Firmware v2.01 Coming Soon

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Hey everyone. We know you like to hear about updates a few days in advance, so here’s a quick heads up that we have a new System Software update in the works.

Firmware v2.01 is a minor update that will improve the stability of PLAYSTATION 3.

We’ll provide more specifics as the update is about to go live, but we thought we’d give loyal blog readers advance notice!

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  • yes the update will fix the bugs within remoteplay. After the drakes demo, shame on anyone who talks bad about sony playstation, they listen. a ps3/psp/eye bundle with remoteplayeye functionality would be an absolute winner. Oh yes and you will see in-game XMB and more when HOME is released we just have to wait. Why copy M$ when we can do much better.

  • when will it be out?

  • hm nice some extra stability for the playstation network

  • Look. How can I say this any more clearly.

    A gaming console shouldn’t need updates in the first place. That’s the whole reason I game on consoles rather than PCs.

    Sony get your act together. If I paid $500 for my console, the least you can do is your GODDAMN JOB and make sure YOUR firmware doesn’t **** up MY console.

    Get your **** together Sony!

    This kind of blundering idiocy is why you’re losing this gen of the console race.

    – A pissed off PS3 *owner*.

  • Ah good!
    I hope this fixes some of the freezing and mic issues that seem to have resulted from the 2.0 update!!
    (I’ve never had my PS3 freeze when loading a trailer before!!)

    … rather than giving in to the copious multitudes who continually scream for new features in these updates (and even if you give them what they want, they’ll just want other things), it might be better to more thoroughly test the updates to ensure that they don’t interfere with the very basics of the system… like gaming!!

  • I just wanted to point out that we have no confirmation that Home will include in-game XMB. I’m not saying it won’t have it, (Actually. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t. Imagine trying to play Second Life without in-game messaging….) BUT if you guys start hyping it up like you did with FW 2.00, you will be really mad (again) if it doesn’t have in-ame XMB, and will probably miss any cool stuff that you can do in Home.
    Take 2.00 for example, even though it was smaller than I expected, it is still a decent update. I mean, they give you TOTAL CONTROL over your XMB’s appearance. Can you picture M$ ever doing that? (yeah right)
    Anyway, all I’m saying is, don’t make stuff up, believe it like crazy, and then blame Sony for you believing in a totally baseless theory that has no evidence

  • Hope it correct the problem that i’m unable to play Enchanted Arms since I updated to 2.00

  • I hope this update gets a patch to fix Assassins Creed and all of its freezing and bugs

  • Yeah, his is solely for Assasin’s Creed, as people have been returning the ps3 version and buying the 360 one.

    That’s my (educated) guess, at least.

  • In-GAME XMB Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make it happen pls pls i wanna listen to my custom music coz i have tons of music that i will luv to hear them by the release of GT5P plz sony plz plz plz

  • it’s unfortunate that version 2.0 has such a glitch, but it’s great to see that sony is willing to quickly address the issue…

  • Its only a .01 update, probably won’t even notice it!

  • I dream about Divix/XVid, but please – i hope it will also support subtitles! Please, Sony!

  • Assassins creed has no problem.. atleast mine doest.

  • Let’s forget about in-game XMB, sony. Why not just give us this little text when we hit our PS button that simply says “Friends.” Then by selecting that option- a generic friends list will come up that would allow us to message and read messages using a very basic layout so as to not take up large amounts of RAM. I know it aint gonna happen any time soon since it seems you don’t want us to have messaging, but there’s a thought for you, Sony.

  • is there any truth to the statement made my divx CEO Kevin Hill that the next ps3 firmware will contain support for divx??


    also, what’s the status of:

    1) in-game messaging
    2) pc-compatible psn (japan has it, and it’s been announced for Europe, what about us in the U.S.?
    3) are you guys EVER going to release the PSN cards?

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  • All Questions will be Answered as soon as they can anounce all these’s things guys.. give them time.. they have a budget to work with everything.. and the cost of them for making us free is hard im sure.. but were die hard devoted gamers so if you truly care about Sony you will wait tell it comes.. just have to find things to do in the mean time..

    Enjoy ;)


  • will this update address the constant locking up of assasins creed just thought id get that out there thx for the heads up.

  • cool-cool. it’d be nice if it was in-game xmb…

  • Haven’t had any issues with the PS3 after 2.0… but more stability is always welcomed. Now for the important thing:


  • OMG!!!!!!!! they really did fix this website’s bug………. i dont see Gamesblow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can i get a hooooooorrrrraaaaahhhhh!

  • In-Game XMB !!

    And Home

  • Thanks Sony for the best entertainment system i’ve owned! ( It just got even better with DivX support )

    I just want to tell you about something i want in futher farewares

    1.DATE AND TIME IN XMB, its easily done…huh..?

    2.Sound equalizer for the musicplayer

    3.Rebuild PSStore from scratch, it has to be done really. Also, why does the PSN US get all the demos/videos weeks before EU/Japan/Australia?, its bullsh*t, just release the whatever it is worldwide at the same time.

    4.Have the ability to play music while playing games!, also, possibility to listen to music whatever i do with my ps3, as it is right now, the music stops playing if you’re about to change some settings or log into PSStore. It drives my crazy, dont disrespect my beloved music im listening to :)

    5.Rebuild the internet browser, it would be cool if PS3 used Mozilla FireFox, the best internet browser ever. Please look in to this it would be awesome, microsoft would pee their pants :P

    Xbox 360 is the now, PS3 IS THE FUTURE!, HELL YEAAAAAAH!

  • I would like a better internet browser. Just like the post above me says. FireFox would be great if that is possible. Also, when is Home coming out? The beta I mean. I don’t really care for in-game xmb but in-game messaging would be nice. Love that Divx support will be coming soon. Keep up the great work. Last thing is maybe a unification of the PSN across all the world. everyone gets the same thing instead of some regions getting psn content that others don’t. Thanks! Much Love for everything Sony!

  • PS3 freezes more now after the 2.0 update…

    I hope 2.01 fixes this issue–because it’s very VERY annoying…

    Kudos for the nice customization feature–it almost made me forget about the no IN-GAME XMB. However, freezing is quite distracting and makes you feel like the Ps3 will just give out on you at anytime..

    Not cool Sony

    Plz fix ASAP–I’ve had my PS3 since February and I love it–but I hate BUGGY firmware upgrades man…

  • anyone have cod4 freeze on them?

  • You know i find humor in the fact that we get gay retarded updates that dont include what the fanbase REALLY wants and then on top of that we have to get updates to update the update cuz apparently Eric Lempel and the entire PSN team are a waste of payroll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yes Eric i said your a waste of payroll and i challenge you to prove me wrong…LOL…cuz you cant!!!!!!

  • actually i take that back…i DONT find humor in that…its quite sad actually!!!

  • my brand new Assassin’s Creed game keeps freezing up!!!

    Also, whenever i play a demo, i get knocked off the internet, and i also can’t log into Warhawk!


    It’s been days since my PS3 got messed up!

    thanks for any help!

  • Could you fix the PS2 (and PS1?) upscaling in the 2.01 firmware update? In the 2.00 update, the aspect ratio is a little distorted when upscaling PS2 (and possibly PS1) games.

  • this is good news for me, because i have a problem with v2.0, my ps3 always freeze, first time i can change theme on my ps3 and back to default again. but ever since that my ps3 always freeze whenever i click something, so i cant do anything with my ps3.

    the big question is can i update my ps3?

    as far as i know you have to go to system update menu but i cant click it, its always freeze.

    is someone have a same problem with me?


  • @Loucifer

    You know, I cannot even contest with your trolling. You come here not to even be grateful for the things they give you (such as the recently confirmed DIVX support, or custom themes) instead you choose to be a child, a horribly self obsessed child, with the intention only to maliciously cut on people you don’t even know. You use hurtful words, such as “gay retarded” when in whatever part of your brain tells you it’s ok to throw around words like that, you need to be mindful of others. Which only suffices to show how completely selfish you are! Don’t feed me that “Sony’s not listening to us” bull****. I, amongst many others have watched them tediously respond as fast as they can to the things they request of them, and in no way could they even possibly begin to address every single comment in threads that consist of 200 or more user requests! This kind of blatant disregard for the TIME you waste, posting on here, viciously hoping that someone will here your cries is as immature as an EMO kid cutting himself for attention. The main problem isn’t with the way the PlayStation buisness is being run anymore, it’s with all the negative criticism people like YOU force them to have to overcome. I know over 20 people that I have shown the PlayStation 3 to, and they ALL own 360’s or know someone that does, and they all are amazed by the feature set and things the PS3 can do, yet they all heard that everything was bad about it, which only brings them to wonder why? And I have an answer.


    In fact, I think I am responsible to notify them of these things. Yeah, let’s start with that.


    1. In-Game XMB: allowing us to do the below and much more. (or remove the XMB altogether and give us something better for a nex-gen console, and give us an in-game dashboard, the XMB feels low rate for the PLAYSTATION 3, and you’ve been using it on the PSX, TV’s, PSP, it gets old)
    1. Play Custom Soundtrack for games.
    2. Access Friends List, Game Invites, Messages
    3. Under [Photo], they can add [Take Snapshot]
    4. Under [Video], they can add [Record Gameplay].
    5. View your active downloads, pause, and resume them.
    6. So many possibilities with in-game XMB.
    2. Game Invites: allowing us to send eachother game invites cross game.
    1. Implement
    3. Profile 2.0: meaning, we want things like Entitlements, Gamertags, Clans, things to display who we actually are. Our profiles suck so far. It shows our languages and an about me that nobody ever fills out.
    1. Allow us to see the pictures and other profile information of the people under “Players Met”.
    2. When in-game and we “click” on a players name, bring up there new profile. Not the game profile, the integrated PS3 profile with all the new features above.
    4. REMOVED DUE TO FINDINGS IN 2.00 (Organization of Music, Videos, and Games)
    5. PLAYSTATION Network XMB Options: read them below.
    1. Allow us to change the icon for the [PLAYSTATION Network] with themes, right now, it doesn’t seem like you can.
    2. Add [Entitlements], [IM], and [Game Invites] under [PLAYSTATION Network].
    3. Remove friends and add it under [PLAYSTATION Network].
    4. Add [Clans] under [Friends].
    6. Password Protection: for user accounts.
    8. PLAYSTATION Store
    1. Replace the PLAYSTATION Store with a new built in program that is not a web page. Like that, when you have to add new stuff, you just drop it in and it will organize and categorize itself.
    1. Have text search.
    2. Many organization methods.
    3. Playable flash games would be nice.
    2. Daily Updates: Give us a constant flow of updates for the PLAYSTATION Store, meaning daily videos, content. Basically, make us on par with Xbox Live.
    3. Arcade Demos: For every downloadable game, include a demo. Don’t put it under the Demos section. Make it so when you click the game it will show the demo and full game.
    4. ORGANIZATION: Make it so you can go to like Game Demos -> New Additions, Genres, Featured, All Demos (alphabetical). Same with add on content. Instead of having it all layed out like that, go to Games » Downloadable Content » Game Name » Select Content.
    5. Archive Content: I’ve recently noticed you delete old game videos. Don’t do that, keeping it will an archive.
    6. PSone Classics: Give us more PSone classics! We have been receiving games like Jumping Flash, games nobody ever heard of. Where is the good games, such as Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Warhawk, Mega Man Legends?
    7. PS2 Downloads: Your competitors are launching downloads for their first console in their new fall update, why not do the same and give us PS2 downloads as well?
    9. PLAYSTATION Network
    1. Promote the network, have events featuring celebrity gamers, free downloads for the day (like an old arcade game such as Calling All Cars!), official tournaments, and such.
    2. Let us set our own PLAYSTATION Network avatar, or add a batch of new avatars every week based on the newest released games and even Sony movies and sponsors.

  • @CitizenInsane27

    No Doubt!

    I do understand when people get mad because the updates sometimes actually screw up the systems. But at least what they are doing with the updates is always something for us, for free!

    I am totally stoked for all the new features, and utilize almost every new thing they have thrown at us, (except for the dumb news ticker)
    so i encourage Sony to keep tinkering and making our systems better!


    I’m starting to freak out my PS3 restarts so much!


  • what? tuesday? give the ppl home! pleeeeeeeeeeeease….please?

  • So far everything’s good with 2.0 on my PS3. I would like Sony to correct some problem with the Remote Start, the time it takes to connect is too long. Also Sony please update the JavaScript along with the Flash player on the PS3’s Internet Browser because it really needs it to stay on par with the PC as Kutaragi wanted to. So far Sony has done a good job in my opinion. The games are coming and Sony is listening to the several features people are asking for for a long time. Keep it up people!

  • I’m sorry to inform you all, but the majority of these features will not be in the PS3 until 2008. It’s an unfortunate idea but it’s the truth. If we were going to get in game XMB. Don’t you think we would of have it already?

  • I’m sorry to inform you all, but the majority of these features will not be in the PS3 until 2008. It’s an unfortunate idea but it’s the truth. If we were going to get in game XMB with all these other goodies. Don’t you think we would of have it already?

    I’ve realized one thing though. Sony only showed home to the public to get people excited about the PS3. When the product was first shown it wasn’t nowhere near completion. We cant even get an open beta.

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  • Again… common why is it so hard to wait off a month or two, and release a bigger update with more features that people will get more hyped about?

  • this is a ‘bugfix’ update, try to stream a few movies from your pc to ps3, you’ll be happy (like I am) that there’s an ‘update’ so quickly.

  • i hope they get ridd off this stupid PSN logo. its totaly idiotic…. imagine the xmb

    :users-setup-photo-video-games-NETWORK-NETWORK AGAIN-friendslist

    just for the logic: Friendslist is a part of PSN but does have an own logo. the new (useless) newsticker is part of PSN , but in normal network. Folding @ home has its own network, but in normal network. setups for PSN and friendslist is in one option, why the hell is it then in the PSN?

    beside all those points…….it does not fit in the picture, its totally different then all the other XMB icons. elementary buisness school knowledge : keep your Assetts in consistent LOOKS.

  • When will we have a open beta test for home will it be this year? As its been to long many thanks Adj444

  • all this info and ideas r really good but could someone pls tell me whn the firmware is comein out! ……….. and if they could add some new themes that would be cool

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  • PSP as controller?
    Isn’t that a feature?

  • If you’re having issues with your PS3 freezing, try going to the Information Board and setting it to “Do Not Display”. This is what I did, because every time I would boot up, a lot of the resources would go into loading that guy, and displaying information I didn’t immediately need.

    The icon will still be there if you want to open it, but I have it defaulted to hide, and haven’t had too many issues freezing after that.

  • i assume this will stop me constantly being signed out of psn,its getting so annoying,warhawk has been nothing but problems since 2.00 aswell,hopefully this is the answer,yippee

  • I there any chance we could get the ability to login with our PSN account at a friends house so we can play online together??????? PLEASE.

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