PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Downloadable Games

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue ($39.99)
The best-selling racing franchise returns with the intense precursor to Gran Turismo 5, featuring over 60 cars from worldwide car manufacturers. With an all-new interior dash view, online racing with up to 16 players, Drift mode and more, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue unveils revolutionary advancements that deliver the ultimate racing experience.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 1.78 GB

Add-on Game Content

Warhawk Broken Mirror Pack ($7.99)
Download the “Operation: Broken Mirror” Booster Pack and increase the effectiveness of your team’s ground assaults with the new Armored Personnel Carrier and the Vaporfield Glacier Battlefield!
File size: 131 MB

Warhawk Booster Combo ($11.99)
Booster Combo includes the Warhawk “Operation: Omega Dawn” and “Operation: Broken Mirror” Booster Packs.
File size: 274 MB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Still Alive” – GLaDOS and Jonathan Coulton (free)
  • “Sprode” – Freezepop ($0.99)
  • “Shake” – Count Zero ($0.99)
  • “Rock Rebellion” – Bang Camaro ($0.99)
  • Harmonix Pack 1 ($2.99) – Harmonix Pack 1 includes “Rock Rebellion” by Bang Camaro, “Shake” by Count Zero, and “Sprode” by Freezepop
  • “Call Me” – Blondie ($1.99)
  • “Simple Man” – Lynyrd Skynyrd ($1.99)
  • “Message In A Bottle” – The Police ($1.99)
  • Classic Rock Pack 1 ($5.49) – Classic Rock Pack 1 includes “Call Me” by Blondie, “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and “Message In A Bottle” by The Police.

File sizes: 18 MB – 37.6 MB (singles), 93.6 MB – 93.7 MB (track packs).

Super Stardust HD Solo ($4.99)
Your solar system is under attack! Download Super Stardust HD Solo for an exhilarating single player experience. Enjoy bigger explosions, extended music tracks, completely remastered sound effects and three new game modes – Endless, Survival and Time Attack. This is an upgrade pack for Super Stardust HD. You must already own the full title to make use of this upgrade. (available since 4/15)
File size: 277 KB

Lair – Dragons and Control Pack (free)
Download the “Lair – Dragons and Control Pack” and experience an enhanced level of scorching and smashing with TWO NEW playable dragons, Analog Flight Control via the dual analog sticks, and DUALSHOCK 3 rumble support. (available since 4/15)
File size: 245 MB
Game Demos (free)

UEFA EURO 2008 Demo
Download the demo for UEFA EURO 2008 and experience the only official game of the UEFA European Championships 2008! Challenge Europe’s best and take your team to championship glory.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 988 MB

Game Videos (free)

Warhawk Broken Mirror Trailer
Download the Warhawk Operation Broken Mirror trailer today and learn how to increase the effectiveness of your team’s ground assaults with the new Armored Personnel Carrier and the Vaporfield Glacier Battlefield!
File size: 71 MB (HD)

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Making Of The TV Spot
A behind the scenes look at how Sega developed their horrific TV advertising for Condemned 2: Bloodshot.
File size: 198 MB (SD)

HAZE Mantel Corporate Vision
See the Mantel Difference. Meet David Bloomfield, CEO of Mantel Global Industries. This passionate leader explains the vision of his great company. Join Mantel. Fight the good fight.
File size: 55.6 MB (HD)

This is Vegas Annoucement Trailer
Live your Vegas Fantasy. Take a tour through THIS IS VEGAS with this outrageous teaser trailer.
File size: 29 MB (HD)

GT5 Prologue Friendly Fires Video
The best-selling racing franchise returns with the intense precursor to Gran Turismo 5, featuring over 60 cars from worldwide car manufacturers. With an all-new interior dash view, online racing, Drift mode and more, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue unveils revolutionary advancements that deliver the ultimate racing experience. Download the latest trailer featuring the song “On Board” by Friendly Fires from the game’s soundtrack. (available since 4/15)
File size: 54 MB (1080)

GT5 Prologue Beyond the Apex Trailer
Download the trailer for the HD feature “Beyond the Apex,” exclusive to the Blu-ray disc version of the game. The full documentary gives a behind-the-scenes look at the history of Gran Turismo, the making of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and much more. (available since 4/15)
File size: 87 MB (1080)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers (free)

Pineapple Express
Next summer, the guys who brought you Superbad reunite for the action-comedy Pineapple Express.
File size: 29.5 MB (SD) 110 MB (HD), 138 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes (free)

Warhawk Theme (x2)
Customize your PS3 system with a cool Warhawk theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 7.37 – 7.56 MB

Lair Mokai Theme
Customize your PS3 system with a cool Lair Mokai theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 3.52 MB

Here is this week’s content release for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. To download these games to your PSP, navigate to There, you’ll find descriptions of the content and directions on how to get started. For more on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, please click here.

Game Videos (free)

* GT5 Prologue Friendly Fires Video
* GT5 Prologue Beyond the Apex Trailer

Hope you enjoy!

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  • lol nice

  • great update

    Picking up WH Broken Mirror pack for sure


  • no new ps1 games again? like 10 weeks in a row now with now new ps1 games lol wow this sucks still good update though just want some more ps1 games

  • Not bad sony… not bad… keep it up!

  • Niiice….Not many surprises, but still….one of the best updates of the year. Between Warhawk and Rockband….I’ll be spending plenty of time in front of my TV…

  • Is it too late to get the Eye of Judgment Set 2 update this week?

    The cards have been out in North America for several days now. I’m only 5 cards away from the full set. Would be great if I could use them.

  • Great update, still sadden of the lack of PS1 titles, but this is a great update nonetheless, Warhawk: Broken Mirror FTW :)

  • this message is for jeff off the topic of the update, hope you are reading this. i would suggest for the blog to put next to the number of comments another number for the number of responses from sony or other folks. i have zero interest in looking through the comments unless someone has the respect to the community to respond. too often good questions go with no response. the people who post blog entries owe the community reading to respond to at least some of the questions. we need a counter to tell us how many, if any, comments have been responded to. that would keep us from having to scroll through the whole list looking for red that never comes…

    nice update guys.

  • What is the ETA on when this will be up? I just checked the store, the only update is GT5:P…

  • I sure wish I could experience the update but my ps3 just got the red lights of death so I guess it will be a month or so before I get my playstation back from sony

    I wonder why it does that I was playing my game than all of a suden the whole playststion turned off…….. im mad as hell but what can I do I guess i’ll go find something else to do.

  • Early update!!! I’m impressed.

  • hi Grace and welcome back to the weekly updates :)

    things are looking good (analog for Lair woot) but only a couple of vids for the PSP and PC Store? I know you are aware that us core PS3 and PSP users are clamoring for more PSone titles to be released. I’ve heard the reasons why the markets are treated different but come on now – what can you tell us, when will the floodgates be opened?


  • for not having an update in 2 weeks the content is LAME

  • Why is it that it is $40 for USA and $50 for the UK?

  • It’s a good updat,but not great.after 2 weeks of nothing i had hoped this would be huge with the new store and all i guess i expected a little more.Still a good update over all.Thanx for the Warhawk bundal i waited to see if it would be bundaled or if i would have to buy them individualy.PS3 rocks!
    P.S.If PS1 games are realy that important you ppl should look at buying a PS1!get over it.Also how many add-ons do we realy need for Rock Band,i mean realy enough is enough.

  • Disappointing update. I waited two weeks, and I see nothing to download. Why, exactly, can you not get more PSone games? Blood Omen, SF Alpha, Rayman…. they’ve been rated for months by the ESRB. So, whats the hold up? I really would like to know. (though I expect radio silence, which I will meet with keeping my wallet closed)

    I was going to consider Prologue at least, but it has a rather hamfisted DRM scheme, and Konami is mangling the MGO beta with frustration. (Konami IDs) So, even after all this hype, I continue to not buy even one thing from PSN in 2008. Not one.

  • Very nice update. Too bad we didn’t get anymore American Idol DLC though.


  • Decent update.

  • pretty nice content but i still want some PSone games, bring the classics back

  • @16

    There is nothing wrong with wanting a promising feature of a console to be better supported, especially considering how absolutely STELLAR the feature is in Japan, it makes people more than a little envious that the NA and EU stores get treated like red headed step children who get scraps, at best. Besides, alot of it’s best games are hard to find, and even harder to find for reasonable prices.

    If Sony puts a feature in, I fail to see the harm in asking them to actually support it, and I fail to see why us asking for that support here where they are mor elikely to actually see it offends so many of you in such a deep and emotional way that you feel slighted by it.

  • The physical cards are out, but where’s the Eye of Judgment Set 2 licence download so that players can use these cards ?

  • Very nice update! Broken Mirror FTW!!!!

  • Hmm. THAT doesn’t look like 3 weeks worth of updates.

  • @18

    I was wondering the same thing, Saints of Los Angeles was the one I was most looking forward to this week out of all the Rock Band tracks.


    Harmonix stated they will be releasing tracks for Rock Band weekly, that’s their business, not Sony’s.

  • And here comes the complaining about a perfectly fine update/in game XMB/Home/whatever else they want.

    @14: It’s not lame. It’s just not what you wanted to see. New Warhawk and Super Stardust HD stuff makes this update amazing.

    Yeah, it is disappointing that Sony doesn’t seem to be releasing new PS1 games quick enough, but I hope they turn that around and get some great PS1 games up on the service. I would love to buy Tomba 1 and 2, Intelligent Qube, Disruptor, Vib Ribbon, Einhander, and some others, but I would rather pay something like $10 instead of the near $80 some of those games go for on eBay. Come on Sony, you guys have an awesome back catalog of games that people are willing to pay for. Why not get some of them up and get some of the money going into eBay on these rare titles?

    ..But for now, new Super Stardust HD content and the MGO beta is plenty to keep me occupied. :D

  • Dear Sony,

    Never the one to complain. But, I think it is time for you all to come out with some PS1 and 2 games on the network instead of all these videos.


  • Not to sound like a stick in the mud, but where is the Lair Demo that the Hong Kong store got today? Why didn’t we get it?

  • Is that it, after Two weeks of no updates all we get is Warhawk Add-on and GT:5 Prologue as the best you can offer.

    Seriously I had bigger plans for this Thursday release, I guess the videos are to make up for the rest but still seems like a weak update if not for the Warhawk and GT:5.

    But still the new store looks great.

  • @28

    It’s only perfectly fine in your opinion, some of us see it much differently. If it were for a universal fact perfectly fine, I’d be logging in and adding funds to my wallet. But I’m not.

  • Warhawk combo pack for $11.99? I’m all over dat! I got burnt buying the Resistance map packs individually looks like I actually do learn from my mistakes. Mom would be proud!

  • @ #3………its a damn PS3 why are u fretting over no PS1 games…get over it…..however, sony, great update indeed….hmm i wonder if there would be a mgs4 demo


    But what about the Metal Gear Online Beta?

    Does it only show up if you put the code in?

  • It is pitiful that the PC PSN users waited 2 weeks for an update with everyone else, and there wasn’t a PSP game, or a PSONE game, or a demo, or a theme, but just a couple videos for a game that ISN’T for PSP.

    I know you guys have been busy, but that is just sad.

  • Great update for one week… but for two? I’m never negative but this time I will… anyway finally my warhawk DLC… waiting something from pain in future update…

  • @29:

    Lair is 7 months old in America. I highly doubt it would be a benefit to Sony to release a demo of it now, especially since it was pretty much a critical failure for them. But yet again, they did release content for it, so who knows…Anything is possible.


  • @34

    Because it’s a feature some of us want, thats why. We see it reaching it’s full potential in Japan, and we want to get in on that action. If that doesn’t affect you, then thats great, good for you. But why exactly does it get under your skin that other people want it? Did any making a point that they want more PSone games claim it was ruining their enjoyment of the system? No, they didn’t. Some people are demanding better support for one feature, get over it.

  • Nice udpate! Thanks SONY!

    So any suggesting on a good driving wheel?

  • Nice update…looking forward to the Euro demo and will pickup the Warhawk combo pack….

  • Ok update not much for me personally but broken mirror should be great.Not sure If I can afford it though

  • @38

    A Lair demo would be great to alot of us, especially if it can use the analog controls. Alot of us would be willing to take the plunge, if we could try before we buy, but witht he way the game was universally slammed for having absolutely god awful handling, we are understandably hesitant to pull the trigger on faith alone. :)

  • Sweet Warhawk add-on. It pretty much is the only game I play right now. Would like to beta test new maps. Contact me.

  • Thank you for the update.
    I’ve been experiencing 2 problems with the PS Network:

    1) The content images are loading very slowly… but it loads. Around 5 seconds per small image.

    2) My PS3 was on, and the I heard of the store update. I couldn’t see the new content at the store at all. I had to restart the PS3 and then they showed.

    Also – a small question. Will there be a GT5 Prologue demo?

    Thanks again

  • @46

    A demo of a demo? Man, now thats next gen. :p

  • *Sadness*

    No PJM Expansion

    Here’s to basing expectations on unfounded speculation

  • What does Top Downloads mean? Weekly, Monthly, For the Year, or Life Time. Or are they top downloads because the are on the top? If you could go ask Mr. owl. Nice to see the keyboards still work in the Store. :)

  • Still overcharging for download add-ons in Canada,still not buying any or the games they’re for on PS3. At least the games are the same price now,Warhawk and GT 5 anyway.

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