Warhawk Launch!

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Well…after staying up way too late last night playing, I’m here to say that Warhawk is LIVE and available on the PlayStation Store AND at retailers across the country!

There were some crazy intense games last night and it was great to see players having a great time, earning medals and ranking up. I did notice that on the boards some of you guys have mentioned that your stats weren’t posting after you completed your games. First off…apologies for this, it’s never good to have a medal that you fought for not be credited to your player!

That said, we should all expect some occasional and isolated stats interruptions this week as we bring all the players from the US and Europe online…both for the PlayStation Store version and for the Blu-ray version. We’ll keep these interruptions to an absolute minimum as we would rather not drowned in a tsunami of hate mail.

On another note, we had a great battle yesterday with IGN. They had some of their staffers and some lucky applicants battle our Warhawk team here at Incognito. Needless to say, we had a wicked good time. There were some truly amazing players so to all of you that are going online with Warhawk, be on the look out for Jag71, OneAdam12, Arbole, xT3RMINATORx, WillKills…all these guys are crazy good.

I was able to record some video of our play session for your viewing pleasure – it a bit shaky-cam, not Blair Witch shaky but, well you’ll see. I got to capture, on video, one of the very few times that our best pilot, “Gergination” has ever made a mistake piloting the Warhawk. He won’t be pleased about me posting this vid but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

I’d also like to extend a request for feedback regarding the game setups that we’re currently running on the Warhawk Sever Cluster. Do you like the configurations? Do you want to see more CTF? More ZONE? Higher point limits? Etc. Let us know.

I spent some time last night listening to people on VOIP and it seems like some of the games were ending too quickly so we’ll look to increase the point limits so the games last a bit longer.

That’s it for now…I’m including a collection of Warhawk-related post links below for anyone that would like to catch up on all the Warhawk discussion that’s been published here the past several weeks.

See you all on the battlefield!

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  • I’ve already ordered Warhawk- but the arrival date cerca 8/31… :(

    And on a side note- Dammit Sony! How could you let this happen again!? More exclusives lost!!

    Link: http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=pslounge&thread.id=347744&view=by_date_ascending&page=1

    (Read it closely)

  • Oh and could a moderator please take care of #65 joeymp.

  • That vid was hilarious, you can definately see how fun the game can be.
    “my mommy works for sony” hahahah, nice.
    This game is looking great and im going to get it as soon as i can. I was looking the comments on the usa users who got it 28.8 and everybody liked it and made it sound so fun. Tomorrow its 30.8 so i will be downloading mine. I wont wait for the bluray (its being released 14.9 UK and 19.9 EU).

    Ive been reading these comments and i can say that i understand why they dont want ppl to share warhawk like the other things on ps store, but still it should be allowed to play the game on other ps accounts/profiles on the same ps3.
    Cause what happens if your account or profile gets broken? so you can play warhawk on it but not do anything else on it, thats not funny at all.
    My psn account went down, now i cant receive messages, i cant see my friends all the time. I have called many times to support and they cant help me so i had to make a new account. Luckily the save’s could be copyed to other profiles but for an example i cant play my old Ninja gaiden: sigma saves on other accounts.
    What if it happens again and i have warhawk on that account?
    If there really is so much “frozing” i think that incognito knows and will fix it as soon as possible. it could be due to the high pressure on the servers of loads of gamers suddenly playing sametime? Well i hope and know they they will be fixed.

  • Can’t wait to buy this game.

  • Not to be untoward, sir, but I really don’t care if YOU’RE having fun playing YOUR game. I’d rather be the one having fun. While the matches I’ve been in thus far have justified the 39.99 I gave you, the fact that my stats (and customizations to my char and warhawk) have just been wiped, and the last two hours of gameplay unrecorded is starting to kill my enjoyment.

    It took me ’til today to figure out that some games I played last night went unrecorded as well. I don’t mind update “interruptions” but a complete wipe? Seriously? Loss of multiple game stats when played on one server? Eessh.

  • Hey Dylan, I just wanted to say you’re a straight shooter. I can’t wait to download Warhawk from the PS Store tomorrow (I live in Europe).

  • Hopefully I’ll be playing this later today as I’ll be getting the retail version.

  • This game looks better and better every time I look at it.

  • GREAT GAME! I assume there will be a patch to address the crashing issues (so far I have NOT run into this problem) and DRM. I think it’s been clearly stated by the community that not being able to share Warhawk on the same PS3 is a letdown. I don’t care personally, but I can see how this can be an issue for others.
    Keep up the great work. This is the first game to make good use of the PlayStation Network. It will have a bustling community of users if it is updated with more maps, weapons, game modes, tournaments, linked user interface with Home, etc. I would also like to see a good amount of these upgrades to be given free of charge. This would address the biggest complaint by reviewers who say that the game is not worth $39.99. Personally? I think it was money well spent.

  • The matches rarely make it to the timed end, so can you please increase the score limits? And I personally think it would be awesome if you lengthened the transition time between map cycles. 30 seconds just isn’t enough to properly look at your stats from the match.

  • this video just isnt working

  • Congratulations on the launch of the game! Great job to all the devs on a great game!

    Now comes the after launch support part. I’ll be watching to see what types of updates and support we gamers get from here on in! I’m hoping for some new downloadable maps and Home support in the future!

  • ….and also wanted to note what a professinal job Dylan and the team did when they ran the Beta a few months back. They responded to beta testers comments and questions and made the testers feel as though they were actually making a difference in the final product.

    The folks currently running the Home beta could take a few lessons from you guys…..

  • the game is realy good beond good ! I did not wait untill the EU store gets the game. so yes thers a few playing hte US-game on Eu ps3 , hope thats ok lol Dylan jobe how did “you” get the water too look so good ? ( the entier game looks good ) but the water looks realy good.
    ps enter the “sweden ” game thats going to be online evry day till the game is out in EU.

  • I have a weird feeling that Incognito can’t do anything for the FREEZING problems…. DAMN!

    Can we have a solid answer on this matter, Dylan?

  • Great game!
    1. Add “Splitscreen” filter to the filters so when i play with my friend @ home we can filter out all the ‘splitscreen-disabled’ games.
    2. Add more controller configurations. I’m fine with the basic ones you have, but when friends come to play, they get annoyed at having to learn all the different controls. adding a Halo-style control scheme would satisfy most gamers i think.

  • hahahaha “my mum works for sony” hahaha this game looks sooo gooood!!! i cant wait to get it here in the uk!

  • i am really dissapointed the retail version will be released in the eu more then three weeks later. Not everyone has a creditcard to buy it from the store. Can’t believe i will have to wait that long before i can play this game :(

  • Why does the PSN say supports displays ranging from standard definition to 1080p????


  • Also this is what happens when you try to email incognito…

    Your message has been enqueued and undeliverable for 6 hours
    to the following recipients:

    Recipient address: info@incognitostudios.com
    Reason: unable to deliver this message after 6 hours

  • Hope you`ve made a good game & this is Europe waiting!

  • @ Loucifer

    That is strange it says it supports 1080p. On the Warhawk FAQ that Dylan posted on this blog recently, he said that it would upscale to 1080i in the comment section. (comment 117 by Dylan Jobe) I wonder if that has changed or if it is a typo.

    I bet I have checked the tracking status for my online order of this game a thousand times. Supposed to be here today and I can’t wait!

  • anyone know if its a midnight launch tonight for the uk? it would be a shame if you screwed us twice.

  • sorry 3 times

    1. beta
    2. 2 days late.
    3.maybe no midnight launch who knows

  • Aw man this sucks! Im so desperate to play this, but Best Buy doesnt have it yet :(

  • Great work by the guys at Incognito, by the sounds of the feedback I’ve been hearing. Congrats.

    I can’t wait to get stuck into the action myself, now.

    Dylan, I’ll echo post 126, only without the amatuer dramatics. Is there any chance at all of asking the guys at SCEE when they’re planning on putting your game live? I know a midnight launch is a long shot (due to it being spread across multiple countries’ different Stores), but it’d still be nice to know if I should be on at 11:59 tonight, refreshing like a madman.

    I just want to play soooo bad.

    (Well, play well, but you know what I mean)

  • Getting the game tommorow in europe, can’t wait. Question, can you jump out your warhawk in mid air? Would be funny to bail out

  • @TheDevilsJoker

    That’d be awesome! Imagine ploughing your Warhawk right through a battalion of tanks!

    It actually reminds me of an idea someone told me recently. Grabbing a sniper rifle, and hopping on to the wing of an ally’s Warhawk, and have them fly you to a great vantage point. I wonder is that possible.

  • @ DEVS …

    Can you PLEASE create (or change) some of the SCEA dedicated servers to 32 limit, with split screen ENABLED!

    Just make a couple servers that are not ranked, but allow split screen.

    If I have a friend over, we are forced to play in 12 player matches, since most user created servers are limited to less than 32. Plus, we can all have fun with each other in a few non-ranked fast dedicated servers ! :) But, amazing game, thank you for putting real effort into a PS3 title. This game is amazing.

  • a glitch i think i found is I was in a bunker and using a rocket launcher. someone killed me and then i respawned near by body and picked up my “dead crap” i used the rocket launcher again, but it wouldn’t shoot. after i switched the weapon and back to the rocket launcher, it worked.

  • finally!! =]
    I just can’t wait, I’m just about to take a shower than get dressed so I can go to the mall or some store to get Warhawk.
    See y’all later playing!

  • DYLAN: Please Read..

    I Came across a “FREEZE” again such as the ones in the beta. Heres how it happened..

    – 2 Player Split
    – 12or16 Player Room
    – P1 in Warhawk
    – P2 in Jeep Turrent
    – CTF
    – Wireless Connection
    – Client

    It happened once in 2hrs or so of play.

    Those are all i can remember, my psn is Liquizon if you care.

  • ….(BUG)….

    When in SplitScreen Mode (2-player)
    in Deathmatch Player 1’s Tag (Liquizon) does not show up.

    Yet, I can see Liquizon(2) from my (Player1’s) view.

  • @129

    ok so i am a bit dramatic but this game is worth the extra winge. us UK people wanna join in dont we ? :)

  • i’m reading people asking about splitscreen in SCEA rooms. I read somewhere that you cannot use splitscreen in ranked games. This keeps from cheating by giving away locations of players.

  • Getting the game today, can’t wait..ahhhh

  • Yes….

    Any faithful reader of this blog would know that split-screen is not allowed in ranked games because people have used that to cheat. One of the developers said so earlier. A single player would use one of the screens to cheat by using one as more of a scout then a real player.

    Warhawk is an awesome game…thank you Sony. Truly a system seller as well as you can see by the instant increase in hardware sales when Warhawk launched:


    My only complaint thus far is the freezing issue. In about four hours of play, my PS3 froze three times while playing this game. Not the worst thing in the world by any means, but I’m guessing that you developers would want to know about this.

    Overall, a wonderful, wonderful game and awesome experience. I’m hooked.—-12

  • The WAIT IS KILLING ME! Best Buy STILL doesnt have any!!

  • @Dylan
    i know you must be busy with the release and all but any update on if Warhawk will come with the headset here in Japan?

  • Woow I see someone submit in this blog ^^

    Dylan Jobe

    I wish that I can play with you Warhawk

  • I loved the game in Beta, and I still love it. What I don’t love is not getting credit for rounds, badges, ribbons, points, etc. Is there going to be a schedule that we can expect profile data to be updated on? As in, is it updated nightly…everyday at noon EST? One more thing that I noticed in the Beta that is still here, is that we have to agree to the TOS everytime we play the game. Since you’re only allowing us to have this play on 1 profile, does it also make sense to have to accept this everytime? Seems that after I’ve (not) read this 100 times, I shouldn’t have to continue to press accept just to get into the game…like, maybe the “data” could be “saved” somewhere. Like to some magnetic medium, where it will last for a while….say, one’s hard drive or something.

    Keep up the great work….I Love this game…my girlfriend had been calling herself the WarHawk Widow in during the Beta…now she’s going to be widowed again for a while longer. Thanks. ;)

  • WHy aren’t my matches being recorded!!! I get like a bunch of kills 7 awards, and when I go to my profile, nothing is there… I am so mad. I don’t know which games are ranked and which are not so that might be it but why no medals!!!

  • If they added the ability to bail out, with parachutes. Like if ur warhawk is going down in flames. Would be cool.

  • this game is great, first ps3 game i’m addicted to, a must own for any ps3 owner, keep up the good work guys.

  • i already feel my thumbs desiring for some sweet co op killings :P. tomorrow im downloading this from PSN. i simply cant wait for the BD version. see you all in combat mates.


    Everybody has been having credit card issues. My credit card has worked before. I called Sony tech support and they keep feeding me bs. Can you please help me man :(

  • Bestbay Canada says they will have it tomorrow.. :(

  • This game is OMG so much better than I expected!!! And I expected quite a bit!! WOW!!

  • I’ve barley had any time with this game, save for 2 awesome dogfighting sessions I had as my first “training”.

    Its so awesome, I need to join a clan for noobs so I can play with people on my level lol.


  • Glad to be back playing this, it’s tons of fun.

    As for SCEA servers, there seems to be servers that switch between all game modes, but I swear it was titled Zones (which I love playing). Are the servers that randomly switch modes clearly labeled as random mode or something, or? I see ‘tactical’ in some servers’ names, what does that refer to?

    Only have froze twice so far, the first night of playing, and only on a SCEA server. Played over 10 hours yesterday (all on SCEA servers), no freezing at all, hoping it stays that way.

    Please add in-game XMB access. As there’s no messaging system in the game it’d be nice to be able to send/receive messages somehow. I’d like to be able to say ‘good game’ or similar after playing someone.

    As others have said, ranking system keeps putting me back to recruit. Same issue was in the beta.

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