PS3’s First Birthday: We Felt the Love

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PS3 bday

Celebrating this past Saturday: Goodfellas director Martin Scorsese is 65, Actor Danny DeVito turned 63, Milton from Office Space (Stephen Root) is 56, former MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes is 41, and PLAYSTATION 3 turned one year old!

It was on November 17th of last year that gamers put their lives on hold, camped out on sidewalks, and attracted crowds of reporters and onlookers to become the first to enter the PS3 generation.

Now in 2007, nearly 6 million gamers worldwide are part of the most powerful gaming console ever made.

How were they recognizing the PS3’s big day? While the folks at Wired Game|Life, Engadget, and PS3 Fanboy celebrated with cake, it was Destructoid’s birthday wishes which nearly brought a sentimental tear to our eye. Thanks to all of you!

Last year’s November 17 horoscope stated “Your power of attraction this year is quite strong…” and “important groundwork can be laid for the future.” With games like LittleBigPlanet and Metal Gear Solid 4 on the 2008 horizon – year #2 of the PS3 era looks very fun indeed.

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  • where was my cake and punch for my birthday this year?

  • Hell yes. Ive had my PS3 from launch date and have been loving every minute of it.

    I think if people sit back and see how much the PS3 and PSN has grown in just one year, they will be amazed.

    Keep up the good work Sony!!!!!

  • Happy Birthday PS3! Uncharted, R&C, RFOM, GT5 pro, Heavenly, and more to come thank you for a great year which was certainly better than the others. Meaning a wider variety of top titles to chose from.

    P.S XBR4 1080p is most spectacular LCD HDtv i have ever laid eyes on. I own the 40inch one now and it is remarkably.

    To all my fellow gamers and blu-rayers or both, get a Sony bravia or one of the other Sony models with the 120Hz cinematic motion. If not then a Samsung. Either way both companies work together and are bringing their prices down. These are incredible LCDs plasmas can work but i fear burn in. Your choice.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY PS3.First year for anything has its problems, but now everything is getting better.Uncharted is awesome, and so is Ratchet & Clank. Keep on showing the great ads!! I’ve been seeing those on TV alot more lately than the 360 ads. Good to know that you guys cut the development costs.Less costs means more good games.

    From here on out,everyone start chanting “PS3”. PS3!!!

  • @ all Request posts

    This post is for the celebration of the PS3’s first birthday. Let’s give congrats to Sony and save the “IN GAME XMB” and other firmware requests for another off topic post. Just think… if on YOUR BIRTHDAY family/friends requested what you should do for them rather than them for you. Sony is a big company but they are still human beings with feelings.

    Happy Birthday PS3!!!!…and much future success.

  • The cake is a lie! The cake is a lie! Sorry but I am not saying happy b-day to a console ;P . Sony you are coming along, please keep up the pace and actually try to speed up. Still a long way to go ;)

  • Good job with the PS3, Sony. I’ve enjoyed quite a few games during it’s first year and am sure that I’m going to enjoy a large amount more come next year. Let’s show’em that there’s nothing the PS3 can’t do next year. Give it your all.

  • Happy Birthday SCEA Good Job guys and thanks for all the entertainment.

  • Happy Birth Day PS3 I bougth mine las 17 of this month Im celebrating Too!!

  • An amazing yaer for Playstation 3!
    Happy Birthday…

    But I must say I have to agree with comment #5

  • Happy birthday PS3! europeans like me are still 5 months away from our launch birthday.

    I remember when the PS3 was released in the US I really wanted one (for F1 mostly) and was tempted to import one but I really wanted Blu ray movies as well so I waited.

    It was the longest wait in my entire life, every day I though of the PS3, I searched the internet every day till it finally arrived march 23th.
    No waiting lines in europe, few launch parties but not where I live.

  • have a happy and many more

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  • Happy Birthday PS3…

  • happy birthday ^.^ didnt even recognize how a year passed by…. it was a year ago when i waited for a handfull really good games after RFoM, Motorstorm and it feels like yesterday……ups it was yesterday and got only 2 good more *mumbles* and one isn’t even a exclusive

  • It’s been a rough year for the Playstation, but it seems as if Sony in general is trying to turn things around with price cuts and a library of games starting to pile up. Next year though is going to be the “big one” for gaming for me.

  • Not even going to say everything I was originally going to say, due to having a freakin essay written and somehow shutting off my browser before hitting submit.
    But I will say this. Absolute excellent year for the PS3, the best strategy I’ve ever seen. Sony completely set themselves up for the “long run” and now they are collecting so much earlier than anyone ever could have imagined. Can’t WAIT for the rest of this year and o, DAMN, I can’t wait for next year.
    Happy gaming.

  • Happy birthday!!!! PS3

    Since some developers got a cake!

    Can we have HOME BETA for Thanksgiving !

    2008 is SONY baby!

  • Happy Birthday PS3, you’re one year old. It’s been a good first year in spite of what some might say. Perhaps, their expectations were simply too high. The foundations are there to build upon and I’m confident that 2008 will deliver the goods, in terms of new features and of course, games.

    Will the format war be decided? Will Home be a succes, will the PS3 begin to dominate sales in the main regions? I don’t know the answers to those questions. Let’s see what Sony can pull out of the hat.


    Heres some ps1 classics I would really enjoy purchasing!

    Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
    Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus

    Those 2 games alone are what got me hooked on playstation, more Oddworld games would be really nice!


    1. In-Game XMB: allowing us to do the below and much more. (or remove the XMB altogether and give us something better for a nex-gen console, and give us an in-game dashboard, the XMB feels low rate for the PLAYSTATION 3, and you’ve been using it on the PSX, TV’s, PSP, it gets old)
    1. Play Custom Soundtrack for games.
    2. Access Friends List, Game Invites, Messages
    3. Under [Photo], they can add [Take Snapshot]
    4. Under [Video], they can add [Record Gameplay].
    5. View your active downloads, pause, and resume them.
    6. So many possibilities with in-game XMB.
    2. Game Invites: allowing us to send eachother game invites cross game.
    1. Implement
    3. Profile 2.0: meaning, we want things like Entitlements, Gamertags, Clans, things to display who we actually are. Our profiles suck so far. It shows our languages and an about me that nobody ever fills out.
    1. Allow us to see the pictures and other profile information of the people under “Players Met”.
    2. When in-game and we “click” on a players name, bring up there new profile. Not the game profile, the integrated PS3 profile with all the new features above.
    4. REMOVED DUE TO FINDINGS IN 2.00 (Organization of Music, Videos, and Games)
    5. PLAYSTATION Network XMB Options: read them below.
    1. Allow us to change the icon for the [PLAYSTATION Network] with themes, right now, it doesn’t seem like you can.
    2. Add [Entitlements], [IM], and [Game Invites] under [PLAYSTATION Network].
    3. Remove friends and add it under [PLAYSTATION Network].
    4. Add [Clans] under [Friends].
    6. Password Protection: for user accounts.
    8. PLAYSTATION Store
    1. Replace the PLAYSTATION Store with a new built in program that is not a web page. Like that, when you have to add new stuff, you just drop it in and it will organize and categorize itself.
    1. Have text search.
    2. Many organization methods.
    3. Playable flash games would be nice.
    2. Daily Updates: Give us a constant flow of updates for the PLAYSTATION Store, meaning daily videos, content. Basically, make us on par with Xbox Live.
    3. Arcade Demos: For every downloadable game, include a demo. Don’t put it under the Demos section. Make it so when you click the game it will show the demo and full game.
    4. ORGANIZATION: Make it so you can go to like Game Demos -> New Additions, Genres, Featured, All Demos (alphabetical). Same with add on content. Instead of having it all layed out like that, go to Games » Downloadable Content » Game Name » Select Content.
    5. Archive Content: I’ve recently noticed you delete old game videos. Don’t do that, keeping it will an archive.
    6. PSone Classics: Give us more PSone classics! We have been receiving games like Jumping Flash, games nobody ever heard of. Where is the good games, such as Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Warhawk, Mega Man Legends?
    7. PS2 Downloads: Your competitors are launching downloads for their first console in their new fall update, why not do the same and give us PS2 downloads as well?
    9. PLAYSTATION Network
    1. Promote the network, have events featuring celebrity gamers, free downloads for the day (like an old arcade game such as Calling All Cars!), official tournaments, and such.
    2. Let us set our own PLAYSTATION Network avatar, or add a batch of new avatars every week based on the newest released games and even Sony movies and sponsors.

    !!! b

  • awesome.. and i noticed how the ps3 ad is on the homepage of stage6. very cool, everyone should go check it out. hi-quality download.

  • Wow, apparently the crowd has no manners. You give a gift on or about a birthday, not make demands. Happy Birthday! My gift: :D It’s one of my favorite videos. Enjoy!

    (Too the care-takers of our precious baby, could you please remove the spam?)

  • Thanks for not mentioning that you sent a cake to Giz-modo. Those ungrateful bastards don’t deserve the traffic.

  • the 2nd year of the PS3 is going to be crazy. happy birthday :D

  • A year old and still no fix for 720p games being downscaled to 480p on 480p/1080i HD TVs. I thought Next Gen started with the PS3. NOT!!!

  • Happy Birthday it might be late but the PS3 will rule in 2008

    hope everyone in the office had a blast

  • first things first thank’s playstation 4 everything. now could the unhappy ppl.just sell the playstation. and stay off this board with all the hate. just go get a xbot and wait on it too just blow up.happy b-day playstation 3

  • Happy Birthday Day!! I love Sony..I just beat Uncharted..WOW what a fricken epic game!! Bring on the next one in 2008!

  • Happy Birthday PS3, there is no doubt I’ll be spending many more B-days with you in the future, Congrats!!

  • How bout letting us gamers who don’t like Current Avatars Upload our Very Own Custom Avatars from Web or Downloads
    that would Be Sooooooooo Cooollllll
    Pssst Open Up Home Beta I have Been Waiting for like Ever since I first heard it back in Between March/July

  • Happy B-day for the PS3 indeed. I have loved the last 12 months and 2 days since I stood in line for 27 hours on launch night to get this sexy black box into my living room. The PS3 is the greatest piece of consumer electronics ever made. And a toast to the many B-days to come.

  • @Not0riouS76

    dude that list would make the PS3 the best gaming media in the world. I strongly believe that eventually we’ll be getting all those features and even more. Very nice list though.

    Happy B-day PS3 it was a tough year for us PS gamers but its starting to really shine again.

  • The PS3 is great. They still need to fix the downscaling problem. Yes, I already have the other console to play all the 720p only games the PS3 downscales.

  • i got a question now.since ps3 is a infant and strongest game console at year one ,why does it feel like it is the father of all consoles???answer this!;)

  • Happy Friggin Birthday! I love you!!!

  • ENOUGH………
    I am here to tell you Sony that you are one of the luckiest if not luckiest most fortunate companies in the history of the game biz. You are going surpass the competiton meaning the Wii and 360. You might ask why? It’s because of your reputation and your commitment to delivering quality consumer electronics. SONY has and always will be a company, a damn quality one I might add, that delivers highly advanced, quality consumer electronics. All the magazines, editors, gaming press, media, naysayers, anti-fanboys, haters, conspirators, and everyone who M$ pays to bash your amazing creation of the PS3 computer entertainment system will be PUT TO SHAME! As much momentum that M$ has gained, it will mean nothing in 1 to 2 years time. I commend them for at least trying….they really thought they were doing something. Next-gen does not start until SONY says it does, and that is the truth. Some might say the opposite, but I beg to differ. Developers for some reason or another are finally getting the PS3 and the potential power it has lying dormant inside. Eventhough Amercia has really adopted the 360, most of those who have adopted the system are ex-playstation fans. The rest is just M$ own install base. And the Wii which is supposed to be so dominant, especially in Japan, is now being outsold by the PS3. That is an acheivement in itself. I’m not going to be fancy or eloquent…..I’m just going to say it like it is. SONY, you either claim your rightful place as market leader of computer entertainment or you don’t and are shamed by the likes of Nintendo and Microsoft who do not even slightly compare to you in terms of quality and entertainment. This is your time Sony, you have NO MORE room for SCREW UPS. This is your one and most opportune time to turn all this drama around and be seated back on YOUR rightful place as the KINGs of computer entertainment. It’s awfully sad that M$ has actually tried to copy our style by calling themselves an entertainment and devices company. Did you hear that? Entertainment and devices….I prefer computer entertainment. Let’s kick some tail and get the PS3 where it rightly deserves to be….at the very top of computer entertainment.


  • Firmware 2.01 is LIVE

  • Happy birthday! Again. My present, A NEW CONTROLLER IDEA! Made by me. Hey it was my first week with flash.

  • Happy Birthday!!! PS3, I love you even though on my birthday you were sitting there collecting dust, because I had nothing new to play on my birthday. Argh… haha! sorry, it’s been a hell of a year, and I like the games I’m seeing now, congratulations on proving that you could sell 5million regardless of games.

  • hey i just check gamespot for drake’s fortune and they got 8.0 for it .i couldnot believe , i will never trust that site because they are so bovious liars.i need to catch last bus right now but i really hated that gamesite right now.BE AWARE!!!!

  • Happy B-Day PS3!!! Good job out-selling the Wii finally. I’ll be with you ’til the glorious end!!—12

  • @Not0riouS76, @chintz, and all you other R-tards posting the “We want this” crap.
    No, we don’t. W T F are the moderators and W T F aren’t they whacking your off topic drivel? The only item on your manifesto that makes sense is password protecting user accounts (probably so your mummy can’t see what shenanigans you cheeky little buggers have been up to), but implemented correctly the master account (mummys) would still be able to see everything in a sub account. All the other stuff is already implemented on Myspace; now, off you go.

    PS. Happy Birthday PS3. I hope for your next birthday, you have more than a handful of playable games. One was a tough year, lets all hope two is better.

  • the turtle and the hare

    that’s what comes to mind about the ps3’s start. it’ll be a great 2008 + Beyond. this Christmas season is awesome, so many great ps3 games!

    anyway, happy bDay PS3

  • Happy birthday my hot babe

  • We all should get a gift for the Birthday of PS3 and for all the holidays cumin up

  • I am a very happy early adopter, it was worth owning a ps3 every day from launch. Resistance is one of my fav games ever, i am happy with tha games recently released, R&C, warhawk, COD 4, Assassins creed, Uncharted etc, and the future looks even better.

    Also for those haters who say the ps3 has no games, well look and compare the 360’s first year. It took the 360 a whole year to get a 9.4 game out ( Gears of War) it only took devs 11 months to get a 9.4 ( Ratchet and Clank). I also find it sad that people compare HALO 3 and Bioshock to 1st year PS3 games, they should be comparing those 2nd year 360 games… to 2nd year PS3 games. ( KIlzone 2, MGS4, LBP). Now thats a fair comparison and if you ask me, for the amount and time the ps3 has been out it has some better games than the 360 has had in its whole 2 years. I cant wait to see MGS4 get matched up with HALO 3. I know you all know who will win that one. ill give you a hint…. SNAKE!!!!!!!!!

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