Firmware Update (v2.17)

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If you’ve signed in to the PLAYSTATION Network tonight on your PS3, you probably noticed that you were prompted to upgrade the system’s firmware to v2.17. In case you were wondering what it’s all about (and a quick Google search indicates that yes, you are) the operating stability of some online PS3 titles has been improved.

Hope that clears things up!

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  • @147

    lol, you trying to hurt someones feelings or something?

  • @144 and others. Folks, this is why they call it the dead season for games. Not much coming out. Not much material for demos. Higher risk in releasing demos, as people are more likely to just buy something new because it’s new right now — unless a demo is not to their liking.

    If you have Rock Band, we get Paramore’s Crushcrushcrush; that’ll be fun. And, personally, I’m like 40, kids, and I like the free themes, the fun ones, like the Ratchet & Clank-style themes. Our children love those.

    I just can’t complain. We want Flow PSP and haven’t had time for that yet. We want Pain and haven’t had time for that yet. Several good PS1 games, haven’t bought and played yet. RB6 Vegas 2 is out next week, and my teen daughter and I are terrorist-hunt addicts so even though this one may be pretty much an expensive expansion pack to the original game, it’s a must within a couple or three weeks. Then there’s Dark Sector, etc. And Hot Shots Golf actually next week — how could I forget that one? That’s too much fun, you know.

    Enjoy, people. I just finished Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. Some real problems with that game. Had a blast, though, playing on hard difficulty. Favorite part, without directly spoiling anything in the, ahem, plot, was when I availed myself of an infinite ammo box for the rocket launcher placed there so you could definitely take out a vehicle required to progress in the game, and I used the rocket launcher on the invading Nazis instead of the more appropriate firefight-style projectile weapons. With all the things we have to do that really are a grind, jerky animations and less than stellar graphics notwithstanding, I just can’t get down about sitting on my sofa smacking rockets into smug-faced Waffen SS troopers.


  • ingame xmb… where is it?!

  • I hope you Sony guys read these actual comments. As a movielover I would love to be able to resize/move the subtitles on the fly, since some movies have them partly in the blackbars (2.35:1 movies) and partyly in the image themselves, I would like to be able to move it to the image itself.
    And I’d rather have more firmware updates with little changes, then a few with a lot of changes, that way we don’t have to wait so long before some stuff which is already ready but has to wait because of some other change..

    Also it would be nice to let Linux have full access to the RSX, or at least provide (closedsource) drivers which have much better performance under linux.

    And as a last request, I hope to see a full software PS2 emulation so we can play the great games again, since here in the netherlands there is no possible way to get a new PS3 with BC, the only one we have is the 40GB version..

    Keep up the good work..

  • For such a little update there sure are alot of comments. The stuff everyone is crying about will come when its ready. I dont want a glitchy update.

  • Guys chill out. Man you fan boys will beleve anything wont you? Sony never said a darn thing about In-Game XMB in this update, and the fact they are doing updates to fix both PS2, and PS3 games that come out is a good thing. I have had many problems in WarHawk with freezing when online mid game play, as well as Resistance doing the same thing. Now I can play for 8 hours and no slow downs, or drop outs, or even freeze/studders on my 80GB PS3! Before I was lucky to get even 3 hours of game play online in those games before the system craped out on me.

    Thank you Sony for fixing my problems!

  • Really hoping today is a great update for PSN and the PSP PC Store.

  • I’ve given up on anything Sony puts out for this console. I don’t even remember the last time I touched it.

  • @Gunwing: I’ve played over 44 hours of ranked Warhawk matches and virtually never have problems with slowdown or hanging (during the beta, it was like every 3-5 minutes). I’ve had maybe two issues since it’s been released and those were in the first month.

    If you’re having a lot of problems, maybe your PS3 is defective…

  • Will there ever be an answer about playing back multichannel SACDs via optical cable in DTS? Has anyone tested this yet?

    Sony, PLEASE put the DTS-encoding back in for multichannel SACDs!! I know SACD is low priority but many of us 20/60/80gb owners have just discovered them and want to enjoy them in multichannel. FW 2.0 was such a tease!!

  • Now i Know by leaving this comment thats i will get a ton of people saying that i should appreciate sony and what they give us but thats all crap. sony come out with all this news about what they are going to have and how its going to make there console the greatest but im not seeing any of this. where is home? where is xmb? WTF! I am sick of waiting. Why would you even make a decimal for this update which we dont know what it helped.! I love my ps3, and I used to appreciate the updates, until we stopped getting anything worth while.

  • @Gunwing, adjust your filter settings to only go for low ping servers.

  • Always thankful for any update that fixes stability, but I’ve been waiting for a fix for media streaming of WMA files over a network, which stop playing after a few seconds. This was introduced back in December with v2.10 firmware. Will this ever be fixed? No point introducing new features if you can’t even fix the basic ones!

  • Well for those not happy with ps3 and have a version 1 ps3 (60gb) you can sell it send me the link I would love to buy another and you can go back to the crapbox.

    @159 “We stopped getting anything worth while” You stopped appreciating it when there was nothing that interested you not all of us. I play a lot of CoD, prostreet, RFoM and warhawk so yeah online fixes definitely help me.

    Jeff questions and request like @158 are good things you should answer.

    oh yeah while I’m at it for the next store update we did not get Final Fantasy 7 sorry again to disappoint nor did we get Resident Evil 1-4. For the Squaresoft, well enix fans check out Advent Children: Complete.

  • People are really getting restless on wating for are updates like it does not take this long for a cheap update like that. it'[s been close to a years we have been waiting for home this sucks im starting to think that i should of got a 360 instead cause this is alot of bull.

  • alot of my freinds are thinking of geting a xbox 360!!

  • alot of my freinds are selling there ps3 for getting a 360!! You at scea do you play and actualy see the problems

  • @gunwing

    How do you know you can play these games for that long with the patch hasn’t been out bu only for several hours?

  • First of all any1 who sold their ps3 to get a 360 is dumd!!!!!Secondly this update took so long cause most of you was bs about have so many update.Make up your minds you cannt have it both ways.

  • @157 rothbart
    I too have experienced freezing with servers on Warhawk. The last time was when I was playing in an official server that had 64ms ping. I think, based on when it happens, that there is some error that happens when there are a lot of people onscreen at close range. Hopefully, this update addresses the issue

  • @#163,164,165
    get a life. If your Xbox is so cool, why are trolling Sony websites instead of playing your oh-so-cool games on your oh-so-uber-cool Xbox Live online?
    If your friends are dumb enough to buy that outdated piece of crap, more power to you, but all my friends except one who own a 360 have had it RRoD on them, some multiple times. If I really have to play your “uber-cool” games, I can just buy them for my PC. If you want to play Uncharted, Warhawk, GT, SotC, SOCOM, GOW, or FF, you have to get a PS3.

    Hey, you’re taking a while, but as long as Home and In-game XMB ship this spring, I’m good. Also, can you tell us which games this update patches? Thanks.

  • who ever sell their ps3 to get a 360 is dumd .I for one have all 3 and don’t see a huge diff between the 2 except that this year the ps3 line up is better than any other system and it feel like Sony is finally returning to its roots with having alot of games for every1 which is why i love my ps2 and psp.Also there is no problem with the ps3 except for the message system in which they said to be working on

  • Jesus, this getting sickening. Every update there are several people making pathetic little threats about switching to the 3FixMe. I wouldn’t be surprised if these people didn’t even have PS3s. The idea of a more secure and lengthy registration process to get in here is sounding better and better every day.

  • I was so excited to see a big number too. :(

  • i was actually waiting for something else,
    but ah… just dreaming,
    then again thx, stability is better and it means you care :]

  • “For such a little update there sure are alot of comments. The stuff everyone is crying about will come when its ready. I dont want a glitchy update.”

    ^^This. It’d be different if Sony said that the next update is going to include the fabled in-game XMB, but that simply wasn’t the case. In fact, didn’t someone say that in-game communication will be out this summer? This is not summer, so why was anyone expecting this now?

    Don’t be absurd.

  • I wake up,see that there is a new update.I say omg the time has come and what do we get,[DELETED]!!!!

    This new update makes me wanna rant some more!!!


  • I think that everybody is missing the point, Sony released this because it was something important enough that they thought they should fix it. We are apparently spoiled rotten, as we expect our PS3 to make us breakfast or knit a sweater every time there is an update. it could be that this is in preperation for upcoming home integration, or who knows what else. I would not expect my Cell Phone to suddenly become GPS ready or update the Bluetooth profile every time it gets a firmware update. Does your magellan GPS get any noticable differenced when it recieves an update? It just fixes little bugs and occasionaly adds functionality. Just relax and enjoy you black box, crying about nothing will not bring the anticiapted In Game Comm, or Home to our living rooms any sooner.

  • The comments: Helpful, sad and funny all in the same breath. Thanx for the update Sony!

  • Please release OpenGL linux drivers for the RSX. Please please please please!

  • nice small update, it’s not much but i’ll take it if it improves online gaming, hope it helps out tekken 5 dr online, the lag is insane

  • COD4 seems to be playing better. Also why is it that on Xplay they only show the leader board results of COD4 for xbox360. How many people have bought COD4 for PS3 and play it online.

  • I wake up,see that there is a new update.I say omg the time has come and what do we get,**bleep**!!!!

    This new update makes me wanna rant some more!!!


  • I can’t believe how some of you guys act over updates. You guys ever happy with what you get? What will you cry about once in game XMB comes out?

  • Thanks….it shows us your always working to better our gaming experience.

  • So here’s my question, if this patch improves stabilty, then why wasn’t it mandatory like previous patches? This time, I had to manually go to the system update feature after being prompted of a software update. Previous times, it automatically takes me to the download screen. You’d think that if this were solely about stability that it would have been mandatory and NOT JUST FOR NORTH AMERICAN PS3s. Something smells fishy…

  • @183 i agreed with you and the fact of that home countdown is almost up is weird too
    jeff responed to the site in a matter that was like it could be real by saying that he never saw it but he didnt say if the site was part of sony or not

  • if people can’t set their routers up it’s their problem, i’ve never had any online gaming issues or remote play problems or random game drops or online crashes.

    pointless update. should have just included it in a REAL update. so much for the promise of better updates less of the time.

  • Jeff R.?

    Is this update online anywhere? I believe my 3 is dying. For the past month or so, anytime I try to download anything from the store, it would freeze up the PS3 and when I try to resume it, the file will resume but I wasn’t able to install it. Now I’m trying to download the FW 2.17 it finishes its down load but will not install the error message is that the file is corrupted.

    Again anywhere to get this online?

  • =====================================
    BTW Jeff

    Can you get me a job at sony?
    I just cant seem to stop talking about sony.All day everyday. And im sure my girlfriend and coworkers are getting kinda sick of me since ive been talking non stop for the last ohhh….13 years!

    Plz put me out of my misery! Find me a job!

    I know its a long shot but i figured what the heck..its worth a try. LOL

    Me too please…I have been trying for a while. I bet many are sick of my Sony talk as well. lol

  • Guys, chill. Who’s to say that they don’t actually have a bigger update that they intend to release that they have been working on long before this one came about?

    I can almost promise you that they haven’t been working on ‘this’ update for the past 4 months. This is a higher priority update. Fixes to online stability and exploits is a must….and you won’t hear me complaining. Granted, it’s not as fun, but maybe they have the ‘real’ update planned here soon…

  • that colorize site is a FAKE, it’s run by a Swedish design crew.

  • My first (firmware update). Memories…

  • LMAO @ all of you crybabies. “I’m getting rid of my ps3!” “I’m going back to my 360” “we waited months for this?” This blog reminds me of Xbox Live, nothing but a bunch of kids that haven’t reached puberty yet. To all the ones that’s “getting rid of their PS3s”, you think a handful of people selling/trading in their PS3 is going to hurt Sony?? LOL

  • jeff i want to know what going on with a few website linking up with the psn like and what is that about?

  • another worthless update.

  • Is there still going to be a weekly store update? Or is this considered the update for this Thursday?

  • It would be nice if they told us what this update actually fixed otherwise meh on this update. Hopefully we will get bigger and better things in the near future.

  • Patch notes included in install. Every time. Period. Why did you guys put patch notes on a few of the updates then quit doing it?

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