PS3 Goes Upscale

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Hi, everyone, I’m excited about this new blog so I can talk with you about all the cool things we’re doing with the PLAYSTATION®Network. To start, we recently released PS3 firmware update 1.80, which is packed with features that we know many of you have been asking for. You can read the specifics of the upgrade here. That’s one of the best things about PS3 – it’s constantly being updated with new features. With 1.80, you can now upscale PlayStation® and PlayStation®2 games and DVD movies, up to 1080p if your TV supports it. You home theater buffs are probably all over this upgrade already, but if you don’t have an HDTV just yet, check out what upscaling does for God of War II and Shadow of the Colossus – games that were already gorgeous-looking to begin with – in these comparison screens.

Firmware 1.80 also added DLNA media server capability for streaming photos/music/videos from your PC to PS3, and I want to make sure that everyone knows how simple setup is. This feature works with many programs and devices; for this example, we’ll use a PC with Windows Media Player 11. All you need to do is:

* On your PC, enable “Media Sharing” on Windows Media Player 11 and allow sharing with the PS3 (it may be labeled as an “unknown device”).

* On your PS3, turn on “Media Server Connection” under Network Settings. PS3 will automatically search for media servers on the same home network, or you can scan for them manually.

Your PC and media files will pop up under the Photo/Music/Video XMB icons.

Need more info? Go here, here, and here.

The other big upgrade we’re thrilled about is Remote Play via wireless Internet. You’ve been hearing us talk about PS3-PSP interoperability for a long time, and this is a great step forward on that front. With the DLNA feature, you can access your PC’s media files remotely on your PSP, so you’re not limited to what’s on your PS3’s hard drive. Here’s a cool tip: if you’re not home on Thursdays when the PLAYSTATION®Store is updated with new content, get a head start by going to your closest Wi-Fi hotspot, turn on Remote Play on your PSP, and access the PLAYSTATION Store to download the latest games, demos, trailers, and more. Using background downloading, you can easily queue loads of content quickly. You will need to leave your PS3 on and in Remote Play, but we hear you loud and clear about wanting to power on or off PS3 remotely.

On that note, we’re always evaluating ways to enhance your PS3 experience, so now’s your opportunity to have your voice heard! Submit your number one most wanted addition to the PS3’s feature set here. We’ll post a list of the top 10 suggestions next week.

Eric Lempel
Director of Operations for PlayStation Network

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