Firmware v2.01 Coming Soon

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Hey everyone. We know you like to hear about updates a few days in advance, so here’s a quick heads up that we have a new System Software update in the works.

Firmware v2.01 is a minor update that will improve the stability of PLAYSTATION 3.

We’ll provide more specifics as the update is about to go live, but we thought we’d give loyal blog readers advance notice!

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  • Saunderswan – This is my last comment on this. Can’t you read what I wrote? I said the US doesn’t really use VPN to connect to the Internet. At my company some people use it at home to connect to our office network but that’s about it. So SCEA really doesn’t have a reason to get involved in that feature. You need to tell SCEE to get this feature if 30% of Europe uses it. I’m not sure why they use it. Is it even the same as VPN in the US? Is it more like our old ISDN? That was better than a 56K modem with speeds of around 64 to 128K. Is that what VPN is?

    I just don’t see SCEA doing anything about that feature. Maybe SCEI should start a blog like this one and have a section for each territory. Europe has Three Speech but I don’t know if they have a forum to post on.

  • Thanks Eric and good job on the ongoing
    firmware updates. The firmware teams work
    is appreciated most, and certainly by those
    who view the PS3 as much more than
    simply a gaming platform.

    Let the team know that refinement of the
    web browser will be appeciated, allowing
    users to increase the overall functionality
    of the PS3 as a flexible and powerful
    media server and information portal.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Please fix the problem with Streaming. Any MPeg2 or AVC files being streamed from DNLA devices stop prematurely since Firmware update 2.0

    Seems any VOB/M2TS/TS/MPEG over 2GB will stop before the video is done, even though the video length is correct in the XMB.

    They played full length in 1.93. Broken after upgrade to 2.0

    Tested with tversity/twonky and nero, all with the same result.

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  • You guys need to fix the video icons. They don’t play anymore after 2.00, they just stay on the first image.

  • @wolverine
    I noticed that too. About the only thing that isn’t right on my PS3, because I haven’t had any fatal error yet. :)

  • @ wolverine81
    I only noticed that the video icons don’t play when you have them sorted into folders, although, the icons for game demos will play despite being sorted into folders. I think a simple update could fix it for videos and that would be great.

  • I would like to see some DivX support and XviD would be good too.

    Stability has become a bit of an issue since the 2.00 upgrade. My PS3 crashed twice since the upgrade.

    And the video icons need to be fixed. They only play when they are not sorted in folders. They should play when sorted too.

  • There’s a problem with Folding@home…
    When I exit the application, the ps3 beeps 3 times, then restarts….

  • i just would like gt4 to work on my ps3 gt1 works find

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  • Guys, i just love my ps3, and i just can’t wait all the new features to come. brind Divx compatibility out as soon as it is ready, not just Divx, all other possible video codec!!!!Just for the in game xmb, i don’t really know what it brings but as i can see, there are a lot of request for it, so give it to us, cause our ps3 need it, and it maybe what other people are waiting to get a ps3!!haha

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  • I DON’T want to start a rumor, but I have a question. Can the Blu-ray drive be updated to 4x via a Firmware flash? Like Sony did with their First Generation DVD Writers.

  • Happy Birthday PS3!

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  • Lempel pwns noobs.

  • Divx possibly with next v2.01 firmware update. i was reading this article on, this is quite interesting…

    It has just been confirmed, that Microsoft is currently working with Divx, Inc. to bring the popular Divx MPEG-4 video format to the Xbox 360. However, Microsoft also said that this Divx project for Xbox 360 is currently not in their high priority list. Right now, an unmodded Xbox 360 can only support video formats such as : WMV, HD WMV, H.264 and non Divx MPEG-4.

    Kevin Hell, Divx, Inc.’s CEO said that Microsoft has more restrictions and requirements surrounding any software that runs on it’s Xbox 360 than Sony with it’s Playstation 3, so the Xbox 360 Divx project is on a lot slower pace compared to it’s Playstation 3 brother.

    Hell also said that with the latest 2.00 firmware update, the Divx video format support has already been partially implemented on Playstation 3, and the full Divx support will come with the next Playstation 3 firmware update. However on Xbox 360, the release date for the Divx support is still unknown.

  • @brian

    OMG!! your still going on about it i have no idea what VPN is except some kind of connection security i think. i never asked for it neither do i need it.

    It is pointless for sony to have 40 diffrent BLOGS like this that would mean they would all have to compare notes everytime some people ask for something and add things to every Firmware that would keep EVERY country happy but as it stands THERE IS ONLY ONE OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION BLOG and we are both sitting in it if some people want to ask to have VPN support then they have every right to ask on this BLOG there is no otherway to ask for such things except here SECA god bless them all made this BLOG for ALL PLAYSTATION FANS and everyone else on this BLOG knows this except you apparently we have had this conversation many times on this BLOG and i think that the RECENT Uncharted Drakes Fortune DEMO blunder proved to EVERYONE that this BLOG is for everyone not just AMERICA if you dont know what am talkin about then on the AMERICAN Playstation Store said DEMO was released and it did not work on any other region’s console the obviously there was a big uproar about it from NON AMERICAN users i.e EUROPEANS Naughty Dog then fixed this (THX FOR THAT AGAIN ND) so it would work on EVERY CONSOLE therefore if this BLOG was just for AMERICANS this would not have been fixed since it takes someone from SCEA (THANK YOU) to pass the information on to ND saying that EUROPEANS are not happy because a DEMO in the AMERICAN PS Store does not work on there console so if SCEA wont add VPN because AMERICA dont need it why did they fix a little DEMO that was ALREADY working on AMERICAN consoles???

    Like i have said twice already ONE FIRMWARE TO RULE THEM ALL SCEA dont make the FIRMWARE that i am aware of.

    Eric Lempel // Director, PlayStation Network Operations i dont see where it says SCEA at the top of this post

    are you catching on yet???

    atleast its kindof on topic we are talkin about the FIRMWARE :D

  • im happy with the past updates and additions.. only thing i’m wanting is custom soundtracks.. certain games beg for this feature.. understandably, the music directors of any of the game companies would prefer you listen to their music, but after so many plays, it gets tiring… specifically in sports and racing titles, DiRT and NFS are prime examples of this, IMO.. thanks for the great work…

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  • All I hope for is DIVX playback.

    My PS3 still runs fine, just 2 ‘out of memory’ lines while browsing and some slow downs in XMB.

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  • Please give us DivX playback :) Thanks!

  • Thanks for the info Eric. But I got one question, will you work at improving PS One games compatibility? I ask because I’ve EU console 60GB and many games don’t working on my PS3 (like FF VIII). Any reply?


  • It would be very nice if it soon would be possible to browse for at new song on your mediaserver while the one you where playing could continue.

  • @Sehested

    You already can ! Just press the PS button when listening to a song and then you get access to the XMB…

  • “Firmware v2.01 is a minor update that will improve the stability of PLAYSTATION 3.”

    You mean my PS3 is currently unstable? Good thing I haven’t switched it on in weeks then, apart from to install the last minor update that was misnamed v2.0.

  • @BrianC6234

    I see what you mean, but unfortunatly there is no any Euro blog and the only way contact with Sony is to post here.

    Good example that it works: Uncharted demo update…

    @Sony, SCEA, SCEE, Eric Lempel

    PPTP Connectivity is all we need at the moment. I’m sure it won’t be very difficult to add this feature. Thank you.

  • Thank you very much!.

  • Divx playback? i thought we already had that function, i streamed 2 divx videos to my ps3 the day we got F2 – it ran fine, even the xtension says divx in the bottom righ corner

  • @pyrrhus21

    THANKS how can i be so stupid that i havent noticed the litle box in the corner :) now i love my ps3 even more.
    Once again thank you very much

  • This is getting all very MICROSOFT WINDOWS!!! :-/ i.e Updates,things going wrong!!! Wish SONY just released the PS3 like the PS1&PS2 with-out having to update it all the time!(i do like the updates tho er when they work that is)
    +They should test there Firmware more to, before letting us get bugged!!!:-/ Still LOVE my PS3 tho!!!;-P
    p.s Why are we FORCED to update to???
    i wanted to wait a week to see if there were any bugs in 2.00, but had to update to get into PSN download site:-/ DOES BILL GATE$ OWN SONY NOW!!!;-D Er JOKE!!!;)

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  • De ps3 if remote start is enabled. It has a enabled fan. Please get it out.

    in XMB make Other os. So you can there format the otheros partition or start the K boot loader. Or install a new OtherOS.

    Great works Thank uu

  • lol some of you guys are desperate! Scanning through the comments seeing repeated requests, desperate to get the attention of Sony made me lol.

    Don’t you guys think they’re on the case with in-game XMB (or more specifically, a means to read and send messages / invites to friends while in game) or DivX support?

  • Don’t cry for PPTP or other protocols. Just hook up a router to your PS3 which handles your connection. A Linksys WRT54GL with DD-WRT Firmware. It’s just a few bucks.

  • God after one year we cant even have in game msg!! There has to be something wrong! Instead of remote play the should of had worked more on the ps3 system!! Come on…. What big big differnce have we had really from last year??

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  • hopefully we get some nice little surprise or “fan service” if you will. in any case keep up the good work!

  • Okay the in-game-xmb is getting retarded … sheesh, its only a 0.0X update .. that can’t be that significant. Sheesh, take a chill pill.


  • God after one year we cant even have in game msg!! There has to be something wrong! Instead of remote play the should of had worked more on the ps3 system!! Come on…. What big big differnce have we had really from last year??

  • PS3’s 2.10 Update WILL include-
    HOME(Bugged Version)
    i.e You won’t be able to get out of your Virtual Apartment,FOREVER!!! ;-D
    It’s not making you look good!:-/

  • Wonder if this could be to fix Assassin’s Creed???

  • nce to know what’s going on

  • @oxygenx

    Why should i buy router if PS3 hadware can do the same thing? It’s software (firmware) problem.

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