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Operation: Broken Mirror has gone “gold” and will be available in the Playstation Store on April, 17th for $7.99 !!

To celebrate the release of our second Booster-Pack, our fine friends on the Playstation Store team have agreed to run a limited-time sale on Warhawk for just $29.99. This is a crazy-good deal and I can’t wait to get an influx of new players — But a warning to all you hardcore Warhawk players…please be gentle!!! :-)

Ok…to kick things off, scope the video below – it’s the trailer for our second booster-pack, Operation: Broken Mirror!

Granted, you probably just watched the video but in case you didn’t, here’s a quick summary of what Operation Broken Mirror includes:

  • 10 layouts on a brand new winter battlefield, Vaporfield Glacier.
  • 2 new Armored Personnel Carriers (Chernovan and Eucadian styles).
  • 10 bonus layouts for battlefields from the original game so that you can play with the APCs.

First let me write a bit about the new battlefield.

So yes, finally it’s a snow level…something that everyone has been asking for. And no…our next expansion will not feature a lava-level !! :-)

It does feature dynamic weather so in some screenshots you will see the sun is shining, there are shadows and very little, if any snow falling. In others, you may notice that the weather conditions have changed. When the sun is behind the clouds, the snow is stronger, whipping back and forth, the shadows flatten and the lighting becomes more diffuse. And yes… the weather state is synchronized across the network.

Vaporfield Glacier is a vast, windswept valley filled with huge chunks of glacial ice, raised highways, deep chasms, with military bases and research facilities scattered around the frigid landscape. At the heart of the battlefield lies Olsavik Village, a small abandoned town whose people have long since left their homes after years of bloody conflict in the Eucadian War.


“I’m so cold….so very, very cold…”

While our last booster pack, Operation: Omega Dawn sold really well (thanks to all of you) and was received very positively, some players on the Warhawk forums did voice a concern that the Omega Factory battlefield was too large!! Something that I must admit I was surprised to hear but nevertheless, it came from our player community so we took it very seriously.

So…we took a different approach with Vaporfield Glacier. The naked battlefield is in-fact larger that Omega Dawn. However, we decided to include twice as many layouts so that we could provide players with more variety in small and medium maps. We also included something else that our community has been requesting for quite sometime — asymmetrical layouts.


So like I was saying, Vaporfield Glacier battlefield is large but it’s carved-up into a bunch of smaller layouts that would provide players with a lot of layout variation. Here are the layouts that you’ll get with Operation: Broken Mirror:






We’re really happy with the way these layouts play and hope all of you enjoy them as well. I was also really glad that SONY was cool with us doubling the number of layouts without increasing the price.

As you know from our previous Booster-Pack we like to “retro-fit” the new vehicles into the core battlefields to keep things fresh. In Operation: Omega Dawn, we included the Dropship into each of the big layouts from the 5 original core battlefields as “bonus” layouts.

Well…this time around, we really wanted to increase the number of bonus layouts because the APCs play really well on both large and medium layouts. So I’m happy to say that Operation: Broken Mirror includes not 5 but 10 bonus layouts that feature the APCs.

Now…on to the APCs. And they are jam-packed with Yummy Gameplay Goodness! I should trademark that so that I can say something like “our new booster features YGG technology!”

…but I digress.

APCs – They have a ton of features so here’s a quick YGG summary:

  • APCs support a driver and 6 other troops in “pop-up” hatches that allow troops to use their own weapons, making the APC like a customizable weapons platform.
  • APCs act as mobile spawn points for your team so you can setup field bases, help coordinate ground assaults, and spawn directly into them as another player is driving them around.
  • When you spawn into an APC, your troop is rewarded with an additional weapon based on an internal loot-table.
  • APCs can activate a huge shield by placing an E-POD.
  • APCs have a boost ability that not only allows them to traverse distances more quickly, but it also acts as a ram-attack that obliterates other vehicles (except the tank because of its super-heavy armor).

I’m probably gonna have to respond to a lot of comments and questions from this post so that you can get some specific answers. So let ‘em rip!

Oh, and because I know someone is going to ask me…”why is this booster pack called Broken Mirror?”

Well… and maybe this gives too much exposure into how my mind works (or doesn’t work I guess), I found the fracture patterns of broken glass very similar to the crystalline structures of ice and snow — So there…”Broken Mirror”

0052 – 006F – 0063 – 006B – 004F – 006E – 0021

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70 Author Replies

  • Comments 14, 18, 34, 52, 55, 80, 84, 92, 94, 95, and 99 are all asking about APCS and DROPSHIPS being in the same levels together.

    Will this be possible or are the booster packs mutually exclusive?

  • o yeah i think this is ready to be released now even yesterday but you guys wanna be apart of the new playstation store redesign lol. thats cool though give me something good with the new store.
    i think thats the same exact day the new store comes out right?

  • Dylan:

    How much hot beef can be injected into the APC before it explodes? How many tank shots/homing missiles can it withstand?

    And does the energy shield vaporize enemy Warhawks that come into contact with it immediately, or does it simply cause a lot of damage?

    Can a flag carrier also drive the APC? I’m guessing probably not…

    Looking forward to the BM release. Awesome job, Warhawk team!

    • the APC is designed to be immune to hot-beef! :P

      YES, enemy aircraft are destroyed immediately on contact with the E-POD shield.

      YES, you can carry the flag back *and* drive or be a passenger of the APC.

  • Oooh! Lava level! Yes, I want that! :D

    Any plans from here? Maybe Warhawk 2? :D Maybe a new IP…?

  • Very cool, Dylan! Tell the team that we appreciate it!

    By the way, did you guys ever look in to balancing points? The ranking system is absurd for casual gamers. I can average about 50 points per game no matter what mode I’m playing (usually more, but 50 is about the average). That means I have to play TWO HUNDRED games just for a lower-mid-level rank. No way, dude. I have a job and a family. :D With the award requirements in place, I’d think that the point requirements would be more accessible…

    Anyway, I love the game. It’s just a shame that I don’t have nearly enough free time to earn any of the mid- to high-level customizations; which makes me sad.

    And what’s up with the unicode?

    • the v1.3 patch doesn\’t include any rank changes however we did increase the points awarded for flag-carrier kills and defends.

      We have been discussing some rank-up adjustments for v1.4

  • Will there be a bundle with both booster packs for around $12-$14 ?

    • we are discussing a bundle for players that haven\’t yet bought Operation Omega Dawn and want to pick up both at the same time. Not finalize price yet though.

  • Great work Incog! I heard about this game from E3 on G4 like a year ago and have been in love with it ever since. My psn is the same as my blog account, feel free 2 add me:) lol also, i have started a thread on the PSU forums about the next map. Most of us would like to see Chernova in a future expansion pack. I have some ideas here: http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=warhawk&thread.id=432516

    that’s the exact thread, check it out! Also, will team switch still be on? it causes so much imbalance to this game… and (finally) is it true that after v1.3 comes out, there’ll be minimum rank servers?

  • You guys have done a great job with this game!

  • Dylan,

    Not sure how much time you have to read the comments past the 2nd page since I know you guys are hella busy, but…

    Can you have both vehicles from both booster packs in one game if you own both packs? How would this work?

    Oh and THANK YOU for the continuous support and hard work. Also thank you for the opportunity to have had some designs in the game, Incognito is amazing!

  • and I thought Omega Dawn was a treat DLC, but this appears to be the best yet. I want to say at this rate of DLC and the dedication of cognito’s staff it looks like we might look forward to new DLC 3 times a year. If this is true I can see this Game growing leaps and bounds ahead of some of Xboxlives DLC. The fact that we get 2 new maps so soon after release is just awsome.

  • Does Broken Mirror work alongside Omega Dawn? As in, will there be layouts where you have both the Dropship and the APC? What if some people only buy Broken Mirror or Omega Dawn…Does it get tricky to tell who can join which game and whatnot?

    • it does get a bit trickier but…the server list shows you a simple red light or green light so you can see if the server\’s content matches yours.

      and it would get far more tricky if we allowed mixing of the booster-packs.

  • @ sevenlives

    This question is being asked over and over with no answer which is highly unusual.

  • Hey Dylan…Cool map…one thing, the map variant photos are locked in flicker so I can’t view them up close. Can you unlock them please?

  • No look at the 10 layouts for other maps?

    • Here\’s the list of bonus layouts that include the new APCs

      Eucadia: Battle for Eucadia
      Eucadia: Valley Battle
      Island Outpost: Island Battle
      Island Outpost: Installation
      The Badlands: Desert Warfare
      The Badlands: Supply Chain
      Destroyed Capitol: Spire Shut-In
      Destroyed Capitol: Road to Ruin
      Archipelago: Island Warfare
      Archipelago: Acropolis Assault

  • Another thing: Will the APC’s and Dropships be playable in the same map at the same time?

  • Oh, and for OD you had the full omega factory layout in a big pic on the blog. You could not do that with vaporfield?

  • I’ll buy this regardless because I love this game, but is there any chance that these booster packs will be free someday (as in a year or so)? I really think Sony should promote this game and make it their flagship online title.
    Is there a possibility that this game could be bundled with PS3s? Maybe in the form of a voucher to download it free off the PSN, on the other hand an included headset in the PS3 would be a good move. I just want to play with more people on Warhawk!

  • Thanks guys, its great you have brought us a new map.

    Finally 7 maps to enjoy, if only I could rank up. I have the necessary points to rank up twice, but for some reason I cant..

    • please send your PSN handle to:


      I suspect that you might be just missing a pre-requiste award or something as the stats system has been working pretty damn well since the release of the v1.2 patch.

  • Will This booster pack and omega dawn be sold in a combo pack for like 10 dollars or anything?

  • Great news.I also like the video,very cool

  • i cant view the pictures! whyyyyy? please help

  • Dylan,
    Please answer this question that every hardcore Warhawk player is asking:
    Will there be map layouts for players who have supported Warhawk by buying both expansions?
    I mean who doesn’t want to see dropship vs apc?
    Can you please comment on this. I feel those of us that have supported Warhawk and DLC should definitely have this option available to us.

  • Is the apc just limited to larger sized maps? Cause it would be fun in mediumer maps. Will the APCs be in all the versions of VG like the dropship is?
    And can we get medium OD servers? Will there be medium BM servers?

    Sorry for the many questions

    • we are going to be updating our dedicated server rotations in the next couple weeks. We\’ll do our best to accommodate everyones requests!

      Medium expansion rotations is high on the list !

  • Hey Dylan great pricing, now what about those JET PACKS?!?

  • Scratch apc on medium maps, I missed the answer in the blog on the first read thru

  • Hey Dylan

    Can you reveal any information about the new games/ services your working on?

  • Wow, great update Dylan! Keep up the good work!

    I’m really looking forward to both the 1.3 update and Operation Broken Mirror. Love the dev support you guys continue to dish out for this game!

    Good luck with whatever you are working on next.


  • Wow, great update Dylan! Keep up the good work!

    I’m really looking forward to both the 1.3 update and Operation Broken Mirror. Love the dev support you guys continue to dish out for this game!

    Good luck with whatever you are working on next.

  • This is it, i been waiting on something speed of a jeep and armor of a tank. I’m happy. And man the new field looks perfect. But its going to be hard to tow that apc being that it can pop out a generator LOL. But I’ll manage it. Thanks a lot WARHAWK S A MUST HAVE. Also it just gets better and better!!

  • Thank you fo rthe constant support you putting behind this great game.

    See you all online


  • Now, don’t get me wrong- I’m super-psyched for this map. My friends Anthony, Steve, and I play this game 3 or 4 nights a week split screen. This new map looks like it’ll be money well spent.

    However: is there any way you awesome folks at Incog (makers of Downhill Domination, TM: Black, and War of the Monsters to name a few gems) could patch in custom music for this game? I mean, the came already reads music off the hard drive during gameplay, how hard would it be to make a patch that simply reroutes the music directory to say a playlist? Eh? PLEASE?!?!

  • Excellent work, excellent addition.
    How does look at what in the future to add is napalm for airplanes and machine gun for the second passenger?

  • Dylan WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! recently all the clan threads on the playstation site have been locked. They are cracking down on everything deemed off-topic. To help save this game & keep this great community in tact please voice your support for the creation of a warhawk lounge for off topic conversations regarding warhawk. Your support will help keep this game the stellar experience that it is. Please contact me on the forums via PM or PM my PSN both are Mini_Sal. Thank you- Sal

    • ~doh~

      I\’ll talk to the forum mods and see what\’s up. Ultimately it is *their* call because it\’s their site and responsibility but I\’ll look into it.

  • Mr. Dylan…, there are cheating servers…

    The DropShip can transport the APC?

  • dylan plz respond to this i live in malta and here we dont have a ps store so i cant buy omega down and broken mirror when it comes out :( is there anything you can do? like i donno maybe we can buy the ubdates from the game it self or something? plz i really want a ps store so i buy broken mirror or omega down :(

    • Sadly, you are not alone…

      …Believe me I *want* you to be able to buy our products!!! :-)

      So you don\’t have access to an Italian PS Store from SCEE?

  • Hey Dylan, just wanted to commend you on a great game. Still my favorite on the PSN and I also wanted to say that it’s cool to see you interacting so openly with the community and listening to what they have to say whether good or bad.

    Given the success of Warhawk, can we expect more efforts by Incognito in the future in the online realm with new or existing IPs? And just a general question, with games like Resistance 2 coming out supporting 60 players online, if you had more development time would you say that you probably could have gotten WH up to 60 or more players running as smooth as it does today?

    I know a lot of my questions are theoretical, but I also know that hindsight can bring with it some speculation, just wanted to know your thoughts.

    Can’t wait for the new map and updates, keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the kind words!

      We do really like online games and I can see us continuing that tradition. Other than that, it\’s really to early for me to talk about the new R&D the team is working on right now — I hope you understand how sensitive that stuff is :-)

      As far as Resistance-2 suppporting 60 players….what can I say, Insomniac is awesome. The team and I have immeasurable respect for Ted, Al and the whole team over there…they are top-shelf.

      But more to your point, do I think Warhawk could support 60 players….honestly, no. It was our first-gen PS3 engine and, while we are happy with it, there are things that we could have done better, faster, etc.

  • DYLAN who was that in the game i made for the glitch he sounded like a little kid and he killed me in the DM inless that was u in the game under a different account name was it!?


  • Props to the team for the continued hard work and support for the game. Very much appreciated. My favorite PSN game by quite a way.

    Any chance of a framerate fix on 32 player Badlands?
    – it can be a little choppy at times.

    Apart from that small gripe keep up the excellent work. Still enjoying playing Warhawk and when time allows i’ll be investing in both boosters for sure.

    have a good one.

    i really want this:

    can you add a way for clan leaders to send clan invites while in the game so we dont have to quit.

    • Sorry KIT619KAT…I wasn\’t ignoring you, just hard to keep up with all the posts :-)

      we are looking into messaging feature updates for our v1.4 patch.

  • hey dylan,
    if we download this latest pack will the first expansion pack from before the extras be in it or would have to i spend money on both just to have both the new maps? Also any clue when SCEA is going to release the PSN cards i was hoping to use them to get this booster pack!

  • the turret bugs are fixed in 1.3, right? (like lock on via homer)

    also, the links seem to be password protected… :(

    • ~guh~

      YES…missiles don\’t lock onto 50\’s any more. That is fixed in the v1.3 patch along with some other targeting and balance changes for the 50\’s

  • great update any chance of ever putting in a motorcycle with a side car or something

  • Hey if you have time please come by the warhawk forums. The guys are starting to worry. BTW I sent you a PM please check it, I think you will like the idea

    • Yeah, you\’re right I need to poke my head in there more!!!

      I have our QA Analyst Greg is always checking the boards and sending the team reports on what\’s going on, glitches, exploits, tournaments, etc….

      …it just got really hard for me to stay on top of it while we were smashing out the v1.3 patch and Booster #2

      Sorry man!

  • Love the map Dylan.

    From your comments above there will be another expansion in the future ?!?

    Interesting !!!

    Quick question….. Will it be possible to play with the dropship AND the APC on the same level if you have both expansions ?!? If not will the APC be playable on the OD level ?!?

    Sorry if someone else has posted this. I haven’t read all the posts…

  • Disregard my comment on OD and the APC. Just found out that you already answered it….. D’oh

    Shame really. I would have loved to have seen the APC and dropship together on the same level.

  • so on the next patch
    will we be able 2 invite people
    from our friends list into a room

  • What! Iv’e been on board for all the decisions but no crossing the bundles?That’s what I was the most excited for.
    Anyway, any thoughts on making the Dropship a mobile spawn point? Or what about the co-pilot/passengers ejecting?

  • Soooo in-game music yeh?



    If I say please… will that help?

    And yeh.. like Mini_Sal said.. they are cracking down on clans on the warhawk forums on the PS3 website. Its Killing the community… we need to prevent this from happening!!!


    • we are looking at in-game music but we haven\’t fully green-lit the inclusion of the feature for the v1.4 patch yet. The team is still investigating it.

  • So, how do you guys feel about a space map? Two battleships. Warhawks flying out, Jeeps floating in space, tanks blasting explosions to push themselves in mid-air. Ah, I can see it now. lol Anyway, great update. Man, I hate this, I have to buy this now, GT5: Prologue, later GTA IV. All in April. My wallet is dieing :'(

    • I know! April is crazy right? New store, new games…

      …and GT5 is wicked fun! I\’ve been playing it way too much!

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