Firmware Update (v2.17)

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If you’ve signed in to the PLAYSTATION Network tonight on your PS3, you probably noticed that you were prompted to upgrade the system’s firmware to v2.17. In case you were wondering what it’s all about (and a quick Google search indicates that yes, you are) the operating stability of some online PS3 titles has been improved.

Hope that clears things up!

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  • sure hope this fixes issues with people USING LAG SWITCHES IN WARHAWK. I have a list of names, people with pings over 2000, thats a lag switch. I will be forwarding off my list later today in the complaint form. Please FIX WARHAWK. I could care less about n game now………j FIX WARHAWK AND ALL IT’S GLITCHES ie: TANK GLITCH=invisible, warhawk glitch=invincible two people able to shoot at same time in one warhawk, get under map in omega dawn, etc. please for the love of god won’t someone think of the children……. if this doeuble posts it’s not my fault, stupid FF.




  • I’ll take a stability patch any day of the week

  • I was hoping if yakuza 1 will be finally played well in my 60 gig ps3, since it hangs @ a specific level :\

  • This will be good for me as both Resistance, and WarHawk some times lock up on me when I’m online. So I hope this fixes the problems.

    This is good because some PS3 games for online drop out players constantly, or like in WarHawk it freezes now and then mid gameplay for no reason.

    Thanks for keeping on top of things Sony!

  • z3phon

    It is the same thing. US and EU updates are equal as well as on PSP.


    Told ya, Sony doesn’t know how to do the XMB, they have hired some of Microsoft XBOX team to develop it. LOOK AT THE JOB OPENING!!!!!!

  • Why are any of you upset? You should already know that Sony can’t do much but disappoint in their firmware updates. Remember firmware 2.0?? They let people hype it up and start multiple rumors about how it’d bring in-game XMB and Home and all it bought was CUSTOMIZABLE THEMES! They could’ve atleast try downing the rumors until they had it ready.

    It is pathetic though, how Eric Lempel says in a couple of interviews that they’re focusing on larger, less frequent firmware updates. 3 months since a firmware update seems like a pretty long time for another update considering the consistency of them last year. Yet 3 months later we get an update that adds absolutely nothing.

    Honestly, what does Eric and his team even do?? If Japan takes care of the firmware updates and Europe takes care of Home, what’s the point of the US PSN team? To give us……Um….Wait….Customizable themes? No, that’s Japan…

    A bit of advice: Anytime a firmware update comes, expect nothing useful.

  • Does anybody notice any improvement in games?

  • Yeah what games does it help?
    Why don’t we get any replies?

    Hey make it so I can download a Firmware update with RemotePlay so I can actually PLAY my games ONLINE when I get home from work. Cool?

  • Maybe large update is not ready yet. And this just a quick update(patch) to fix some online problems.

  • Sony is sitting there laughing at all of us that want in-game XMB. Just look at the in-shirt XMB crap they were giving out ar GDC.
    Just come out and tell us that your having problems making it work and it won’t never happen.

    I bet most people here rather have in-game XMB than that freak show that you are spending millions on called HOME.

    If it was not for MGS4 and Socom coming out this year, I would have sold my PS3 a long time ago

    Man… this crap really makes me mad

  • Well now, is this going to make my Army of Two game playable? Seeing as whenever there is more than 8 frekin textures on the screen, any voices coming from a headset get garbled into a mess of “Can….hear….now?”

  • @42;
    well go buy a ‘Noisy xbox’ then go and whine on their forums!

  • To all you whiners about in-game XMB — don’t you realize that when Home comes out, it’s going to handle that? Why would developers spend the time to do it half-ass now, when they know there’s awesomeness coming down the pipe in the form of Home?

  • dudes we should be as so lucky to have any updates for anything


  • All this time since V2.10 and that’s all we get?!? Sorry but I was expecting a bit more…

  • Guys, seriously, if Sony were adding in-game XMB to a firmware release, you would’ve heard about it long before it was released. They’d be shouting and bragging and holding press conferences about it.

    More importantly, point releases have a very standard system of numbering in computers and if you don’t understand, you should learn; I’ve blogged about it at if you’d like to read more.

  • @114

    I fail to see how Home will provide us access to messaging our friends and listening to our own music in a game. Please explain, because its obvious Sony doesn’t.

  • Our firmware is directly responsible for the poor quality of the games. Wow, thanks.

  • They still have .7 numbers before .24 so hey, we gotta get a couple small ones before hopefully THE big one :)

  • also, I love the whole themes thing so I wouldn’t knock it, especially since we can get user created ones and not just officially made ones. When In-game xmb, hooray, but its not like they’re the ones allowing the rumors, its just people talk and when people talk, it spreads like wildfire, especially online nowadays. So…until we get an offical announcement from oh lets say SONY…stop thinking that In-game xmb would’ve been in a patch that noone knew was coming

  • I wish Sony had a way of reporting bugs.

    With both the 2.10 and now the 2.17 versions, if you have many (say over 50) MP4 video files WITH embedded cover-art being served to the PS3, if you hold the “down” key/stick to quickly scroll all the way to the bottom of the list, the Coverart will not load (the generic PS3 icon for movies is shown), and the video itself will also not play. If this happens, no other videos will also play unless I reboot the PS3.

    I’m using TwonkyVision 4.4.4 as the DLNA server, on a QNAP 209 box.

    Can anyone else confirm whether this happens to them as well?


  • Jeff you could comment on some of the other details filter out the in game xmb whiners and talk to the gamers who want to know about future updates are more details on the system.

    Can’t wait to play some more CoD4 have a few problems every now and then but nothing to get emo about. Keep sending out fixes quickly that will keep us gamers happy.

    For a future update can you come out with a clock. I wouldn’t mind a little notepad like program type notes and so on something.

    Please yell at logictech about sending drivers for their wireless/bluetooth keyboards to work on our ps2 games (Final Fantasy 11)


  • What?!?! It doesn’t make omelets? I can’t play my games and movies without omelets.

    @46 No, man, he’s right. That console *does* make omelets. Fire it up — pardon the pun — leave it on about ten minutes, crack a few eggs, then you’re cooking with gas, baby.

    Seriously, though, people, some civility and respect, please. It’s all about personal preference, not quality. Some people prefer Volvos or Mercedes automobiles. Others just love those snazzy Ford Pintos.

  • Guys, why is it 2.17? Something is coming on the 17th.

  • I’ve been digging for info and this update

    what it does is it lets you install data from a game to the hdd for ps2 games, the same way ps3 games install tot he hdd.

    faster read times and extra accumulated data from game play.

    This update is VERY GOOD for those that have all the Final Fantasy games that required a hdd on ps2.

    Now you can enjoy all that again.

    Also it resolves the issue when trying to gt a usb drive recognized by a ps2 game.

    I couldn’t play any of my dloaded maps for Socom CA, to work before on my PS3, they do now however.

    That is what this update does and I AM THANKFUL for it. I hope you find this helps out your mass confusion.

  • F@H needs a patch too. I can no longer upload completed units. I’m perpetually stuck at 5 units completed. As soon as it finishes a new one it fails to upload and then starts all over again on a new unit.


  • Sorry thatpspguy posted before your post appeared on my screen. Seems like it does more than what Jeff knows about. actually seems like a decent update.

  • sorry if this turns into a triple post or whatnot wordpress seems to be a bit messed up. Sorry thatpspguy didn’t see your post before posting mine. OrganicShadow I had the same problem so I removed and redid F@H. haven’t had a problem since then. Not sure it will fix yours and you lose you PS3 upload count.

  • Hmmm…. I hope this fixes the freezing problems I’ve been having with Warhawk.
    I am very curious as to why they named this version 2.17 instead of 2.11. I wonder if it’s a not-so-subtle hint on when we will hear more news about Home and In-game XMB. (As
    this article
    reminded me, Mr. Stringer said something about a press conference in ” about two months” from Jan. 7) March 17 anyone? hoping?

  • lol. Less updates, but the updates will be bigger and better…. Two months and boy, this one is great!

  • Why does PS3 even suffer from lag? If the game’s don’t run right How do they make it to disk form. And alot of good that PS2 HDD corection does when alot of people can’t even play PS2 games. My verdict If they don’t get any new (Good) Demo’s I’ll pass on this one. I just hope PSN get’s a better update than the past two week’s. If it aint broke don’t fix it!!!

  • Well at least the update helps, in it’s own way.

    Thanks for the information.

    I just hope for these in future updates:

    Ability to send your buddy list to others via PSN (helps when you have a 50 person clan)
    Adding more than 50 people on your friends list
    Grouping of friends in folders/groups
    In-game XMB


  • I wonder if Army Of Two online mp got fixed in this update. It lagged, not like choppy, more like slow reaction to the controls. Every other game I have does not lag at all. I tested the connection afterwards and it was fine.

    We were two players on one machine, though. It might be part of the reason.

    Nice to see an update, anyway! :D

  • thank a lot

  • yo jeff i want 2 know request a feature can u pass it on to the firmware team.I want to get a feature when i look at the system information it tell me how my memory is being spend such as games,video,music etc and let me delete the whole folder i want at once

  • yo jeff i want 2 request a feature can u pass it on to the firmware team.I want to get a feature when i look at the system information it tell me how my memory is being spend such as games,video,music etc and let me delete the whole folder i want at once

  • ahh*sigh*i thought it was in game xmb

  • Awesome! Better online is always welcomed :nod:

    Specially in Motorstorm…where freezing problems have been making things a bit annoying.

    But yes online is big and very important.

  • But why didnt that guy Eric post about this Firmware update when he’s the one that usually does them? he get Fired?

  • i would like to know when home will come out??

  • Improving online stabilty is very important.

    It only becomes obvious if its affecting you.

    Lighten up guys, this fixed some issues.

    Fixing issues is a good thing.

  • Oh dear :-/ i’ve just seen the PSN update for this week!!!(U.S+Euro+Japan)
    I feel sorry for the person whos going to say on this… Hi heres your PSN update for this week, enjoy!!! ;-D

  • I really think the PS3 should have a clock by now…

  • @ 145
    Yes PS3 should have a Clock by Now!!

  • 3 months wait for a 5-10 minute install of nothing. well back to the 360 i go for now.

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