Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Available Tonight on PLAYSTATION Store

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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

If you can’t wait to jump into the “challenging and visually impressive achievement” (GameZone) that is Gran Turismo 5 Prologue – your wait is over. The GT5 Prologue Blu-ray disc has just hit store shelves, and in just a few hours – midnight Eastern, 9pm Pacific – GT5 Prologue will be available for download on the newly-redesigned PLAYSTATION Store at a price of $39.99. With 70 cars, drift mode, interior dash view, and online racing with up to 16 players, it’s a must-have racing game for your PS3 library. According to IGN, “you won’t be able to put the controller down.”

So which controller will help get you the best times in GT5 Prologue? In case you missed it, Producer Taku Imasaki and Associate Producer Christian Hinojosa-Miranda conducted a live chat on the forums on Monday. In it, they shared their controller picks, compared GT5 Prologue vs Gran Turismo HD Concept, and what you can expect even after GT5 Prologue’s release. Check out the full transcript here.

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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

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  • the full GT5 is NOT comming this year.

  • This has got to be the worst time to be broke! ><

  • Summer 2009 for GT5 at the earliest…

  • WHERE IS THE DAMN OBM>???? COME ON SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • had it for weeks now lol!

  • Steph, this is a complete mystery for me, why are you not, i repete not, able to play against your friends? I was baffled to find this out the hard way. Intentionally left out?

    • Stephanie Yoshimoto

      Hi Makasu, we do want to include friends list options. We had to make some tough decisions while finalizing the game, but understand how important this is and are working to improve the online experience.

  • I was about to pick this up at Bestbuy yesterday and thought why am paying 40.00 bucks for a NON finished game? THATS STUPID. For that reason along I won’t buy it and it should be priced 10 bucks, FOR REAL. Then I’d buy it. I’m waiting for the COD4 new game set that comes out on the 24th of this month which includes the same COD4 game thats out now and a FREE code for 4 more online maps for online play. I about picked up COD4 last night untill I saw that this deal was coming out. Plue its still going to cost only 60 bucks still. Can’t beat the same price as COD4 plus free online map code. But waiting till next THURSDAY SUCKS LOL. If SONY would release info if this FREE online code that will be with that game on the 24th would also be a free download in the PSN store I’d buy the COD4 NOW. But sony never tells us nothing till last minute. PLUS WE WANT WAY MORE PSN CONTENT TODAY SONY. WHERE IS IT ALL AT LIKE YOU PROMISED. THAT 40 DOLLAR RACING GAME ISN’T THE ONLY BIG THING IS IT??? GOD I HOPE NOT!!

  • They’ve updated Gran Turismo 5 Prologue twice already in Japan (we have the same version here in the U.S.), and the fact that a lot of people call this a “$40 demo” just isn’t warranted. More features are planned towards the release of the full game and people who’re gonna have this game will most certainly have a head start in terms of familiarity with the new physics. With that in mind, many other games out there cost more and are crap… complaining about a $40 driving game that has as much content as a full priced game is just ridiculous.

  • this is some of the best money i have ever spent, this game is just amazing!
    it makes forza look and feel like pong lol

  • I’m not thinking of this as a demo…but am I going to have to throw down another $60 to get the ‘full’ game? Or will my “prologue” become full when the final game is released? I don’t mind paying $20 more when that time comes; I understand I’d be paying for more in return. However paying $100 total is just dumb.

    I haven’t seen anyone answer this anywhere. I refuse to believe that no one has thought about the solution to this question, so the silence makes me suspect that we’ll be expected to pay $60.

  • WoOOoooOoooo just get my copy :) :)

  • I’m hoping that a future feature will allow me to show off the cars I have in my garage on a social networking site like Facebook or Myspace. That’d be cool. Steph, any hints on that? :D

    LoneStranger – the way I’m treating this is similar to those special edition Metal Gear packages… you spend a little bit more to get a little more like special features, director interviews, and art books. Of course in this case, you get to play part of the full game as it’s in production as opposed to getting the entire thing on the day of launch. My expectation is for the production team to try and test features (like the oft-rumored car deformation) with people who have Prologue and decide whether or not it’s worthwhile to add it to the actual game. But that’s my two cents…

  • sorry but for all the advancements in gaphics and the graphics are good,I’m feeling a little ripped off for my money.Ya I know it was only 39 bucks but if i wanted to listen to lame music and bore my way through to cars that will provide some real speed .Just havn’t got the time to race to the top.I will stick with my audi r8 and gt4.Except for the new generation of graphics engine,this is a waist of time and total let down from gt4.They should have waited and released a more comprehensive game.They should have alowed for gt4 game data transfer so if you have lots of gt experience you can start with some fast cars out of the box.Having to race all these events with cars this lame is a total bore.I had hoped to be able to race my r8 in short order.Also when selling a car you get 1/5 what its worth.Telephony you just lost a fan.I will not be spending any more money with you until version5 of this game.lets hope you can get it rite by that time

    PS..If i wanted to race a suzuki swift i’d drive my wifes thats in the drive way!

  • Played for 6 hours today, and have to say.

    “The thing that separates Gran Turismo from Every Other Racing Game is that it is a driving simulator and not a Racing Game”.

    The greatest Digital Driving Experience ever. Great job!

  • Quick question: Does it have two player mode? I don’t want to end up with another Motorstorm where I can’t play someone sitting next to me.

  • Thanks for the response, appreciate it.

  • i would like for this game to implement hosting your own races with password protection so your friends can race with ya, voice chat would be cool. This Game is really something else. i have played every GT game, and this one of course raises the bar to higher extend in any racing game.

  • maybe it doesnt have to have all of that, but playing with your friends is a really fun factor. i really dont see how GT and forza could be mentioned in the same sentence yet alone in the same paragraph. i know i did it, but GT is in a league of its own. it’s Gran Turismo and there is no other Real Driving Simulator out.

  • moog – yea, it has a 2 player mode

  • All I have to say to the people bashing PD and Sony, calling GT5:P a demo. How about actually playing the game before coming to a assumption like that. Because it just makes you look like fools.

  • To be honest, I’m not a racing fan. However, Stephanie Yoshimoto, I did see a review of GTP on “On the Spot”. I must say that that game looked very dissapointing. I know that it is a driving simulation. However, now days, with the power that the console have, you have to incorporate some crash derby physics in there. And, I’m not saying that it has to be like Driver or Burnout. But when you hit a wall @ a 50 Mph, that car should not look the same as it did before you did it. That being said, the graphics looked well. I’m not a driving fan but I do like crashing cars in my spare time. I had GT3, it was ok for its time but I don’t like driving sims. I like driving games with a good sense of speed when I’m driving. I hope GT5 gives us that sense of speed people are used to nowadays. Hope you guys get this and read it.

  • I love GT5 Prologue but mandatory installation sucks hardcore. What’s the deal Sony? If I knew that was the deal I would’ve not purchase the game. Also, there’s no custom music. That’s another minus in my book.
    “Step your game up!”

  • Ok, I doubt anyone is still perusing this article at this time, but I downloaded GT5prologue and was enjoying it for a couple days, but now it seems the data won’t allow me to access it! I keep getting a “An error occuring during start” messages, and it won’t allow me to play. I don’t want to call Sony tech support and see if I can figure it out, but if I have to I will. I am attempting to redownload the file, and reinstall it, hopefully that fixes it, but I really don’t want to have to go buy the BD version as well just to get a working copy. Mainly because I know there is no way that SCEA will refund my PSN account or my credit card for it. The money has been spent, and I better have a working game at the end of this….

  • Its the best racing game period

  • I am dissapointed in this game….how can you come out with the next game and cut the game down with hardly ANY of things found in previous games???? NO tuning your car??? (and yes i know there is a car tuning mode but i mean improving cars you have) NO licencing??? NO in depth races??? (Come on ive had the game for two days and im already in A class) How could you do this PD?? how?? Sure it looks pretty and plays well but after that its a severly dissapointing short lived and small game…I hope you have a good answer to this, ive bought evert GT game there was but after this i will not be buying the next one, unless Prologue is a very literall name.

  • I need some help please! My hubby and I got our GT5 Prologue the day it came out in the stores, and have been playing. Just made it to S class, and FINALLY have enough $$ to buy the Formula 1 Ferrarri but each time we try to purchase it it says that you cannot yet buy this item, but I can’t find anywhere, what else I have to do before I can buy it. What am I missing? If anyone has figured this out and can help, I’d so appreciate it.
    Thanks ^_^

  • Anybody there? Please I really need some help

  • @SLICKT8000 and all other naysayers:

    This is called simple market economics. If you don’t feel like paying $40 for a racing game with three series of a dozen races, 70 unlockable cars, 6 tracks with 12 variations a decent sound track, and well executed online competition then don’t.

    Personally speaking, this is more complete of a game than Motorstorm was (and I loved Motorstorm, so don’t get the wrong impression). There are more vehicles, there are more races and having to purchase future vehicles is slightly more interesting than just picking from anything available in the list.

    The graphics, simulation, sound and environment in the game are simply excellent. GT5 Prologue is an incredible game, and SHOULD be $60 not $40. Its only because GT5 will be so much bigger and better yet (incredibly) that GT5P is being sold at a discount.

    This is NOT, I repeat NOT a $10 mini-game or demo.

  • dont download it, its worth it to buy the disc. The console at my house is shared between people and as so one account downloaded the game and I can’t play it on my account offline or online. What a waste had I known that this was the case I would not have purchased it on the playstation store!!!

  • There is an issue with this game and a particular receiver. The Yamaha HTR 5920 does not recognize the sound put out by GT5P, and I have been forced to use the HDMI and my TV’s sound, rather than the optical cable and the Dolby that it supports.
    I looked on the official PS board and there are at least a couple of other people with this equipment and this issue. I called Sony, but the guy there didn’t even know that the game was out, much less how to resolve this issue.
    Anyway, I hope that a future update resolves the problem, and I certainly hope that the game proper doesn’t have this annoying glitch.
    Thanks, very nice game.

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