MGS4/MGO Beta – Questions Answered!

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Hi all! Our Metal Gear posts are attracting so much attention that we’re popping back in ahead of schedule to answer some of your questions off the regular Metal Gear Mondays schedule.

To start, we have been getting reports that some of you are receiving partial digit UPVC’s Metal Gear Online Beta on the “Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2″ DVD inserts. We are aware of this issue and are working hard to remedy. If you’ve been affected by this issue, please contact us at Please be sure to include your partial code, and any other pertinent details (like a return email address, etc). We thank you for your patience.

Second, as some of you may have noticed, the download of the MGO Beta client is now available. Carefully following the instructions you received with your UPVC, you can go grab it. Once it’s downloaded and installed, and you hit the main menu, you’ll notice to proceed you need to sign in your PSN account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see that there is an update that must be downloaded and installed. From there, the next menu is where you can sign up for your Konami ID/Game ID, which are required to play Metal Gear Online. You can also sign up for a Konami ID/Game ID at at any time using a web browser on a PC as well. Once you have signed up for your Konami ID/Game ID, and input it into MGO on your PS3, you can select the option to save the login and password and just login directly in the future without having to input it again.

Following that, until gameplay begins on the 21st, you will just receive an error if you try to sign in to play MGO right now.

As mentioned in the previous posts about Metal Gear Online and Konami ID, the Konami ID/Game ID will be used to offer community and other features with Metal Gear Online, similar to some other popular multiplayer online game web communities, except in this case the web community is directly integrated into the game client which allows for some special functionality. As you use Metal Gear Online, you will see how the PS3 web browser is seamlessly integrated into the experience, and then of course, you can go and access the community when you are away from your PS3 as well, using a web browser on a PC. We’ll reveal more about the community features of MGO at a later date.

Now we’ll just dive directly into some of your questions previous posts:

I_Love_New_York asked: Can we play this game locally once it is downloaded or is it only played through online?

@I Love New York: You must sign in to play Metal Gear Online. There is no local play option.

darkiewonder asked: Any of the Konami folks will be playing in the BETA as well?

@darkiewonder: We sure will!!! We may try to arrange some matches with you all or something like that… Stay tuned!

Sheen asked: Upon downloading the Beta on the 17th, what can the player do? Would I be able to tool around the character creation settings and all that before I play? I’d like to do that beforehand.

@Sheen: Thanks! You can set up a Konami ID/Game ID through the MGO client/PS3, or can do so right now at, otherwise character creation and of course gameplay will not be available until the 21st.

bobamuknunbabo asked: When will you take pre-orders for the Gunmetal Grey MGS4 PS3 Bundle? Where would you be able to do so? Konami America?

@bobamuknunbabo, and everyone else who has been asking: We really appreciate your excitement about the gun-metal grey “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots” Limited Edition PLAYSTATION 3 Hardware Bundle. We will be revealing more information about this very soon, please stay tuned!

lawman3092 asked: Is there any mic support in the beta or in the starter pack coming with MGS4?

@lawman3092: Absolutely! Mics are supported by MGO!

Thanks everyone! See you Monday!

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  • Looking forward to this, thank you~!

  • It would be nice if someone could respond to the INVALID BETA CODE Issue. I for one, spent a great deal of time and money to preorder my copy of MGS4, and now I’m stuck with an invalid BETA Key.

    Is there any resolution to this?

  • I can’t even download the update… in http gave me errors and in peer to peer I can’t because my internet provider have filters in peer to peer and make my connection slow… so fix the http one please… I want all set before monday

  • @ igotthatfire247

    You should have read the article:

    “To start, we have been getting reports that some of you are receiving partial digit UPVC’s Metal Gear Online Beta on the “Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2″ DVD inserts. We are aware of this issue and are working hard to remedy. If you’ve been affected by this issue, please contact us at Please be sure to include your partial code, and any other pertinent details (like a return email address, etc). We thank you for your patience.”

  • I would love to register for a second and yet a third ID JUST to play Metal Gear Solid 4. It’s been a dream of mine. However, every single time I try to register on that crappy site, I get this error:


    An error has occurred.

    Due to a period of inactivity, the page has been deleted.
    Please click on the below link to return to the top page.”

    Do you have any plans to fix this before you wave crap like your post in our face? It’s happening to absolutely everybody trying to register. COME ON ALREADY.

    • Hi everyone! Due to incredibly high demand for the Metal Gear Online Beta test, we are aware that some of you are experiencing difficulties connecting to the Konami ID site.

      We are adding more servers and working around the clock to resolve this issue. We thank you for your patience, and your participation in the Metal Gear Online Beta test.

  • psn: chaosatom
    KONAMI ID: crossbow_chimera
    game id: chaosatom333

  • Thanks for addressing the issues at hand.

  • Whats the deal with the Konami Id registration being broken and why is it taking so long for it to be fixed?

  • Please fix the Konami ID thing or better yet, please remove it.

  • @8 The deal according to Konami is their servers are getting absolutley HAMMERED. I’m paraphrasing, but they really were not ready for the load.

    They have posted as much on their site, but seeing as how the beta is going to be live Monday, I hope they can get it togeather in time.

  • PSN: Violater

    Game ID: meticulous-otter

  • Yeah I too tried to create a Konami ID just to get the error too. “Page has been deleted” or something like that. I just hope that by tomorrow I can actually create the ID so I can be ready on Sunday. More servers please! Need more load balancing!

  • Please, I’m having trouble registering a Konami ID.

  • Everyone should be able to play MGSO without registering to an external ID, Konami can give an option to the player to register with Konami but not make it mandatory. I for one play games for fun and do not follow all game special sites or forums, If every online game on the PS3 start doing this, We will need to start storing userids and passwords for each one, please please, make this optional

  • BTW is the sign up page working now?

  • Everyone is having problems with

    I’ve downloaded MGO and the update successfully. My only problem is the ID…

  • BIG question:

    When MGO ships (on the MGS4 disc), will it still utilize the Konami and Game ID’s? Or will we be able to use our PSN ID’s?

    To simplify, are the Konami and Game ID’s only for the BETA? Or should we just get used to using the Konami ID and Game ID in MGO?

  • I must say Konami, you guys royally screwed up with MGO. First of all, why in God’s name is that update not a part of the download!? You see, the update itself was more than 750 MB whereas the Download of MGO was 742MB!!! WHY CAN’T YOU JUST MAKE A 1500MB DOWNLOAD!? Then you had to inconvernience people with your Konami ID bullcrap (really, I’d rather use my PSN account) and then on top of that, your website doesn’t even work! If you’re going to shove bull crap like that down people’s throats, at least make it WORK!!! And what pisses me off the most is you didn’t even address the Konami ID issue in your blog post.

    Seriously though, does Konami ID offer anything that you couldn’t do through the PSN? No… it probably doesn’t… it’s probably just your way of finding another method for advertising to us. I bet all it does in the first place is spam our email accounts and try to sell us more Konami based products.

    One thing I love about Xbox Live is that they don’t let developers do crap like this. I’ve spent over 5 hours of my time trying to sort out this stupid mess with Konami ID (not kidding). I hate paying for Xbox Live, but at least I turn it on and it WORKS! I’m seriously really mad right now, not at Kojima Productions, but at Konami and Sony for doing this stupid crap and then not even addressing it in the blog post. Goodbye.

  • hey konami this is sad… the update takes hours to download… !!!!???!!!!

    and doesnt work… server is down ALL THE TIME!!! i try it since a few days but i cant make a konami id…

    this sucks :(

  • @reson8er:
    Dude, if they can’t handle the beta, what makes you think they’ll be able to hand the influx of people on June 12th. This Konami ID stuff is just plain broken.

  • Oh, and by the way. You may think that you can control us no matter how much we complain because all of us are going to buy MGS4, but do you think any of us will want to purchase downloadable content if your service is this crappy? Just think about it.

  • Why the need of Konami ID and a Game ID ? Is it possible to make it a little more complicated ?

    Seriously three ID ( PSN, Konami, Game) to connect to a game isn’t a bit too much ?

  • Ok i finally downloaded the beta update 1.01 that took hours now this konami ID thing is killing me please fix this soon cuz i wanna actually get my 2 weeks worth of testing

  • i also dont understand why we have to use three names…

    every game supports the psn name… and the ID registration !!!!!!! DOES _NOT_ WORK!!!!!!!

  • I have another question, and it might sound a bit picky…

    Does anyone know if it is looking to start at Midnight the 21st or any time in the early morning? Specifically, an official time that it is supposed to work?

    I ask because a few friends and I are looking to get together Monday and skip school, but it’s a wasted day if the thing doesn’t start until like 6PM or something.

  • damn another chance at beta and i still dont have a ps3:(

  • I`m really pissed at Konami and even at Sony for letting this happen. I was looking forward to my first MGS experience. Well looks like that wont happen. Screw your Konami ID, laggy servers etc.
    Even World of Warcracft Account Management is working smoothier and they have to handle 10 Million People. Get your stuff done or you loose potential customers like me. Well you already have.

  • @ reson8er

    Thanks, but I did read the article. I did what he said two days ago. I still haven’t received a response. Thanks anyway for your useless comment.

  • @FlyingWombat

    Yeah bud, I hear ya, I’m in the same boat lol :(

    I wasn’t making excuses for Konami, just giving info based on what I’ve read on their site.

    I agree, they need to get on the ball, I needs me some catapault action lol

  • @igotthatfire247

    So.. If you read the article, and asked the same exact question the it CLEARLY answers, whose comment is really useless?

  • Thanks for the clarifications. I do want to mirror some of the previous comments. Downloading the patch is taking unbearably long and the multiple IDs is quite a problem. Still, I look forward to trying it out on the 21st. :D

  • since the 16th the is down,its impossible to create an id,on the day of the 17th all day the website was not even loading,today the 18th the website front page load but there no way to go further then the first page of information

  • How about addressing the long download for the update and why the hell we have to use your useless konami ids.

  • Sweet. Can’t wait until the servers are up, and running so i can start playing.
    Also glad to see that there is indeed mic support.
    Thanks for the information.

  • The Konami ID is retarded, why should we need another login when everyone already has a PSN ID. One connection is all we should need, I just hope this isn’t in the final build of the game.

  • I’m in total agreement regarding the Konami ID’s.

    They feel superfluous, and reminds me of PlayOnline ID’s for Final Fantasy XI.

  • ‘We regret to inform you that the site is currently busy due to high level of traffic creating difficulties in logging in.’ -Konami ID website… Needless to say, almost no one has been successful in signing in/registering. I hear that Konami plans on making the web browser a larger part of the experience… um, please don’t. Because none of us want to have to leave the game’s menus to get crap.

  • One more question:

    The need to sign up for multiple ID’s is causing quite a stir, but my question is will this be limited to the Beta only or will it be part of the actual MGO game when its officially released?

  • *sigh* “The Konami ID provides unique services…” -Konami in regards to MGO… I don’t think it will do anything that can’t be done with the PSN ID.

    I think there is one of two explanations for this: 1. Konami wants a way to advertise other games to you, and spam your email account. 2. Konami was too lazy to make the game work of the PSN so they just used some crappy website… I’m really mad at konami right now, which is sad because they are one of my favorite game companies (Metal Gear, Castlevania, need I say more?). Please understand, maybe japan loves ‘external websites’ within their games and extra ID’s that provide ‘unique services’ (yea right), but in america, we prefer things to not suck.

  • Konami. The single player game better make up for this mess i am sure it will but jeeze. I had no problems signing up for the id other than I think its a horrible idea. I really cant see whatever is integrated online being worth this hassle. Lastly next time give the update to sony so we can just download through the normal methods. There servers are far more reliable than yours, and better than the peer to peer it offered.

  • @cmargary

    I’m having the same issues. This is ridiculous. The worst part is I tried the HTTP download and canceled when it was slow. When I started it again it continued from where it got cut off, but died soon after. Then I switched to Peer-To-Peer download and I went back to 0% and have never been able to download anything in either P2P or HTTP. This really sux.

    I know that its not my connection since I was able to download the new pack for Warhawk and also SOCOM:FTB for my PSP through the PS3 Store. So don’t tell me to check my connection settings.

    Great job Sony/Konami with the download. You couldn’t you just have made a single giant download just like FlyingWombat was saying above.

    So much for pre-ordering to play the Beta. Either fix it in time or extend the Beta for people for whom the download is choking.

  • Ok can Brandon tell me why Kojima is opening his big mouth before the release of what is suppose to be one of Sony’s biggest games. Where is media control. If Kojima is right about the things he is saying i might as well sell my PS3 and play a wii instead. That was a joke guys. Sony for life.

    Kojima dissapointed with Metal Gear Solid 4

  • Will we be able to transfer over any of the customization from the beta to the game once it’s out?

  • Error

    An error has occurred.

    Due to a period of inactivity, the page has been deleted.
    Please click on the below link to return to the top page.

    *sigh* -_-

  • i read in the other post about MGS4 that the PS3 bundle will come with a controller that actually rumbles or something like that does that mean that MGS4 wont rumble or nothing with the controller that came with the 40GB PS3?

  • All the servers are down Konami please fix your ID crap & get better servers dedicated to metal gear online thanks.

    P.S.- Also post on the official metal gear series boards on and update us there like Dylan Jobe did with Warhawk.

  • Why didn’t you mention that the konami id site is broke? you just said go to the site like every thing is fine. And whats with the update taking so long?

  • @walls 99
    I don’t mind the peer-to-peer download when it’s handling small updates–say 50 MB or less–anything else should come through the PS store… Did you guys know that thing was 750 MB!? I know I said it above… but that pisses me off!!! I’m sure MGO will be a really fun online game, but Konami sure has made a Cluster#$@! out of the beta.
    Well, you know Kojima is a perfectionist, and when the team couldn’t put out his original vision (i.e. the TGS 05 demo) on the PS3, he’s bound to be disappointed. Now, Kotaku took that a bit out of context, he’s proud of the game, he just wishes they could’ve gone further with the graphics. I’m not concerned, since everyone from the boot camp in NASU says they’re the best graphics on any console game to date.

  • @stennex

    Yeah I read that article too. I think he should have done some damage control to his statement and qualified it with the following question.

    Could it (MGS4) have been done better on the 360? The answer to that is absolutley no. What I think he was implying is that his vision, of what he wanted it to be could not be realized given the limitations of the hardware compared to his vision.

    He was simply hoping for an evolutionary leap in terms of tech, but instead got another “step” not damning words, but remember he is rather critical of himself and it was not a knock against the PS3, but rather a reality check of what his team is capable of atm.

    He said similar remarks back in the PS1 days. I remember them very clearly. he said that basically compared to his imagination, he was able to only achieve a few % of what he wanted. Well…we all know how that turned out :)

    If you don’t belive me, go do some reasearch, he actually did say extremely similar things re: MGS on PS1 :)

    Kojima is the man.

  • How long is it taking for you guys to download Patch v1.01?

Please enter your date of birth.