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It’s me, Travis, again. You know, the Senior Producer of PAIN. I want to thank everyone for responding so well to my first PLAYSTATION Blog post. It was the first time I had the opportunity to explain PAIN to more than a few people at a time. It’s always hard to describe a game that doesn’t play like anything currently on the market. That’s a good thing. No, it’s a GREAT thing. Now that we are close to releasing the first PAIN Theme (Downtown), I get to sit back and enjoy other PLAYSTATION 3 gamers bringing the PAIN. Wait… no I don’t.

PAIN is an evolving game and how it grows will largely depend on what people like you want to see (and play). I wish that I could tell you what plans we have for the next theme, but in the meantime, I can tell you that some of your responses to my first blog post made my arguments to management more “convincing.”

Imagine me screaming, “LOOK HOW MANY PEOPLE SAY WE SHOULD SHOOT (THIS PERSON) OUT OF A LAUNCHER! Please go make it happen!”

To know me is to know that this is totally something I would say. I’m really not well, you know. I am 6’3” and Super-Sized – this is sooo not a pretty picture.

ANYWAYS… I digress.

The reason I am posting now is because we made a new trailer for PAIN. We are close to the release date and it’s time I stopped talking about PAIN and started showing you PAIN. This video will show you the six modes of play available when we ship.

Single Player
PAINdemonium – This is your PAIN sandbox. Go nuts in this mode and collect points. The better you are in this mode, the harder you will be to beat in Multiplayer HORSE.
Mime Toss – Fly through the air and toss French Mimes through glass. (My fave single player mode). Do it in record time for trophies.
Spank The Monkey – Monkeys are taking over the city. Spank ‘em. You know you want to. This mode separates the kids from the adults in PAINful (the most difficult) mode.

HORSE – All those smooth moves you perfected in PAINdemonium are worth points. Go head to head with your friends and see if they can make all the sweet launches you can.
Bowling – 10 Pins + Explosives + Cereal + Anvils – Common Sense X (1-4 Players) = The New Hotness
Fun With Explosives – Dude, it’s all about blowing yourself up as many times as you can. How can that possibly be ANYTHING but right?

So a common misconception people have when they see PAIN is to think it’s a 5 min experience. It’s so not that way. We’re shipping with six gameplay modes that keep you interested for a LONG time. You’ll see very soon. Until then watch the video.

And if you find yourself playing as Jarvis in PAIN and someone “doesn’t get it” press L2+X and tell them that “Team PAIN” has spoken.

So who would you like to see in PAIN? Vote in the poll on the right side of the blog.

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3 Author Replies

  • This looks awesome
    Another in my list of “to buys”.

  • i like this game ;)

  • Lmao, looks great. Is the multiplayer online or not??

  • Ok, I want this game…how much longer do we have to wait before we get to try it out? Have you guys thought about implementing the playstation eye? I see major possibilities with “launching” being controlled via the eye with your “face” being the “target” so to speak.

  • I think gemini missed a trick, make it so you can put your face ON your characters! Like rainbow 6 vegas. That would be hilarious, launching myself into a sheet of glass.

  • I came to bring the PAIN…so when can I play?

  • I’m gonna bring the pain like Method Man.

  • I voted Celebrities but I wouldn’t mind seeing a green-armored futuristic marine-type character with a hello kitty face instead of a……helmet with orange visor…. ;)

  • How about both celebrities and other video game characters?

  • This game looks like a blast, I think the wife is gonna like this one too.

  • Looks like the PSN updates are finally coming earlier in the day. Thx sony. hope it stays that way.

  • Bizzare game… I don’t know what else to say. I’ve bought all the other games on PSN, no matter how garbage they were… I’ll buy this one too, I’m sure. I’m just glad that we can now seperate are good PSN games away from our impulse mistake buys. That goes a long way in buying now. Case and point… I have Rampage, MK2 and Qbert out of sight and mind. I’ll buy Pain, and give it a go. So, you ahve me sold.

  • Yeah! If only I could buy it. But I have no credit card and there are no psnetwork cards in the U.S. Damn!

  • Gonna buy it, gonna buy it, gonna buy it!

  • looks awesome. I’ll definitely be picking it up if it supports 1080i output.

  • PAIN looks freaking awesome!

  • Awesome! Buy this one day one!

  • Sign me up. Looks like some nice time-wasting fun.

  • These little fun games are the best. I can’t wait for this game to come. Any game i can play for 20 minutes and put down is great.

  • This game looks so stupid…….I will buy it the moment it’s released.

  • is multi-player online only? or does it have split-screen or something?

  • @gamesblow

    You keep threatening to leave and buy the other game system when are you going to do that? Or do you get off on complaining on EVERY blog comment that comes out? LEAVE and don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split ya!!!

  • @Submish

    gamesblow is a self proclaimed king of trolls. He lives off of bashing stuff… besides, it’s fun to argue against him… when he actually makes sense with his comments ^_~

  • Heres my suggestion for the polls! NONE!!


    This game looks good anyways, I’ll be sure to check it out when it hits the PS Store

  • Haha…who would like to see i PAIN? I would guess you could make yourself a business out of that question. Just sell PAIN characters like you will sell Singstore music titles in a PAIN store :-) I would certainly buy a well-modeled Paris Hilton for an extra buck to make her suffer ;-) On the other hand, i’d really require virtual dismemberments to make that work ;-)

    I would also be rather cool if there was some way to create own characters kinda like the Tiger Woods face texture uploader etc.

  • I jack thompson is not in I WON’T buy it! Got it?!

  • I don’t think I’m self proclaimed no more. I’m actually titled now, I believe. “ha”

  • This is one of the few games that i’m definitly gonna have to download! I havent downloaded many games but with something with this much potential…oh yeah!

  • I couldn’t take the smile off my face while watching this vid…It’s hilarious…Can’t wait to play it, looks highly entertaining!

  • looks like waaaaay too much fun.

  • how many maps is it gonig to have?? we i only seen one.

  • Will this support 1080 either native or upscaled?

  • @rockmanjoey

    Jack Thompson if he was in the game i’d buy it in a second that crazy lawyer.

  • I like your writing style :-) Very fitting for a blog dude!

    LOL Ratchet better be in there!! I voted for Sony Characters in case you didn’t catch on :-)

    Man, I can’t wait for PAIN—this game looks hilarious!

    OH YEAH! Please PLEEEEASE make it so that, when you save a video replay, you can save it in a easy-to-use format on the XMB–I say easy to use because EyeCreate exports in a format that you need a converter to change it to a format that Macs or Windows PCs can read—-and I am too cheap to pay 40 bucks for the converter so I am stuck using a trial-ware version that has a bunch of dumb limitations—-which, btw, if you could pass that on to the EyeCreate people in London to add options to what way to export that would be totally sweet!

  • I want Ric Flair in it, with a highly detailed face.

  • put BILL GATES, Reggie Fils-Aime and that annoying fat pig boss from VALVE ( you know that who was dissing the PS3 )in the game and i will definetly buy it

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  • Just might pick up this game, it looks fun.

  • I think it’d be funny to put a mock up version of the xbox 360 in it. Imagine launching the xbox 360 into Oblivion. hahaha, that’d be sharp as a thumb tac, man.

  • It looks like fun!!

  • This game sounds awesome. IGN just posted a pretty extensive preview with a lot more details about the modes. I can’t wait to download this.

  • Interesting PAIN tidbit: We actually had an hour long meeting on if we could show monkey booty in the trailer. I am a fan of monkeys, and I support their right to “rock out” apparently I was in the minority on this. However when you buy PAIN you can see the pant less monkeys in their full glory. Imagine being in a meeting where I keep pointing out.

    It really happened. I swear.

    Remember that Jarvis L2+X move. You have to do it. YOU HAVE TO! Do it more than once. Thank me later.

    PAIN plays best at 720p it’s very clear from the Anti Aliasing. I usually PAIN in the office. Last week I took it home and played on my large screen and I was really amped on how good it looked. Someone (who shall remain nameless) said I had too many TVs. Please join me in telling her that you can never have too much tech per square foot. Can I get a witness?
    If they do they are more than likely goin clubbin. In which case I wanna hang with those cats man.

    We are really close to release. REALLY close. I said that I wanted some Christmas vacation and finishing PAIN was going to be how I bought my vacation time. So it’s coming soon. VERY soon.

    I agree. The more characters the better. I’m on it.

    I’d like to spend my time making more PAIN and less time in court.

    We call levels “Themes” in PAIN. The first theme is Downtown. We are already working on the next PAIN theme. There’s a lot to do in just the downtown theme. Hopefully by the time you are done with the downtown area we will be ready to release another one.

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ( I am from the south. Gotta love the Nature Boy.)

    We are working on even more replay functionality than just saving the replay. Stay tuned.

    Multiplayer is 1-4 players and currently you all play on the same screen. Multiplayer games are either turn based (With one Sixaxis) or in the case of PAIN Bowling you all play at the same time. One player is the Bowler while everyone else tries to mess that player up by launching all kinds of crazy distractions.

    Thanks for the love. I really appreciate the input and going forward we will have many more PAIN polls. What you say helps me make points to the “suits”. OH and if you get your hands on one of the new DualShocks PAIN works with it right away.

    Have a nice weekend everyone! I’m actually not working this weekend. SWEET!

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  • Is there a price point yet? How about unlockables? Have you thought about a gameplay like “TAG” or “Hide & GO SEEK” or “PAIN GOLF” or “PAIN FRISBEE”? I’d love to see that. Can’t wait thanks for the update.

  • @Travis
    It may play “best” at 720p, but for the many, many users whose TVs do not do 720p (but can do 1080i) it is important that our games support 1080i so that we are not forced to play our games in low-def.
    720p native is fine, but please tell us you’ve implemented Sony’s scaling SDKs to support all resolutions…?

  • As Evan Wells addressed when he added scaling to uncharted, he does not beleive anyone with an HDTV shoul be playing PS3 games in 480p,
    This is exactly what happens when games only support 720 and do not upscale,
    for HDTVs that only accept 1080i (there is a thread in the forums that shows there are many such owners) the PS3 wil DOWN scale 720p games to 480,
    please confirm whether it is your assertion that it is preferable to you and your development team that this game be displayed at 480P and not 1080i on HDTVs that do not accept 720.


    If you HDTV does not accept 720p signals this game in its current state will be downscaled by the PS3 to display on your TV at 480p (not HD)
    you will NOT be able to play this game in HD

  • @leetfoo
    Yes, you can play in 1080i/p It’s not my favorite resolution because you don’t get the Anti Alias but yes you can. That is if your set does not support 720p. We in fact use upscaling in these modes. So howyalikemenow? (Sorry I had to add that)

    Pain is only 9.99 which is the price we always wanted. I think PAIN is a lot of game for that price and I want to thank the PSN Group and Marketing for supporting us. You start the game with Just Jarvis playable. When you finish the CRASH COURSE and hit the trophy room it tells you how to unlock All of Jarvis’ alter egos ad well as Ed. The trophy Room in PAIN is filled with Achievements (Some are skill based others are point based).

    But we WILL “sneak” things in that I won’t talk about when we update PAIN. Then I will see how long it takes for you all to find them. By things I mean characters, modes, trophies, songs etc. Every time you launch PAIN you are connecting to the PLAYSTATION©Network so we will be using that connection to keep you dialed in to new things.


  • I have a 1080p-capable LCD TV, so any games that run in 720p are already being upscaled by the TV itself to 1080p. Wouldn’t this look about the same as if the PS3 does it, which you seem to say is being done for PAIN?

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