PS3’s First Birthday: We Felt the Love

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PS3 bday

Celebrating this past Saturday: Goodfellas director Martin Scorsese is 65, Actor Danny DeVito turned 63, Milton from Office Space (Stephen Root) is 56, former MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes is 41, and PLAYSTATION 3 turned one year old!

It was on November 17th of last year that gamers put their lives on hold, camped out on sidewalks, and attracted crowds of reporters and onlookers to become the first to enter the PS3 generation.

Now in 2007, nearly 6 million gamers worldwide are part of the most powerful gaming console ever made.

How were they recognizing the PS3’s big day? While the folks at Wired Game|Life, Engadget, and PS3 Fanboy celebrated with cake, it was Destructoid’s birthday wishes which nearly brought a sentimental tear to our eye. Thanks to all of you!

Last year’s November 17 horoscope stated “Your power of attraction this year is quite strong…” and “important groundwork can be laid for the future.” With games like LittleBigPlanet and Metal Gear Solid 4 on the 2008 horizon – year #2 of the PS3 era looks very fun indeed.

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  • Hell yeah…

    I posted this in the Ads post. Sorry to repeat but I did not know if there was going to be a psot like this..


    “A new year for the PS3 has born. For sure it had its up and downs. Let me bring the bad first:

    – The Bashing: None can´t deny that this year has been all about bashing the PS3. It did not matter if they were happy xbot fanboys or loyal PS1 & PS2 buyers, thay were something wrong about the PS3. Who could blame them? We were all hoping too much maybe from a console that WE KNEW it was going to claim its way up again.

    – Lack of Games: Yeah, sure. The good games (Of course Resistance and a couple of others were released before) came just a couple of months before the year was over. It does not matter right now. It mattered before. But we are getting there guys, we are getting there.

    – The crappy attitude of the xbot fanboys who not only bashed the PS3 (I dont like the 360 very much but you dont see me bashing it…well…besides this post) but also, pretended that because MS does is fine. Oh sure, scratched disks, not HD performances of once AAA titles, it is all fine when they done it. It sicks me. (There was a guy at joystik who said this just perfect. Cant find the post)

    Yeah. All that happened. But where are we? Just at the first year of the console. I am sure it has to prove a LOT to us, and I am also sure that it has so much untapped potential, but we are getting there. We need to cut the bashing people. It is a new year. New start.

    We now have a couple of nice AAA titles that are going to take most of our time. Devs are cutting with the crappy ports. Firmware is getting more and more features, proving it is more than a gaming machine…what they said to us. We have DEVS saying that the performance it is sometimes better in the PS3, and most of us sometimes forgets that these are first generation titles against second and maybe third generation (Alright, maybe second against third, you get the point). Metal Gear is Coming, also Tekken, also GT5, also Home, also Haze, also Little Big Planet…should I continue?

    I can say I am really happy for my PS3 right now and Jeff Haynes at IGN made a great quote: “Things are only getting to better for the PS3 next year”

    Hell yeah they are.

    PS. Sorry for the long post.”

  • Big happy first birthday PS3. I personally thought it was a good year. Looking forward to 2008!

  • HAPPY BELATED DAY TO THE PS3!! :) Do us PS3 owners get something special via the PS store tomorrow?

  • 1 year and still no word on properly supporting 1080i TVs. Oh well, at least the good third party devs (and even a couple of first party ones) are finally stepping up. Happy Birthday!


    1. In-Game XMB: allowing us to do the below and much more. (or remove the XMB altogether and give us something better for a nex-gen console, and give us an in-game dashboard, the XMB feels low rate for the PLAYSTATION 3, and you’ve been using it on the PSX, TV’s, PSP, it gets old)
    1. Play Custom Soundtrack for games.
    2. Access Friends List, Game Invites, Messages
    3. Under [Photo], they can add [Take Snapshot]
    4. Under [Video], they can add [Record Gameplay].
    5. View your active downloads, pause, and resume them.
    6. So many possibilities with in-game XMB.
    2. Game Invites: allowing us to send eachother game invites cross game.
    1. Implement
    3. Profile 2.0: meaning, we want things like Entitlements, Gamertags, Clans, things to display who we actually are. Our profiles suck so far. It shows our languages and an about me that nobody ever fills out.
    1. Allow us to see the pictures and other profile information of the people under “Players Met”.
    2. When in-game and we “click” on a players name, bring up there new profile. Not the game profile, the integrated PS3 profile with all the new features above.
    4. REMOVED DUE TO FINDINGS IN 2.00 (Organization of Music, Videos, and Games)
    5. PLAYSTATION Network XMB Options: read them below.
    1. Allow us to change the icon for the [PLAYSTATION Network] with themes, right now, it doesn’t seem like you can.
    2. Add [Entitlements], [IM], and [Game Invites] under [PLAYSTATION Network].
    3. Remove friends and add it under [PLAYSTATION Network].
    4. Add [Clans] under [Friends].
    6. Password Protection: for user accounts.
    8. PLAYSTATION Store
    1. Replace the PLAYSTATION Store with a new built in program that is not a web page. Like that, when you have to add new stuff, you just drop it in and it will organize and categorize itself.
    1. Have text search.
    2. Many organization methods.
    3. Playable flash games would be nice.
    2. Daily Updates: Give us a constant flow of updates for the PLAYSTATION Store, meaning daily videos, content. Basically, make us on par with Xbox Live.
    3. Arcade Demos: For every downloadable game, include a demo. Don’t put it under the Demos section. Make it so when you click the game it will show the demo and full game.
    4. ORGANIZATION: Make it so you can go to like Game Demos -> New Additions, Genres, Featured, All Demos (alphabetical). Same with add on content. Instead of having it all layed out like that, go to Games » Downloadable Content » Game Name » Select Content.
    5. Archive Content: I’ve recently noticed you delete old game videos. Don’t do that, keeping it will an archive.
    6. PSone Classics: Give us more PSone classics! We have been receiving games like Jumping Flash, games nobody ever heard of. Where is the good games, such as Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Warhawk, Mega Man Legends?
    7. PS2 Downloads: Your competitors are launching downloads for their first console in their new fall update, why not do the same and give us PS2 downloads as well?
    9. PLAYSTATION Network
    1. Promote the network, have events featuring celebrity gamers, free downloads for the day (like an old arcade game such as Calling All Cars!), official tournaments, and such.
    2. Let us set our own PLAYSTATION Network avatar, or add a batch of new avatars every week based on the newest released games and even Sony movies and sponsors.

  • Here we go again…

  • Happy Birthday PS3! Thanks for a great year of gaming, I’m looking forward to the next. 2008 is Sony’s year!

  • Happy birthday ( my god, one of the first posts) that doesn’t ask for the next firmware or something!)

    PS: Give us Home! lol

  • Congrats. Let’s hope that the PS3 catches up with it’s older brothers. Or is it a girl? O_o
    I’m confused.

  • Wait wait let me do it…INGAMEXMB LOL!!!
    Serious now!

  • Happy birthday Playstation 3. Now if you only had a Home to call your own. :P

  • Yeah, it has been one crazy year. At the end of it, I must say… I’m pretty devout to the console which, at first, I wasn’t really planning to be. So yeah, you’ve come a long way, Sony.

    But yeah, shouldn’t you do something to make your user’s “feel the love”? We all should be celebrating.

  • Happy Birthday to you; Happy Birthday to you; Happy Birthday dear PS3…Happy Birthday to you!

  • Yea and still no gift to the people who froze outside and waited for 30 hours but for them to drop the price and not give us anything at all

  • Happy b-day PS3. Can’t wait for 2008!

    Destructoid’s wishes were definitely endearing.


  • Woo, for year one…Bringeth the Killzoneth 2.

  • Happy 1st Birthday PS3. 2006 was the year for the XBox pre-sh*tty and 2007 was the year of the Wiitards. 2008 is all Sony!!!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY PS3!!!! I know 2008 will be the year of the PS3, and millions will KNOW what i know now, that, THE PS3 IS THE BEST CONSOLE IN THE MARKET, AND IT WILL BE THE BEST UNTILL THE PS4 COMES OUT.


  • Happy Birthday PS3! Camping out for it was well worth it.

    Even better though, UNCHARTED IS OUT! =D

  • Please do these sony and PSN will be #1!!!

    As our new site will be opening in about a week, I thought I’d do my last PLAYSTATION Network article today. Prepare to read on, this may just be the most controversial article you will ever read.

    I’m not going to be fancy on this, the only image you will see in this article is the one on the left there. This article will also be featured as one of the first posts on the new site. I’m going to make this readable and break it down into categories. Before any criticism is received, all these features are needed outside Home. Let’s start.

    In-Game XMB

    Let’s face it, this is the one thing that all PLAYSTATION 3 owners have been dreaming of since the console was released. It was something that was supposed to be in the system in the first place, as it was shown in all the prototype videos.

    With In-Game XMB, as Insomniac’s Evan Well says, many of the Live features that give it an advantage over the PLAYSTATION Network would fade away. In-Game XMB would allow the playing of custom soundtracks, accessing friends lists, game invites, messages.

    So much innovation could be applied to the In-Game XMB. You could go under Photo and click on Take Snapshot, or go under Video and click Record Video, then save it to your console and share them through the PC and the PLAYSTATION 3. You could check the status of your current downloads, change resolution settings. In-Game XMB would allow unlimited possibilities for the console.

    Game Invitations

    No online gaming network is a network without cross-game invites. Wouldn’t you like to be playing some Resistance, when you receive a game invite from your friend Joe asking if you want to play Warhawk? You agree, Resistance automatically ejects, a screen pops up saying insert Warhawk, you insert it, and your automatically inside the room he invited you to.

    Gamer Profiles

    Achievements are some reasons that people buy multiplatform games for the Xbox 360 rather than the PLAYSTATION 3, because they want to rise their score to prove that they are the best. The PLAYSTATION 3 was originally said to have some sort of achievements called Entitlements, but then the idea was dumped. Bring back the Entitlements and watch the sales of multiplatform games rise.

    Clans are another thing needed in the PLAYSTATION Network, as an option from the PLAYSTATION Network menu. With Clans, matches can be organized, and you can enter your clans in tournaments, timed matches, so you know nobody else will join. You can have a clan symbol, and represent your clan through your profile in games.

    Gamertags, such as displayable gamer profiles through games and through the PC are also needed. We want to show people who we are, what we play, and if we are good at it. Thats how you know who to recruit for Tournament teams, and your Clan. Instead of seeing a custom profile made by the developer in game, how about showing the same custom gamer profile you make on the PLAYSTATION Network? I’m not just talking about our language and about me. We want to be able to show our signature line, our games played, our entitlement score, all of that.

    It would also be nice to be able to see the picture and profile of the users under Player’s Met, and not just their name.

    Also, let us set our own PLAYSTATION Network avatar, or add a batch of new avatars every week based on the newest released games and even Sony movies and sponsors.

    XMB In General

    We need those PLAYSTATION Network features above added under PLAYSTATION Network, such as Entitlements, IM, and under Friends, Game Invites.

    Also, the ability to change the icon for the PLAYSTATION Network section in the XMB for themes would also be nice, as it makes most themes look ugly.

    PLAYSTATION Network Promotions

    Promote the network, have events featuring celebrity gamers, free downloads for the day (like an old arcade game such as Calling All Cars!), official tournaments, and such.


    Here is the biggest issue next to no in-game XMB, the PLAYSTATION Store. Let’s start because there is a lot to cover.

    As of now, the PLAYSTATION Store is one ugly mess. First off, it’s a webpage that updates once a week. The webpage interface is simply annoying and is a major turn-off as my friend Joseph doesn’t even go on the PLAYSTATION Store because of that reason. What Sony needs to do is replace it in an update with a program, like how Folding@Home is a program. You click the program, the XMB fades away, and the store opens.

    Now, this new store should be able to categorize content by type (Game, Trailer, Add-Ons, Demos), name (A, B, C, D), genre (Action, Arcade, Adventure, etc.), or featured/newest. Along with that, we need title searches as well.

    Next along the line, these Thursday updates are not going so well. We get around 4-5 videos a week, and 1-2 demos. If Sony gets it’s act together and starts getting a few more demos, and puts more videos and add-on content, that would be great. Don’t do this all on Thursday, give us 3-4 videos on Monday, Tuesday give us a demo, Wednesday give us like 2 videos and a map pack, you get the drift, right?

    Speaking of game videos, if you take a look at that section on the Store, you’ll notice there is only 10 pages of videos (SD Store at least) . There are much more videos than that that are removed from the store when new Thursday updates come in. You need to keep those old videos on the store, no matter if it is old, it builds an archive.

    Next, we have the downloadable titles on the PLAYSTATION Store. It’s great to see new downloadable titles, but we would like to test run the titles right? You need to provide a demo for every arcade title that you release.

    As for the PSone Classics, that was supposed to be a special thing that would allow us to reminisce the old days. So far we only have around 16 PSone titles from around December. Every week, give us at least three new PSone titles, that will build up over time. Need help on what to give us? Here are some hints:

    – 007: The World Is Not Enough
    – Crash Bandicoot 2
    – Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
    – Digimon World
    – Digimon World 2
    – Digimon World 3
    – Dragonball GT: Final Bout
    – Gran Turismo 2
    – Final Fantasy VII
    – Final Fantasy VIII
    – Final Fantasy IX
    – Final Fantasy Tactics
    – Medal of Honor
    – Metal Gear Solid
    – PaRappa The Rapper
    – Resident Evil
    – Resident Evil 2
    – Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
    – Silent Hill
    – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
    – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2
    – Vagrant Story
    – Warhawk (PSone)
    – Wipeout XL
    That is just the tip of the iceberg. Get in contact with those third party developers and get those games on the network.

    Last but not least, your doing a PSone Classics service, right? Why not a PS2 Originals service such as Live is soon starting? Offering it as a download would only cost around $10 per game, and many users would buy, especially since the lack of backwards compatibility in the new system.

    The Final Stand

    Now, thats my last PLAYSTATION Network article. And if nobody listens, I guess I didn’t get through to anybody then. I hope you enjoyed the read. But if your like me and want these features, a great new way to try and get them is to post a link to this article at IGN’s new PSN Central discussion base. It specifically asks you what you want to see on the Network

  • Happy Birthday PS3! I am really enjoying my PS3. THANKS!

  • Happy birthday PS3. Unfortunately, you just can’t seem to grow up. I have loved you long before you were even born, but you continue to shaft us who own you. You promised an online service matching Xbox Live Gold feature-for-feature, but we still can’t do something as simple as listening to custom soundtracks or voice messaging friends in-game.

    And now, It’s not all your fault, but there is news that the Guitar Hero 3 guitar does not work with Rock Band on PS3, while it does work on 360… this is just another problem in a laundry list and I’m afraid I can’t forgive you. I’m selling my PS3 Guitar Hero 3 and buying a 360 and Rock Band on that. You should have done what you could to prevent this. If it’s not happening there, why is it happening here? No room for excuses anymore. Our monogamous relationship is OVER. I’ll still explore your Uncharted areas, but just know, you’re not the only one.

  • What is a birthday without presents? 360 owners got Carcassone!

    It would be nice, but I’m just kidding. Been a heck of a year. Uncharted is a great way to kick off year two. Though you might want to talk to GameStop, I was able to pick up the game yesterday with no issues.

  • Happy Birthday Playstation 3! Been a long year and we manage to get through year 1 [be it long and hard] we managed!

    Can’t wait for the next year and following!

  • Happy Birthday PS3!!!

  • Happy Bday, please drop the PSEYE games on us please….

  • @ number 5, dude you are wasting your time! lol, why the hell do people spam this blog with “what the people want”….it’s not like Sony doesn’t know we are asking for it, and I am sure they are actually working on it as well, as quickly as they can.

    More importantly- Year One Done! WOOT WOOT
    PS3 – You grew up so fast you crazy little box.

  • Happy belated birthday PS3. I think it’s pretty obvious that this is going to happen, but may you have a very good 2008. Continue to show all the critics and skeptics what your capable of.

  • Happy Birthday PS3!
    Guess what I have in store for you? How about a little Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune? Yeah…I know you’re happy!
    Anyways…not a bad year for PS3 especially considering the high cost and bad press that it has been dealing with. The hardware is top notch and the games that have coming out lately have been excellent. I’ve been really pleased with Ratchet and Clank Future and Call of Duty 4 over the last couple of weeks. Uncharted should be icing on the cake.
    Keep up the good work Sony!

  • woohoo happy birthday !

  • Happy Birthday Ps3, just got eye of judgement today and getting uncharted tomorrow if i can find it,

  • yeahhhhh boiiii

    great first year. time to take it to the next gear though

  • :: raises glass ::

    Happy Birthday (&) well wishes to all that helped make the PlayStation 3 an outstanding product…!

  • Seeing as how fast 2007 went by I can’t possibly see why people are still saying that the wait until the Spring 08 PS3 games is too long.

    Buy CoD4. Play the online. EXACTLY.

    Time will fly by so fast when you play that game. It’s THAT FUN. Then there’s uncharted, ratchet and folklore I still need to beat. Oblivion’s expansion coming…. wow… I won’t have any time to even touch UT3 or Haze.

    Fear not fellow PS3 owners. The worst is over. Now all we have to worry about is pumping the install base up higher so that more third parties will fund PS3 development.(so mistakes like AC and SC:DA won’t happen again)

  • Happy birthday!! We all want some answers!!
    People are intitle to answers!! What is going on with the futere in-game xmb? Or in-game msg? If some could answer us 6 million customers would be very GREATFUL!! I think I speak on behalf of everyone!! If any body agrees with me could you just write I agree! I just want to se how many I agree we can get so we can get some answer.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s been a good year with better games then PS2 in the first but now your starting the race from behind. 2008 is your year to take control and i think you can do it….

    It’s all about the games and so far I am proud to own a PS3.

  • Read post 35 let’s get some answers

  • I camped out two days at my local Fry’s and aside from the Summer lull I have been happy ever since.

  • let’s celebrate 1 year PS3 with 2.0.1 so my ps3 works like it used to do.

  • I’ll be celebrating PS3 birthday playing Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed (and a second playthrough for Ratchet & Clank Future, gotta get me that RYNO ;)

  • Happy Birthday!!! I got mine in January and don’t regret it, i’ve had a lot of fun… the only problem is that i got it really expensive here and if i had waited a little bit i could have saved more than $300

  • Hopefully this next year will be great as well :)

  • Happy birthday may all your wishes come true

  • One year, and only two exclusive third party games. That is if you actually count Ridge Racer 7 or Full Auto 2 as true exclusives.

    It must be a new record. This was a terrible year, and will probably carry over to the next year, unless Sony actually starts trying to get more third party exclusives, and also hold on to FFXIII and MGS4.

  • Did anyone really believe that the PS3 was done? Whether anyone likes it (and clearly, most around here do not), the hardware is a generation beyond even the 360 (and two or three generations beyond the Wii). The PS3 likely will not outsell the Wii and 360 this Christmas (however, I wouldn’t bet my life savings on that), but by the following Christmas, it may be outselling them both combined. There are an enormous number of folks out there that have not bought a next gen system yet because they are waiting for the price of the PS3 to come down. It finally has — and that means that they are going to begin selling.

    The ‘no games’ argument is interesting, but the Wii has just as much problem in that regard as the PS3. (Yes, the 360 kicks butt in the games department, and makes both of those year-younger systems look very short.)

    At the local Fred Meyer in our area, they had a couple of Wii’s in stock, but no PS3’s this week. Hardly scientific proof, but it is a sign of the direction things are going.

  • @Not0riouS76 and friends, quit speaking for everyone. Some of us really don’t care about in-game XMB and such as much as you obviously do, and/or are programmers and understand how silly/odd/difficult it would be to integrate some of what you describe on a system-wide basis.

    I’ll point out the following:
    – I’d like to take random screenshots of games from the PS menu
    – I’d like to be able to shut off notifications from the PS menu while in a game (I don’t want to be told people are logging in or not)
    – I’d like to be able to mark certain friends as no notification (we all know people who log in and out too frequently)
    – I’d LOVE to be able to switch users without quitting a game (exit game, switch users, enter game, quit game, switch back, re-enter game is annoying when you want to take turns playing a game).

    I don’t want in-game music/video/photos access for the most part at all, not from the XMB at least. If Sony’s going to do in-game music, they should set up an API for it with triggers like “start_menu_music, start_action_music, pause_music, etc.” so the programmers can tell the system when to play music and you can mark your favourite tracks for use from the XMB.

    I don’t want features that steal processing power from the game in general (system-wide VOIP, chat, etc.) as I’d rather give the game developer 100% of the hardware to work with making the game more powerful than steal some of it for background chat/music/etc.

  • Sony’s Rule Continues, Happy birthday PS3!, i hope your gonna celebrate the uk release birthday too!

  • Happy 1st birthday to the PS3! Not bad for year 1: Blu-ray dominance, Playstation Network up, running and FREE, AAA exclusive titles like Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank Future, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. The games are already looking and playing better than the competition. Bring on year 2 where we will see Home, Metal Gear Solid 4, Unreal Tournament 3, Killzone 2! Thank you Sony for making a true next generation piece of hardware.

  • How come PS3 never said happy birthday to me? :\

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