Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Available Tonight on PLAYSTATION Store

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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

If you can’t wait to jump into the “challenging and visually impressive achievement” (GameZone) that is Gran Turismo 5 Prologue – your wait is over. The GT5 Prologue Blu-ray disc has just hit store shelves, and in just a few hours – midnight Eastern, 9pm Pacific – GT5 Prologue will be available for download on the newly-redesigned PLAYSTATION Store at a price of $39.99. With 70 cars, drift mode, interior dash view, and online racing with up to 16 players, it’s a must-have racing game for your PS3 library. According to IGN, “you won’t be able to put the controller down.”

So which controller will help get you the best times in GT5 Prologue? In case you missed it, Producer Taku Imasaki and Associate Producer Christian Hinojosa-Miranda conducted a live chat on the forums on Monday. In it, they shared their controller picks, compared GT5 Prologue vs Gran Turismo HD Concept, and what you can expect even after GT5 Prologue’s release. Check out the full transcript here.

For continuing updates on GT5 Prologue, you’ll wanna bookmark See you online!

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

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  • That’s some really cool stuff right there. I’m gonna have to wait as I’m out of cash during the mid of the month.

  • got my copy already :) but im finishing downloading MGO beta before trying it

  • Of course GameStop, BestBuy, CircuitCity, and Wal-Mart do not have this on the shelves yet…just retarded! One of these days things will go my way…

  • I already got my Bluray copy thanks. ;-]

  • yeah, but I’m getting it on BluRay when I do get it lol. No way in hell I’m going to be restricted to one user account. That’s just screwed up lol.

  • i don’t like racing games(i suck at them). ill probably buy it anyway once i add more money to my account for another game though.

  • I might get it. The will be my first Grand Turismo.

  • I’ll download this as soon as I muster the strength to get up from this chair. Ate a little too much spaghetti. That stuff will “stuff” you.

  • As soon as I see it on a Canadian store shelf; it’s as good as mine! :-) eh!

  • Now THIS is how the Playstation Store should be run. Update it with content when you get it, not just waiting until a certain day in the week. I hope you guys try doing more of this in the future, because an advantage the competition has over the Playstation Store is the frequent updates. It’s not fun getting content later than 360 users for multiplatform games (like Rock Band) when it could be put up at least on the same day.

    Thanks for the news of the special store update for Prologue though.

  • OMG!!!!!


  • Did you guys fix the bug in the store where new content only shows up on Thursdays?

  • hopefull i can stay awkae to download it. a question though, is the store going to update all at once or am i gonna have to wait til midday to get something besides GT5

  • Been waiting for this moment since E3, 2005! It’s finally here… congrats to all PS3 owners.

  • Finally!! I’ll be downloading this game very soon.

  • Quick question about the price on PSN in Canada…
    Will it be priced equal to the US game liked boxed games are, or will it be overpriced compared to the US price like all other PSN games are?

  • Damn, I think that just sold it to me, I was gonna wait it out for a while, but I’m semi-bored now. And since the MGO beta isn’t ready for play yet….

    Yup. Gran Turismo it is.

  • sony do something about the mgo beta code problem!And did it come out on the blu ray disc yet?

  • i mean did gran Turismo is that on blu ray yet?

  • My god it looks gorgeous.

  • @erico316: Get in touch with Konami, they’ll give you a proper code. No reason to whine about that here.

  • Quick question where do they post all of the blogs from is it on the west coast? And what time should we be expecting the new update thursday the 17th im on the east coast so if you say 1pm i guess thats 4pm for me.

    I hear people say that nobody plays Kane & Lynch anymore but thats a lie almost all my friends still play it and we all can’t wait till the new maps come out because it’s ben 5 months since the game came out can’t wait to kill traitors on the new maps.

  • Can us Brits expect to be overcharged £39.99 (i.e double the price of anyone else). Or are we just not going to be given access to it on the PS Store?

  • Nice.

    we are watching the future of the consoles and the video games………….. download games to our HD to avoid the piracy, but i go for my blu-ray copy

  • If the future of consoles is paying for demos, then I’m out.

  • This is NOT a demo, give it a rent at least, you’ll be pleased

  • Playing it now..It is really fun and I’ve never been the biggest Grand Turismo Fan. You did a fantastic job on the look of the game and I’ve been playing another racing game (starts with a F) and this is much better looking for sure..I need some time with it to say more,but it’s a definite worthy purchase.

  • i already bougth the blue ray version, about releasing a patch so i dont have to put in the disc to play, since the game already installed 5 gb worth of data…, im sure you can do it, do the rigth thing…

  • Yeah yeah yeah! Mignight Launch for the WINNNNNNNNNNN! Is the store update to?

  • also… it came out in canada yesterday #10

  • i’m getting alot of jaggies in game
    what’s that about?
    still looks good but maybe it’s better on 1080p

  • Will the canadian version be overpriced on the PSN store (as is everything else)?

    Ok, this may seem weird as a repsonse, but nobody wants to tell me on the blog or via “contact us” on the site if it will be fixed or not. I’m not buying anything on the PSN store until the prices are fixed. Our dollar has been on par or almost for a while now, and never have the prices lowered to reflect that. As a gamer, I feel somewhat cheated. Yes, right now I’m angry, but that’s because of the lack of response from anyone at sony. (please, don’t give me the “letter 3987” response, if you can’t answer, find someone who can)

    • Stephanie Yoshimoto

      Hi Gothdom, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will also be priced $39.99 in Canada on PSN, so same as the US.

  • does this mean that the store update is at midnight too or just GT5?

  • i bougth the blue ray version in canada for $39 so it should be the same on the psn

  • I will buy it first when car damage comes and I will not download it because will be the same as warhawk… I understand that only in the same ps3 but only for one account? many people play in my ps3 sooo… why they don’t make just for one mac address?

    But like I said, when car damage comes with the update I will buy it…

  • @ #34 Gothdom

    OT: Wow. I just can’t believe how realistic the graphics on this are…. It’s going to be hard to resist getting this, but I’m kind of low on cash atm…

  • Three of my friends on my list, they all have it, they all live together. They are the ultimate GT Fans. My roommate as well. Think I’ll give it a go as I’m a GT Virgin! Looks aesthetically pleasing. I like. This is starting to be a Banner year for PS3! Xbux=Dead

  • sorry to throw everyone of topic for a second but……

    i have an idea regarding the accomplishment system. and i will of course like to know what most of you here think of it, and thank you for your replies.

    i think sony should really look at this in many different ways, like for example they can do something like this…

    1. trophies is what you will get whenever you get a certain something done in a game (aka achievements.)

    2. now say you get a certain amount of trophies, this amount would than be labeled as an accomplishment.

    3. and finally but not lease for every dozen accomplishments, you get something called REWARDS, now REWARDS are simply points, credits, that can be used to buy things from home or of the store or REWARDS could also come in the form of an add-on for a certain game or games, decals, soundtrack, map/s ect or also items to use for your apartment in home or your avatar as well.

    so it will be a 1, 2, 3 step procedure thus overcoming Microsoft’s idea.

    so again. trophies, accomplishments, and rewards can all co-exist in this order. if done right that is.

    oh yeah and sony should really try and make this unified service i mean it wouldn’t make much sense to have a huge ambition for system with no unification. if sony its listening i thank you for everything you have done so far but…. i just thought i laid out a few ideas of my own and i hope if your reading this, i hope you like em enough to consider them. thank you for your time.

  • @38

    thanks, I looked at that page a couple of times but seems I missed it (or he answered not long ago). Well, now I’m cooling off lol.

  • Are there any cars in this game?

  • I decided to spend sometime and write this because i feel people if not some of you out there would understand where im coming from.

    alright first things first. sony as yu all know if in a quite a better position than it was in 06 and 07 due to but not limited to some upcoming exclusives and that warner switch to blu ray.

    now to some of you that may sound like the answer going forward, but if sony really does expect to catch or surpass its competition i think there is more that needs to be done.

    price drop: now i know i know many of you are still going but the s3 starts at $399. and that is a fair price considering everything you get out of the box. but consider this at $299, the ps3 will accelerate its success and will reach the mass market price point which could only do wonders for sony and its shareholders. at $299 ps3 will not only be on par with the 360 arcade but also only 50 bucks more than the wii itself and with all the wii droughts going around this only benefit sony.

    Exclusive games: notice how i label exclusive and not just games, well its a fact the ps3 like the 360 have games and although you and i may have figured this out by now, many in the gaming community feel otherwise, why? because the 360 has its share of exclusives and not just any exclusives games, they have a library of note worthy exclusive games. sony may have MGS4 now GT5 later and such and such, but they sony need to have more the more they have the more of a reason people will want a ps3 more than the competition. example if sony were to secure the likes of assassin’s creed, devil may cry 4, and GTA4 than the ps3 would be looked at differently. or at least pull a sony and epic games on rockstar have the 360 version of the game get pushed back to like 6 months, things like these can have an affect on sales if you than include MGS4 around the corner.

    Greatest hits: many of you here know that greatest hits is a program design to attract the less interest in paying 60 bucks for a game, now in the ps2 era greatest hits are as low as 20 bucks. now sony really need to bring this to the ps3 if not 20 than 30 would do just find for many, i mean there are so many old games that could and should go into this category. examples of this include but not limited to following games. Ridge racer 7, Full auto 2, Genji:days of the blade, Untold legend dark kingdom, Resistance: fall of man, F1 championship, NBA 07, MLB 07 in conclusion many of these titles are old and probably wont sell any better than they are currently selling, but given the right price point
    they could benefit from this program in the form of a boost in sales. just throwing that out there, something for sony to think about.

    Requested firmware upgrades: this area right here is what makes the ps3 special in my book, you know the fancy expansions and such. instead of delivering frequent upgrades, why not just stop and only deliver the more important or just the most requested stuff instead. now i k

  • I’ll be happy to buy a PS3 and GT prologue as soon as you want to open pre-orders for the MGS bundle >).

  • Does Warhawk OBM go live?

  • Played the game. Fracking Awesome! I really might just buy that $149.99 wheel. The cars, the graphics, and the physics all come together to give you a very realistic experience.

  • just picked it up (actual disc version). looks like tonight will be a long night.

  • I don’t know why other stores didn’t have it, my Best Buy did. And personally, I think the only wheel that will qualify for use by me with this game is the 300$ G25 Racing Wheel. I need a real shifter for driving in games. I suggest others consider it.

  • Ohh tempted!!!!!!!

  • i mean how much is it to ask to put the eye of judgment key on the store i would love to play with my new cards 10 of my firends here in huntsville alabama have also gotten their booster boxes what can we do to speed this up

  • How many tracks does GT5P have?

    • Stephanie Yoshimoto

      GT5 Prologue features six tracks, each one with two different layouts. My favorite is High Speed Ring, an all-time Gran Turismo classic track.

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