Updated PS3 and PSP Firmware

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Taking into account customer feedback and some internal testing, we will be making available in the next few days a firmware update for the PS3 (1.93) that fixes the network disconnect issue that some of you have experienced as a result of downloading Firmware 1.92. In addition, we are adding a new firmware update for PSP (3.71) as well, which adds many features that readers of this blog have requested.

The main feature we’ve added with the recent updates for PSP is the ability to set themes on your PSP. Over time we will be providing themes on PlayStation.com, our official PSP site and through PLAYSTATION Store. You can download themes based on some of our popular titles. Be sure to download the files into the following location on your memory stick:

psp memory stick

Once you have downloaded a theme, under settings, go to theme settings, select theme and then custom theme to choose the one you want to display.

You can also now play music while viewing photos or a slideshow. First begin playing a track saved on your memory stick, press the HOME or SELECT button, then navigate to your photos under the Photo icon and begin viewing.

We’ve added several other features including scene search for movies, and you’ll be able to read about them in more depth on the usual update page once it goes live. When it does, I’ll update this post with a direct link.

Update: Here’s the link.

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  • Thanks for the update!!!
    Sony please bring Ninja Gaiden 2 for the PS3 don’t let it be a 360 exclusive…!!!

  • Some of my feature ideas to PSP:

    – PDF support
    (PSP is ideal to read, and if you on a trip, or on the bus heading to the university, this feature can be very handy..)

    – The ability to set a default encoding in browser
    (because now need to switch back after every single pageload..)

    – Supporting of subdirectories

    – A normal (not just podcast) RSS client
    (one of the best example: the Safari browsers built-in rss reader…..very spartan, very good!)

    And last but not least:

    – Just one more color to XMB: black
    (Like on PS3..)

  • Dear Sony,

    Please have a large team focus on a big patch like what M$ calls a Service Pack for christmas so when I put in new or old games\movies I know they will work and that if I go to the Sony Store I know I can browse through a large inventory of PS-1 games that I can play on the PS3 or PSP. I too have a huge complaint about the Music Player, contact Apple and get exclusive rights to have iTunes player and iPod compatibility on the PS3. Everyone I know has iTunes and an iPod. Combine that with XMB or better and the Xbox freaks at Gamestops will finally shut up. Also I have heard that if PS3 loses Devil May Cry and MGS that many PS3 die hards will die or buy an xbox.

  • I would like to see at least some of the free audio/video codecs. vorbis/xVID/theora. Ogg containers would be nice.

  • Great work so far sony,

    any chance of giving us the option to enable/disable the bluetooth in the PS3 so i can use it totally wired without any signals flying around. It’s doing strange things to some other devices i have around the house. I’ve spoken to a few other people who have had the same problem so i think it would be a very welcome option for some of us.

    Would be great if you could, thanks.

    PS the PS3 is class

  • sleep timer on ps3, sleep timer on ps3, sleep timer on ps3, sleep timer on ps3, sleep timer on ps3, sleep timer on ps3, sleep timer on ps3, sleep timer on ps3

    wake up timer on ps3, wake up timer on ps3, wake up timer on ps3, wake up timer on ps3,

    why have the ability for remote play via any hotspot and not have the ability to set ur ps3 to turn on and off….like my dame expensive TV….suppose im in jamaica with my psp..do i have to leave my ps3 on for 2 whole weeks?

    a music equalizer on ps3, a music equalizer on ps3, a music equalizer on ps3, a music equalizer on ps3,
    the psp got one


  • OHH AND ONE MORE THING….isnt there a way to only allow the “PS” button on the remote to turn on the system….a software or something…..many pple complained about this one mistake…FIX IT!..make a version 2 remote or something,,i would buy it for $20

  • WOO-HOO!!!







  • and what is the big deal about people wanting in game XMB???

    Just what is that going to do to make the PS3 so much better? It seems EVERYONE here wants it so bad…just wondering..maybe to easier add friends to a game?

    anyway, I’m just happy my PS3 will be able to reach the network again!!!


  • Thank you for the update

    I hope that “XMB in game access” is in the next one

    bring it soon

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  • I really hope that before the PS3 comes a year!!!! old we have in game XMB.. And listening to music while we play games on our PSP should’ve been done a long time ago.. But hopefully it will come soon..

  • Thanks for the updates, I hope that you create a lot of cool themes for us to download. I heard a rumor that an application would be released allowing us to create our own PSP Themes.

  • Here’s hoping that 1.93 resolves the Warhawk network issues (I haven’t seen any such description specifically). I would think that any amount of testing from a consumer PS3 on a consumer-type connection would quickly reveal this problem. In my case, it’s a 8mbps/1mbps cable connection, and the inability to host a game without the network error dropping the connection within 10 minutes.

    I’m really hoping this is fixable by this quick system patch, and not due to bugs in the game code which will take longer to fix.

  • agree with 112…..what do u want in game xmb for ….is it that u want access to read messages and stuff….well hopefully u still wont have to quit the game to read ur message…the only way i woul dbeg for that xmb update is it i can..be watchin a movie on blu ray..pause it…and view a video i just downloaded…then return to my movie,,,same for games and …well photos..well we can already listen to music and browse the net….THE XMB,,SHOULD BE FOR EVERYTHING…playin a game and browse for cheats on the net….playin a movie, pause it ..and check out my myspace… and please,,,please…the ability to watch videos on yahoo movie..not just youtube

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  • lol this post got a lot of hits fast.

    thanks for the update, I hope it fixes people’ s problems and not cause new ones. any psp update is welcome. I love my PSP!!!

  • Great for the update….Though please allow full mapping of Sixaxis motion controls through the PSP….Then we can play Lair fully.

  • Thanks for the update but…

    What’s the deal with home? Where’s my PSN community? It’s taking way to long to get on your feet Sony. I’m starting to understand why 360 people/fans are clowning us Sony fans. This is becoming a real joke. Frankly, I’m getting tired of waiting and the majority of these features should’ve been in the $600 box we bought off the shelf.

    What the hell happened to Lair? That title is getting killed out there. [DELETED]!!! I thought that was the title that was going to give us Sony fans some bragging rights. “Guess not!”

    “This is a total joke!”
    I’m starting to feel like a total ass for thinking that Sony would kick some major ass. Make people feel that $600 price-tag is worth it.

    Even though I’m getting pretty pissed off with Sony. I still would never buy an Xbox 360.

  • @ Darktorns – You can start your music playing, press the PS button, and navigate through the web browser, or picture viewer and your tunes will continue to play. Sadly, sadly much else turns the tunes off.

    With respect to the games side, the games generally change the volume of the in game music depending on what is occurring. Perhaps this volume envelope could simply be extended to the sound track, which, should we wish, would be our own tunes. No more rubbish rock tracks when playing wrestling games. No more silly blibby bloppy tunes in arcade racing games. Our tunes, snugly set into the game in question. Nicely. Hec, now I’m thinking of this, the cut scene sections could pause our tunes to play through the musical accompanyment of the “special” scene, and then phase back to our playlist. Oh the options are endless. But yes, I want custom play lists, in game and out.

    Plus, I’d like that clock that someone mentioned.

    …. and a newer music visualiser. Something to really show off the PS3’s graphical powers, as well as some pretty stuff.

  • @Ghostm

    what do you mean “where’s your PSN community?”? We have all known the timeframe of when HOME was going to launch(October). That’s like asking, “what’s up with MGS4?”. We know when it’s coming out. Would you rather them work on the service or do nothing but talk about it on this blog?

    jesus, just let them do their jobs and quit complaining about everything under the sun. You people act like 8 year olds who can’t get what they want in a candy store. GROW UP.

    The PS3 can do a lot of things…yet it can’t tell time?!!!!

  • @ eclipsed4utoo

    After paying about $670.00 that’s including tax. I shouldn’t have to wait. I’m sorry if you feel that i’m being a pain but I wasn’t one of those people who complained about the price. I shouldn’t have to keep on waiting. I pay my money so I should get what I paid for.
    We are going on a year now since the PS3s release. Where’s the progress? Still very few titles. OMG I’m sure I’m not the only person here that feels this way.
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big Sony fan, but they need to step their game up!

  • I think we need the ability to update the PSP via the PS3 with a USB cable. Hook up the PSP, and icon on the PS3 pops up under settings that says “PSP Update”. You click it and it automatically finds new firmware, downloads it straight to the PSP’s memory stick, and then when it’s done you unplug and go. Would save me some time since the PSP’s wifi is horribly slow.

  • Thanks for the fix on PS3 and especially the Video Search Feature on PSP it’s awesome. It definitely needed it. Good work!

  • Updates are great because they’re fixing problems… However, we would greatly appreciate it if they didn’t take so long to download and install. PLEASE SONY LOOK INTO THIS!!! Every time I’m told i need to update I’m exited and bummed at the same time. The excitement from what may be new, which, incidentally we never receive information on when we do the updates. And at the same time feeling bummed out that i will have to wait 5-10 minutes to be able to play Warhawk, especially not knowing what the update was for. Obviously I know what the 1.93 update is for because I visited this website, however, what about all those that do not visit this site, or when the update surprises people like us… who do visit the website?

  • nice..

    wait.. can we get a Playlist feature for music/videos and a search feature?? (hard to find a song when you have over 10,000 songs on your ps3) i’ve been asking for this forever.

    nonetheless keep the updates coming! :)

  • @130, They’re working on this. It isn’t that bad for me.

    Another suggestion for psp users. Since space is so limited for firmwares updates. How about you add an installer like alot of the PC softwares do. Where they provide a list of things available and you check the box on what you want and leave unchecked what you don’t want.

    For instance some people don’t need location free player (and it takes up space on something some people might want).

    Just a thought!! Good work!!

  • I do appreciate the added features that you are coming out with. I would rather them come in quarterly updates. I don’t mind waiting for features if I know that more will be added and the updates will be stable. This is the second update that did appear to not have been well QA’d.

    Now that I know it’s out soon, I’ll wait another week to update for others to beta test the update for me.

    @GhostM: I understand the frustration. But you have to realize that Sony released the details early on of what it was going to do to try and win sales. If people were not so “worried” over sales and PS community, they might have held onto the Home card a bit long. All I hear is look at what’s coming in 2008. Sorry but I care about now.

  • ———————————————————————————-

    +An editor with some fun options
    +More slide show options

    +Custom play lists
    +Sort bys (Artist,Album,Genre)
    +Speed search (like when Ipod jumps A,B,C,…)

    +Set photo as icon

    +Updated Flash
    +Memory Stick used for Virtual RAM
    +Music while online

    +Playstation Store
    +ability to create new folders


    +In depth Image ediiting software
    +Animated GIF support

    +abilty to continue from one CD to the next
    +Playlist creator
    +Quick search ^^^As discribed above^^^

    +Video editing software (To Convert Videos at Minuimum)
    +A-B repeat
    +Continue play to next video (Sorry if already done)

    +folders for PSOne, PSN, Downloads

    +Updated Flash
    +Revamped Store

    +Allow more charictors for messages

    +Folder creation in all catagories
    +Same functions aply to external HDD as Internal
    +Password protect User
    +Time and date when PS button is pressed
    +In Game XMB access

    -New Sections
    +Sony store with Music, TV, Movies, Accessories, PS clothes, Books etc. (Both platforms)
    +IPTV (PS3 must, PSP if possible or remote play)
    +DVR to go along with IPTV
    +Reader for books from Sony store”
    I really like these ideas. Some seem unlikely but some sound great. Listening to music while on the net with the PSP, custom playlists on both PSP and PS3, etc. Obviously in-game XMB and all that good stuff also.

  • PS3 Firmware 2.0 (or 2.1) wish list:

    – DiVX/Xvid Codec support
    – MKV Container support
    – AVI OpenDML Container support
    – .TS/.M2TS Container support (for VC-1,MPEG-2,H.264)
    – FLAC Codec support
    – PDF files support (viewing,printing like on a PC)
    – Read DVD VIDEO_TS directly from HDUs just like competitors products can do (the famous PixelMagic MediaBox supports that, for example–and you can’t tell me that that’s not an approved product or a “for piracy” thing just like I know some multinationals in Hollywood do claim)

  • Its gonna take time for a bunch of the mentioned things we all want the PS3/PSP to have…i’m betting my money that 2.0 will have a vast amount of what we want. But seriously you/we’re all sounding like broken records.

  • Now all we PSP owners need is the fallowing:

    PSP buddie list!: we need to be able to not only have online buddies, but also track them and what games they are in!

    Music in the web browser!: We also need to be able to play music as we surf the PSP site!

    More online support!: As in we need to be able to view and update our flash support in the web browser! This has been the bane of web surfing PSP lovers every where!

    As well as a PSP Network store we can go to log in chat and play games with!

  • Very glad to get the update; themes are really nice, and I enjoy the ability to play music during a slideshow.

    Will we ever be able to make our own themes?

    Unlike a lot of the folks here, I’m thrilled with the updates Sony has been providing for the PSP, and also love the new slim version I got on Monday–an outstanding improvement!

    I don’t have any major requests, except that I would like to be able to change the color of the XMB by itself, not just by loading a theme. I’ve seen some cool wallpapers that I couldn’t use because the white text was impossible to read.

    Otherwise I’m content to sit back, play my games, and wait for the next firmware with more cool stuff.

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  • ohh sii ke bien apenas sale el firmware 3.70 ya sale 3.71 :D

  • Could you send some people over to help the guys at Warhawk? Seriously, logging into an account only to find that all of my stats have been nullified?


  • I’m sure this has been asked for time and time again, but my main wishes are for Matroska (.mkv) container support along with DD5.1 audio support in a PS/TS.

    Oh and it would be nice if it went back to XMB after playing a video file.

  • man can we get more like themes for the ps3 or a better psn store w/ alot of demos, videos, and even better let us download full lenght movies that are out now.

  • The PSP has done a lot over time but I would really like the ability to play PS3 games via remote play (in case someone wants to watch TV). Remote play can be improved. The controls would be difficult but custom controls could be mapped to the PSP for individual games and over time more games could become combatible. Motorstorm would be easy to map the controls as it is simple.

  • @ TwinsDad

    Frustrating is not even the beginning!
    2008 seems to be looking pretty awesome for now. Mind you, it’s still a predicted schedule. Things can change any minute now. “Just like how MGS4 was suppose to be release in 2007.”
    Remember, I paid my $670 in 2007. What the hell is that? Maybe they should’ve ask for my cash in 2008 when they were ready.

    I have to vent this off my chest but this is bad business. I’ve been patient long enough!

    It seems like we are getting the same card as the PSP. I remember when the PSP was first released. Sony made a tons of promises. Where are they now? I love my PSP but damn! It’s taking forever to get a move on the PSP. Will the PS3s future be like that to? Are we going to continue getting BS left over ports from 360. This is why people mock us about a $600 port console?

  • How about some love for older games? Like maybe identify (name/picture) the older ps1/ps2 games when put into the box? Also maybe a ‘warning’ if the game has issues? Go look it up from some DB somewhere and cache it local?

    Even something similar for DVD movies would be really cool. As I know not all of them have the proper junk filled in to identify them.

    Also maybe a way to control your DVD/CD juke boxes would be cool too.

  • Hopefully someone from Sony is still reading this. When you guys said you take comments on this blog into account when adding new features through firmware updates, I had to jump on that. Basically, the one thing I’ve been asking for is user-created music playlists through the XMB on the PSP. Having to manually create a playlist on a computer is not the best way to handle that. I travel on a train 4 hours a day, and I sometimes want to listen to a few songs that are dispersed among many playlists, but I have to manually play them individually instead of sorting them in one list on the fly. If there was any one thing I want added to the PSP firmware, it would be that. Thanks.

  • i can deal with waiting for Home, but update Flash dam it oh and
    in-game XMB > Lair
    Lair without Sixaxis mandatory > Lair as is

  • I am a new PS3 owner and I am just getting to grips with the system but I am unsure about a few things.

    Why isn’t Sony giving us such simple things within the music options like random play or playlist creation? I am afraid to say that the PS3’s interface is lagging behind that of the 360 at the moment. Hopefully version 2.0 of the firmware will fix this.

    It would also be nice to be able to customise the visible gamertags others see when online, but I would imagine this would become redundant after Home.

    Oh and some decent games would’t go amiss.


    I like the updates added for both consoles, I hope everyone gets their wishes for future updates, I just wanted to ask one thing, and It would be great if Sony friends post it here.

    I want a guide on how to develop a full theme.PTF file, so we can create our custom PSP Themes. I would like to create my own since I am a developer but I have been looking for guides on how to code a PTF file and haven’t found anything yet, just a wizard application but I would like to code it myself.

    Thanks to Sony for creating this updates for both PSP and PS3.

  • the next FW update better has, multitasking throughout the system. listening musik while surfing the net, changing settings, writing messages , checking the store AND playing a game( the soundtracks suck after a while, there are not many games with good OST’s out there). a in-game XMB, heck i want to answer msg’s or at least read what i was written. what about a Clock? themes? like the PSP

  • Nice update, now we just need total XMB access.

  • Where is the update for the 480p some of us are experienceing on our HDTVs – unacceptable

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