MGS4/MGO Beta – Questions Answered!

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Hi all! Our Metal Gear posts are attracting so much attention that we’re popping back in ahead of schedule to answer some of your questions off the regular Metal Gear Mondays schedule.

To start, we have been getting reports that some of you are receiving partial digit UPVC’s Metal Gear Online Beta on the “Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2″ DVD inserts. We are aware of this issue and are working hard to remedy. If you’ve been affected by this issue, please contact us at Please be sure to include your partial code, and any other pertinent details (like a return email address, etc). We thank you for your patience.

Second, as some of you may have noticed, the download of the MGO Beta client is now available. Carefully following the instructions you received with your UPVC, you can go grab it. Once it’s downloaded and installed, and you hit the main menu, you’ll notice to proceed you need to sign in your PSN account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see that there is an update that must be downloaded and installed. From there, the next menu is where you can sign up for your Konami ID/Game ID, which are required to play Metal Gear Online. You can also sign up for a Konami ID/Game ID at at any time using a web browser on a PC as well. Once you have signed up for your Konami ID/Game ID, and input it into MGO on your PS3, you can select the option to save the login and password and just login directly in the future without having to input it again.

Following that, until gameplay begins on the 21st, you will just receive an error if you try to sign in to play MGO right now.

As mentioned in the previous posts about Metal Gear Online and Konami ID, the Konami ID/Game ID will be used to offer community and other features with Metal Gear Online, similar to some other popular multiplayer online game web communities, except in this case the web community is directly integrated into the game client which allows for some special functionality. As you use Metal Gear Online, you will see how the PS3 web browser is seamlessly integrated into the experience, and then of course, you can go and access the community when you are away from your PS3 as well, using a web browser on a PC. We’ll reveal more about the community features of MGO at a later date.

Now we’ll just dive directly into some of your questions previous posts:

I_Love_New_York asked: Can we play this game locally once it is downloaded or is it only played through online?

@I Love New York: You must sign in to play Metal Gear Online. There is no local play option.

darkiewonder asked: Any of the Konami folks will be playing in the BETA as well?

@darkiewonder: We sure will!!! We may try to arrange some matches with you all or something like that… Stay tuned!

Sheen asked: Upon downloading the Beta on the 17th, what can the player do? Would I be able to tool around the character creation settings and all that before I play? I’d like to do that beforehand.

@Sheen: Thanks! You can set up a Konami ID/Game ID through the MGO client/PS3, or can do so right now at, otherwise character creation and of course gameplay will not be available until the 21st.

bobamuknunbabo asked: When will you take pre-orders for the Gunmetal Grey MGS4 PS3 Bundle? Where would you be able to do so? Konami America?

@bobamuknunbabo, and everyone else who has been asking: We really appreciate your excitement about the gun-metal grey “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots” Limited Edition PLAYSTATION 3 Hardware Bundle. We will be revealing more information about this very soon, please stay tuned!

lawman3092 asked: Is there any mic support in the beta or in the starter pack coming with MGS4?

@lawman3092: Absolutely! Mics are supported by MGO!

Thanks everyone! See you Monday!

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