PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Downloadable Games

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue ($39.99)
The best-selling racing franchise returns with the intense precursor to Gran Turismo 5, featuring over 60 cars from worldwide car manufacturers. With an all-new interior dash view, online racing with up to 16 players, Drift mode and more, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue unveils revolutionary advancements that deliver the ultimate racing experience.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 1.78 GB

Add-on Game Content

Warhawk Broken Mirror Pack ($7.99)
Download the “Operation: Broken Mirror” Booster Pack and increase the effectiveness of your team’s ground assaults with the new Armored Personnel Carrier and the Vaporfield Glacier Battlefield!
File size: 131 MB

Warhawk Booster Combo ($11.99)
Booster Combo includes the Warhawk “Operation: Omega Dawn” and “Operation: Broken Mirror” Booster Packs.
File size: 274 MB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Still Alive” – GLaDOS and Jonathan Coulton (free)
  • “Sprode” – Freezepop ($0.99)
  • “Shake” – Count Zero ($0.99)
  • “Rock Rebellion” – Bang Camaro ($0.99)
  • Harmonix Pack 1 ($2.99) – Harmonix Pack 1 includes “Rock Rebellion” by Bang Camaro, “Shake” by Count Zero, and “Sprode” by Freezepop
  • “Call Me” – Blondie ($1.99)
  • “Simple Man” – Lynyrd Skynyrd ($1.99)
  • “Message In A Bottle” – The Police ($1.99)
  • Classic Rock Pack 1 ($5.49) – Classic Rock Pack 1 includes “Call Me” by Blondie, “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and “Message In A Bottle” by The Police.

File sizes: 18 MB – 37.6 MB (singles), 93.6 MB – 93.7 MB (track packs).

Super Stardust HD Solo ($4.99)
Your solar system is under attack! Download Super Stardust HD Solo for an exhilarating single player experience. Enjoy bigger explosions, extended music tracks, completely remastered sound effects and three new game modes – Endless, Survival and Time Attack. This is an upgrade pack for Super Stardust HD. You must already own the full title to make use of this upgrade. (available since 4/15)
File size: 277 KB

Lair – Dragons and Control Pack (free)
Download the “Lair – Dragons and Control Pack” and experience an enhanced level of scorching and smashing with TWO NEW playable dragons, Analog Flight Control via the dual analog sticks, and DUALSHOCK 3 rumble support. (available since 4/15)
File size: 245 MB
Game Demos (free)

UEFA EURO 2008 Demo
Download the demo for UEFA EURO 2008 and experience the only official game of the UEFA European Championships 2008! Challenge Europe’s best and take your team to championship glory.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 988 MB

Game Videos (free)

Warhawk Broken Mirror Trailer
Download the Warhawk Operation Broken Mirror trailer today and learn how to increase the effectiveness of your team’s ground assaults with the new Armored Personnel Carrier and the Vaporfield Glacier Battlefield!
File size: 71 MB (HD)

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Making Of The TV Spot
A behind the scenes look at how Sega developed their horrific TV advertising for Condemned 2: Bloodshot.
File size: 198 MB (SD)

HAZE Mantel Corporate Vision
See the Mantel Difference. Meet David Bloomfield, CEO of Mantel Global Industries. This passionate leader explains the vision of his great company. Join Mantel. Fight the good fight.
File size: 55.6 MB (HD)

This is Vegas Annoucement Trailer
Live your Vegas Fantasy. Take a tour through THIS IS VEGAS with this outrageous teaser trailer.
File size: 29 MB (HD)

GT5 Prologue Friendly Fires Video
The best-selling racing franchise returns with the intense precursor to Gran Turismo 5, featuring over 60 cars from worldwide car manufacturers. With an all-new interior dash view, online racing, Drift mode and more, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue unveils revolutionary advancements that deliver the ultimate racing experience. Download the latest trailer featuring the song “On Board” by Friendly Fires from the game’s soundtrack. (available since 4/15)
File size: 54 MB (1080)

GT5 Prologue Beyond the Apex Trailer
Download the trailer for the HD feature “Beyond the Apex,” exclusive to the Blu-ray disc version of the game. The full documentary gives a behind-the-scenes look at the history of Gran Turismo, the making of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and much more. (available since 4/15)
File size: 87 MB (1080)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers (free)

Pineapple Express
Next summer, the guys who brought you Superbad reunite for the action-comedy Pineapple Express.
File size: 29.5 MB (SD) 110 MB (HD), 138 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes (free)

Warhawk Theme (x2)
Customize your PS3 system with a cool Warhawk theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 7.37 – 7.56 MB

Lair Mokai Theme
Customize your PS3 system with a cool Lair Mokai theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 3.52 MB

Here is this week’s content release for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. To download these games to your PSP, navigate to There, you’ll find descriptions of the content and directions on how to get started. For more on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, please click here.

Game Videos (free)

* GT5 Prologue Friendly Fires Video
* GT5 Prologue Beyond the Apex Trailer

Hope you enjoy!

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  • Sweet! Looking forward to next week’s content as well. I could use a break to catch up on all these games though.

  • Jeff what happened to the Motley Crue track ?

  • One big problem with the new store is those of us with SDTV can’t really see the icons, 27″ TV the left hand columns and tabs are fine, but the icons are way to small. A saved setting to have the store show 6 at a time would be much easier for those of us with normal TVs.

  • wow….if only they could give us some PS1 games like the japan ps store….sigh….

    atleast give us the classics. Gran Turismo, MGS, FF7….

    i guess sony doesnt like making money… :shrug:

  • Jeff, thanks for checking with the EOJ team. I understand that they scheduled it for next week with the understanding that the cards were shipping to North America the week of the 28th.

    Wizards of the Coast ended up shipping them this week so a lot of us in North America now have the cards with no way to use them.

    Since my last post I’m now down to only needing 4 cards to complete my set.

    If there’s any way the update could be made sooner, I and a bunch of other EOJ fans would really appreciate it.



  • I was waiting for Saints of Los Angeles, what happened?

  • lair demo ?????
    im not buying it until i test it

  • Almost forgot,where’s the Kane & Lynch new/free maps?

  • Wow, you ditch us for two weeks and come back with this?

    First off, where is my Motley Crue song?

    Secondly, where is the monsters expansion?

    I know you all are doing what you can but having no updates for 2 weeks kinda leaves you wanting more than more. I’m glad to see you all back in action though.

    Also, one final question, have you all thought about putting dates next to content? At the very least under the ‘New Releases’ section it would be nice to see what specifically was released this week and last week.

  • Jeff, can you comment on the 9 digit beta codes for Metal Gear Online that MANY people have gotten and don’t work? I’ve e-mailed Konami with no response, I was hoping they maybe told you guys something. I hope I get a working beta code by Monday!

    • Any response on this will come from Konami. Whatever the solution is will definitely be part of a Metal Gear post here on the Blog.

  • Hm this is it? After 2 weeks of no update? Basically we only got 1 demo, warhawk expansion and a couple of movies. Because the rest were already available when the new store was updated. Well, you already updated the store, now it’s time to bring more for the content.

  • @Tondog

    seeing what everone after me is saying i think its safe to say more then just me think its lame :)

    so therefore by majority vote…its lame

  • @ Jeff or Grace:

    Just to let you know, it appears that there is some sort of mistake with your labeling of the LAIR themes.

    Long ago, when you put up the first LAIR theme I downloaded it. It was called “Asylian Theme”. You released a new theme today called “Mokai Theme” however the pictures on my store are reversed. The theme I downloaded long ago, the one called “Asylian Theme,” is the theme you have listed as Mokai.

    So, I downloaded the Mokai Theme and when I set it to default, I got what is pictured in the “Asylian Theme”…if that all makes any sense….or if you even care ;P

  • Decent update, but definately not three weeks worth of content. Suggesting that NA gets Metal Gear Solid and VR Missions….
    Have the GT5P on Bluray, guys its a definate purchase!

  • Ok, seriously. None of this content is surprising. I’m a little disappointed that we’re still missing two Karaoke Revolution content packs now, the Xbox 360 version now has double the amount of downloadable songs available.

    Why no PSOne games, still? Does SCEA even care about the PSOne games anymore? When can we accept to see some new content.

    Surprise me SCEA. Shock me. Get me to spend my money.

    BTW – The new store really isn’t that much of an improved. Having to wait for the images to load is painful. The web site design was a lot faster, ten fold faster.

  • Warhawk themes awesome and broken mirror!

    Nice update and sorry to complain but whats going on with Ps1 downloads?

  • @67

    Don’t be sorry to complain. we ask them every week for some comment on why exactly the PSone feature support is so ludicrously lopsided between Japan and everywhere else, and why games rated by the ERSRB for multiple months are still not here, and what they plan to do to turn things around, and they never give a satisfactory response. So we have no choice but to keep beating the dead horse here in the blog. They’re forcing us to do it. All it would take to halt it is one red response, and a darned good one too.

  • Nice update!

    However, how can i even consider buying anything when i have the MGO beta to play the heck out of, GTAIV practically in the mail. And then MGS4 in the future.

    I still have Ratchet and Clank Future, Heavenly Sword, and Uncharted that i havent even had time to unwrap since CoD4 just swallows time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    I need a twin that i can send to work for me, so i can catch up with all this goodness.

    Damn you PS3, damn you!!!

  • Also, Can we get that Red Bag next to themes and wallpapers we downloaded too? that would help with “did i download this video/picture already?”

  • LAIR…. I’m from Protugal.. and i have created a Hong Kong account.. because Lair’s demos is there…
    Downloaded and installed… and.. the demo is on my language… so.. why not put it on European Store?
    It’s about the mane translated languages? ho my…

    Dark Sector.. where?
    Warhawk is keep my attention on PS3 for sure.. until GTA 4 arrives.. :D

  • @Randolph

    We’ve been asking for status on the PSOne updates for months. I truly don’t expect to see anyone from SCEA respond to our pleas.

    They’re much more interested in promoting the obvious; GT5P, EoJ, MGS4, and Warhawk.

    Surprise me Jeff.

  • Can someone please put the NeoPets PSP game up on the PS3 store? I’d like to buy it, but I’ve had issues with the PC store…

    I’m not sure I understand why there are differences between the games available for the PSP on the PS3 and PC stores…

  • Nice update. I went and purchased Gran Turismo 5 in the store. I wasn’t sure if I would have the problems that other have with the download version of Warhawk. (Only being able to play it with one account.)

    I also purchased the Warhawk addition. Can’t wait to play it.

  • im beginning to think SCEA’s PR dept is run by a bunch of monkey’s who just sit at a big table and hit random buttons and dont actually listen.

    i mean honestly how hard is it to log onto this blog week after week and see what people really want….honestly.

    if only they would get around this “only update thursday” policy maybe it wouldnt be such a let down week after week of useless content.

    i need to apply for a job at SCEA..

  • Nothing worth opening the store for this week. I heard that other countries were getting the Lair demo with possible analog controls. I’d download it if it was released on the US store.


  • Cant wait to get home and check it out

  • @Snap

    I should probably expect it to continue. Were you around when the system launched with broken backwards compatible playback? We spent months hounding them about it with no response, and they quietly snuck a fix into a minor update, and refused to ever recognize that the BC ever had any issues at all. It’d be nice if a feedback blog could actually be used for its intended purpose.

  • This is weak! Another lousy update! Come on not all of us have or even want Rock Band!

    Where are the new maps for Call of Duty 4?

    Where are the new maps for Call of Duty 4?

    Xbox 360 has the new maps! I guess it’s time to dust off the 360 and stop waisting money on this PS3 that is just so far behind!

    Where is the ONLINE play for High Velocity Bowling?



  • @Randolph

    I wasn’t an early adopter but now that I’ve switched camps from MS to Sony, I’m expecting more from Sony.

    I agree, the blog should be used for it’s intended purpose, instead of just a PR stunt. Corporate blogs are about community and feedback.

  • Wow, lot’s of whiners about the store content this week. SHOCKER!!!

    Definitely getting the Warhawk expansion, can’t wait to boost that troop carrier through some punks on the ground!!!

  • What about the COD4 maps???
    I Love sony!!!





  • maps 4 cod come out next week

  • @82

    Yeah, it’s utterly shocking that people are posting feedback on a feature of the PS3 on a blog designed to give them a pleace to post feedback about features of the PS3, what heck are they thinking?

    That’s sarcasm, btw.

  • When will the MGO beta be available for download? I kept trying my code and it says invalid. ;\

  • thanks sony.
    looks like i’ll be picking up Lair now that the analog stick will work.

    GT5:P as well

  • Loucifer I thought we got rid of you like gameblows like I stated before if you are not happy then sell it, if it is a 60GB version 2.0 or lower I’ll buy it throw it on whatever auction site you want just give me the link. Never understood how someone can be so unhappy for two years and not just sell it. Thought we only had Zorox oh well can’t win them all.

    cmargary “never negative” thats a good one check your past post in store updates.

    Now for the dozens of FF7 fanbois/gentlemen again no and more no! Square said it on their site they will not be rereleasing and have no plans on releasing the playstation game. Does that say no to a remake, no! We are not getting it like we are not getting KH (thank god hate this game) but again if you need a confirmation go to SE forums and ask about ff7 being released on the psn or a rerelease(ps classic) which will normally result in a flaming and hit by a ban stick and a few @lol and {/facepalmslap}.

    Nice store update and thanx for GT5 loving it and looking forward to the full game. I have had a minor problem with 2.3 and Tekken Online but not sure if it is the firmware update or the hardware (crappy linksys and cable modem) I have. Anyway, Keep the good updates going and give us a Dark Knight Trailers and another Iron Man Trailers.

    A few of us have posted on logitech site and now we are here asking Sony for the driver update so that wireless keyboards work ps2 games (AKA Final Fantasy 11). If someone has a wireless/blue tooth keyboard working on FF11 post link or just give me a heads up because the one Gamestop sells does not work.


  • What’s up with the COD4 Maps????????

    Oh yea, I think the Warhawk expansion is a bit steep! I mean, these are things to improve the game and make more people go out and buy. These are things that those of us who already have bought should’t have to spend another 7.99 on. Come on be reasonable here. $2.99 would be better priced and maybe then I would be buying it!


  • @76

    I would too, playing as a Dragon Rider in large scale battles sounds right down my alley. but the negative feedback on that game, oi.

  • I know what this update is missing…Resistance 2 teaser trailer :/

    And why are both versions of GT5P $39.99? Shouldn’t the downloaded version cost lest because it doesn’t have extra video, box, blu-ray, it came late, retailers cut, etc???

    Sorry if i sound like i’m complaining too much, but there really isn’t enything good to say right now…

  • The store has been lacking for weeks, I was expecting WEEKS worth of content. Whoever is in charge of the PS store and the acquisition of talent needs to allow independent developers create software for the PS3 store. Without some super ridiculous in house review method. Allow the community to rate independent games and don’t allow rates on Sony approved material. Such as flow, flower and whatever else.

    I’m tired of the lacking. Sony says they want quality stuff placed on the PSN store but there is nothing on it. It might take a total of 2-3 months before you find something you want. That is UNACCEPTABLE!

  • Where are the COD4 Maps?

    Where is the Online Play for High Velocity Bowling?

    Hopefully, we get some answers!

  • well i had hoped the eye of judgment set 2 on the store this week i only need 4 cards to have a whole set of the second set cards no use crying over spilled milk though 1 more week wont kill be just upsets me ive had the cards since 2 weeks ago

    on a diffrent note how long of a time frame are we looking at for Home ( or a OPEN beta of HOME ) this year next year? i bought a ps3 when i had the 3 red lights of death from my 360 and i think HOME is what will set the two systems apart by far so i was wondering what kind of time frame to look for in 2008 , 2009 , or 2010 ?

  • @84

    lurk moar

  • Lets see:

    A Demo: check

    Free Themes: Check

    Trailers: Check

    Metal Gear Online Beta: Available

    Mandatory Rockband/Guitar Hero Content: check

    Warkhawk add on: awesome

    GT4P: awesome

    SSDHD add on : awesome

    Everyone has their own opinion on what they want, that is totally understandable.

    But I really, how is this a bad update?

    Sure the demo is underwhelming, but again thats depends on your personal preference.

    In my eyes this update is pretty damn good.

    Saying the Japanese store makes the NA store look bad is really an exageration. They do receive a metric ton more PS1 games, but really what more after that?

    They dont have nearly the amount of themes we do, they don’t get demos as frequently, and if they do get somthing we don’t its because its available in that territory and probably not ours.

    Further, whats to stop you from downloading a demo from another territory? Most people do it, its not that hard really.

    The new store layout and functionality is great, I would love to see the icons update MUCH faster though. (hint hint, nudge, nudge)

    More PS1 games?

    Update wise, keep up the good work.

  • my usual question:
    I live on Argentina and i have a debit card.
    Im able to buy stuff from the PSN Store.
    That warhawk and GT5 prologue are surely worth my money :D

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