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Operation: Broken Mirror has gone “gold” and will be available in the Playstation Store on April, 17th for $7.99 !!

To celebrate the release of our second Booster-Pack, our fine friends on the Playstation Store team have agreed to run a limited-time sale on Warhawk for just $29.99. This is a crazy-good deal and I can’t wait to get an influx of new players — But a warning to all you hardcore Warhawk players…please be gentle!!! :-)

Ok…to kick things off, scope the video below – it’s the trailer for our second booster-pack, Operation: Broken Mirror!

Granted, you probably just watched the video but in case you didn’t, here’s a quick summary of what Operation Broken Mirror includes:

  • 10 layouts on a brand new winter battlefield, Vaporfield Glacier.
  • 2 new Armored Personnel Carriers (Chernovan and Eucadian styles).
  • 10 bonus layouts for battlefields from the original game so that you can play with the APCs.

First let me write a bit about the new battlefield.

So yes, finally it’s a snow level…something that everyone has been asking for. And no…our next expansion will not feature a lava-level !! :-)

It does feature dynamic weather so in some screenshots you will see the sun is shining, there are shadows and very little, if any snow falling. In others, you may notice that the weather conditions have changed. When the sun is behind the clouds, the snow is stronger, whipping back and forth, the shadows flatten and the lighting becomes more diffuse. And yes… the weather state is synchronized across the network.

Vaporfield Glacier is a vast, windswept valley filled with huge chunks of glacial ice, raised highways, deep chasms, with military bases and research facilities scattered around the frigid landscape. At the heart of the battlefield lies Olsavik Village, a small abandoned town whose people have long since left their homes after years of bloody conflict in the Eucadian War.


“I’m so cold….so very, very cold…”

While our last booster pack, Operation: Omega Dawn sold really well (thanks to all of you) and was received very positively, some players on the Warhawk forums did voice a concern that the Omega Factory battlefield was too large!! Something that I must admit I was surprised to hear but nevertheless, it came from our player community so we took it very seriously.

So…we took a different approach with Vaporfield Glacier. The naked battlefield is in-fact larger that Omega Dawn. However, we decided to include twice as many layouts so that we could provide players with more variety in small and medium maps. We also included something else that our community has been requesting for quite sometime — asymmetrical layouts.


So like I was saying, Vaporfield Glacier battlefield is large but it’s carved-up into a bunch of smaller layouts that would provide players with a lot of layout variation. Here are the layouts that you’ll get with Operation: Broken Mirror:






We’re really happy with the way these layouts play and hope all of you enjoy them as well. I was also really glad that SONY was cool with us doubling the number of layouts without increasing the price.

As you know from our previous Booster-Pack we like to “retro-fit” the new vehicles into the core battlefields to keep things fresh. In Operation: Omega Dawn, we included the Dropship into each of the big layouts from the 5 original core battlefields as “bonus” layouts.

Well…this time around, we really wanted to increase the number of bonus layouts because the APCs play really well on both large and medium layouts. So I’m happy to say that Operation: Broken Mirror includes not 5 but 10 bonus layouts that feature the APCs.

Now…on to the APCs. And they are jam-packed with Yummy Gameplay Goodness! I should trademark that so that I can say something like “our new booster features YGG technology!”

…but I digress.

APCs – They have a ton of features so here’s a quick YGG summary:

  • APCs support a driver and 6 other troops in “pop-up” hatches that allow troops to use their own weapons, making the APC like a customizable weapons platform.
  • APCs act as mobile spawn points for your team so you can setup field bases, help coordinate ground assaults, and spawn directly into them as another player is driving them around.
  • When you spawn into an APC, your troop is rewarded with an additional weapon based on an internal loot-table.
  • APCs can activate a huge shield by placing an E-POD.
  • APCs have a boost ability that not only allows them to traverse distances more quickly, but it also acts as a ram-attack that obliterates other vehicles (except the tank because of its super-heavy armor).

I’m probably gonna have to respond to a lot of comments and questions from this post so that you can get some specific answers. So let ‘em rip!

Oh, and because I know someone is going to ask me…”why is this booster pack called Broken Mirror?”

Well… and maybe this gives too much exposure into how my mind works (or doesn’t work I guess), I found the fracture patterns of broken glass very similar to the crystalline structures of ice and snow — So there…”Broken Mirror”

0052 – 006F – 0063 – 006B – 004F – 006E – 0021

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70 Author Replies

  • Hey Dylan, Loving the new Booster Pack.

    Any chance later down the road for JET PACKS. two for each side. which would just use ground weapons?

    Also whats the pricing of the new Booster?
    I hope around the same as OD!
    Keep up the great work.


  • Well this is now an old question… I was refreshing my page to see if you’d answer #14. Will Omega Dawn AND Broken Mirror be compatible with eachother? Can we have maps with BOTH the Dropship AND the APC?

  • oh yeah, sorry to dbl post but what does these numbers at the bottom of your post mean: 0052 – 006F – 0063 – 006B – 004F – 006E – 0021

  • Awesome news! Love the game, and will continue to play it and support it until Warhawk 2 comes out.

  • So i take it OD and BM wont be working together… I was really hoping to see the full dropship pick up a full APC and just smash.

  • This looks awesome but I haven’t even been able to even get Omega dawn because sony still hasn’t released those cards but anyway thanks for your continued support for the game!

  • 0052 – 006F – 0063 – 006B – 004F – 006E – 0021
    Means Rock On!
    Those are hexadecimal numbers.
    Great job ,you guys really know how to make DLC.

    A question tough: I live on Argentina and im gonna buy a PS3 on a couple of weeks. I can buy Warkhawk ?
    Or i will have region trouble ?

  • @ Dylan Jobe
    Thanks for the reply I really appreciate it. I’m a big fan of Warhawk but I cant see myself putting hours and hours without any rewards to show.
    Is there an email address where I can email you my info so you can take a look at my account?

  • Its assembly hexii decimal
    its a new hit, time to break out my assembley book

  • hey Dylan,
    i was wondering
    what will the home integration in this pack and the patch be like?
    also any more new packs coming out in the future or are you leaving warhawk for a new game?

    • The v1.3 patch includes Home Game Launching support. So if you are currently in the Home Closed BETA and a Warhawk player you can check it out!

      We are looking at a new product but will continue to support Warhawk as long as SONY lets us :-)

  • Dylan,

    Please, extend my thanks and congratulations to the entire development team for a job well done. Warhawk is, by far, the most enjoyable game I’ve owned to-date. Additionally, the team’s dedication to its ongoing improvement and evolution is very much appreciated by the Warhawk community.

    Broken Mirror looks very exciting. I can’t wait, and will gladly fork over my meager 8 bucks for the hundreds of hours of entertainment I’m sure I’ll get out of it – anything to keep the Warhawk development going. Just ignore the 26-year-old, penniless types who still live in their parents’ garage and gripe about 8 bucks.

    I do have one question – have you considered forming a Warhawk Advisory Council? I would envision the council membership consisting of half Incog devs and half elite (way above me) Warhawk players. The players might serve as representative types for the Warhawk community and could be voted on by the community – just like politics. The Council would meet quaterly via WebEx and discuss the future and direction of Warhawk.

    What are your thoughts?


  • @60
    also any chance on lowering the amount of points to rank up? they are a bit high?

    • the v1.3 patch does not include lower rank requirements. However, we did increase the the points for CTF.

      We originally nerfed these because of stat padders throwing the flag back and forth and totally screwing up the ranking and balance.

      in the v1.3 patch, we have increased the point payouts for flag carrier kills and defends but block the ability to throw the flag.

      This was based on the observation of a lot of games. The vast majority of players rarely used the throw feature yet stat padders use it constantly to exploit the system.

  • “And no…our next expansion will not feature a lava-level !!” – Dylan Jobe

    What’s wrong with Lava!

    Anyway thanks for the continued support of one of my favorite online battle games of all time. I look forward to the the update. BTW Omega dawn is not too big IMO.

  • Can you please add an update that includes underwater and surface naval combat. This could include large submarines, smaller flying subs (as in the old Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea TV series), patrol boats, and speed boats. Also, you could have infantry equipped with diving gear & futuristic weapons engaged in combat against each other and submersible vehicles. Please stay away from making the underwater environment darkly lit because this will hinder the player’s enjoyment.

  • Where is the tutorial for Warhawk?

  • i like the additional smaller map layouts thanks, also will the apc be allowed in the map as the dropship or not? and have the warhawks guys taken a llok at the invite issues with clan yet?

  • I love this game more and more eveyday. Thanx to everyone who just keeps putting more and more into it.

  • Here’s an idea…….how ’bout a volcano level!!! that ocasionaly shoots molten lava all over the place. haha.
    Can’t wait for this update Dylan, Warhawk is the most fun I’ve had in video games in years.

  • Thanks Dylan! I love the continued support for this game and am very glad I purchased.

    As far as your code.

    If you convert it from HEX to decimal and add the numbers you come up with 621. As in 6/21? As in 6/21/08 perhaps??? Next Warhawk expansion on 6/21/08?

  • i keep hearing HOME open beta is coming april 18th, now this pack comes out on the 17th, which has home intergration…..hmmm

  • Wow Dylan, that’s awesome. You guys rock, thanks for continually giving us booster packs and keeping the game alive. Rather than just forgetting about us!

    Oh and don’t worry, i understand your logic on calling the expansion “Broken Mirror”…At least that’s 2 of us who’s minds work in similar ways (although i’m not sure that’s a good thing! :P)

    Anyway, only one thing i want to ask, and that is…You knew it was coming…What exactly does it take to bring these APCs down? As in, how many rockets etc, grenades etc.

    Oh actually there was another question hehe. Will we be able to play maps with the Dropship AND the APC at the same time? Or is it a case of “One or the other”?

    Thanks a lot for reading Dylan, and keep up the awesome work.

  • Thanks Dylan for you and your teams continued support with WH. This is one of the games that has gotten better with age. Only downside is, I have no way to buy any of this cool stuff for it until Sony decides to get those PSN cards out. :-[

  • I still think $8 for this expansion is too much.
    And the user base is being insanely fractured.

  • I’m not sure if this was answered but, can you use this update even though you did not get the last one? I wasn’t really feeling the last one, but this one looks fun.

    • of course!

      you can choose which of our booster-packs you want to buy…we don\’t force you to buy all of them or in any specific order.

  • just checkin

  • This is BAD A$$!!! Buying it day 1!

    Funny, I was talking w/ friends about how great it’d be to have dynamic weather in warhawk. Will we see mist or rain in future updates?

  • It appears that the Flickr images have been protected because I can’t access them. Any chance you could fix that, Dylan?


  • DOOODE NICE APRIL 17th Love It also it looks hot as hell THX SO Much and Dylan im going to send you the message of the thing in a bit

  • One more thing…

    I think it would be pretty cool to have a combo pack: Omega Dawn and Broken Mirror together for the low, low price of $12.

    Or if nothing else, go with Bungie’s approach where the old map becomes freeware when you release the new expansion.

  • I have a question:

    Will we be able to use the Dropship and APCs in the same game(as in, same layout)?

    0052 – 006F – 0063 – 006B – 004F – 006E – 0021<<<<Clue to next booster/Incog game?

  • I cannot wait. I think all developers should look at how Incognito handles Warhawk as a model. Instead of just releasing a game and forgetting about it, we continuously have new things to look forward to.

  • This looks amazing and I’ll definately be getting it. I was curious though how long does the epod last and can enemies walk through it? Also I may have just misread, but can the APC drop the epod and go elsewhere leaving that shield there?

    • troops and ground vehicles can move through the shield.

      Enemy aircraft cannot and in fact, the E-POD causes the engines of enemy aircraft to go \”critical\” which destroys the enemy ships…and yes, you get credit for the kill of you can pull it off :-)

      And yes, one the E-POD is placed, the APC can drive away to fight somewhere else.

  • What would be the next step in the evolution for Warhawk?

  • Hi Dylan, I was wondering if this wil work with Omega Dawn or even along with the Dropship in a game. If not I think a lot of us here won’t buy it at all.

  • This is awesome Dylan! What do you think of a suicidal vest?!! Or an electrical charge weapon that a trooper can use? Those would be pretty helpful. XD I really can’t wait for this but one thing concerns me, are you guys gonna bring back the Medium Omega Dawn Maps? I always played in those until they were taken down. Plz answer Dylan! PSN D-Squad3

    • we are going to be updating our server rotations soon so we can look to bring the Medium-OD maps back.

  • Awesome stuff Dylan + The rest of Incog.

    Always been one of my favorite names in the Dev world, and you just keep giving more reasons to herald. I -preach- about the technical masterpiece that is Warhawk.

    • Thanks for calling out the team because, after all, they are the ones that do all the work!!!

      Too often in our industry the \’front man\” gets all the credit but the reality of game development is that the vast, vast majority of the work is done by people that the gaming public never knows about or rarely ever sees.

      …this makes me sad.

  • amazing update and ofcourse i will be downloading this on day 1. I do have one question thouh, in your opinion what is the fastest way to level up?

    • play to the medals, badges, points and ribbons.

      Know specifically what you are trying to earn and then focus your game play for that session around just those awards.

  • @ Dylan

    Will there be like a special deal of, for example, buy both expansions for $14.99?

    I want to buy Omega Dawn now but am worried that the price will go down or they’ll be a double pack for a cheaper price in a few weeks time.

    • I\’m pretty sure there will be a bundle soon…maybe hold off and wait to see what kind of deal the Playstation Store team can give you.

  • With that APC turbo boost I hope we are given the option to turn OFF friendly fire in player-ranked games! LOL!

    Love the multiple map layouts – this new booster pack seems awesome!! (and I’ll FINALLY have some chance at taking out those warhawks that harass us ground troops with that APC protective bubble!! – YES!)

    … I mentioned this before… but any chance of a “gift-giving” option to buy the map pack for friends that don’t have the funds to purchase it?

    … and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say three words – female avatar please!!! :)

    Awesome! Can’t wait till this is released! Great job on maintaining the game and keeping things interesting for us!

  • Hey Dylan! I can’t wait for Broken Mirror! As an avid player with nearly 650 hours logged into the game then it’s going to be even more time consuming and great! I especially like the look of the Olsavik Village Layout. That’s going to be killer for Deathmatch Mode. :P

    Also would it be possible to answer this question?

    With the new update and Contest Winning Warhawk Designs being put into the game…doesn’t this kind of take away the incentive for ranking up? Because the Warhawk Winning Designs are much more fancy and we now get them from the get go….so ranking up for more paint jobs (which we’ve all seen because of the viral-rank up glitch) kind of takes away the suspense and surprise of what we’ll unlock…no?

    Overall I can’t wait for Broken Mirror! I’ve got April the 17th marked! I can’t wait!

    ROCK ON!! \\m//

    • Glad to hear you love the game!

      And to answer your question…yeah, I do kinda think it de-values ranking up a bit. Just being honest.

      That was certainly *not* our intention…but I can see your point.

  • I just wanted to show this something I recorded while playing.


  • OMG What can I said that hasn’t been said already. Dylan and everybody at Incognito, Thanks a lot for you great continuous support for this awesome game that we love and know as Warhawk.

    I just want to express that Operation Broken Mirror with its 10 layouts and all the APC’s capabilities make Operation Omega Dawn look like nothing. Moreover, patch v1.3 is sure to add that cherry on top of this delicious cake.

    When it comes to Warhawk, the cake isn’t a lie.


    1.-With the release Op Broken Mirror and the APCs, would we be able to use the Dropships in Vaporfield and the APCs in Omega Dawn and those maps that support Dropship?

    2.- Lately I have been experiencing problems with joining friends created server and them joining my server. Our Ping is ranges from 95 to 100 yet we are unable to join eachothers’. The irony is that we both are able join servers in EU, AU, JP. In an average I’m always capable of hosting a 20 player server. I just want to know if this problem if on my side or what?
    Any help, would be appreciated.

  • d.j plz respont to this see im from malta and here there is no ps store so i dont have omega down / and i cant buy broken mirror my friends told me to make a uk account and it doesnt accapt my dads credit card and if it does accapt it can i play it on my original account is there something you can do? i really like to buy omega down and broken mrror when it comes out but there is no ps store here plz respond to this thx :(

  • hey

    can the dropship carry the apc

    just wondering

  • Can APC and Dropship co-exist on a given map?

  • lol.. for some reason I didn’t saw the date at the end of the trailer so forget my question lol… I really love that map :|

  • New map looks amazing!!! I will definitely be buying it the day it comes out!

    My question is, with this update out…are we to assume the next one (whenever it may come) will be including a new air vehicle? I remember reading you want to switch between ground and air vehicles for every other booster pack. If so, how about a helicopter of some kind?? If you can get it to be balanced that is. Thanks again and I hope you continue releasing this new maps and updates for a LOONG time!

  • Mr. Jobe,
    I thought that was what the broken mirror meant. You can check back to the first blog that showed the broken mirror. It’s in that mess of comments.
    Anyway what about my idea. Using the R3 to talk to the opposing team and leaving the L3 to allow you to talk to your team. If not that, you could make the team mic always on and the L3 allows you to talk to the opposing team. It would be useful for those of use who actually care about strategy and want to talk to the opposing team.

  • Everyone wants to know, can we use the dropship and APC in the same map? We’ll find out sooner or later. Might as well make it sooner.

  • damn im 70 cents short on my account to get this. guess ill just add another 5 bucks and figure out what to do with the extra 4 dollars lol.

    Is there ever going to be new guns? not sure if they are really needed but just wondering.

    and i think there should be an escape pod for a passenger in a warhawk. lol i hate gettin stuck in those. would be cool to just get tossed out in a lil pod.

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