Warhawk Launch!

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Well…after staying up way too late last night playing, I’m here to say that Warhawk is LIVE and available on the PlayStation Store AND at retailers across the country!

There were some crazy intense games last night and it was great to see players having a great time, earning medals and ranking up. I did notice that on the boards some of you guys have mentioned that your stats weren’t posting after you completed your games. First off…apologies for this, it’s never good to have a medal that you fought for not be credited to your player!

That said, we should all expect some occasional and isolated stats interruptions this week as we bring all the players from the US and Europe online…both for the PlayStation Store version and for the Blu-ray version. We’ll keep these interruptions to an absolute minimum as we would rather not drowned in a tsunami of hate mail.

On another note, we had a great battle yesterday with IGN. They had some of their staffers and some lucky applicants battle our Warhawk team here at Incognito. Needless to say, we had a wicked good time. There were some truly amazing players so to all of you that are going online with Warhawk, be on the look out for Jag71, OneAdam12, Arbole, xT3RMINATORx, WillKills…all these guys are crazy good.

I was able to record some video of our play session for your viewing pleasure – it a bit shaky-cam, not Blair Witch shaky but, well you’ll see. I got to capture, on video, one of the very few times that our best pilot, “Gergination” has ever made a mistake piloting the Warhawk. He won’t be pleased about me posting this vid but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

I’d also like to extend a request for feedback regarding the game setups that we’re currently running on the Warhawk Sever Cluster. Do you like the configurations? Do you want to see more CTF? More ZONE? Higher point limits? Etc. Let us know.

I spent some time last night listening to people on VOIP and it seems like some of the games were ending too quickly so we’ll look to increase the point limits so the games last a bit longer.

That’s it for now…I’m including a collection of Warhawk-related post links below for anyone that would like to catch up on all the Warhawk discussion that’s been published here the past several weeks.

See you all on the battlefield!

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  • Dylan,

    That video was AWESOME! could you upload more!!? I live in the Middle East and we don’t get the games until they are out in Europe and I don’t want to download it I want the Blu-ray version.
    I am importing it, I ain’t waiting til sept. 14th.
    Anyway I need something to keep me busy! I watched the one you posted like 10 times. Pure fun. Would you mind if I asked for more? Plz. Thanks in advance.

  • Could the motion control be an optional check mark in each of the vehicle types of controls, some vehicles work better with the sticks instead of motion, ie instead of all having it let us select which ones have it. Closer to the way the beta had it.


  • sorry, another reason for XMB support, sending/accepting buddy invites. I’m sure there are other reasons as well, but it sucks having to leave the game to accept buddy invites.

  • The game is awesome and probaby will be a benchmark for future games to come. My only complaint so far is that we cannot add friends or invite existing friends to a game in play, i do not see any way to invite a friend while we are in battle, which was a little saddening, as i usually make friends the first day that last for years. If there is a way to add friends functionality that would be awesome, maybe thaty are waiting for an in – gam XMB to do that?? :)

  • Couple quick items:

    –>We will begin to start posting on the boards that link from Warhawk.com rather than here. So please start directing your attention there for updates.

    –>We are aware that some of you have experienced a crash…thankfully it is a very, very small overall precentage and we we are investigating it.

    –>Any issues with the store are documented and escilated so please understand that your problems are being looked at by our vigilant PlayStation Store team.

    –>Like I mentioned in my post…we are looking at the sporadic stats issue as it certainly sucks a$$ to not get an award that you were recomended for. So, long story short…the server team is on it.

  • cool Dylan thanks.

  • Yeah, I earned a bandit rifleman badge last night at the end of the match, and after I quit and looked at my goodies, it wasn’t there.

    Of course, I imagine that all of us foaming-at-the-mouth PS3 addicts aren’t helping much. You’re probably experiencing 10x the load on everything compared to the beta. It’s all your fault for making such a badass game.

    The PS3 library is starting to shape up. All of the mags that gave this game 8.5, 8.8, whatever…it deserves at least a 9 or a 9.5. Over time, as Dylan and crew polish it up more, it should easily earn a 10. Nearly everything about this game is DONE RIGHT.

    One quick note..for those of you who are locking up/freezing, keep in mind this game TAXES the PS3. My fan runs full speed during most rounds and that’s with my thermostat set to 75F in my place. Make sure your PS3 can breathe and it’s not hot in your gaming space.

  • Really do not care for the way DRM is handled in DL copies of Warhawk. Sub-accounts on the same console as the owner account should be allowed to use the game. Good game, the DRM is keeping it from being great in our house. Next time I read the EULA instead of skimming it. And to those that continually suggest it we will not be buying a second copy or retail copy for the sub account.

  • 159: Maybe yourself and others with your problem can get a refund from the PSN and go buy the boxed version instead.

  • @160
    If only it were that easy. I’m in the same boat. I don’t want to share the game, nor do I want to play it on multiple accounts. I just want to play it with my normal online ID (which is a sub-account). I DL’d this game to my master account…now I have to play with a different online ID or buy another copy? This is ridiculous. Maybe you guys should have made mention of how the DL would work like this in the Warhawk FAQ over the last few weeks. Sorry I didn’t read your fine print.

  • @ Dylan
    “>We will begin to start posting on the boards that link from Warhawk.com rather than here. So please start directing your attention there for updates.”

    Is that official playstation forums? Or will Warhawk.com have their own?

  • considering Blu ray version.


  • 160: First thing I tried was politely explaning the situation to a Sony rep and asking for a refund but no joy.. afterall I skimmed and did acept the EULA. I have and share with my son all of the 3rd gen systems and a gaming PC. This is the only DRM issue I have taken exception to across the systems. To me this is a free win for MS and big N. It has really soured me on the PSstore downloadable games. Takes some of the luster off Warhawk as well since my son and I will not be able to maintain separate stats.

  • @Dylan Jobe

    During the BETA, I really enjoyed those small maps with 32 players in CTF. Now, that **** was hella fun. Can you please host them again?


  • Hey, Dylan,

    Congrats on a successful launch on Warhawk. I realized how special this game was while I beta tested it. The 2 things that I would like to see is something you already posted: More CTF and longer timing for the maps.

    I’ve been getting medals and ribbons like crazy. Me & my team are having ball on this game. Soooooooo very addictive!!! I look forward to also seeing what updates that you and Incognito have coming. I know it will add to the already incredible, addictive gameplay.

    Once again, congrats on the launch, keeping the gaming going, and I’ll see you in the sometimes friendly skies.

  • Great game… however, I think that including the ability to play offline with bots would make it even better. I and many other people don’t have access at our homes to high-speed internet as it’s not available in our areas; so I have to go to a friends house to play online. If there were bots included more people who don’t have high-speed internet would purchase the game; plus sometimes you just don’t feel like playing other people. I have several friends who are interested in the game but don’t want to buy it currently, but have stated they would if bots were included for a single player experience. Just a thought for a possible future download… But like I said, otherwise a great game.

  • have US download version, tommorow going to download EU version, i live in europe:)

  • I agree about the bots. This game is DEEP and as much fun as I am having competing against other people, it would be nice to have the option of going at it against the AI for a change of pace every now and then. Hopefully this isn’t TOO hard to implement in a future update.

  • Mind giving us an update on the freezing issue Dylan?

    It’s almost impossible for me to play the game for more than 10 minutes before the countdown screen pops up and my PS3 freezes.

  • About the account binding.
    Sony should try to allow for multiple logons on the same PS3. That way a check can be built to verify that the account that has bought the game and the account that wants to play are both logged on onto the same PS3.
    It would also give developers an easy way to switch player accounts without quitting a game or have two accounts play against each other on the same PS3. ie. Account 1 logged in as Player 1, Account 2 logged in as Player 2, …
    Imaging on a 4 player split screen each player having their own name instead of a derivative of the main account.

  • I still cant download Warhawk Cmon Dylan wtf man..

  • still no mention of refunds or with fixing the same system problem with downloading. terrible. love the game, but i can only stay on unranked servers. still not happy.

  • Can you gives an estimated hour for the Warhawk launch time on the European Store?

    Everyone`s talking about a midnight launch but that hasn`t been confirmed by you guys.

    Can you tell us anything about the estimated time?

  • Awesome game guys!

  • Love the game so far…

    We should be able to choose different control options for both ground and air combat.

    I want to use motion control while flying and the analog sticks while on the ground, can this be amended in a future update please?

  • wth?

    Yo there is no credit card issue genius.

    Warhawk, I will get.

  • @ snowglobe lolll good one

  • Please ban the idiot..

    Just picked up the game,..woohoo

  • just pickup the br version! [DELETED] yeah!

  • hey me its not to report bug its just to say i just buy the game and cant wait to play finally a great online game ………… and like i read on some blog ppl will still play warhawk when halo 3 will be forgoten :)

  • hey dylan, great game. i just wanted to suggest some kind of way to see who on your team is talking. the mic that lights up on their head doesnt seem enough. maybe the name should show up on the bottom left of the screen or something. ill suggest this on warhawk.com as well. thanks

  • ok what happened to monitoring blogs so people like that guy don’t do stupid stuff like that?

  • Hopefully they’ll track him and disable his psn account so he cant play warhawk :)

  • Apperently nothing, thats half the ruddy page. At least it wobbled fairly amusingly when i scrolled down.



  • How about getting the creit card problem fixed. Has anyone brought that up!? :)

  • Thanks to these comments I didn’t rush home yesterday to buy the PSN version. Still getting the retail version (hoe to have it soon!!!). You gals/gents so helpful in need of another friend can add akiller14. Thanks again!!!

  • Nice of you to leave a statement on Threespeech about the way the DRM works on the DL version. Too bad it’s a day late and a dollar short (literally) for us “early adopters” who DL’d it at midnight on launch day. If you would have done this two days ago, I would have fed you an extra 20 bucks for the Retail version and I wouldn’t be screwed with a game tied to an account I don’t want to use.

  • I think it would be cool to add a little more Weapons for the ground battle with the characters. maybe some smoke grenades. other than that its cool i know u guys are working on different levels a snow level would be so cool. The game is amazing good job.

  • WOW!!!!!! What an amazing experience this game is. I just got it today and I’malready giddy after playing for awhile.

    Graphics, sound, gameplay, atmosphere, fun = 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A game to really get excited about on PS3. I’ve told all my friends to buy it!

    THANK YOU to the developers of Warhawk!!!!!!!

  • The CTF games end too fast. and also i think its should show the persons name who is talking at the bottom or top corner of the screen.

    Also, it takes way too many shots for an infantry to go down. It shouldnt take 40 plus bullets from a machine gun for a solider to drop.

    And you guys are also missing a shotgun. PLEASE ADD A SHOTGUN TO THIS GAME!!

  • SHOTGUN good idea

  • I’d like to see the CTF point limit raised to 2-3 points. That way the games won’t be 1 sided once a person gets the flag so far across the map.

  • Addicting game, having a lot of fun but my PS3’s freezing up and crashing. I bought the retail version.

  • naughtyco(reply)
    make sure you got your ps3 out in the open
    so the air can get out

  • I would also love to see some boats and ships that you can ride in the water. But other than these things i think you guys did a great job. I know you have great downloadable content planned for us.

  • Thanks for the game!!! been having a blast on it. Would like to ask for one thing though: Being able to filter whether games are ranked or not would be of great help. Sometimes trudging through all the game just to find a specific type is annoying. Otherwise great!!!(though i do hate the land mines lol)

  • I Had some great fun with the game but..
    the game crashes for me too, and pretty often. And i keep getting ‘server full’ errors on servers that show 3/20 players. What’s up with that?
    It would be great to have a ‘one-click’ find-a-match feature that just finds the best experience for the player (ping-wise and skill-wise)

  • Hey again DJobe

    Is it possible that the ranking system is a little off. I’ve seemed to advance a few ranks without meeting the reqs. I don’t want anyone accusing me of anything weird.

    ps. I was in the beta, could this be the cause?

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