Ever Wonder Who’s Reading All Those Comments?

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Hey gamers! Response to this here PlayStation.Blog has been so impressive, that SCEA decided that someone needed to be brought in to help keep an eye on it full time. I’m that person. Really, I’ve been lurking behind the scenes here for over a month, but it’s time to come out and say hello.

Among other things, it’s my job to help connect those who create software, hardware, and peripherals for PlayStation systems, and those of you who play them. And I can’t do it without you, the faithful and passionate readers.

So keep those comments coming – we’re reading them! Also, please feel free to utilize the Contact Us section (on the right side of the blog) if what you wanna say is off-topic. We read that too, even if we don’t necessarily have enough hours in the day to write back to each of you.

In the near future, we plan on coming to you more and more, finding out what you want to know and what you’d like to see here on PlayStation.Blog.

As a lifelong gamer, and a PlayStation fan since the days of (the original) Twisted Metal, Resident Evil and Crash Bandicoot games – I’m ecstatic to be here and to serve in this role. Keep me busy.

PS – shoot at me online: JeffPS

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  • @Jeff

    Can you comment on the rumored nov 29 home beta release or if In game xmb is being worked on

  • Great marketing strategy Sony, Start with the customer!

  • Hi Jeff,

    hope you’ve got a thick skin… Most comments seem to come from spoilt, whining kids that have no clue what it takes to develop and release a product. Very few comments are actually usefull.

    Good luck!

  • Welcome Jeff! As I’m sure you’ve seen, you’re in for a tough job here, lots of passion in these boards.

    So, the first thing I’d like to know is — are there known issues with the 2.01 PS3 patch? I’ve held back on updating because I’ve seen a lot of disturbing information here and elsewhere about freezing and loss of functionality. Any chance that in your ombudsman role, you can shed some light on this, or get someone out here who can?

  • please add mexico to the psn store

  • thanks for the update Jeff… I actually was beginning to wonder how Sony reps were able to keep up with all the comments.


  • It’s great to see you guys read our comments, let me take this opportunity to beg for a few things.

    – Is it possible to get longer time limits in Warhawk? I’ve been playing some 30 minute rounds and sometimes we’d like to see it go on for a while like a game of Risk. Once all the strategic elements fall into place BAM it’s over.

    – Any chance of seeing co-op in Time Crisis 4 online or over LAN? Split screen kills it.

    – Any chance of seeing in-game messaging soon? It’s somewhat in Rock Band, but I’d really like to be able to reply to messages once I receive them, or atleast read them. If I can get a notification of the message and subject, is it really that much harder to show me the whole message? This to me is the only thing keeping PS3 behind the 360.

    Thanks, those are all my “complaints”

  • @Frazz – short answer: no I can’t. What I can say is the folks here don’t arbitrarily sit on news just to do so. When things are settled and *final*, we pass that news onto you. What I can also say is: we hear what you all have been saying.

    @ thijs – my skin is not only thick, but I moisturize daily. And honestly, I love the passion in the comments here. It just helps when they stay *on topic.*

    @HedonismBot – Personally, I’ve been running 2.01 with no problems, and I play all the time. I’ll ask around though.

  • {{{{{{ YAWN }}}}}

    You what we want, IN-GAME XMB ACCESS!!!!!

    Atleast tell the ppl what’s the hold up, is it coming? or not? shed some info instead leaving people in the dark and only commenting on what you want.

  • Hi Jeff, and welcome aboard!

  • Good luck dealing with the off-topic random rants of the whining little monkeys you’ll find posting here all day long….

    (like #7 MechaSheeva, who obviously doesn’t understand that you don’t work for Incognito, Namco, Harmonix, or EA…)

  • Why are rumble controllers only release in Japan?

    What was the delay in the US market?


  • Cool! Someone actually reads our comments!!

    Jeff, Say this to the big boys at Sony : In the next update increase the number of buddies you can have. :)

    Thanks :D

  • cool thanks jeff.How much of an impact do you have at sony.If you went and said hey everyone wants this or that.Would it have a good chance of getting implemented.

  • Hey Jeff :)

  • It’s nice to see that there’s someone out there reading everything that gets posted on here. Even though a lot of it isn’t always the most constructive, I think the general opinions of the community do shine through. Any chance we’ll be able to do some kind of a Q & A in the future?

  • Sorry to bug you jeff

    but i was listening to igns podcast beyond and they stated some points that would be good for sony to listen too.Do you listen to ign podcasts or any other.Is thier plans for an official sony podcast

  • Jeff is there any way of banning users – the blog has turned into a childs playground with spammers and clowns posting in game xmb messages all over the place. This blog is such a great resource for us PS gamers id hate to see it lost in a wade of cluttered nonsense.

    I hope you guys can get rid of this unwanted nuisance


  • @ Frazz (again, haha) – I’ve basically got as much power as you – with a megaphone. I’m not a programmer/designer/etc, and I don’t tell anybody here what to do. What I can do is take the pulse of the community (here and elsewhere), and pass that info on. Truthfully, most people I deal with on a daily basis already know what that sentiment is – they’re quite in touch.

    One thing I won’t do is speculate. We’re committed to putting established, confirmed facts up here. So if you haven’t seen it here, take it with a grain of salt.

    Also, the big announcements (probably) won’t come from me, so keep that in mind when you’re asking me to comment on [fill in the blank].

  • I dont think IN-GAME XMB is big, very minor. A little team effort and there u have it.

  • Jeff, wow, great job to have. Read the forums all day? LOL j/k

    I love that Sony has hired somebody to do this, just shows their commitment to their fans.

    Is there any discussion of allowing PlayStation Store updates on any day, similar to Xbox Live Marketplace? I ask because the DLC for Rock Band is ready on Tuesdays, but under the current model the PS3 would get it 2 days later.

  • Welcome aboard Jeff, I will be sure to send positive comments as well as concerns/questions because I know you are in for a lot of heat from the passionate Sony Community. I hope you also have the ability to ban people as well because there is a lot of trolling and unnecessary idiocy on this blog that I would love to see reduced…

    Good Luck and I am glad to see someone finally taking this blog and it’s comments in hand…I for one see that Sony is trying very hard to bring things to the fans, we all want them yesterday but it takes time.

  • Welcome Jeff. It’s cool that Sony is listening. I guess that’s why were all so loyel to the brand.

  • @ Gorvi – Q & A’s are definitely being planned. I’ll come back to you all for opinions when the time comes.

    @ macpac24 – Oh yes, I’ve got a Ragnarok Sword with Banning Materia. But I’m pretty selective. We’ll take the good with the bad, and disagreeing with me will *not* get you banned. It’s those who copy and paste the same lines over and over who should consider themselves On Notice.

  • Hello Jeff, I’m curious how long posts are monitored for comments. Are new comments automatically flagged by the database, meaning that a new comment on an older post will still be caught, or do you just check the most recent posts? Its not that I want or see a need to post on an old topic; I’m just curious about it in case I miss something by a few days. Thanks and welcome aboard.

  • Hey Jeff

    I’ll like to see a Sony Podcast.

    – For the PS3 can we get Date and Time on it like the PSP.
    – Like to see voice Message!
    – Work on the Internet Browser.
    – And in Status we have “Online” “Not Available” can we have “Look to be Offline”


  • Welcome Jeff, I have been wondering if there will ever be an “official” Sony branded bluetooh head set with mic released for the PS3.

  • Great to hear that someone is reading our comments. I have two questions for you:

    1) Will you guys be banning or removing posts from users that just post “WE WANT IN GAME XMB” 100 times in a comment? It gets really annoying and tough to read through the comments with that crap all over the place.

    2) Is Sony thinking about PS Store updates on days other than Thursday? maybe weekly Tuesday and Thursday updates? It would be nice to have a schedule, but I don’t think one day a week is enough :)

  • So if everyone you pass info on to already knows the sentiments spoken, and you can’t really make any big announcements or anything…Then really what’s the point of your role, if they don’t give you enough power to make good use of it. Not trying to be jerk, I’m just curious. It just seems like at the current time, there’s nothing much you’re actually allowed to do?

  • I guess my first one was already answered while I was typing it :P

  • Jeff, next time some little punk spams “XMB” a million times can you get me his parents address so i can break his little fingers?

  • Welcome Jeff.

    Based on the latest sales reports, I think things are only going to get more lively around here – and that’s a good thing.

    Our PS3 is the center of my family’s entertainment nowadays (games, movies, music, home videos), so I’m feeling the PS3 love these days.

    Keep up the good work.

  • fix the horrible feedback/echo in the chat application with the playstation eye. :(

  • @ soulscreme – for the foreseeable future, we’re going to be sticking with Thursdays. I’m the one who actually pulls the trigger on the timing of Grace’s posts, and I don’t do so until the store is actually live.

    Because of that, there’s frequently some shifting in the timing of the post, but when it’s later than “usual”, it’s almost always because someone on the Store team is saying “hey, let’s add this [game/demo/etc].” And I think most people would happily wait an extra hour for more content in those cases. I’ll let everyone know if the day/time will change.

  • tearsofash | November 27th, 2007 at 11:34 am

    So if everyone you pass info on to already knows the sentiments spoken, and you can’t really make any big announcements or anything…Then really what’s the point of your role, if they don’t give you enough power to make good use of it. Not trying to be jerk, I’m just curious. It just seems like at the current time, there’s nothing much you’re actually allowed to do?


  • I know this gets thrown around this board alot but I wanted to add to it.

    Ingame xmb or atleast ingame messaging is very important to us.
    It has been the number 1 request in every playstation related forum since the beginning.

    The playstation 3 has come a very long way since it’s launch and I do not want to belittle the progress that has been made.

    But it’s time for an answer. Can we please be told in what stage this feature is in or if it is being worked on at all.
    Is it something that can be done, Is being done or is finished and waiting for Home’s release?

    I understand that in this business secrets must be kept but it is time to pull the curtains back from this feature and bring us,( Your loyal Playstation users) into the know.

  • @ hohlraum
    use your headset for the audio when video chatting. If I’m thinking you had the same problem i did it should work.

  • So ur friends with that guy Eric Lempel, eh?

  • Jeff, in your entry you write that you are the guy reading our comments. And then you jump in at message 8 saying you will “ask around” if others are having problems with 2.01. There are plenty of messages from users saying there are problems with the PS2 upscaling after installing 2.01. Surely you knew that by reading the comments for the past week. So, is there a patch in the works for the upscaling problems created by 2.01 for those users with units with backwards compatibility? Thanks.

  • I wish you all would make it easier of us to access our own account on here. I had to reset my password and can’t find where to change it from the new one you all assigned to one I want. More friendly navigation on the main page would be nice.

  • Jeff, I wonder if you guys might put out some poles for voting on what Sony series you would like to see updated to the PS3 or something like that? My vote is firmly with Legend of the Dragoon and Jet Moto.

  • thanks for the replys jeff

    I also think the store should be updated either more often or whenever somethings ready.It creates too much hype for thursdays and too much hype is usually bad.

  • Hey Jeff nice to have someone on board full time!!

    Anyways, this has been mentioned before but to make your life easier and ours, please implement a voting system on the comments?

    That way insightful posts will be highlighted between all the whining.

    Best of luck!

  • I agree with Zane_7849 I would love to see legend of dragoon remade for PS3. Or at least a sequal.

  • And why is it that evey time I leave a comment it jumps me back to the make page instead of leaving me here in this post?

  • @jeff

    glad to see someone is goin to do something about those copy pasters atlast :D

  • Cool, I always post stuff here so yeah nice to know you’ll be reading it!

  • Welcome to the conversation!! I think you should try to link the blog to the new PS news widget on the PS3 main menu. You actually have useful infor here.

  • Hello, sir. Thank you for the feedback and being so nice about it.

    Regarding this blog: anyway to set up a system like on n4g.com where spammers and trolls won’t be allowed to speak as much as they do?—-12

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