PLAYSTATION 3 Brand Campaign Kicks Off

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Hey everyone, I’m Kim Nguyen, Marketing Manager for PLAYSTATION 3. This is my first post and I’m happy to report that the PS3 brand campaign officially kicks off this week with our online campaign. The first of many banners will appear today and run through December. In a nutshell, the theme of this year’s campaign uses computer animation to model key PS3 iconography in a black onyx world. Phew, yeah, that’s a mouthful. Better yet, why don’t you see it for yourself. This link takes you to the “Blu-ray” banner and is just the beginning with lots more to come. Stay tuned…

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    […] Qblogger wrote an interesting post today!.Here’s a quick excerptHey everyone, I’m Kim Nguyen, Marketing Manager for PLAYSTATION 3. This is my first post and I’m happy to report that the PS3 brand campaign officially kicks off this week with our online campaign. The first of many banners will appear … […]

  • NIceeee, I like the venom like morphing effect. Now let’s get some commercials on TV. I’m sick of Xbox 360 commercial and Sony not trying to compete. This is a great start.

  • This is really Great news I hope The ps3 starts to pick up steam :_)

  • if they keep this up, they will kick bum by mid next year

  • Thats really good,…

    now make a TV commercial out of it!!!!
    Put it in cinemas too.

    Please no more bizarro stuff, you guys need to sell the product. Tell people what the PS3 can do, in a clear astonishing manner. The banner is a good beginning!!

  • + Posted by Kim Nguyen // Marketing Manager,

    Any relation to Tila Nguyen??
    if so

  • GREENBERRY if they keep this up there will be no ps3 next year…we dont care about advertisment cuzz we cant play those…updates cool but not needed …DID U GUYS BY THE PS3 4 games or movies… ps3 is a gameing console the extra is nice but games is why we got the ps3.ps1 or ps2 didnt have updates but they had lots of needs two do what made them stand out years ago..the price is not a problem if the console has good games

  • @ Danny


    it is still in the works, its coming… dont worry”

    There often been talks of it here and there regarding GT on psp. But, I want it sooner than like something 2045 in which it is currently planned to release.

    I cry all night for GT on PSP.=(

  • Dear Mr. Nguyen:
    If you want to sell PS3’s, get some ads on television in the United States. Here, people just don’t care anything that isn’t on TV.

    Follow these three rules and you will sell PS3’s!

    1. Drop the price and ADVERTISE THE NEW LOW PRICE!

    2. Show off the GAMES!

    3. Make commercials and SHOW PEOPLE HAVING FUN PLAYING THE PS3! Nobody cares about a Black Onyx world. They care bout Earth, and earth people love video games. This means:


    Just: people + PS3= fun

    That’s the formula. make it happen.


  • @57, Scott

    What the hell are you rambling on about? This is a post from Sony about thier advertising for this Fall. A lot of people are excited for this, but obviously not you. If you want games, go look at the line-up right now and towards the end of the year. You obviously didn’t buy the PS3 for games because if you did you wouldn’t spend your life whining on blogs.

  • The playstation 3 and PSP really need to up their advertising, especially TV ads. I barely ever see the white room comercials, except for heavenly sword. Also if you bring these commercials in also that would be cool, my main point is, market the ps3 and bluray harder.

  • Scott did you buy a PS3 to complain all day or play games.. Well go play some games.. I have plenty to play and don’t seem to find the time to play them all .. you must be living under a rock or you’re home all day in your basement only playing games…

    Which is fine but no point in complaining baout no games when there honestly is plenty of games to play…

    GREENBERRY if they keep this up there will be no ps3 next year…

    Is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard… That’s like saying there will be no X360 next year because of the rumored 399 40gb PS3 … give me a break.

    on subject: The ads are pretty wicked but I owuld have to agree.. the only TV spot I have seen was Heavenly sword and it was far and few between… I think TV spots are where the advertising is at but it might be a limited marketing budget dues to trying to cut costs on the PS3.

  • OMG THAT WAS SEXY! Great job! It was like Transformers meets PS3, kinda like in the movie with the stupid xbox transforming when it shouldve been a more advanced form of technology…but its ok XD

  • gamerman if ps3 has such good games why are yall waisting time here

  • Finally a sensible advertisement, finally one that would really make me buy a PS3, even if I already bought one, but man that is awesome. The way things comes from the console is just pure eye catching. Thats exactly what we want an advertisement that make people buy not one that makes them say, what…what just happened.

    BTW, reduce the price of the 20GB console to $350 and it would be smooth sailing. Yeah and if its true that 40GB is coming for $399 then for me you just won the console war fair and square.

  • look at all yall pissed cause i speak the truth i wll keep rubbing 360 all on your moms cat until till sony give me a reason to rub the ps3 on your moms throat…u feel me
    the truth hurts oh well go to the dr.

  • @63

    Im actually here while I wait for the Store update. However, you, Scott, seem to be here every day, every post, which isn’t healthy. You should stop hating Sony and the PS3 so much and use it for what you bought it for- games. Don’t tell me there are no games. There are over 80 games RIGHT now and we have a lot of AAA exclusives like Resistance, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, and Ninja Gaiden, and Ridge Racer 7. Try some will ya?

  • that banner is absolutely sick… keep em comin!!!!

  • @65

    Look at the games now, the games coming, the features in the box and then tell me you have no reason to own a PS3. Seriously, if you have no reason to own one why not sell it? It’s completely useless, isn’t it? I, too, am a bit upset and Sony’s horrible effort in games and PSN, but I actually use the machine when I want to. If the 360 is the MEGATON with so many games why don’t you play it?

  • hey kim.. you as well as anyone that posts here i’m sure gets a little overwhelmed with the amount of “suggestion” and critisism that most people expresses.

    I would like to first of all say thanks for letting ps3 fans know what’s new and your plans, this means that you care for us and makes us feel more appreciated.

    i would say that 99% of ps3 owners would agree that the adverstisement of the ps3 has been extremely lame, and i’m sure that most sony workers have seen the huge adverstisment that microsoft does.. i believe this is a key point for sales.. as most people know

    one very very important point is to please get an adverstisement person like the person that did the commercials for the iphone.. i mean the ps3 commercial just doesn’t cut it..

    specially the This Is Living ones… do you realize that someone in a tub doesn’t make someone buy a ps3 right.. people need to know what the ps3 do.. so please do something about this

    Why do we care.. cause the more you sell the more 3rd party support we get which means better games, that’s why.. thank you very much for your time

  • dude #66 i am grown i dont only play games ..yall are here every day not me…why are u waiting around 4 demos go buy a game that u say sony has or go play them …thats what i thoughtthere all old

  • @Scott .. I’m here because I’m at work and using the internet to kill time until I can get home to play some games.

    What’s your excuse again ?

  • BulletToothTony you are correct … the commercials really need to harp on the games coming out like in the PS2 days and really what this PS3 can really do especially showing off the PSP to PS3 connectivity .. I think it’s wonderful.

  • @70

    LOL. You’re grown and don’t only play games? Dude! Your life revolves around complaining about how great the 360 is and how PS3 is bull. What are you doing right now? Complaining! Use the time now to go play your faboulous xbox(if its not broken) and all its games. Haven’t you learned that Sony doesn’t really listen to us? They will occasionally if it involves money for them, but the rest of the time we’ll get empty promises. So, we might as well not complain, because Sony probably already has a vision and a lay out of what they’re going to do, and you’re probably not changing it in any way.

  • im in match making halo 3.check and check out SCOTT rules 22
    it tells u whos on and whos not

  • # 73 if i just talk about how graet 360 thats called bragging stupid not complaining

  • NICE! That ad just screams ‘My PS3 is a NINJA!!!’ –there is going to be TV ads like this right? Can’t wait to see them hehe!!!!

  • Just to let you guys know, that ad doesn’t work on the joystiq “sub-blogs” like PS3 fanboy. When you roll over them they get cut off.

  • now that is a very cool banner.. but definitely, the PS3 is worth it… especially given how much Blu-Ray players are retailing for by themselves, plus you get to play some great games and have internet access…

  • Scott just get a dam life and go play your halo 3. Oh my bad, most of them came Dead on Arrival. And look at what you said “I want demos on time like 360.” Isn’t that complaing you stupid moron? I dont have time to argue with little 12 year olds, so have fun wasting your life on a blog, I’ll be playing Warhawk.

  • That was great. The roll over video is smart.

    I’m glad you guys are listening to the critics. People have been complaining that you’re not promoting the PS3 as a high definition Blu Ray player and by the looks of this ad you are!

    Love the Uncharted animation. I’d like to see Folklore get some love too, especially since it’s been getting great praise (from IGN at least). Hell you should promote some of the upcoming downloaded PSN content too…or would that confuse customers when they go to the store and can’t find the game?

    Anyway looks great. Keep us posted with the new ads and commercials. I’m sure blogs will be reviewing your work.

  • if u had money u would be trying to play halo it sold 300MILLION$ worth of halo copies the first week …what about war hawk..that games like 40$ and steal no 1 has it…..halo nation

  • If you’re expecting the majority of internet-goers to be pleased that you’re going to flood our screens with more banner ads, then I have some surprising news that may shock you:

    People will ignore your ads, people will adblock your ads, and some people will become enraged by your ads, but at the end of the day, nobody will buy a PS3 because of them.

    Nobody in the history of the universe has ever dropped 600 US Dollars because of a banner ad. All this new “BRAND CAMPAIGN” does is continue Sony PR’s embarassing death spiral. Nobody likes banner ads, nobody wants them, and it’s probably the worst thing in the world to brag about making more of something that is seen as a common internet annoyance.

    People will buy the PS3 when it has a decent number of system-exclusives that they want to play, at a price they are comfortable with. If you can’t make that happen, then all the banner ads in the world won’t make a difference.

  • For everyone who wants to adblock this intrusive monstrosity of a rollover flash ad, the URL is:

    Good god that’s annoying.

  • That looks really great.

    Props to the Sony marketing team.

  • @ 82 & 83

    Man relax, its just an ad banner, good god you sound like those banners have molested you when you were a kid and now you are on a mission to stop them.

    Calm down, its just marketing 101.

  • Good to see you guys aggressively marketing the PS3. You definitely must get more ads on TV.

  • Good luck Sony and I hope all the money that goes into this (and I’m sure it’s A LOT of money), you get the worthy return that you deserve.

    I am looking forward to buying a PS3 (waiting for Uncharted to release) although if waiting for Uncharted will be enough is yet to be seen as there are many rumours of a 40GB version of the PS3 with a cheaper price tag.

    I hope this is not a new SKU, just simply a new bundle as Sony said themselves many times they won’t do multiple SKUs after the 20GB/ no card reader fiasco.

  • HOLY BALLZ!!!! This rocks @$$, I want to add it to my myspace. Email me the embed code ASAP.

    Yea buddy, keep em coming!

    ~Game On~

  • @ every1 – Hey this is a stupid question and its probably really obvious and in plain sight but where is this new ad located at? I haven’t seen it at all…


  • The first AD for the PS3 that I saw on TV was the one of the kid on the roof top and he looks up at the sky and he sees a three. I was like “that was the dumbest thing ever” then I saw the baby one and I stepped away from my TV!

    Please just show us the games and what the PS3 can do, don’t just say it’s powerful! Show us that!
    I want to see ADs with “Play B3yond” instead of “Jump In”. I miss the old PS2 commercials… :(

    Nice banner by the way! ;)

  • @85
    Marketing 101 involves bragging about using a marketing strategy that’s ineffective or even counterproductive in drumming up interest in the product? Wow. I guess I’m just behind the times then.

    I wasn’t raped by a banner ad, stop being crude. I find them to be annoying and obtrusive, just like everyone else on the internet. It’s really surreal to me to see people lining up to congratulate Sony for polluting the internet with yet another awful rollover flash ad.

  • Its about time we need more tv commericals for Mutliplat ones as well cause all EA games seem to Boast Xbox360 Only.

  • Its about time they start advertising the ps3.

    I haven’t seen a commercial since the stupid crying baby when the ps3 came out, and that one time in heroes.

    In other news the 360 is in pretty much every movie, and game ads always say 360 at the end as though it is an exclusive or something.

    seriously WTH have you guys been doing for the past year???

  • @ 91

    Its a ROLLOVER ad, if u dont like it, then dont rollover it, simple man. stop complaining about things like that. We know its annoying but its the way websites make money so they can be free. Now thats Business BTW.

    If u stopped these then websites will have no income and then they will be shut down. I know you love the internet, so u wont be happy if this happen will u? So, you have to learn to live with such things cause they feed on you, consumers.

    Cant enjoy the net with them, cant have the net without them.

  • i dont see it

  • Really thats a good idea and about time there are no adds on tv for the PS3 other them this online ones, that most of the blogs are us fighting with 360 users on how much better the PS3 is over the 360, but if i may put some on the G4 channel thats almost the only channel that people like us that like electronics watch, and almost everyone in there talk more about the 360 them anything else

  • @94

    Who says that I love the internet? That’s a pretty huge assumption to make. Anyway, the majority of sites that I go to make most/all of their money from alternative revenue streams like subscriptions and merchandise anyway.

    Even if the internet wouldn’t exist without banner ads, a statement that I contest, why are 90 of you lining up to thank Sony for clogging the internet with yet another? An animated, rollover one at that. It’s a ridiculously obtrusive ad method that nobody likes and almost everyone hates. Maybe you’re willing to have an ad displace what you’re reading when you accidentally scroll over it, but *ps3_kinetic_160ex_main_FL8.swf is going on my filterlist and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

  • Banner ads have existed for a long time… I highly doubt that “most” of the sites you go to get most of their money from things other than ads. Without ads, most sites would make little to no money.

    This rollover ad will help people learn about Blu-ray and ps3. It might not do anything for people that already have a next-gen console, or people that know lots about technology and games, but it will be effective on the more casual internet users/gamers.

  • Holy ****! That’s some complex ad! Very cool.

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