Firmware Update (v2.17)

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If you’ve signed in to the PLAYSTATION Network tonight on your PS3, you probably noticed that you were prompted to upgrade the system’s firmware to v2.17. In case you were wondering what it’s all about (and a quick Google search indicates that yes, you are) the operating stability of some online PS3 titles has been improved.

Hope that clears things up!

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  • *waits for people to whine about in-game xmb/home* lol

  • are you sure its not to stop people from downloading the 2.15 FW that was leaked. i think it was.

  • IN-GAME XM… Oh. Alright then. Thanks, but Kotaku, PS3Fanboy and already gave us the heads up. You’d think you’d get it from the horse’s mouth first.

  • Here’s to better Warhawk matches.

  • =(

    We were all hoping for at least in-game XMB!

    *runs away in tears*

  • Thanx for letting us know, everyone was going crazy at the forums lol

  • Yay. An update that wasn’t necessary.

    Thanks, Sony.

  • : (

    i was atleast hoping for a new music type or something similar… but i figured not since it was only a .07 upgrade… i thought the updates were suppose to be big and few and far between

    oh well i still love my ps3

  • Ha, you know there has to be more than that, but I guess an update is better than no update.

  • They threw you out to the dogs. Can’t beleive it.

    Take solace in the fact that I and several others won’t tear you to shreds because we know it’s not anyone’s fault.

    You’re a brave man Jeff, a real hero.

  • Thanks, Jeff. I was on two different sites talking to people to see what this update actually did.

    So, no cool, hidden features of this update then? Besides the fact that the globe appears under the time zone settings, I mean.

  • Im so lost right now what is gonna on.Lol.I just got off of work not long ago so i guess this is not a jaw dropping update huh?LOL.

  • “Besides the fact that the globe appears under the time zone settings, I mean.”

    That globe has always been there.

  • @Einhander

    Yeah, unnecessary until your PS3 craps out while playing CoD4 or that you get raped everytime you try to play Motorstorm because of some glitch. Disappointing, yes but unnecessary? NO.

  • ““Besides the fact that the globe appears under the time zone settings, I mean.”
    That globe has always been there.”

    Then I guess I’m wrong. First time for everything.

  • can this part off the maintances you guys were doing this week. this firmware update is part off that big PSN overhaul that is coming in april.

  • My god sony, where’s our damn in-game XMB. Get off you lazy butts.

  • It’s really pathetic to see people that call an update to technology that improves stability “unnecessary.” It’s bewildering really. I can’t understand you guys.

    Maybe you want in-game XMB but since you clearly don’t care about stability you’d be fine with it periodically crashing and freezing your PS3.

    Yeah, [DELETED] brilliant.

  • @9 umm i dont know bout you but ive been loged out of warhawk mid match 2 times this week. And once is too much in my book. Sooo….i feel this was a vary good update.

  • “Yeah, unnecessary until your PS3 craps out while playing CoD4 or that you get raped everytime you try to play Motorstorm because of some glitch. Disappointing, yes but unnecessary? NO.”

    It’s too bad that has never happened. Then I’d have something to be worried about.

  • Any info on which games this benefits specifically?

  • Good stuff :)

  • Um, not really. What games? What instability?

  • @Einhander

    Lol you’d rather it had happened to you for you to appreciate it? Trust me it’s always better to prevent than to heal. Ask Microsoft.

  • Are we going to get another update this month Jeff?

    Thanks for posting this btw…

  • @holz55

    He doesn’t know. All he can say is that Sony hears us.

  • @All the XMB whiners…..


    And i would hope sony would not hold back stability patchs just because in game XMB is not ready yet.

    So how bout you just pretend there was no update so you can sleep well tonight.

  • I am glad to see Sony hasn’t forgotten about us :)

  • @Keith K

    WARHAWK!!! for one

    And random logouts in remote play.
    Try useing your PS3 sometime before you post again.

  • @ WTFWTF

    It’s not only the fact that they’re not releasing it, it’s also the fact that they’re not releasing ANY information about it being released.

  • that’s good. finally some info

  • Disappointing for the first update of 2008

  • BTW Jeff

    Can you get me a job at sony?
    I just cant seem to stop talking about sony.All day everyday. And im sure my girlfriend and coworkers are getting kinda sick of me since ive been talking non stop for the last ohhh….13 years!

    Plz put me out of my misery! Find me a job!

    I know its a long shot but i figured what the heck..its worth a try. LOL


    Warhawk has lost its charm. I havent played it in months. As for Remote Play.. I’ve never experienced such issues. Nor have I experienced any random shutdowns from Remote Start.

    And for the record, you’re pompous.

  • Oh, didn’t know there was online problems.

    Oh well. Thanks…I guess.

  • @restingbird

    What kinda of info could they give?

    Besides “we are working on it but it has bugs so its not ready yet”.
    There is nothing to tell besides that.
    And the way QA works there is NO way to tell when it will be out for sure.

    And after the way we treated sony for delaying HOME i dont blame them one bit for not trying to predict release dates from now on.

  • @30

    Let’s be real here, if they were to say anything at all about it being released, everyone would hold them to it like it was law. If they said, we’re hoping to have it ready sometime towards the end of the year, people would be demanding it by the end of the year and quoting this.

    The truth is, they probably don’t know when it will be ready. My guess is that while it’s simple for them to put in, they’re probably running into issues relating to either performance and/or stability. They obviously can’t include in game XMB at the expense of being able to play the game, so they have to make sure everything is covered.

    Mean while, other issues come up that are broken. Game crashes require their full attention, because they now have something that is stopping people from playing their games, so between a stability patch and in game XMB, the stability patch will always have a higher priority in their queue.

    Now, are stability patches fun and exciting? Not at all, but they are essential to the survival of the system.

    If you want to blame anyone for the lack of information, blame the people who turn speculation into fact. It’s because of them that the people here can’t even give you a rough guess as to when it would be available.

  • @Keith K

    Well i guess you will just have to take my word for it.
    There are online probs. Not many but as i said even one prob is one too many for me and many online players.

  • @joe

    Well said!! bravo

  • I think that ingame XMB is hard to implement, especially for already released games, so dont wait it soon guys.

    Thanks for update, Sony.

    P.S. It better be homebrew in XMB – that what PS3 needs. A pascal or lua interpreter would be nice.

    P.P.S. Sorry for my english.

  • @Keith K
    “Nor have I experienced any random shutdowns from Remote Start.”
    Umm i never said that i said logouts.As in logged out of the psn.

  • eeeehhhhh, I hate my PS3.
    I’m fed up, my update stopped halfway because of a network error and I have to restart the whole process again and it is going soooooooo slow. I should have bought a Xbox 360 even though my brother has one :)

  • @Keith K

    Sorry if i seem like an a$$ but im sick of people treating sony like a bunch of lieing Aholes.
    Like they have some seceret agenda we dont know about. LOL

  • Thanks for the heads-up, Jeff. :D

    I quite agree with some of these other posters: you’re a brave man. My non-existent God blesses you. :P

  • k i still dont know what we got in this update except for a couple things now when we put a disk in the game wont start up by its self if u dont want it to i was just saying the other day that it would nice if we could change that i was always getting pissed when a game would just start by the way the store update better be good tomorrow

  • @hijacker77

    Thanks for that insightful comment. Although we look down upon trolls like you, we still find in our hearts to remember that they are humans.

  • @42 This update is trying to fix the kind of network errors your haveing.
    And as for the Crap Box 3sucksD. With 30% fail rates you will be lucky if your not getting the almost one in three RROD boxes.

  • @45 that option has been out for some time now. You must have just found it. LOL

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