Firmware Update (v2.17)

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If you’ve signed in to the PLAYSTATION Network tonight on your PS3, you probably noticed that you were prompted to upgrade the system’s firmware to v2.17. In case you were wondering what it’s all about (and a quick Google search indicates that yes, you are) the operating stability of some online PS3 titles has been improved.

Hope that clears things up!

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  • Ohh my….
    I just cant keep up with all the trolls!
    Im going to bed now soo……Troll ON!

  • Can you at least tell us which games this helps?

  • Is this going to kill the lag in GT5P (J) and stop goobers from nuking rooms when the don’t win and give us more races to choose from (if PD insists on staying with random races) and stop stupid black flags when some hack in a 599 or Z06 punts you into the wall because he uses you for his brakes and give us more of a payday for a low field and give us a 10 or 20 lap race at Daytona on R3 tires with only 430s and add players names to the car directly behind you in your mirror and add High Speed Ring now and add the 3G Vette now and add the F40 now and add tire marks to the track over time?

    Oh, and where’s in game XMB?

  • Never mind PS3 games… I’m still holding out for improved software-emulated *PS2* game support. :-(


  • Any chance the loss of WiFi in the Other OS can be resolved after it vanished in 2.00?

  • The “operating stability of some online titles has been improved”? Don’t you mean to say, “the MotorStorm exploit has been patched”?

    Come on, now. We can be adults about this. ;)

  • hmm.. for a while there, I was liking that we knew about these a day in advance from this blog. I also really liked how in the firmware update itself, the change notes would tell you what was being done. But we didn’t get that this time.

  • Yay, for stability patches, too bad I haven’t been playing online in forever. on either my PS3 or my xbox 360.

    But yeah it’ll be nice to play warhawk for more then two rounds now. Now if I could only find an open OD sever that’s not empty.

  • lol talk about anti-climax.

  • Army of Two?

  • I actually like the lack of info on Home on anything about it besides some of it’s new features. This, for instance is a good example of why I say that…

    All this year I’ve had in my head that these firmware updates would be “less often, but more substantial”….and then this happens…

    Not [DELETED], just making an example. My emotions are not to be toyed with. So PLEASE keep the non-info coming on HOME. I’ll like it much better when it just get’s sprung on me….

  • well the strategy of ‘fewer firmware updates but better quality’ has really paid off this time.Isn’t that what Sony said??? I would love to have a response to my question as this update is worse than the updates we used to get each month, now we wait 4-5 months for this???

    I request an answer to my question pls as a paying customer of Sony’s.

  • Um……I love typing a long couple of paragraphs and for some odd reason, it doesn’t get posted….

  • hmmm and the plot thickens…

  • wow. after all this time of waiting for a new firmware update, this is what we get? so much for the “fewer updates, with more packed into each one” idea. way to get all our hopes up AGAIN there Sony… :(

  • I can’t believe YOU interrupted my all-night COD-a-thon for nothing. I got really exited that it was the in game XMB or Home :(

  • Actually….to spam just a bit….my posts were posting……Page one of the comments said there were 61….but page 2 says and only shows up to 59….


  • what does this console update do

  • I’m betting it has something to do with people running stuff (like games) directly from their HDD…

    Just my little bit extra for the conspiracy theories…

  • So does anybody know when this update will be downloadable via the PS site? Cause after 20 years of downloading the thing on my PS3, it stopped at 8% and told me there was an error connecting ot the database…now I have to start over again.

    Obviously the PSN is a pile of junk and cant handle a few people downloading this at once. So I need an alternative source so I can start playing online again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I feel a changelog, of some sort, even just about what games were affected, would be enough to dodge at least a portion of this constant berrating.

    I’m not complaining, yet, I still feel that a clear detail is not too much to ask for—-regardless of the size of the update—-

  • Please Sony, can you fix the WMA music streaming bug? I have over 400 WMA files that all cut out when streaming, that play file locally. The problem was introduced in firmware 2.10, and still exists in 2.,17.

    If someone from Sony (or anyone else for than matter) wants a file to demonstrate the problem, please let me know:

    mark.gillespie AT gmail DOT com


  • Woah baby! Look another reply!!! I bet your having fun in your little cubicle!

  • Now it would be nice if they could stop the in game freezing that would be nice or am I the only one with this problem.

  • Oh my gosh, look over there! To your left!! yeah, I’m talking to you blog guy who probably hates his life and job. How about you stop taking smoke breaks and accept some of these replies. I want an answer NOW!!

  • Oh my gosh! Another reply! Are you having fun yet? How much does Sony pay you to do this anyway? I might have to apply so I can be even lazier than I already am.

  • @ Tucha – Thanks for the link. No wonder it took me so long to reach 8% before on the PSN…I’m only getting 13kb/s!!

  • Hey Jeff, thanks for the minor update even if it optimizes services for the PLAYSTATION 3.

    I wrote an article on the PLAYSTATION Forums which you should look into. I put down ten firmwares which would make the experience more convenient for PS3 owners.

    I made up a feature called Game Collection in which the PS3 records which Blu Ray Games and PSN Games you play and gives you the option to notify you if a game patch is available for the game in your software library. You can choose to download the game update in the background but playback of the game being updated will be disabled until it has been installed.

    What you do think, I personally hate looking at slow download bars on game updates so why not implement that and allow it for background downloading?

    Anyway thanks again for the tweeks in the update!

  • some of u guys are stupid like the guy that said sony still thinks about us? wtf umm their a company idiot !

  • You guys are seriously a bunch of immature jackasses. You say, “We waited four long months and all we got was THIS kind of update? What happened to updates few and far and with quality.” — YOU ANSWERED YOUR OWN QUESTION IDIOT! You didn’t get an update for 4 months because they were busy patching things. It’s not like they released it minutes after releasing the last update with this kind of stuff. Seriously. Grow up. Accept the fact that you aren’t able to play your PlayStation for an hour or so and get a freakin’ life. Jesus..

  • Let’s get 1080i support for all games.

  • I think I found one of the issues it helped. I can actually navigate the menu after a 2 player game on 08 the show with the first controller.

    Thank You

    P.S. Will SCE be letting the owners in on what the new firmware update schedual is going to be? I really enjoyed the once monthly updates as they kept the system feeling freash all the time. I know their was a lot of negative vibe towards that so the updates have been cut back, but I don’t really like having no clue when an updates is coming. I think it may be nice to either go back to the monthly update or just go with the spring, summer, fall, winter update the 360 gets. Please it would make me rest easyer if you could at least hint that more news will be coming soon.

  • Yeah, I want a space ship in next firmware and… and… pencil sharpner!!!

  • i really hope this update fixes some of the divx errors that exist… it’s annoying that it is “fully compliant” and “supports” divX but says “unsupported format” if you have encoded the divx/xvid with compressed bitstream, Qpel (Quarter pixel) or GMC (Global Motion Compensation)… please fix this..
    if you can make the PS3 support these divx features then it will be able to play about 98% of all divx/xvid encodes without a problem..

  • @Anyone that seems to complain a ton. There are a lot of you.

    There are a very high number of horrendously redundant and overall aggressive things being said here, unnecessarily. You all complain about how you want your “miracle firmware” that is gonna go and “justify your purchase” which really only goes to show that you have no respect for what you have. Oh, nos, they gave us FW 2.17 instead of 2.5 or 3.0 or 34566.99!! End of the world I say!! I really hopes that this update is worth something like KEEPING YOUR ONLINE GAMES STABLE, or the ever loving embrace of GENERAL SYSTEM STABILITY. How much you gonna wanna “justify your purchase” with Home and things if you refuse to take simple precautionary steps to prevent possible hardware and software errors and one day your PS3 dies from an unforeseen problem that was patched with an off number firmware update that you were instructed to install, yet you didn’t because you read it didn’t come with your precious in-game XMB. Be a$$holes all you want, don’t bring your complaints here, they aren’t gonna respond to childish ranting!!

    In fact, you will never get an answer to these questions. You want to know why? The way you treat these people is demented! If they were to respond to you, they would probably have some very unkind things to say to you, not much of which you would like to hear, so you’d all go cause a ruckus with the news, get some people fired, Home gets delayed another 6 months because hey! You pushed a few employees too far, made em not give a damn about their ever growing fanbase of militant apes, armed to the teeth with griming insult and a swagger of arrogance that would make their own grandmother vomit. All of which resulted in another SCEA restructuring, finding new employees, finding new heads of the PSN, etc. All because you went and pushed a PR nightmare upon us all. With your spiny fingers and innate ability to not just GROW THE HECK UP.

    Now, I’m not saying you all are children, some of you are probably 22-30 and are actually genuinely angry. I’m sorry for this inconvenience, but in all reality, what in the good lord’s name are you people doing up at this time of the morning? To be blabbering on about a FW update on the PSBlog?! Don’t any of you have jobs in the morning? (I personally work overnights, had the night off, so I am one of few excluded) Don’t any of you have lives or girlfriends? Dreams or aspirations? Or is all you think about the damned in game XMB??

  • Please Let this be for Army of Two that game needs an online fix asap.

  • well i still dont know what this did, but i have found that my PS3 keeps freezing when i try to play COD4 has anyone else had any online problems since the update? Also cod4 is better on the 360 ;-)

  • @hijaker77
    Hey you again, wasn’t last time you were talking about buying a xbox360 too? Haven’t you got one yet? Since you so sick of PS3, why don’t you just bring into the shop and trade it in, you might get some change out of it too… i won’t be seeing u on here next time then…i hope…all the best ciao

  • came looking for some details.. guess not..

    what games?

    what instability?

    The chat has a habbit of loosing connection so may’be fixed that to?

    Jeff.. are there any details???

  • Can you tell us what games this fixes? I heard COD4 is bricking PS3, which is spooky considering how many play that game.

  • Before InGameXMB, I want custom soundrack.
    I want to hear in MotorStorm 1&2, in GT5, in all games that I want to play my favourite songs from my HDD.

  • Cools. If it fixes some of those annoying bugs esp in the browser, i’m happy.

    I wasn’t expecting something big being it is a .00 update.

    Cheers SCE!

  • I think that it has to do something with home this update!! tommorow they are showing something about home! If not this is Shi*

  • CitizenInsane27, hilarious. I have a job, I got a girlfriend I have a dream and im living it and i think about in game XMB all the time especially when playing MLB 08 online. Maybe these people dont have jobs or lives, dreams or aspirations and all they think about is in game XMB but is that your business to begin with? why do you care so much about that stuff? that being said, you kind of go back and forth from making good points to being as ignorant as the people you are bashing. The people on here are hardcore gamers and most of them probably have jobs but need a way to get away from that life. whats so bad about that? I think what you need to do is punch that t$@t of a girlfriend to take out your anger instead of bashing these nerds in a meaningless forum. So you have the day off, does that really excuse you of writing so much about how u really hate these guys.

    the standard has been set by xbox live and is it wrong of us to expect Sony to get even close to what Microsoft has, maybe, but we are gamers, we always expect the best. So you grow the heck up! how about that! Just relax and stop letting things like this get to you. People here are just trying to be nerds, so just let them be. Sony will never respond to us or journalists about in game XMB or any other issues revolving around the online experience so does it really matter how these people act?
    your post is just going to add more to the things you hate about these forums.

    in conclusion your profile picture is gay and you need to get a job, a girlfriend, a dream and in game XMB! how do you like that NERD!

  • Stop whining the XMB is already done and supports approximately 75 % of all current PS3 games.

  • we all waited 3months for this?
    goes to so sony still cares :|

  • sure hope this fixes issues with people USING LAG SWITCHES IN WARHAWK. I have a list of names, people with pings over 2000, thats a lag switch. I will be forwarding off my list later today in the complaint form. Please FIX WARHAWK. I could care less about n game now………j FIX WARHAWK AND ALL IT’S GLITCHES ie: TANK GLITCH=invisible, warhawk glitch=invincible two people able to shoot at same time in one warhawk, get under map in omega dawn, etc. please for the love of god won’t someone think of the children…….

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