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Hey gamers! Response to this here PlayStation.Blog has been so impressive, that SCEA decided that someone needed to be brought in to help keep an eye on it full time. I’m that person. Really, I’ve been lurking behind the scenes here for over a month, but it’s time to come out and say hello.

Among other things, it’s my job to help connect those who create software, hardware, and peripherals for PlayStation systems, and those of you who play them. And I can’t do it without you, the faithful and passionate readers.

So keep those comments coming – we’re reading them! Also, please feel free to utilize the Contact Us section (on the right side of the blog) if what you wanna say is off-topic. We read that too, even if we don’t necessarily have enough hours in the day to write back to each of you.

In the near future, we plan on coming to you more and more, finding out what you want to know and what you’d like to see here on PlayStation.Blog.

As a lifelong gamer, and a PlayStation fan since the days of (the original) Twisted Metal, Resident Evil and Crash Bandicoot games – I’m ecstatic to be here and to serve in this role. Keep me busy.

PS – shoot at me online: JeffPS

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  • @ Federation – that’s a real possiblity. What would you like to see on a PS podcast?

    @ tearsofash – I actually coordinate all blog content. It’s more than just trolling boards, I assure you. As I stated, I’ll be requesting your opinions more in the future, so I wanted to let you all know who I am.

    @Madness3120 – yep, and he’s a nice guy who works really hard and does awesome work.

    @Sora57 – it’s more complicated than that. Some people were anecdotally blaming freezing issues in AC on firmware 2.00, but that’s not the case at all. Sometimes the timing is coincidence, not causality. Since I don’t specifically know, and personally haven’t encountered an issue, I’ll ask. It’s what I do :-)

  • Hey Jeff

    I’ll like to see a Sony Podcast.

    – For the PS3 can we get Date and Time on it like the PSP.
    – Like to see voice Message!
    – Work on the Internet Browser.
    – And in Status we have “Online” “Not Available” can we have “Look to be Offline”

    Get to Eric Lempel

  • Good luck Jeff, You’re gonna need it..

    At least your getting paid though :)

  • Questions:

    A) Will you guys work to make it easier for indie devs (such as myself, http://www.teamkaizengames.com ) to make games for PS3?

    B) I know others are asking this—but please let us vote on some other franchises you guys could be remaking/updating–Legend of Dragoon, Jumping Flash, Jet Moto, Twisted Metal and a few others I can’t think of right now would all RULE as updates–and, if you do Twisted Metal, make it emergent by adding in a create-a-car and create-an-battlefield feature that is augmented by the ability to take and edit in game videos.

    C) Any chance you guys could pull some extra weight to get the Harmonix/Red Octane ‘Guitar Hero 3’s guitar won’t work with PS3 Rock Band’ issue straightened out? Harmonix seems ready to talk but I guess they need RO’s permission to make a patch or something–if you guys come in I am sure all sides will listen!

    D) There will still be public betas for LittleBigPlanet and HOME right? I haven’t heard anything on either in a while…..

    Keep up the good work dude! Sent a a FR on PSN!!!!

    Josh aka Zookey

  • @ Jeff Can U say anything on the upcoming Firmware Update?

  • BTW if you do a podcast, make it downloadable through the PS Store–and add RSS abilities to the PS3 so it can download different video podcasts—also, an update to EyeCreate would be nice–the following options would rule

    A) import audio/video
    B)upload work to YouTube
    C) chose export format–the format it does it in now isn’t easily readable by my iMac

    Thanks again hehe!

  • On the Podcast like to see new game that are being work on, updates on the PS store, PS3 update to come, to vote on new Subject for the Blog and Podcast I have more but it a start.

  • You WILL be busy!!!;-D Goods luck Jeff;)

  • I heard somewhere that the DivX Consortium announced DivX support is coming to the PS3 on November 29th. Is this true?

  • @Jeff

    Hey I’m from Ireland..unfortuneatly we don’t have this great blog service in Europe but I think it’s a great way to reach out to the gamers…don’t mind all the Troll’s commenting about “Is the next update going to have in game or Home?”, as I keep telling people I know who do this….Sony will announce it when the are putting it out deal with it and get back to playing COD4 btw which [DELETED] rules….

  • Back in June, Eric L. told us that if we sent in our “most wanted additions” to the PS3, he’d post the top 10 “next week”

    It’s at the bottom of this post-

    So… here we are 4 months later and a top 10 list still hasn’t been posted… Maybe someone should get on that?

    Also, can’t fail to mention we need better 1080i support for users whose TVs don’t do 720p.

  • Hi Jeff,
    a Playstation podcast would be great! The one the community manager does for your competitor is not too bad, so to emulate something like that would be a good start.
    Most of all I would love to hear interviews with developers maybe with the chance for us to submit questions if pre production time permits that.

  • And I like #57 it has to be in the PS Store and RSS!

    If you like to see a Podcast add your Comments and what you like to see!!

  • Welcome! Always keep in mind that the ones that are happy are usually the silent majority. :)

    I really appreciate the PlayStation blog and Sony’s commitment to the user. Oh, and I love my PSP!

  • Love to see more Remote Play in games!

  • it’s good to see the we are being heard!

    is there any way to talk to powers that be about adding a TEXT RSS reader to the PS3 and PSP? or at least, be able to add this blog rss feed to the new info reader on the PS3? (i would really like a text rss reader on both systems though)

    and are there plans to have the PSP use our PSN account when playing online?!

    Federation, i agree with you on all of those points.

    oh sorry..i almost forgot…welcome to the fam Jeff and thank you!

  • @-Nick – we’re going to be upgrading the blog architecture soon (nothing serious, but should make things somewhat more user friendly). I’ll need to see if Digg-ish functionality is even possible, but there is value in that, agreed.

    @TheTwelve – I’m a huge supporter of free speech, unless things get derogatory/offensive. I think I have a good idea about the type of people you’re talking about, and we’ve got no plans to ban people for talking, or to set arbitary limits.

    @ToastyEwok – that’s a good point. I’ll see if that comment thing is fixable.

    @podcast commenters – I’m going to start seriously looking into this – I’ll come back for suggestions.

    @everyone who’s welcomed me – thanks!

  • An official PlayStation podcast would be a fantastic idea. It would have to have a regular host that the community can identify with as a liason between us and the people at Sony. Interviews with devs (not only of games, but of other things like Home, the guys who run the store, etc…) and general news would be the most important things to see, but answering our questions would be another great feature.

    It would really be another link between you guys and the community and I think it would have a very positive impact.

  • Hi Jeff!

    I love Twisted Metal Black on PS2. That would be an awesome online PS3 game. That would be an instant buy for me.

    Anways, welcome to SCEA & have a good time!

  • @ Jeff what did you major in at Univ. of Flordia?

  • Hey Jeff
    Its nice to see someone is reading our comments. I hope you or someone will create a official sony podcast.

  • I’d like to point out to people saying that 2.01 broke the PS2 BC; 2.00 was the one that broke BC. 2.01 put it back the way it was before that or maybe a little better. 2.00 messed up the proportions of the scaler. Sure it looked like it filled your HD set better but it actually was introducing all kinds of stretching atricfacts that reminded me of the original BC issues that existed a year ago. Your better off having the black bars on the right and left than having it fill the screen but with strange lines through things.

  • oh i did forget about, asking PSN video mess. on the PS3, and the PSP (when the PSP Eyetoy finaly comes to the U.S.).

    is that in the works?

  • Hi Jeff Thanx for taking the time to reply to alot of these posts. I think you already know what most of the community is craving for and thats in-game xmb and the home beta, which i know u cant comment on either. But keep doing a great job with the store and keep the content coming..thanx alot

  • Hey Jeff! Thanks for all your work!

    One thing I’ve been trying to work out for a while now is “who’s at fault for GH3s incompatibility with Rock Band?”

    EA Blames Sony, Sony Blames EA/Harmonix…. it doesn’t make any sense that it would be Sony’s fault since it’s an open platform. I’m sure you know nothing more that I/we do, but I figured what the hell.

    What’s your favorite PS3 game right now? I’m loving Uncharted.

  • @Jeff

    Hey I’m from Ireland just wanted to say Hi and welcome to our community…although you’ve been here a while…don’t mind the random comments about In-game XMB or Home…the way I see it is…When it’s ready you guys will say so…

  • Is it only you?
    Or is there a team of comment-readers?

  • @Jeff … i feel for you bro .. but some of us LOVE pain ;) TripleTags.com says hellos!

  • hi Jeff, just added you on my buddy list heh. Anyways just wondering that now the Official Playstation mag is back, will there be exclusive content (demos, videos…) or no disc at all? Also noticed that the mag had advertisments for not only Sony but Samsung and i saw even one for Microsoft. its THE mag not Sony exclusive?

  • It’s awesome to know that there’s someone there at SCEA performing this role. This is an extremely important communication channel.

    I’m glad to know that you – Jeff – is paying attention to what we say.

    BTW – I just sent you an email through the “Contact Us” I really hope you have the chance to read it.
    I wish you good luck, success and I hope that day after day you feel more and more love from these insane gamers ;)

  • I’m glad the comments are being read, after all that is one of the points of a blog.

    I’ve been asking where are the Playstation Cards for months, so if you can at least respond to me I will be happy even if you say you have no idea what’s up with them. I seriously think sony is losing out on a lot of money without them on store shelves; plus a lot of gamers are missing out on the great PSN games (including myself).

    Thanks Jeff

    (oh and a Playstation Podcast would be awesome)

  • Well, I finally found a post worth registering to leave a comment to.

    First of all, to echo other people, welcome, Jeff. Nice to have an official ‘liaison’ out here in the proverbial trenches.

    My main question is something that you almost definitely don’t have an answer for, but I’ve asked through other channels and have gone many months without any answers, so…

    Is there something that’s going to done as a ‘thank you’ to the early adopters who have watched price drops occuring in a record time? Apple gave a rebate because of the quick iPhone price drops. The PS3’s weren’t quite as quick to happen, but they were still pretty rapid.

    I know that Sony’s losing money on the consoles, so a rebate would be sort of rediculous to expect. But there are plenty of things that could be done that wouldn’t cost any money. For instance, I’m sure a lot of us would love to be involved in the Home closed beta or other beta tests. A preferred beta tester status would be an awesome way to thank those of us who provided the initial support before price cuts and big game announcements (like R&C and Uncharted) started spurring sales.

    Just curious. Thanks for your time!

  • Sooooooo….. copying and pasting the phrase:

    “WE WANT IN-GAME XMB!!!!”, won’t change anything huh?

    Can you at least acknowledge that you hear our pleas and that you are doing something about it?You know, so you guys can actually compete with Microsoft and their LIVE service?

    By the way, IGN had a video way back in the E3 days of a Playstation 3 demo unit set up with in-game XMB funcitoning! They showed it in action in the demo video where they were showing the PS3 off to the IGN writers….

    Man, I wish I was a fly on the wall so I could have heard why the hell you guys dropped decided to drop that functionality last minute…

  • Jeff…. really nice to see you on the blog… You were a much needed asset as I posted in off topic comments revolving about firmware 2.0 and the state of Sony and what they need to do to fix it.
    One piece of advice I would give you would be don’t be quick in banning people.
    In game XMB is something that allot of people feel passionate about and you must be able to relate to their frustration over a lack of consideration on Sony’s part to put rumors to rest.
    You are here now to represent the community and in my view this is a much bigger step then any firmware update could achieve because it shows signs of Sony as a company restructuring the way it develops ideas and addresses consumer demand.
    The best type of advertising is the consumer, you wouldn’t expect a guy who thought that the food in a resteraunt was [DELETED] to recommend to it to his friends and this hurts a company.
    I’m not going to complain that we don’t have in game xmb. What I’m more disappointed with is Sony not clarifying the possibility of in game xmb… If its a planned feature say so officially, if not then state that fact. The mystical 2.0 update was clarification that something needs to be said on Sony’s part.. If you let it drag on then you have people so pissed that in every article they post in game xmb multiple times.. You have fans moaning about each other because they want this feature or they don’t … You have people saying its coming with home when their is no proof behind it…
    Another thing is I don’t know how Sony’s software department works specifically but before software is written then a dev document is usually designed.. A short list of features or bugs in which you want to address in your next build. Maybe if a feature list could be released with firmware updates along with change logs.. These feature lists could contain hoped features for the next firmware update.. If this was done then a huge amount of bickering and rumours would fade away and it would help clean up sony’s reputation on blogs and forums around the net.

  • Hello Jeff!

    Thanks for the intro post. Very informative.

    I too would like to see a Official Playstation Podcast. Make it available for download right here on the Playstation.Blog AND the Playstation Store :) Here are some ideas for the podcast:

    1. Name of the podcast: Playstation Nation or The Official US Playstation Podcast.

    2. Q&A section to answer user submitted questions.

    3. Discuss what games/game patches/firmware updates that are coming out that week/month for the PS2/PS3/PSP & PS Store.

    4. Discuss Playstation news etc….

    5. Have guests on like developers that are making PS3/PSP games etc….

  • @Madness3120 – Double major: Telecommunications Production (graduated w/honors). Also – Resident Evil (RE2 one of my favorite all time games).

    @snobrder218 – I’m staying out of that mess, but any clarifications will be posted here. Currently, I’m knee deep in Uncharted (Chapter 17), Rock Band, AC, and trying to finish Folklore, though I’ve got a ways to go.

    @gardea – my job isn’t technically ‘comment reader’; I coordinate the posts that appear on the blog. For instance I’m working on a post announcing the winners of the Schwag contest that’ll go up later today. But I’ve made it my responsibility to read the comments. And a lot of other people here do too.

    This blog is not meant for 1-way communication.

    @everyone – again, thanks for all the nice comments. I’m very happy to be here, and I have a feeling we’ll be talking a lot.

  • So what you’re saying pretty much is “I’m a people person. I deal with the customers so the engineers don’t have to. Don’t you get that? What the hell is wrong with you people!”

  • Nice PSN name!
    Anyways, good to know you read our comments!

  • so ….you’ll start poll then as fast as possible hum?
    i mean if you want to listen to the owners, but on the other hand…. a lot of the want stupid things
    “more PCattributes pleaase” “more folder options please” “i want to watch flac coded MKV with multilanguage subtitle support”

    i hope you have a good sense whats good and whats stupid

    good: ingame xmb(msgs music),clock&date
    bad: an inconsistent PSNnetwork icon (ups too late)

  • Welcome Jeff, nice to see SCEA take interest in our opinions.

    Well now that there is a PC store (about time and very thankfulll for) will there any steps taken to incorporate PSN to the PSP.

  • Hi Jeff, it’s really nice to know that someone reads our posts!
    Now just a question…is it gonna take much longer to release the DIVX update for the PS3?
    Thanks for reading.

  • Gorvi, you’re such a traitor!!!!


  • Hi Jeff, welcome out of hiding.

    Currently loving Assassin’s Creed and Ratchet and Clank.

    Just wondering if some of the PS Eye games that are out in Europe are going to be coming to NA soon.


  • I do hope you guys start a Playstation podcast :)

  • ps3nation.org


  • It’s so nice to know that someone takes the time out of their daily lives to read the comments.

  • Welcome Jeff, it’s nice to see our questions answered in an official blog!

    Now to my question, will we ever see “proprietary” news about Europe posted here?

    If not, is there hope for a European official blog similar to that one?

  • Good to hear! Communication is key :D

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