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Operation: Broken Mirror has gone “gold” and will be available in the Playstation Store on April, 17th for $7.99 !!

To celebrate the release of our second Booster-Pack, our fine friends on the Playstation Store team have agreed to run a limited-time sale on Warhawk for just $29.99. This is a crazy-good deal and I can’t wait to get an influx of new players — But a warning to all you hardcore Warhawk players…please be gentle!!! :-)

Ok…to kick things off, scope the video below – it’s the trailer for our second booster-pack, Operation: Broken Mirror!

Granted, you probably just watched the video but in case you didn’t, here’s a quick summary of what Operation Broken Mirror includes:

  • 10 layouts on a brand new winter battlefield, Vaporfield Glacier.
  • 2 new Armored Personnel Carriers (Chernovan and Eucadian styles).
  • 10 bonus layouts for battlefields from the original game so that you can play with the APCs.

First let me write a bit about the new battlefield.

So yes, finally it’s a snow level…something that everyone has been asking for. And no…our next expansion will not feature a lava-level !! :-)

It does feature dynamic weather so in some screenshots you will see the sun is shining, there are shadows and very little, if any snow falling. In others, you may notice that the weather conditions have changed. When the sun is behind the clouds, the snow is stronger, whipping back and forth, the shadows flatten and the lighting becomes more diffuse. And yes… the weather state is synchronized across the network.

Vaporfield Glacier is a vast, windswept valley filled with huge chunks of glacial ice, raised highways, deep chasms, with military bases and research facilities scattered around the frigid landscape. At the heart of the battlefield lies Olsavik Village, a small abandoned town whose people have long since left their homes after years of bloody conflict in the Eucadian War.


“I’m so cold….so very, very cold…”

While our last booster pack, Operation: Omega Dawn sold really well (thanks to all of you) and was received very positively, some players on the Warhawk forums did voice a concern that the Omega Factory battlefield was too large!! Something that I must admit I was surprised to hear but nevertheless, it came from our player community so we took it very seriously.

So…we took a different approach with Vaporfield Glacier. The naked battlefield is in-fact larger that Omega Dawn. However, we decided to include twice as many layouts so that we could provide players with more variety in small and medium maps. We also included something else that our community has been requesting for quite sometime — asymmetrical layouts.


So like I was saying, Vaporfield Glacier battlefield is large but it’s carved-up into a bunch of smaller layouts that would provide players with a lot of layout variation. Here are the layouts that you’ll get with Operation: Broken Mirror:






We’re really happy with the way these layouts play and hope all of you enjoy them as well. I was also really glad that SONY was cool with us doubling the number of layouts without increasing the price.

As you know from our previous Booster-Pack we like to “retro-fit” the new vehicles into the core battlefields to keep things fresh. In Operation: Omega Dawn, we included the Dropship into each of the big layouts from the 5 original core battlefields as “bonus” layouts.

Well…this time around, we really wanted to increase the number of bonus layouts because the APCs play really well on both large and medium layouts. So I’m happy to say that Operation: Broken Mirror includes not 5 but 10 bonus layouts that feature the APCs.

Now…on to the APCs. And they are jam-packed with Yummy Gameplay Goodness! I should trademark that so that I can say something like “our new booster features YGG technology!”

…but I digress.

APCs – They have a ton of features so here’s a quick YGG summary:

  • APCs support a driver and 6 other troops in “pop-up” hatches that allow troops to use their own weapons, making the APC like a customizable weapons platform.
  • APCs act as mobile spawn points for your team so you can setup field bases, help coordinate ground assaults, and spawn directly into them as another player is driving them around.
  • When you spawn into an APC, your troop is rewarded with an additional weapon based on an internal loot-table.
  • APCs can activate a huge shield by placing an E-POD.
  • APCs have a boost ability that not only allows them to traverse distances more quickly, but it also acts as a ram-attack that obliterates other vehicles (except the tank because of its super-heavy armor).

I’m probably gonna have to respond to a lot of comments and questions from this post so that you can get some specific answers. So let ‘em rip!

Oh, and because I know someone is going to ask me…”why is this booster pack called Broken Mirror?”

Well… and maybe this gives too much exposure into how my mind works (or doesn’t work I guess), I found the fracture patterns of broken glass very similar to the crystalline structures of ice and snow — So there…”Broken Mirror”

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