beta for a few days until some better information comes out. With all due respect Brandon, you’re being a tool. Don’t say “See you Monday!” when in all likelihood many of us will be unable to play on Monday because of your employer’s inability to deploy it’s own product.

    And to reiterate, if the PSN IDs are not good enough for Konami, then Metal Gear Online is likely not good enough for me. There are many quality online experiences now for me to enjoy–which don’t require Konami’s style of goofy and confusing presentation. Sad.

  • ahah. I got my question answered ;P

    Sure everyone asked this but was the reason behind the GAME ID as opposed to using PSN ID? Was it to keep track of stats which is still possible with PSN ID and what about just linking our PSN ID to the Konami portal ;3

    and will our PSN ID be of use because I would like that to show over my head in MGO.

  • You Failed Konami

    Hope that you’ve learned with your primitive Konami Id/Game Id children stupidity from the old age of online video games…

    Who thought about that stupid Game Id!?!? I want to know cause I’m not planning to buy any games that these people is working on!

  • I wanted to know if we will be able to play as Old Snake or is that for the Konami staff only.

    Thank You.

  • Ok it is 02:51 BST. I am able to get past the first screen on the Konami ID site. Here’s what happens:

    1. Go on
    2. Click Register.
    3. Select country and DOB and click next. (now this is where I’ve been getting the ‘deleted’ error before but at this crazy time of the morning it goes past it)
    4. Agree to the Terms and conditions.
    5. Now this is the part where I come unstuck. I put my Konami id in (which has to be 8-32 characters in length using lower case letters, numbers, hyphens (-), underscores (_), and periods (.)

    I select ‘Check for availability and it brings up:


    An error has occurred.

    Please contact the website administrator.

    Ahem: FFSake!

    Now, this is where i would normally rant about how much i hate Konami for making me do this etc etc but after looking at some of the comments on this site it reminded me of a Simpsons episode where Homer does the voice of a dog in Itchy and scratchy. Bart is speaking to the fat geek guy (who is complaining about the cartoon) and says “you’ve been given thousands of hours of entertainment for free you have no right to complain!”

    So its just a reminder that this beta is FREE. You don’t HAVE to play it. I’m sure that all the bugs will be ironed out when its released.

    Though having said that. The font rules of the ID’s are ridiculous. (Hyphens, dots, no caps etc) Its worse than most on-line banks! This needs to be addressed upon release.

    By the way if anyone knows what Konami are doing about their problems, please can you let us know. I’m fed up of reading whiny posts, (my own included!). I need answers!

  • I don’t know what fun and interesting stuff you are doing with the link to the Konami Id instead of the PSN like EVERY OTHER GAME DOES, but this is just getting ridiculous.

    I understand your servers are stressed, though right now I’m able to navigate the konami id site rather easy. What is pissing me off though is how whenever I try to register my account name and email and all that junk, it tells me that my email is already registered and to use another one. Yet when I go to the “I forgot my Konami Id” section and insert my email, it tells me my email HAS NOT BEEN REGISTERED!

    I have been trying to get on this site now for 3 days and been getting nothing but server busy and crashing. Now when I do get on the site, I can’t even register because the thing doesn’t know whether my email is taken or not.

    I sure hope that you lovely folks at Konami extend this beta if you can’t get your stuff together by monday. This is just absurd now.

  • lucky I listened to the forums and went and made my Konami ID the day it was announced, sorry you snooze you loose, I got mine with no problem and I had a 9 digit code instead of 12, so I worked my ass off to get the stuff so you people leaving comments can too.

  • I just successfully registered a konami id. I was having the same problems as everyone else before, but just tried it, and everything went smoothly.

  • I just registered my Game ID on the website about 5 mins ago, so just keep trying…

  • Cut the crap, can’t they just use PSN like every other developer?

  • I still can’t believe anyone at Konami thought that requiring this Konami ID + Game ID + PSN ID debacle was actually a good idea.

    That website design if absolutely atrocious and it’s the farthest thing from seamless possible.

    I honestly have trouble understanding why you’d choose to hamstring the online portion of your game so horribly.

    And that 1.01 update? As with everyone else, the http version did nothing but fail and the peer to peer version took 3+ hours to download. What a joke.

    Anyone wondering just how awful this process is, you can find it detailed here:

  • The konami site works now for me.

    Everybody needs to chill out 4real, because I bet if the site was working from the start people like #131 would’nt be saying stuff like “cut the crap”.

    Calm down, take some chill pills and learn to wait peoples.

  • Psn: Eclipze_

    Game ID: eclipse_dc

    People are also acting like the beta is already on right now. Its not out till the 21st, so it looks like they already are going to fix this site (or already fixed for me) problem before the beta begins.

  • This is why I didn’t upload the Beta. I had a feeling something not good was going to happen, especially when it’s in HIGH demand.

    But some of you people need to stop bashing Konami. I understand you are upset, but they worked hard on this and the least you can do is give them a bit of credit.

    Just a thought.

  • luckily i got my konami ID when it was first announced. unfortunately i couldnt use DanB91 because it was too short.


    i hate having 2 separate friends list (if MGO even allows its own friends list), let alone 2 different ID’s. why cant everything be integrated? i want to be able to invite my friends without building a friends list again.

    This is gonna be an AMAZING game, plz dont make us use special ids for it.

    Of course there are many others who agree with me. Can u do this one favor? plz?

  • When we find out the gameplay is good, and everything works day 1 June 12th, then yeah Konami gets the + 1. Until then, this is normal for a beta. Look at Warhawk, how out of hand that got at first, people were the same way.

    Beta testing is beta testing, so just like anything else we know it is here to help which is why we don’t keep our mouths shut and we DO in fact speak up if a problem arises so they can fix it in time for the actual release. So if I find a problem, then yeah I will expect complaints in many ways both on here and any other metal gear forum that is anticipating the games release so they (hopefully) fix it in time for launch.

    Thanks for answering some of the questions Konami, good to see you are adding on and making the needed adjustments etc so people can sign up for their Konami ID’s & all.

  • Well, the website is finally working. Sadly, I’m having yet another problem. I’ve tried every email address I have and it always says that the email address has already been registered. Yet when I try to get my supposedly “lost” password and/or information resent to the email address, it says it doesn’t exist. What gives? Hopefully this will all be fixed by the time the game actually goes live on Monday.

    It would also be nice if there was some actual contact info. on the webpage for problems such as these so we can email someone directly, instead of hoping someone actually reads the problems we post here online. *crosses fingers*

    Any information from Brandon would really be helpful right now.

  • I was finally able to create an account on Konami Id… and that was hard
    I just hope that the Beta will work after all that trouble…

  • The Konami ID is useful in the event that Konami institutes the same community features across all platforms. When Konami makes an online game for the 360 or the Wii, it will benefit from being streamlined along with all the rest of their online games. It’s a one stop shop, and for that, I applaud them for taking the first step toward a unified community center. Other games make it optional, but I love that Konami is seemingly making it mandatory so that everyone is in on it from the get go. Then again, it might just be for beta purposes, in which case, it should be even less of an issue aside from the servers acting up (something which is totally excusable in a beta situation).

  • @125 jameslabanks

    I agree with you on the security of the ids. The Gameid can only take lowercase for username and the password can only be numbers. What a joke. I can understand a number only PIN on ATM cards but why so on an online game ?

  • Yeah… It would be nice if I could make a K-ID… Yeah… tried 15 times… not working… wonderful… thanks!

  • @138xino
    I’m having the same problem.
    PLZ fix your site Konami!! PLZ!!

  • Just scrap this stupid Konami ID thing guys, it isn’t working. Is it so f’ing hard to have a unified username? For the love of god!!!!

  • I had no problem getting my Konami id since I did it the first day. But I still think it’s completely unnecessary.

    For everyone that still hasn’t signed up, you can still use your PSN id for your Konami game id. the letters just have to be in lower case.


    PSN id: MikeG115
    Konami id: scottie2521
    Konami game id: mikeg115

    Konami and Sony I hope this multiple id thing is only for the beta also. I want MGS4 primarily for the single-player, but was really looking forward to trying the online portion.

    If there is one thing you guys have learned already from this beta is to keep access to this game as simple as possible. NO MULTIPLE IDs

  • You know, since the game won’t be playable until Monday, you DON’T HAVE TO HAVE the ID right this second. There are still TWO WHOLE DAYS for it to be fixed. In the meantime, go watch some porn to cool off. Jesus.

  • I get to the confirm detail page and then I get a error… Woo!

    Seriously, this ID crap was a bad idea. I’ve never had any problems with anything else Sony has done, but allowing this crap is not good.

    One time I try my ID is available, next time I try its not. Get it in order! Jebus isn’t happy!

  • You have two whole days to get an ID. Why fret? Stress if it comes down to the wire.

  • Finally got my game ID, Wow…that was a pain.

  • Well now when i try and make an ID on no matter what i put i have tried everything even random arrangements of numbers letters just letters just numbers all i get is Konami ID is unavailable and then my email adress gets locked into this unavailable id and i can’t use i to try and register another. **** Konami

  • Wow, I have an easier time assembling Ikea furniture than making a damn Konami ID. I mean, I do appreciate Konami for being one of the only loyal companies and sticking to the brand that made them millions, but jesus, that was the most annoying thing I’ve ever done. I hope these useless ids are only needed for the beta. Let’s stick to Sony PSN names please, I hope I don’t have to make a new Konami friends list :(.

  • Whats the proper course of action if it tells us our email address has already been registered, when it most definitely has not?

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