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It’s me, Travis, again. You know, the Senior Producer of PAIN. I want to thank everyone for responding so well to my first PLAYSTATION Blog post. It was the first time I had the opportunity to explain PAIN to more than a few people at a time. It’s always hard to describe a game that doesn’t play like anything currently on the market. That’s a good thing. No, it’s a GREAT thing. Now that we are close to releasing the first PAIN Theme (Downtown), I get to sit back and enjoy other PLAYSTATION 3 gamers bringing the PAIN. Wait… no I don’t.

PAIN is an evolving game and how it grows will largely depend on what people like you want to see (and play). I wish that I could tell you what plans we have for the next theme, but in the meantime, I can tell you that some of your responses to my first blog post made my arguments to management more “convincing.”

Imagine me screaming, “LOOK HOW MANY PEOPLE SAY WE SHOULD SHOOT (THIS PERSON) OUT OF A LAUNCHER! Please go make it happen!”

To know me is to know that this is totally something I would say. I’m really not well, you know. I am 6’3” and Super-Sized – this is sooo not a pretty picture.

ANYWAYS… I digress.

The reason I am posting now is because we made a new trailer for PAIN. We are close to the release date and it’s time I stopped talking about PAIN and started showing you PAIN. This video will show you the six modes of play available when we ship.

Single Player
PAINdemonium – This is your PAIN sandbox. Go nuts in this mode and collect points. The better you are in this mode, the harder you will be to beat in Multiplayer HORSE.
Mime Toss – Fly through the air and toss French Mimes through glass. (My fave single player mode). Do it in record time for trophies.
Spank The Monkey – Monkeys are taking over the city. Spank ‘em. You know you want to. This mode separates the kids from the adults in PAINful (the most difficult) mode.

HORSE – All those smooth moves you perfected in PAINdemonium are worth points. Go head to head with your friends and see if they can make all the sweet launches you can.
Bowling – 10 Pins + Explosives + Cereal + Anvils – Common Sense X (1-4 Players) = The New Hotness
Fun With Explosives – Dude, it’s all about blowing yourself up as many times as you can. How can that possibly be ANYTHING but right?

So a common misconception people have when they see PAIN is to think it’s a 5 min experience. It’s so not that way. We’re shipping with six gameplay modes that keep you interested for a LONG time. You’ll see very soon. Until then watch the video.

And if you find yourself playing as Jarvis in PAIN and someone “doesn’t get it” press L2+X and tell them that “Team PAIN” has spoken.

So who would you like to see in PAIN? Vote in the poll on the right side of the blog.

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  • Disregard my earlier posts, thanks for 1080 support, you just gained a customer :)

  • Hey Travis, I gotta love your unique mind! I fell in love with this game (which unfortunately I won’t be able to buy, no credit card) from the first time I saw it at the Sony press event. BTW I would love to see game characters that would be really unusual like Kratos and Snake, but for political figures, Bush, just plain bush. I would love to see him in pain! Lol. Keep up the good work! Enjoy your vacation (If you get one) and we hope to see more cool games like this come from you!

  • just a quick question.
    will this also be available on the eu store at the same time?

  • Travis, You could always just put in a create your own character mode with that mode just so happening to make a “Jack Thompson” like character. Which then would resolve you of all legal problems from said lawyer. :P

  • yay! you-tha-man. As I said before, 1080i suppoort = definitely a “must buy” for me.

  • (Off the subject)
    I’m sure the majority of you guys on here owns Warhawk. I planning on buying it today. I was just wondering if the Jabra bluetooth earpiece is any good? Or is it just some cheap earpiece add-on.

    It’s either going to be Warhawk or CoD4.

  • Why can’t Sony come out with games like the xbox. Instead Sony come out with games like this.

  • @awheaten

    I didn’t know the xbox was a game.

  • @awheaten

    why do us mature readers have to listen to your whinning?

    Part of life…

  • 9.99? Hmm Everyday Shooter is a good game, but overpriced at 9.99. I’ve been iffy about this game from the start. Especially now that I know the price. Will there be a small demo? Like maybe of just one small section.

  • For those of you that are looking for a PSN network card have you tried going to your local bank or a place that sells the Visa/Mastercard gift cards and use them?

  • I love what your doin’ with ideas in Pain — thanks for pushin’ forward on the innovation. I’d like to toss an idea for a future “theme” at you (and possibly a multiplayer mode).

    As soon as I saw PAIN, it made me think of playin’ forts as kids, which immediately made me think that it would be cool if you could have a mode where there are two castles, and you are trying to cause as much destruction and mayhem on one another. Yeah, it’s a little cliche, but it really DID occur in medieval times — they’d launch flaming peasants into castles as a preface to a charge!

  • Heh, pretty cool. I voted for political figures but I’d like to every category really.~

    Inserting Ratchet could pretty simple- just get the build from Insomniac, add the sound he makes when he falls to his death and voila!~

    I had some other ideas awhile back, one that was perfect, but I can’t remember anymore. I’m fairly sure I posted it in one of the previous blogs here.

  • @DoggySpew
    thanks guys I needed that. But you both know I’m right. You know that you’re not getting this game.

    But, I can’t wait for street fighter though.

  • @ Travis

    You guys should do like some kind of a space theme that would be cool.From A-Town to yo Town:ATLRoAcH

  • Thinking about it. I think probably a cool variant of the PAIN game would be Road Runner/Coyote licensed game. Coyote places ACME devices and gets trapped by them himself after the Road Runner comes by :-) Just a stupid thought…i just love Road Runner and there never was any good video game adaption of it. A trap-construction game might be the ultimate solution.

  • @Travis
    It’s nice to see someone that actually posts a few replies! Keep it up :)
    If your looking for inspiration for new content you could copy Jackass and have a shopping cart mode. You could go down a ski jump maybe, and/or use the 6axis to flip/roll it. As for locations, a Desert would be easy with lots of cacti. A giant pinball machine would be cool.

    The Jabra’s not bad, not the best but defiantly worth the extra $20 (especially if you don’t have one)

  • Yeah, dude. A game about causing large amounts of pain to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, or Donald Rumsfeld? I think lots of people who don’t even like video games would want to play that.

  • @ T-P-M
    Thanks man, I appreciate you taking the time to acknowledge my post. Guess I’ll be seeing you on the servers.

  • No problem
    Yeah, bet you can guess my psn id :D

  • Haha Travis! I was just kidding with ya! Thats pretty awesome of you to respond to the gamers!

    I will want to buy this game.

    If you wanted more modes, characters from real life or other computer games, would you consider having DLC for PAIN?

  • What does DLC stand for?

    Another question due to recent discussions: will PAIN arrive simultaneously in all PSN stores (i.e. US, EU, Asia)? I am at a point where i would simply buy a game to award equal treatment! Otherwise, i definitely won’t no matter how good the game is!

  • @72

    DLC – DownLoadable Content i do Believe.

  • man…this game is starting to look more and more interesting. at first i thought it was something that was funny for 2 seconds and then you got over but i think i might give it a chance.

    in terms of who to launch…it’s simple…people who we wouldn’t mind sending flying into painful situations. video game characters are cool but at the end it’s the public figures we want to see fly into a few explosives. i voted but i’ll put a quick list of people i wouldn’t mind launching a few times.

    Paris Hilton
    Paul O’reily
    George W Bush
    Brittney Spears
    OJ Simpson
    any boyband (as a group launched all at the same time!)

  • I think a farm setting, or a mockup of disney world would be good themes.

    Anyways, can’t wait to download it.

  • Would buy it when it sells at 2.99 usd.

  • Yes, I’ll have a glass of your wounderful kool aid.

    My tummy hirts…

  • My vote:
    Chuck Norris
    looks okay. I guess this is more my brother’s type of game, I’ll see if he likes it.

    Good luck!

  • Travis, the way you talk about your game is so weird…
    You really seem to be in love with this game, or you are just weird yourself.

    Anyway… I will try to buy this, “try” because I don’t have a fraking store in my country!

  • You know another cool idea would be PAIN “Battleship” you launch into your enemies area unknowingly and try to hit specific targets.

  • Looks awsome!

  • Oh, and Tom Cruise. Be sure not to forget Tom Cruise.

  • looks really fun. how about you let us fling peter moore into a wall. haha i would for sure buy the game.

  • The characters I would add…

    Samuel Jackson
    Lil John
    Randy “Macho Man” Savage

    Imagine what they might say while flying through the air!

  • This game keeps looking and sounding better and better all the time.

    Public figures would be awesome (I’m sure they’d have to be ‘like’ their real life counter parts and not ‘actually’ them), but please think about getting some Sony characters in there too.

    Daxter (Naughty Dog, Jak and Daxter), Clank (Insomniac, Ratchet and Clank), Kratos (God of War) would be pretty cool. Could we even have Sony representatives like Kaz (if they’re good natured enough to do it that is)? :)

    Finally, any definate pricing on the game for regions outside the US? Recently ‘Feel Ski’ was released in the Australian store for $13.99 AUD ($11.00 USD) while Americans pay $3.99 for it.

  • Can you kindly add the ability to create a character pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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  • Awwww. I thought the theme meant PS3 themes. =D

  • Hey Travis thanks for the trailer (game looks really fun)

    btw…I dont know If you are working with the Playstation Home throphy system, but If you guys are, I would love to have one of those pant less monkeys as the reward from PAIN (nothing like having a naked monkey in your room!)

  • Thanks for the Trailer Travis!

    btw…I dont know If you guys are working with the Playstation Home Trophy system but If you are…put one of those pant less monkeys as the reward from PAIN(everyone would love to have a pant less monkey in their HOME!!!!)

    I also see that Sony characters are winning in the poll….would love to see a version of Kratos from God of War in PAIN

  • This is game looks like so much fun! I hope we’ll get to try it out soon :)

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  • Man, I hope you guys stick some people in their that just DESERVE to shot a speeding train. Game looks ridiculously fun. Should be a day one purchase.

  • wow looks really FUN cant wait

  • This is going to be downloadable right?

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  • Yup this is a downloadable game.

    @Capn Fury
    We are working on Home additions. I will keep you posted.

    Working on PS3 Themes for PAIN too. They are really nice looking. We are almost done.

    Dunno what other territories will price PAIN at honestly. We wanted it to be afforable so people on the fence would try us out. I think it’s a lot of game for the price.

    Downloadable content is KEY in PAIN. We made it so you can do this inside the game. PAIN will also let you know in game when there is more stuff to get.

    I do love this game. At first I was a bit dubious of how we would turn out. But it does say something for a game when you work on it and STILL have fun playing it. And the better you get at PAIN the more fun you have.

    And yes Sony Characters are winning the poll so I guess I am gonna have to put them in the game. THE GAMERS HAVE SPOKEN!

    Excuse me I gotta go steal some characters from other games now. AWWWW YEAH!

  • lmao Travis you seem like a really down to Earth, cool guy

  • ok Let see no how a bout:
    1-Ratchet & Clank
    2-Gabe Logan from Syphon Filter series
    3-Jak & Dexter
    4-Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal series
    5 Sir Daniel Fortesque: from MediEvil series
    6- Kakeru/Spike : The main hero of the Ape Escape series. (You can also use Ape Escape monkeys in the game)
    7- Sly Cooper from Sly Cooper (series) and others.

  • No if you are going to put somebody in there put Paris hillton or something like that. ok the game looks good i would love to play it but if you have a level desiner programs ” do it your self” i would love to have a Dungeon in there so i put some people to have pain. if you know what i’m taking about, it would sell a million

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