MGS4/MGO Beta – Questions Answered!

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Hi all! Our Metal Gear posts are attracting so much attention that we’re popping back in ahead of schedule to answer some of your questions off the regular Metal Gear Mondays schedule.

To start, we have been getting reports that some of you are receiving partial digit UPVC’s Metal Gear Online Beta on the “Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2″ DVD inserts. We are aware of this issue and are working hard to remedy. If you’ve been affected by this issue, please contact us at Please be sure to include your partial code, and any other pertinent details (like a return email address, etc). We thank you for your patience.

Second, as some of you may have noticed, the download of the MGO Beta client is now available. Carefully following the instructions you received with your UPVC, you can go grab it. Once it’s downloaded and installed, and you hit the main menu, you’ll notice to proceed you need to sign in your PSN account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see that there is an update that must be downloaded and installed. From there, the next menu is where you can sign up for your Konami ID/Game ID, which are required to play Metal Gear Online. You can also sign up for a Konami ID/Game ID at at any time using a web browser on a PC as well. Once you have signed up for your Konami ID/Game ID, and input it into MGO on your PS3, you can select the option to save the login and password and just login directly in the future without having to input it again.

Following that, until gameplay begins on the 21st, you will just receive an error if you try to sign in to play MGO right now.

As mentioned in the previous posts about Metal Gear Online and Konami ID, the Konami ID/Game ID will be used to offer community and other features with Metal Gear Online, similar to some other popular multiplayer online game web communities, except in this case the web community is directly integrated into the game client which allows for some special functionality. As you use Metal Gear Online, you will see how the PS3 web browser is seamlessly integrated into the experience, and then of course, you can go and access the community when you are away from your PS3 as well, using a web browser on a PC. We’ll reveal more about the community features of MGO at a later date.

Now we’ll just dive directly into some of your questions previous posts:

I_Love_New_York asked: Can we play this game locally once it is downloaded or is it only played through online?

@I Love New York: You must sign in to play Metal Gear Online. There is no local play option.

darkiewonder asked: Any of the Konami folks will be playing in the BETA as well?

@darkiewonder: We sure will!!! We may try to arrange some matches with you all or something like that… Stay tuned!

Sheen asked: Upon downloading the Beta on the 17th, what can the player do? Would I be able to tool around the character creation settings and all that before I play? I’d like to do that beforehand.

@Sheen: Thanks! You can set up a Konami ID/Game ID through the MGO client/PS3, or can do so right now at, otherwise character creation and of course gameplay will not be available until the 21st.

bobamuknunbabo asked: When will you take pre-orders for the Gunmetal Grey MGS4 PS3 Bundle? Where would you be able to do so? Konami America?

@bobamuknunbabo, and everyone else who has been asking: We really appreciate your excitement about the gun-metal grey “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots” Limited Edition PLAYSTATION 3 Hardware Bundle. We will be revealing more information about this very soon, please stay tuned!

lawman3092 asked: Is there any mic support in the beta or in the starter pack coming with MGS4?

@lawman3092: Absolutely! Mics are supported by MGO!

Thanks everyone! See you Monday!

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  • Brandon – Why doesn’t Konami just let MGO use the PSN and let gamers use their PSN accounts? We have all of our friends’ PSN names saved in our systems for a reason. Is this Konami ID and game ID stuff just for the beta, or for the actual game? If it’s for the actual game, people are already saying they won’t be playing MGO. Use the PSN like every other game out there. The harder it is to play this game, the less people are going to give it a try. To pull people away from games like CoD 4, making us sign up for Konami ID’s and new ID’s for this specific game is not the way to go.

  • @reson8er
    Very well said

  • Information about the Hagane Steel PS3 coming very soon! This info can’t come soon enough!

  • for the LOVE of god Konami, GET RID OF THE GAME ID AND KONAMI ID.

    Why in the world would a game publisher have such a stupid thing anyway? People can’t even register anyway..because the servers are sooo overloaded= I myself can’t even register.

    You would think Konami would learn.

  • Konami fix your Game ID crap I cannot even get the site to load let alone register. You guys need better servers, I REALLY hope you guys are ready for the beta! It better not lag or else expect to see the boards fill up FAST with complaint after complaint. I realize this is a beta but still, all I’m asking is be ready for this when it hits. Have maybe some “beta exclusive” forum on here for only beta testers or something. We need this fixed, and we need contact from Konami. I expect problems to double on the 21st. Good luck, you’ll need it. ;)

  • i did not even get a beta code al 1000 were gon befor i got a chance wenever there is a beta why dont i fined out about it till to late? the playstation undergrond accont i made sed i would get e-mails about this stuf but i get them a week later than i need them so outo fill will sign me up for as many ID’s as i need just someone give me a beta code! if you have one than send it to or

  • @57 just butchered the English language, I don’t even know what you said. lol

  • @zeel
    You spell like you’re six or not a native. If you’re six, you shouldn’t be playing metal gear, if you’re from the UK or Japan, the beta is free.

  • Technology will be always a couple of years behind of Mr. Kojima’s creativity.

  • holy @#%^!!!!!!!!!! what happend to my post (an edit button would be so useful)

  • I live in the USA that was not my spelling something happend

  • BTW= I rated this topic a 1

    being that Konami has failed. I can’t even register to play the dang thing.

  • @subbed

    I keep on thinking why did Sony allow Konami to do its thing and not force them to use the PS3 network servers to download the update.

    Then it hit me. Since Konami is being nice and not putting the game out on the 360, Sony is bending over backwards and letting Konami do what ever it wants even if their setup is crashing and burning like there is no tomorrow when compared to Sony’s setup. As long as MGS4 is a PS3 exclusive Sony will let Konami do what ever they want even if it means the thing doesn’t work for a while. A loooooonnnng while.

    Get this fixed guys.

  • @ FlyingWombat

    As a European you still need a Konami ID. And thanks to Konami that is as likely as getting a beta key…
    Btw, Germans, due to the age destriction are not allowed to the beta. That is actually not Konamis fault.

  • Do you have an ETA of when people with incomplete MGO beta codes should expect to hear back from Konami?

    I sent an email to the mgobetasupport more than 48 hours ago and I still don’t have a response.

    This is very unprofessional.

  • Well the info is nice and everything, but as some of you have posted already, the update is seeming impossible to download. For me I had the http start downloading then quit at 7%. And the bit torrent set up is showing me NO clients. I have tried several different ports, I don’t have UPNP and I still get nothing. I hope Konami gets more servers running for this update, even if it’s just temporary servers. PLEASE I want to play in the BETA!!!!

  • All I have heard thus far is complaining about the issues and problems everyone is having with the beta, this is the very reason we are being utilized for this process. Konami has stated several times they are using the Konami/Game ID to offer us features that certainly will enhance the overall experience of the game so why is everyone so upset? Not to mention since you would have to be loggin in via your PSN ID all your info can easily be fed to your PSN account so there is no worry about loss of future Sony (Home) integrations.

    It may come off like I’m being the jerk here but seriously guys, alot of hard work has been put into this project and there will be bugs throughout this Beta process. It’s our devotion and input that will mold MGO into the game we are all so obviously anticipating as displayed by the general frustration.

    @ Brandon
    Thanks for the update, obviously we are all in great anticipation of the Beta and appreciate the public address of said issues. See you on the battlefield!

  • Thanks for answering!

    I have a question. Will this game have HOME support?

  • Could you let the community know what time the beta will be available on Monday. Does it begin worldwide at the exact same time? Is it the 21st in Japan that it starts? Does it start the 21st in America at 12am eastern or pacific time? Any specific details as to when we can officially log in and play.

  • I don’t give a flying f**k whether or not the konami developers will play on the beta which they are probably lying how about some questions being answered by konami about the F*** ups with the download for beta and people’s Konami ID. It’s Ridiculous but anyways see you Monday if there is still hope.

  • I’m hoping Konami adopts a similar stance on this ID thing as Insomniac did with Resistance; where they sync the community username with the PSN handle.

  • @QGNorml

    Your right.

    but so is everyone who is complaining.

    Part of the process of the Beta is the feedback. Now direct feedback like this (aside from having their servers pounded) is probably helpful.

    Now-a-days getting online in a game, even a beta, should be a realativley painless process, but alas, not everything always goes as planned. Warhawk had it’s fair share of problems at launch, afterall.

    So in the end, no one is really wrong on this one I respect Konami for trying to do what they can in the face of this problem.


    Should we cut Konami some slack? Yea probably, but actually only just a little. The registration process should probably have been stagnated between EU and US, but hindsight is always 20/20 right? lol

    Should we expect better performance from a premier 3rd party and developer? Yes. absolutley.

    Will they deliver? I have no doubt.

    Is it okay to be miffed that the process is so convoluted? a great big Yes to this.

    I hope they can get the ball rolling for Mondays debut, otherwise there will be a lot more lip service lol.

  • @QGNorml
    Well, I suppose you don’t mind bending over and taking it up the butt for no good reason, but I, for one, do!!! I know it’s a beta, and that’s why although the update is annoying, I’m not complaining about it. I will not stop complaining about the Konami ID as I view it as completely unneccesary and if we don’t complain why would they take it out of the final game. I don’t care how much work went into this project, I am a customer, and I expect to be satisfied. Now, if when I buy MGS4 and MGO these problems are fixed and the online is great, I won’t complain at all anymore. I will forget the beta ever happened, as it is a beta and is intended for testing purposes and there are sometimes some pretty big issues. I really think that Konami waited WAY too long to push the beta out, they needed to know that us Americans don’t like stupid crap forcing us to have to sign up for 3 ID’s (which is totally unneccesary) and getting taken to some stupid website.
    You may think that I’m just a hater, but no. I am the biggest Metal Gear fan I have ever known personally, but this is just ridiculous, and despite my love for the franchise, I refuse to look past these overpowering flaws.

    You’re wrong. Part of the reason EA Criterion loves the PS3 is the online developement is so open ended whereas the 360’s is really strict. Sony basically allows developers to do whatever they want, that’s why alot of people say that COD4 and Burnout Paradise were better on PS3. Unfortunately, this means that developers have the ability to make royal cluster#($&s at the tips of their fingers. We see this well demonstrated here.

  • This peer-to-peer downloading is taking hours to do! :-/ +I’m getting nowhere to??? Spent all day doing it??? :-/ I give up!

  • @p-s-3

    Yeah with Peer to Peer the more people that are on the faster (in theory) your d/l will go.

    I suggest leaving it alone, and retrying it at a more busy time of day (this evening) or maybee when you leave the house so you wont have to wait for it to be finished.

  • I’m sorry, i was extremely excited about this beta but i have to say this is the most unprofessional beta i have ever encountered. First the coeds issue, which i was fortunate enough not to have, then secondly, the http server always ends in error for the update, secondly, the peer server has no clients on at all now and im stuck at 99% completion. This is ridiculous, get your act together konami, lets just hope the game isn’t this plagued

  • @FlyingWombat

    I stand corrected :)

  • Hey konami, im sure your thrilled about MGS4 and im sure its going to be an amazing game. Heres a question about the metal gear online beta though,

    How did you screw this up so much?

    Its not like its the first beta on the ps3, we know it works like butter, so how the heck did you mess it up so bad. Rules for a beta should be:

    1. You a code
    2. You download the game and input it.

    Not what you seem to think is better for everyone which is:

    1. Get a code OR a konami ID
    2. Also get a GAME ID
    3. Try to use the broken website that says ive been inactive for too long, WHICH IS BECAUSE OF THE LOADS.
    4. Download the beta
    5. Download the giant update that takes a few hours and cant be background downloaded.
    6. Wait 3 days untill it acctually works.


    Fix that damn website, i will sign up to your spam junk and corporate emails as long as you LET ME. You didnt even address this in your post. At least have some humility and honesty. Hopeless.


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    Due to a period of inactivity, the page has been deleted.
    Please click on the below link to return to the top page.

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  • @FlyingWombat
    your dead on of sony’s open ended online. devs can either do great things or this…

  • Hey Brandon. Im not sure how you can NOT be aware of the non-functioning sign-up page, but its pretty scary. I think you’ll be in for a surprise when you get back on monday and nobody still cant sign up… At least you could have explained that the servers are fried at the moment instead of telling everyone to just go sign up when its not working. Bad move. Dont get me wrong, i really want to try out MGO but i just cant :)

  • While I’m sure there is a large number of non-vocal members of MGO-hopeful community members that are just fine with the Konami ID (if it works), I’m also pretty sure that there is a large number that just hates it as much as we do.

    I can see where it might be cool to have this integrated experience with the game and the web and such, but the method is extremely inconvenient.

    Take MyResistance for example. It too is tied into the game, but is not an inconvenience to actually playing the game. Same with Rock Band’s community. Same with Warhawk’s community. Same with what it’s looking like for the Rockstar Social Club.

    The problem with the Konami ID is not that it exists. It’s that it gets in the way of people actually playing the game. It’s just another hoop players have to jump through before they get to play (emphasis on the ‘have to’), which is all most people want. Three ID’s? That’s too many hoops.

    Luckily, this is a beta. Fix this. Non-mandatory Konami ID’s. Don’t keep us from playing the game.

  • please get a way to help me out my doubdle sent my email to kojima with my upsn sorry about that i didnt know if my email was recieved .
    one this that really bugging me is kojima saying that mgs4 is a disappointment to him y did he say that is he saying mgs4 is not going to be good or was he trying to say that the ps3 isnt what its meant to be or is it something else if its is please explain what he meant.

  • sorry i meant i email it 2x to konami

  • @erico316

    If you read the post, what he meant to say that he is disappointed with what he thought he could accomplish and what his team was able to get out of the PS3 after running the PS3 to its limits. He says he is not dissing the PS3.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

  • downloading the patch now..seems to be going pretty quickly on peer to peer.

    question,will we be able to access in game in depth stats..shots fired,kills,etc from the website?

  • I have been waiting over 50 hours for a response from Konami. I have a feeling that they will get back to me sometime around May 12th.

    It is just sad to see a company that is usually so meticulous on quality, to fall apart over people sending in alot of emails…

    Try this Konami; write a RegEx to parse all of the emails you have received. Then match the partial codes to you database of codes. Then send the email out automatically.

    Shouldn’t be too hard.

  • saw the online play demo for this game
    are u kidding dont get caught up in the media hype this game is a joke

  • Here is a question:

    Why did a dog piss on the Konami ID Servers, and why isn’t anyone cleaning it?

  • @89 the online looks great it a matter of personal taste

  • I can’t even get an ID… keeps saying the page was deleted every time I try to register. Gr.

  • Exciting time to own a PlayStation 3… People have be kinda upset today because the new store was failure.

  • Will gameplay be available at midnight on the 21st?

  • everytime i try to register i get tis
    An error has occurred.

    Due to a period of inactivity, the page has been deleted.
    Please click on the below link to return to the top page.

  • I also get the

    “An error has occurred.
    Due to a period of inactivity, the page has been deleted.
    Please click on the link below to return to the top page.”

    This wouldn’t bother me if it wasn’t for the fact that despite my efforts to fill out the page AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, I still get this damn error. How the hell fast does the page expire? Fifteen seconds? I’d understand if it was ten minutes or something, but this is just ridiculous.

  • so wat do i do?

  • Hey Guys,

    I e-mailed MGOBetaSupport twice with my code and I still haven’t received an e-mail. First time I e-mailed was through Konami-Data, and second time was through the actual e-mail. It’s been two days from Konami-Data, and almost a day for MGOBetaSupport. Could anybody care to tell me why my friend received his 12-Digit code before me when I sent out the e-mail a few hours before he did?

  • This is a joke, not the game, but the whole fiasco with the Konami ID.

    Like poster #18 “FlyingWombat | April 18th, 2008 at 12:26 pm” said, why the heck don’t they use the Sony PSN ID system??

    Konami, opening a web browser in the middle of a game is NOT SEAMLESS. If you really have to create your own ID system separate from the PSN, at least integrate it within the GUI of your game!!

    Otherwise the I am looking forward to the game, but really, this whole separate ID thing is very disappointing and doesn’t bode well for the future of an integrated online experience for Playstation 3 owners.

  • @89
    Leave got the wrong forum..

    The sign up process needs to just tie into the PSN account and make it easy

  • @98 same thing herei been waiting 2 days after they reonsoned to me and told me to send my code to them i havent heard anyhing

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