Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Available Tonight on PLAYSTATION Store

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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

If you can’t wait to jump into the “challenging and visually impressive achievement” (GameZone) that is Gran Turismo 5 Prologue – your wait is over. The GT5 Prologue Blu-ray disc has just hit store shelves, and in just a few hours – midnight Eastern, 9pm Pacific – GT5 Prologue will be available for download on the newly-redesigned PLAYSTATION Store at a price of $39.99. With 70 cars, drift mode, interior dash view, and online racing with up to 16 players, it’s a must-have racing game for your PS3 library. According to IGN, “you won’t be able to put the controller down.”

So which controller will help get you the best times in GT5 Prologue? In case you missed it, Producer Taku Imasaki and Associate Producer Christian Hinojosa-Miranda conducted a live chat on the forums on Monday. In it, they shared their controller picks, compared GT5 Prologue vs Gran Turismo HD Concept, and what you can expect even after GT5 Prologue’s release. Check out the full transcript here.

For continuing updates on GT5 Prologue, you’ll wanna bookmark See you online!

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

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  • Geez guys and gal(s) can we keep this on the awesome Gran Turismo topic?

    I just had to say at 1080p THIS GAME IS BEAUTIFUL!


    I can’t wait to see the finished product!

    I might even be tempted to get the wheel for some intense driving simulation in my living room!

    great game! I was tempted to hold off, but I was kinda bored of Oblivion and Half-Life (my stand-by’s inbetween games) so I sprung for it!

    glad i did!

  • Eh technically, there’s the NEWS page on GT5P itself where you can post the news =P. Don’t exactly need the site lol.

  • 70 cars!! I thought it was 60 cars, does the downloadable version have an extra 10 cars?

    • Stephanie Yoshimoto

      No, both the PSN and BD versions have the same number of cars, 70 total. Within that 70, there are some custom tuned versions of cars.

  • I am a long time Gran Turismo fan, so needless to say, I have been GREATLY anticipating GT5, and its Prologue.

    My hearts go out to the staff behind this game. Kazunori Yamauchi has yet to disappoint me. See you guys online!

  • I wish I had money to spend :(

  • @51

    6 tracks and a total of 12 layouts

  • why does the psn and blu-ray version cost the same?

  • Downloading it as soon as I get my PS3 / a new PS3 back from you guys! (Dumb yellow light of death)

  • At first I thought I would not buy this game becuase of lack of content, but now I know that they are going to support it all the way to the release of the full game so all I have to say is bought, bought and bought.

  • I think the thing I like most is not even the great level of detail in the up close models, but the way the FPS looks in the background as cars race in the distance on the opposite side of the loop!

    You can almost believe it’s real..

    great job guys!

  • really don’t know if i should get this or not. gta4’s coming out in 11 days, then mgs 4, then the new dbz game in july………i dont know where ill fit this in. but ive been a gt fan for god knows how long and for 39.99….it’s like sony’s giving it away. i think i might just go down to best buy tomorrow and just get it.


  • I just got done playing and it AWESOME!!
    If you dont have it,then get it!
    A must have for any race fan.

  • P.s. And trust me this is a FULL game NOT a demo!

  • wow, so there’s a second update this week on the PSN?


  • “According to IGN, “you won’t be able to put the controller down.””

    Actually, I was able to – because I just bought myself a Logitech Driving Force Pro wheel to use with the game and I decided to try that out for this game :). So far, A+ work on the force feedback and the game itself. I hadn’t had this much fun in a driving sim since, oh, GT HD

  • And to add, while this may seem “incomplete,” whatever wins or cars you get in this game will transfer to the full GT5 game once it finally comes out… so think of this as “practice”

  • This is definatly a must buy. I’ll purchase it on Friday when my 10% off Best Buy coupon starts. =D

  • I plunked down my $40.

    So far, EXCELLENT.

  • Quick question does if i download GT5:P will it be locked to the account it was purchased like Warhawk? Or will it be like Tekken where i can play it on my other accounts on my PS3?

    Thats it thats all i wanna know someone with the knowledge please answer me.

  • I need the Ford Mustang GT 500 Eleanore from 67/68 in the Final Version of GT5. I won’t buy this games without that car!

  • Anyone else who downloaded the game having trouble downloading the update prompted when you boot up the game?

  • Picked Up my Copy with a DS3 :D

    Hope to see you there everyone


  • How can we meet online!!! You cant!!!

  • I bought it and im downloading it now :)

  • I’m picking up my Blu-ray copy this morning. I probably could have got it yesterday at most of the chain game shops around here but my friend owns 2 game shops he started and i decided to buy it from him. I used to repair gaming systems for him for over 3 years. I don’t buy all my games from him but i like to buy from his shop when i can wait :) I can’t wait to get my hands on it today!!!

  • um why is the psn version the same price as the disc version? and on the disc version you get more (trailers). i dont understand this, im sure you want your psn downloads to increase because there are better margins on those sales, why not drop the price at least 5.00 im mean hell it should if you can only play it on one psn account.

  • Where are the USED cars? Only DEALERS-New cars? No transfer from GT4 to GT5 (money and cars)?
    Less Cars total?
    No Manager/Admin. Mode?(where cars just run and you Direct them)
    Can you guys (Polyphon.)update these into GT5?
    Man…i’m dissapointed!!!

  • hi , just a stupid question.
    The stuff on the PSN Store can be bought with debit cards ?

  • @79 Yes you can buy stuff with a debit card.

  • @80 xjoshbx
    THANKS !!
    Man , i didnt know that.
    I can buy warhawk and GT5 prologue!!!!
    And most imporntant of all,
    Super Rub’a’dub for my mom.

  • F F F F F F
    WHERE IS OBM?????
    F F F F F F U

  • It’s a shame that this versions real selling point (online) is gimped with no mic support. Really, really disappointing. This demo’s coming out party couldn’t have come at a worse time either. GTA is ten days away. Why not just release a track or two with a few more cars for free on the PSN, then come out guns a-blazin with the full game next spring? I know the series is huge worldwide, I just don’t think it has any place going up against GTA and then MGS this summer. It’s a quick cash in, but if you’re going to do something, do it right the first time – :cough: PSN/XMB :cough:

  • @43
    Circuit City in my area just had a sale where Genji, Full Auto 2, Pirates: At World’s End, and a few other PS3 games were only $16.99.

  • Downloaded, Installed, Updated, and ready to play when I get home from work!

  • Schwag alert! pickup the BluRay of GT5P at Circuit City, and you get a very cool Prologue T-shirt for free. It wasn’t in the weekly ad, so I was surprised, but really happy.

    Thanks Sony & Kazunori for getting this game out, it’s the ultimate HDTV showpiece.

  • GT5 Prologue needs custom soundtrack

  • Chinese Big Wing Bird

    This is 3D girl Game,
    Hall of Flame, Funny Chicken to play,
    basically the white screen is the problem!
    thank you

  • @79 Yes you can buy stuff with a debit card.
    GREAT, and even outside of the US right ?
    Because i live on Argentina (South America)

  • this game look cool but i think im gona wait for gra4

  • i ment gta4 sorry

  • Yeah this is a great update for the PlayStation Store, but I got my copy last night as well. BTW I love it!

    Now we need the PSN cards to get out at US retail and I’ll grab both flow, and Super Stardust, as well as the WarHawk content.

  • On my way to Game Stop right now. Will come back later to let you all know what I think. :)

  • this game need custom soundtracks

  • So if this is only the prologue will the remaining features only be available for download as an ‘expansion’ type of deal for people who already own prologue? I really can’t see Sony making a 20 dollar blu-ray disc just so people can own a ‘hard copy’ of the complete game if they don’t wait for GT5….then again I’m assuming you guys will put the complete game at a pricetag of 60 dollars….

  • Nothing getting this game but those that are enjoy but something tells me that while we haven’t had 2 weeks of content we aren’t going to get a BIG Thursday update but more Sony release what they consider “BIG” content today will make up for everything. Nope. Not going to cut it. and btw. whoever decided to let Konami Handle Metal Gear Online should be fired for their underestimation of things. and none of that BS we are working on it. yeah you are. working on the perfect lie <3

  • i bougth the psn version ( for when im lazy and i dont want to put the disc in ) and the blue ray version , since i had the blue ray version for a few days… i got far in the game, but now…. the saves between the 2 are not compatible, i need to start over on the psn version…

    any news… if you will fix this problem later on??

  • I think darkiewonder, post 95, needs to get a life. Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something? Go cry somewhere else. Your post has nothing to do with GT5 Prologue. Just a bunch of crying over nothing.

  • $39.99????? Just or an over-hyped maxi-demo???? It’s more expensive than a full PS2 game!!!!!

    What’s the difference with getting it in BD then if both versions cost the same? Even when the downloaded version comes with no printed materials, discs and NOTHING, really? The paper and plastic used in the BD version were for free?

    Isn’t that a little too much for what it really is?

  • @98 Brian – Hi, thanks for joining as your post isn’t even relevant to the Prologue post too. Thanks for playing the game.

  • So, if I plunk down $40 for this game now, am I going to have to plunk down another $60 for the non-prologue version in a year?

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