Updated PS3 and PSP Firmware

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Taking into account customer feedback and some internal testing, we will be making available in the next few days a firmware update for the PS3 (1.93) that fixes the network disconnect issue that some of you have experienced as a result of downloading Firmware 1.92. In addition, we are adding a new firmware update for PSP (3.71) as well, which adds many features that readers of this blog have requested.

The main feature we’ve added with the recent updates for PSP is the ability to set themes on your PSP. Over time we will be providing themes on PlayStation.com, our official PSP site and through PLAYSTATION Store. You can download themes based on some of our popular titles. Be sure to download the files into the following location on your memory stick:

psp memory stick

Once you have downloaded a theme, under settings, go to theme settings, select theme and then custom theme to choose the one you want to display.

You can also now play music while viewing photos or a slideshow. First begin playing a track saved on your memory stick, press the HOME or SELECT button, then navigate to your photos under the Photo icon and begin viewing.

We’ve added several other features including scene search for movies, and you’ll be able to read about them in more depth on the usual update page once it goes live. When it does, I’ll update this post with a direct link.

Update: Here’s the link.

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  • Sony! Thanks for the firmware upgrades. Just got ths PS3…love it. 2 updrades in a week…i’m down..

    fixing this network issue will be nice!

  • “Sony promises ingame XMB with next firmware”….

    Ok, i’ve learnt that i can’t trust it anymore, this is the second firmware after that famous sentence… bah…

  • While in-game XMB is a nice addition, they need to fix the damn upscaling for PS3 games. They got PS1/2 games to upscale which is great, but please finish the job. My HDTV is less then 2 years old, not an early adopter so I don’t want to hear the excuses. It only supports 1080i – so good ol Heavenly Sword and any other 720p only game gets scaled down to old last gen resolution. This is ridiculous, been a complaint dogged since day one from the PS3 launch and the 360 upscales just fine.

  • Great job on the updates.

    Can you add support for the Epson R280 printer. This is a new printer and the next version of the R260 printer that you already support. The R280 printer looks really good in the living room and matches the color scheme of the PS3 (it is black too).

  • The best thing about Sony is they to continue to improve and expand their product line.Bring on the updates.

  • Oh and as far as the PS3 firmware 2.00 when it comes,perhaps you could think about a internet browser update with the most recent flash player.Theme options for the PS3 like with the PSP firmware 3.70 would be nice and maybe a screensaver option that show your photos in a slideshow would be cool.Just some suggestions.

  • thanks sony, it has been annoying to have to restart the system because the network is disconnecting….appreciate the new update cant wait to get it. looking forward to HOME too….great job guys way be put the foot one step BEYONE the other guys.

  • please sony, we want 5.1 sound in XMB !

  • yeah please give us 5.1 sound from the xmb and some container like mkv…

  • @ShinnokDrako:

    ” “Sony promises ingame XMB with next firmware”….

    Ok, i’ve learnt that i can’t trust it anymore, this is the second firmware after that famous sentence… bah…”

    They promised in-game XMB in the next MAJOR firmware update, 1.92 and 1.93 are hardly major.

  • Thanks guys for fix the network thing

    But for me the important thing i want in the new update (maybe in 2.00 ?? ) more resolution options like 1680×1050 (i am using samsung 226bw lots of people use that with hdmi to dvi cable ) if you guys help us about more resolution options it will be nice thanks for everything you guys doing well

    Not: Sorry for my english i am from Turkey :)

  • I hope 1.93 also fixes the Blu-Ray freezes and lock up issues I have been getting. Everytime I insert a Blu-Ray disc, the system locks up and is unresponsive. I have to manually eject and switch off the system from the back.

  • News just in Ninja Gaiden is a 360 exclusive title, way to go SONY

  • 3.71, i just downloaded 3.70 and it added all those features on the PSP……or maybe they screwed the 3.70 up so they had to release 3.71…this sounds more like Sony.
    And 1.93 for the PS3???? Great, we can expect 1.94/.85/.96/.97/.98/.99 until 2.0 and HOME arrives with all the stuff we have needed scince the launch of the PS3….oh well, that only means another 6 months of waiting.
    Is there any other update except the ‘ fix the network issuses we screwed up due to bad testing’ issuses???

    I hope you guys have tested this FW as we wouldn’t want to make the PS3 fans any madder than they already are.

  • With the PSP 3.71 will we be able to listen to MP3’s while playing our games? PSP sure is an awfuly big MP3 player :( I really hate having to use another mp3 player while playing my PSP… FOR HEAVENS SAKE! LET ME LISTEN TO MP3’s through the PSP & PLAY MY PSP GAMES AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

  • Great update for the PSP. I can’t wait to get a God of War or FFVII theme for the backgound. I am also very happy with the ability to do music and photos. It is nice to see the PSP grow further this far after release.

    With that said I would stil like to see a few other features, as I am sure is always expected.I will list what I would like for each of the systems below.


    +An editor with some fun options
    +More slide show options

    +Custom play lists
    +Sort bys (Artist,Album,Genre)
    +Speed search (like when Ipod jumps A,B,C,…)

    +Set photo as icon

    +Updated Flash
    +Memory Stick used for Virtual RAM
    +Music while online

    +Playstation Store
    +ability to create new folders


    +In depth Image ediiting software
    +Animated GIF support

    +abilty to continue from one CD to the next
    +Playlist creator
    +Quick search ^^^As discribed above^^^

    +Video editing software (To Convert Videos at Minuimum)
    +A-B repeat
    +Continue play to next video (Sorry if already done)

    +folders for PSOne, PSN, Downloads

    +Updated Flash
    +Revamped Store

    +Allow more charictors for messages

    +Folder creation in all catagories
    +Same functions aply to external HDD as Internal
    +Password protect User
    +Time and date when PS button is pressed
    +In Game XMB access

    -New Sections
    +Sony store with Music, TV, Movies, Accessories, PS clothes, Books etc. (Both platforms)
    +IPTV (PS3 must, PSP if possible or remote play)
    +DVR to go along with IPTV
    +Reader for books from Sony store

    A little much I know, but it does not have to be tommorrow. I am willing to pay for updates if we can get them faster, but I know many would be mad. All I want is to see these products taken advantage of, because they are both awsome platforms with loads of potental, and the ability to be the ceter of peoples media at home and on the road.

    I appreciate all the hard work going on behind the curtain, and hope the best for Playstation in the furtue.

  • @62: zomtec.
    Well, you can allways wait, but instead I just made a tool (GOTSent) that does a direct conversion of x264 ac3/dts mkv files to h264 avc mp4 with stereo AAC in Dolby Prologic II, so although it is 2 channels, you still get surround.
    And you can get 5.1 from the XMB when you create a mpeg2 ps.

    Still, 5.1/7.1 AAC in mp4 would be greatly appreciated, but even more so would be subtitles (either srt/ or the standard mpeg4 ttxt/3gpp).
    Besides for us, it would make localization of trailers a lot easier for Sony ;)

  • This Is great, can we get more of these psp firmware notices as well, like you do with the ps3 firmware notice

  • I’d really like the ability to “Go To” with music like we can in video. I hate when I lose my place in long podcasts or something and have to fast forward through an hour of talking to get back to it :(

  • all I have to say it. Thank you

    err and uhmm xmb ingame, custom soundtracks and anygame crosstalk would be nice too ^^

    did i mention…thank you? lol

  • Hi, thanks for the new updates on the PS3 and PSP. I been grateful that i havent had any problems with either one of them. What i did notice on the PSP is that when you play the photos and listen to music, the photos tend to load slower. I guess because of the lack of power the PSP has, but i was wondring if anyone here has this same problem? I have the new silver PSP. Oh, and also i been looking everywhere for the component cables to hook the PSP to my TV. Where can i get them? No one seems to have it and i have checked every electronic store here where i live (McAllen TX). Thanks!

  • ability to choose the colour of the XMB on the PS3 i only want it black! not inline with the time of day, and date!

  • Can you please stop releasing Firewires I mean WTF!

    Why not spend a few months compiling then release one big one.
    The PSP update is so LONG and tedious.

    Download, Install, Make Sure its plugged in with good battery life.

    Might even have to delete files on M2 to get space. Download and installation should not be so tedious!

  • great the update 1.93 was necessary, I had to many disconnects :(

    what I also want to see (for Europe) are PREPAID CARDS!!! I want to buy some items in the store but i simply can’t because i haven’t got a CC (and i’m not planning to get one).

    Keep up the good work sony and please think about the prepaid cards!

  • nice update only, but would like to have the ability to create my own theme, now that would be cool.

    create a tool, so people can create there own theme

    nice job though

  • Excellent work keep’em ROLLIN

  • Proxima actualización del firmware de PS3

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  • Proxima actualización del firmware de PS3

    […] de poca fe. En fin que Sony ha declarado hoy mediante el PlayStation.blog que en un par de días será liberada la actualización 1.93 del firmware de PS3 Escrito a las 11:36 | Envia esta nota por correo electrónico Por Paola Mejia | Lee más de: […]

  • How about the following:

    1. In game XMB (we all want this)
    2. Access to and chat with (voice and text) multiple friends during gameplay (cross game chat too).
    3. Play music from the XMB which persists through loading and playing any game. (e.g. I start off a 100 track playlist and then load RFoM, music keeps playing as custom soundtrack, I exit the game, music continues to play, I load up Madden, music keeps on playing un-interupted.)

    Three incredibly simple things to add to the service. How hard could it be to do this??

  • Plus PSP themes aint working on my Launch PSP

    Has latest firmwire.
    Had to add a THEME file to the PSP menu
    Downloaded 3 themes off the site
    Placed them in the folder.

    It finds them (no name)
    Says the file is corrupt. Just like Videos PSP is a mess with customisable functionality

  • PS3/PSP remote play needs wake up on LAN, plus needs to have the option to run in background when PS3 is actively being used for media functions. Otherwise another excellent update, thanks Sony!

  • Under what conditions were / are the disconnects occurring?

  • I currently have the video going via HDMI and audio via the AV MULTI analog to a stereo amp.. Can the PS3 engineers consider outputting audio simultaneously via HDMI and Multi AV?
    BTW since the 1.9 firmware updated.. I find I must occasionally reenter the HDMI/LCD tv rresolution at start-up.. This never happen before.. Is it a glitch only for consumers have a similar set-up, ie video —>HDMI and audio —>AV MULTI.

    Also the european compatibility site has not been updated since version 1.8
    Didn’t 1.92 deal with compatibility issues? or was that just for US titles.

    Will the Ratchet & Clank PS2 titles eventually be brought up to speed .. to work appropriately on both the european and us emulation consoles?

  • Thanks for the great PSP update! Photo viewing during music playback, PSP themes, and a new video progress seletion feature is pretty nice. I would love to see the latter two find their way into a future update for the PS3! Thanks for the PS3 fix and a great PSP update!

  • here we go again with the in game xmb posts…get over it we arent getting it any time soon at all

  • Nice work on the PSP update. I’ll be playing heavenly sword for the next couple of days if I can find my copy today, so that I won’t be waiting for these updates.

  • Great PSP update, I love all the new features added. Now it would be great to have those same features on my PS3, especially scene selection.

  • I hope the psp server error will be fixed (20000006)

  • I would far prefer getting fewer firmware updates (i.e. patches) so Sony can take the time to optimize them. This way the download sizes can be smaller, install faster and have fewer issues (no more patches to fix patches) since the software team will have more time to work on these.

    The “other” console releases two updates per year which pack in far more significant updates in a tiny file that installs instantly. Maybe Sony can fall somewhere in the middle with quarterly updates (spring/summer/fall/winter). If I wanted to install updates every week or two I would have just stuck with PC gaming…

  • What we really need is to be able to listen to the music any time. For instance during a game, while scrolling through the xmb, using the web browser. that would be too sweet!

  • Great work, I especially like the scene browsing while watching videos. Easier to get to the point I was last watching in OnTheSpot (which my RSS loader automatically fetches when it appears on Gamespot pages).

    Feature wish:

    PSP as a remote controller.

    I would like to be able to play CDs and MP3s without turning on the video projector. If I were able to route the audio to my amplifier (as opposed to PSP speakers) while locally connected, I could just keep my PS3 on with Remote Play waiting for PSP to connect.

    You guys should probably open a site where people could submit feature wishes and give points to what they think is important. But I must say: I love the pace with which you are making these improvements. If only all hardware manufacturers were as devoted.

  • Is the PSP ever going to get PSN? I think it’s crucial to PSP owners without PS3’s like my self.

  • Find PS3 Information » Blog Archive » PS3 firmware 1.93 on its way

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  • sounds good… u should give ps3 owners themes too, we should be able to customize it more, I want to change the color of the xmb and that squiggly thing in the background on the fly

  • @92: You think SONY likes having to continually release updates for the PS3/PSP? I don’t. I think that if it were up to them their consoles would be absolutely perfect in everyway that updates would not be required. So just try to lay off of the anti-update attitude and try appreciating the effort SONY is putting in the satisfy us videogamers.
    @94: This is the site where we give our ideas and improvement suggestions.

    Here’s my PS3 update wish list:

    -Support for wireless file transfers from PS3 to PC (vice versa) via bluetooth or wireless lan.
    -Ablility to select the image used as the PSN profile avatar.
    -PS3 RSS video/audio stream/ web page news articles.
    -Ability have remote play run in the background.

    PSP update wish list:

  • MKV format support PLEASE :-)

  • Here’s my PSP update wish list:

    -Ability to play Sony Cybershot videos on the PSP via memory stick duo.
    -Support for wireless file transfers from PSP to PC (vice versa) via bluetooth or wireless lan.
    -PSP RSS web page news articles.
    -PSP personal organizer/planner.
    -TV guide app.

  • Will it ever be possible to make our own themes?

    Also I am still holding out hope for multi channel decoding in the XMB from video files stored on the HDD.

    I agree with post 94 (jryi) a site dedicated to firmware requests for PSP/PS3 live votes on the most popular features requested. Possibly a candid blog about what’s possible what’s not possible to close the book so to speak on certain things I know it is probably not Sony’s policy to discuss firmware before it’s release but it would be nice to know what’s being worked on and when to expect it.

    Keep up the great work and hopefully Warhawk will be all fixed up now!

  • Firmware 3.71 en approche »

    […] en croire en tout cas son message posté sur le Playstation Blog […]

  • Here’s my Playstation blog update wish list:

    -Ability to change our password.
    -At the PS blog login screen add “forgot username” option.
    -PS Blog web page, font color brightness increase. Grayest color font too dark for my eyes and which causes strain.
    -Create a catagory where we can input our ideas for future games and hardware.

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